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( Jan. 12th, 2009 08:36 pm)
Laura Linney was radiant last night. Why can't I find any photographic evidence??? It's all Angelina and Kate Winslet and Eva Longoria and, ugh, Anne Hathaway. Would it kill these news sites to give me one full length photo of Linney?

I am consoling myself with the premiere of her appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio. \o/ I love her. She's so grounded and talented and awesome.

ETA: RADIANT!! Photo!! Yay!

Also, in my world of favorites, Gil Grissom is on the cover of this week's EW. I'm trying to find the interview on-line because I don't want to scan it but, suffice it to say, an EW cover is proof positive that my melodramatic angst over his departure is shared with at least one magazine publisher.

Oh! Here we go!

I had a good day today. I had one win that felt like a HUGE win and, through it, I kind of felt like Sam in "20 Hours in America." Except that I wasn't staffing the President.



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