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( Jan. 26th, 2009 12:21 pm)
Laura is having a good year. It's pretty awesome.

A virtual pony for anyone who can find more photos from last night.

One more )

Can anyone make me an icon from that second photo? I love goofy!Laura but I have a slot just waiting for her all glammed up.
Who's on vacation tomorrow? That's right. ME! Technically I was also on vacation Friday and today but for tomorrow's vacation day I actually will not be at work. \o/

I didn't know Kim Manners was sick and I was struck by how many people on my friends list mentioned his passing. I'll always remember him best from The X-Files. He directed so many of my favorite episodes.

On Friday night my department and some of their significant others are coming over for a dinner party. My team worked their assess off through January, it's gray and cold outside and, quite frankly, everyone needs to decompress. About 15 people rsvp'd and I finally have the menu set with Back Alley Gourmet.

For appetizers, I'm serving Phyllo Savories with goat cheese & fresh basil, puff pastries with fresh dill shrimp, and layered southwest dip. I'll probably also add some chips and salsa and pita w/ hummus. Dinner entrees are chicken marsala and eggplant parmesan and I ordered a tray of mini desserts. My guests are all bringing beverages so hopefully we'll be covered. *crosses fingers everything goes well*

Have some links:

  • Lesley Stahl Asks Rachel Maddow: What Do You Do at 7 on Sundays? This is a FABULOUS interview. It's funny, smart, insightful and full of great banter.

      LESLEY: Well, wait -- don’t zip over that so fast. You were a Rhodes Scholar.
      RACHEL: Right.
      LESLEY: You got your doctorate, you’re actually Dr. Maddow, at Oxford.
      RACHEL: Although it seems a bit embarrassing to call yourself when your doctorate is in politics.
      LESLEY: But still, you are a screaming intellectual.
      RACHEL: Well...
      LESLEY: Yes.

    And some BSG links:

  • 'Battlestar Galactica's' Ron Moore discusses 'A Disquiet Follows My Soul'

  • interviews Michael Hogan

  • BSGcast live interview with Michael Hogan. I love his commentary on Dragon Con and his perspective on participating in cons.

  • Starship Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica: Who would win?

    Okay. I am STARVING. I need food.
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