I'm so happy. I had one thing I needed to do for work today and it's DONE. \o/ Granted, I was supposed to be on vacation on Friday and tomorrow and that didn't materialize but, hopefully, I'll take a day on Tuesday. *crosses fingers*

Last night friends and I went to see "A Chorus Line" and it was not good. :( First of all, I can't believe how dated the show is. I still love the music but, wow, the show feels out of touch. Add to that horrible choreography and a mediocre cast and it was a bit of a disappointing night. RENT is coming to Detroit in February, though, with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, and I'm making plans to get tickets. RENT never disappoints.

In addition to getting my work done this morning I also caught up on the season premiere of The L Word. Perhaps this has been bandied about for years but it seems clear that Jenny has a severe case of Borderline Personality Disorder. This Time Magazine article on BPD reads like a case study on Jenny Schecter. It doesn't make me hate her any less, though.

Here's a happy making photo of The Doctor's companion in the Dr. Who Easter special. )

Full gallery of photos here.

What a nice day. A bit of laundry. A trip to the gym and the supermarket. THAT'S IT. Awesome.


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