Last night I spent four hours on the phone with my friend Jason, fell asleep at 10pm, and missed both BSG and the party I was supposed to go to. I woke up at 5:30am, though, and promptly watched BSG, Criminal Minds, and both of this week's episodes of Bones. *hearts Booth & Bones*

BSG: 'There is a languor of the life. More imminent than pain. Tis pain's successor. when the soul has suffered all it can.' )

  • [ profile] aesc wins for best use of Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat.

  • [ profile] reannon recapped Obama's first 100 hours in office.

    Some friends and I are going to see "A Chorus Line" in Detroit tonight. We're kind of disorganized and a bit haggard from the work week but we have fantastic seats and I love this show. Hopefully the night will deliver what I need out of it.
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    Scans include:
    * Brotherly Love: SPN News
    * The Shape of Things to Come: Interview with Jared & Jensen
    * Director's Cut: Interview with David Nutter
    * Habeas Supernatural: Interview with Ben Edlund, Erik Kripke, Robert Singer, and Sera Gamble
    * Blast From the Past: Interview with Mitch Pileggi

    Download 22 pages of scans here - zip file, right click/save, 28.2mb. Please comment if you download. Do not post this privately hosted link elsewhere. Enjoy!


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