Oh, my god, I have to go into work and I'm sitting her procrastinating after watching BSG, Top Chef Crawfish, and Criminal Minds. I think I'm going to go to the gym first. Lesser of two evils, I suppose, and lord knows I need to get on the treadmill.

I love Criminal Minds and I really need to get myself a David Rossi icon. I was angry and bitter when Mandy Patenkin jumped ship but Joe Mantenga as Rossi is all sorts of awesome. I'm also happy to read fic that pairs almost any two characters on the show. The flavor of the week, though, is Hotch/Rossi.

I won't spoil anyone for Top Chef. I just have to say that I LOVE CARLA. This dorothysurrenders blog post captures all the reasons why. Carla is joy.

Oh, BSG. I know it can't be all fast paced action in these last few episodes but I'd put this week's ep in with the 2nd episode of the season - a slightly slower pace than I was looking for. There were things I loved a lot and things I didn't love at all )

Gym now! Really.

ETA: Fuck it. I am going to try to get my work done from home and then I'm going to blow up my balance ball and work out at home. I need a break.
Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] cranberryink!! You are one in a million. I'm counting down the days to May. So is Kendra.

So I didn't go into work and I did get everything done remotely. \o/

Tonight I'm meeting up with friends for dinner and then we're going to see Let The Right One In.

    This award-winning horror film based on the best-selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist ably blends genre chills with genuine feeling. Oskar is a 12-year-old outcast who is frequently picked on by his classmates. He dreams of getting his revenge, but he never stands up to the boys. With the arrival of his new next-door neighbor, 12-year-old Eli, Oskar may finally have found a friend, ally, and first love. But Eli is no ordinary girl: she must keep her pale skin out of the sunlight, she can perform inhuman physical feats, and she has a thirst for blood. The bodies begin to pile up, but Oskar can’t stay away from the girl who has finally given him courage. Though there are plenty of scares, this remains moving and intelligent, a rare feat for the genre. Rated R. 114 minutes. Swedish with subtitles.

[livejournal.com profile] charlidos - Did you mention this movie?

I did that meme where someone gives you words/phrases they associate with you and you write about them. [livejournal.com profile] copracat gave me new york, your lovely family, space!, harry/snape, and professionalism under pressure.

New York
I was born and raised in NY and I'll always think of myself as a New Yorker despite the time I've spent living in DC, San Diego, Florida, and, now, Michigan. My family got off their boats, settled in NY, and never left. I grew up on Long Island but we were fortunate to also have an apartment in Manhattan which afforded me the best of both words - suburban and city living. To me, there is still nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of New York City. There's no city that compares.

your lovely family
What a wonderful thing to associate with me! That really stopped me in my tracks because, for a long time, I wasn't someone who loved spending time with my family. With the exception of my sister, I wanted AWAY. Somewhere in time I grew up and matured and realized how incredible my family is. My mother would do anything for me. My step-father is as close to me as blood. My sister is the axis of my world. It's really difficult to live away from them - and my extended family - but I also know that I'm too independent to make life choices just to be near them. Choosing not to live my life for them is one of the things that's made us closer. They respect my freedom of choice and I don't feel stifled. I'd love to get back to NY someday but it needs to be on my terms. Until then, I'll visit. Often. (I should also mention that seeing my sister parent is one of the most amazing experiences. She awes me.)

Oh, my goodness, space. There's this quote I love from Michael Collins: It's human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it's an imperative. That's a great summation about how I feel about space. It's the great unknown. It's exploration. It's the human spirit. Our accomplishments in space exploration are an unbelievable testament to human achievement and I'm convinced that, the more we learn about the universe, the more we learn about ourselves. Plus, it's really cool. It's space! I'd totally strap myself into a rocket and give it a go.

I can still remember reading Harry/Snape fic for the first time. I was a huge HP fan but I had no interest in fic. I was convinced that canon was sufficient to meet my Harry Potter needs. Hahahaha. Someone, maybe [livejournal.com profile] between_names or [livejournal.com profile] nothinggold, recommended Telanu's "Tea" series and I stayed up all night reading. I never looked back. It was completely unexpected but I loved (and still love) the dynamic between Harry & Snape and how much they each have to grow and give to develop a relationship.

professionalism under pressure
Thank you! I try. What's interesting to me about the timing of this meme & comment is that the period between January 27th and February 19th was one of the most stressful of my career. I learned an awful lot about what I know, what I don't know, the kind of risks I'm willing to take, how I mange up, and how I react under pressure. The whole situation reinforced what I knew in my gut - think about everything you know, ask questions about the things you don't, and have a point of view.

That was fun. Drop a comment if you want some things that make me think of you!

Oh, right. These days I can't post without BSG content.
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  • Alan Sepinwall comments on "Deadlock."
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