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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:14 pm)
RENT was so, so good. I don't even have the words. The Detroit Opera House is gorgeous and huge and it's been ages since I've seen the show from an upper level and never in a place as big as this theater and just - GAH. The audience was young and energetic and the cast was on fire. ([ profile] nothinggold - Justin Johnson is in the tour and he was incredible. This might be my favorite of his performances and I thought of you the whole time.) I am unimaginably glad I got tickets and introduced the show to someone who's never seen it. *loves*

ETA: They changed three parts of the show:
  • "You can take a girl out of Hickville, but you can't take the Hicksville out of the girl" was changed to, "You can take a girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl"
  • "...and then said she'd help them find the Circle Line" was changed to "...and then said she'd help them find the Statue of Liberty."
  • During the bit following Angel's death, there were parts of the memorials where the cast spoke in unison.

  • Also tremendous was Let The Right One In. Do yourselves a favor and see this movie if it's playing near you. (I believe it's also out on DVD soon.) The movie is haunting and beautifully shot. The kids were amazing. It was everything I probably never expected out of a Swedish vampire-horror-coming of age film.

    One spoiler I have to mention )

    [ profile] mickeym posted new photos of Jensen. He's stunning. I can't look away. I'm particularly enamored by the photo of Jensen and Danneel sitting with matching glasses & poses. I hope they have a lot of sex.

    I'm hearing all sorts of rumors about a BSG movie that doesn't involve RDM or David Eick. What is wrong with NBC Universal and Sci-fi? Can someone help me out here?

    We got 3 inches of snow yesterday and it just started up again. I tend to have more tolerance at this time of year, though, because I know we'll be out of the snow zone in 4- 5 weeks.

    I'm off to a friend's Oscar party in a few minutes. Without doubt, I'm looking forward to the wine and food and company more than the awards show but I am rooting for Kate Winslet and Sean Penn.


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