In case it isn't obvious, there will be a lot of BSG in my journal for the next 10 weeks. I went to bed thinking about BSG and I woke up thinking about BSG. Where is everyone!?!

My initial thoughts are here and remain consistent after a second viewing this morning though there are definitely small moments that wow me even more now that I can focus on more than just the big stuff.

A warning for anyone who hasn't seen last night's episode: Stay away from Sci-fi. They're airing previews for next week's episode that have major spoilers for this week's episode.

Here's some fun stuff I came across this morning. Assume spoilers for last night's episode in all of the interviews.

  • Interviews on "Sometimes a Great Notion" with Ron Moore, David Weddle (writer), Bradley Thompson (writer), and Michael Nankin (director). There's some really good stuff in here.

  • Interview with Kandyse McClure (Dee).

    A sit down with Mary McDonnell and EJO. There are no direct spoilers for season 4.5 but EJO does allude to some stuff.

    This just about killed me: "His greatest strength, I think, is definitely Laura after he really realized that his greatest weakness was Laura."

    And here's a photo I love:

    It's 10:30am and I have to vacate by 1:15pm for a showing. I can't imagine who wants to look at homes in 0 degrees and snow but, okay. It forces me to go to the gym which is never a bad thing. Until then, I have Criminal Minds, Supernatural, CSI, and Top Chef to watch.
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