Rachel Maddow was on Letterman last night and is a smart as ever. Video is here.

And, after last night's Big Bang Theory, I spent some time looking for Jim Parson's media. My favorite is his appearance on Craig Ferguson from 10/1/08. Part I and Part II

ETA: Oh, look!! He was just on again on March 12th! HAHAHAHA! *loves*

I need a Sheldon icon. Or a Jim Parsons icon. If it's possible, think I'm even more enamored with Parsons. You must watch both of these Craig Ferguson appearances.

ETA 2: Portia DeRossi on Ellen! Be sure to catch all of the clips posted on the blog.

[livejournal.com profile] _lolapalooza said we should post an image of our phone wallpaper. Since she taught me how to capture my wallpaper image, I feel compelled to comply.*

I'm over the moon for my nephew but it's Sally I want to see on my phone every day. This photo was taken in late December (as evidenced by the Menorah sitting on the side table). Sally was enamored by my friend's boyfriend and spent half the night sprawled on his lap.

*Hold the home button and press the power button. You'll see a flash. You now have an image of your wallpaper saved with your photos.


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