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( Jan. 3rd, 2009 01:21 pm)
My friends Mike, Drew and I are in the process of forming our own superhero league. We spend all sorts of time talking about our powers. The first rule is that we all get to fly. The second rule is that no one is allowed the power of time travel. (That's my rule and Mike hates it but I see no positive outcome to flitting about through time unless you're a Time Lord.) For our ancillary powers, I've chosen shape shifting. I can shift into other animate or inanimate objects but, for the sake of conservation of energy, Mike & Drew ruled that I can not morph into an object grossly smaller or larger than I am. Mike picked telekinesis and Drew picked phase shifting. We're going to be powerful.

Assuming you can fly, what's your ancillary power?

So we have our eleventh Doctor. He's 26, kind of funny looking, has a relatively short resume and, most critically, isn't David Tennant so the jury is out until I see him in action. ETA: It will be interesting to see someone so young play a man with so much time behind him.

Dinner was fun last night but, holy cow, this was a rough morning. My friends left around 11pm after five hours of eating and drinking (OMG DRINKING). I had a 10:30am hair appointment and I forced myself to go to the gym afterward because it's been 12 days and I've been eating and drinking through the holidays like I'm on my regular workout schedule. Somehow I managed to pull a solid run out of my ass. I think it's because I've taken to covering the display with a towel. I seem to do much better when I'm not thinking, "Ack! Another hill in 20 seconds!"

In the same vein, I do have nutrition and fitness goals for 2009. I need to have a healthier relationship with food this year. That sounds like a pretty broad statement but it's specific and loaded for me and I'm determined. I also have a goal of running 5k 2x/week through March and increasing to 3x/week once I can run outside again in mid to late April. It's about what I'm averaging now but I got lazy in the latter half of December and I need to get back on schedule.

I have very little planned for the rest of the day: shower, nap, watch Cold Comfort Farm, clear out my DVR. Perfect.


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