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( Feb. 1st, 2009 01:14 pm)
I had one too many drinks last night which made 8:30am breakfast plans PAINFUL. Ugh, ugh, ugh. After breakfast, we went to our friends' daughter's 2nd birthday party. Two year olds are cute but their toys are very, very noisy.

Last night at dinner I told my friends I'd join them today at 2pm for Boot Camp. Their gym is small and gorgeous (and expensive) and I'm going to do my best not to bitch about Bally's the entire time I'm there.

Did I mention that my dinner party went swimmingly on Friday night? I'm really glad I did it. It was great to relax with my team and hopefully everyone appreciated the invite. If nothing else, we have a whole host of new embarrassing stories about each other.

Via [ profile] babygotbass - someone is cataloging all of Sheldon's shirts from The Big Bang theory. What a great idea! Sheldon's shirts are the best!

I don't have any plans for the Superbowl tonight which is a-okay by me. I haven't finished a book in almost two months and I'm envisioning getting into bed early with The Age of Entanglement. I'm rooting for the Cardinals, though. Personally, I don't care but there are all sorts of fun things that will happen in my professional world if the Cardinals win.

Moonshot is updated with 13 recs for January:

1 SG-1
1 HP

PS. I've watched this clip from Friday's BSG at least 50 times in the past 24 hrs. &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts
I'm reading J2 AUs instead of watching the superbowl and I am one highly content woman. Besides, my most exciting superbowl moment was destined to be the new trailer for Star Trek. This movie is going to be SO GOOD.

Boot camp was great but I'm pretty certain I won't be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow. My usual workout is 35 minutes of cardio/10 minutes of weights. This was 10 minutes of cardio/60 minutes of weight/strength training. My poor little arms aren't cut out for that.

ETA: I turned the game on with 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. I may have to watch after all.


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