Earlier today, [livejournal.com profile] kiffle was speculating on the origins of the final five (well, four) cylons. On the treadmill tonight I was listening to the most recent Galactica Watercooler podcast and the topic came up. Someone - Chuck or Sean - mentioned that they think the final four came first. They didn't extrapolate into many details on how or why that would be (or I wasn't paying attention) but it got me thinking about the possibility.

If you're a cylon and you're creating skin jobs, what's more valuable: a cylon who lives life like a normal human and ages like a normal human or a cylon that can be copied and resurrected? I pick option B. Sure, it's great to have sleeper agents who can infiltrate and live among the enemy for decades but isn't immortality more valuable?

So, figure this...the Toasters start experimenting with skin jobs prior to the first cylon war; around the time they're ready to rebel. They create human form cylons who are modeled to live like humans - live, age, and die. There is only one of each of these models. There are five.

Cue First Cylon War. Cut to armistice.

In the years between the 1st and 2nd wars, the cylons perfect what they started. They create skin job models who come in multiples and who resurrect when they die. The original five don't know their true identify but they are revered by the rest of the cylons because they are the first. The originals. The models for what the cylons have become. Cylon lore speaks of the day the final five will come home.

The other piece I've been thinking about is, "It's happened before and it will happen again." Cut for more specific season 4.0 spoilers )

In case anyone hasn't seen the news, the premiere on Friday will run 3.5 minutes long. Set your DVRs correctly!

Long day today followed by a challenging work out. It takes a lot of energy not to bitch about my gym INCESSANTLY. It's terribly overcrowded in January and I don't think they've invested in a new machine in 2 years. Oh, look. There I am bitching about my gym!

Tomorrow night my friend J and I are having drinks with another one of her friends. It's a fake date and it's at my favorite tapas place. I can't wait!

Dinner time. But first, here. Have a link: Rachel Maddow: America’s smartest, newest, butchest pin-up


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