Today was a shit day. You?

Let's pretend I refused to wallow or self-indulge (publicly) and I'm just going to talk about things that are making me happy(er).

  • GREECE! Oh, my god, you guys. [ profile] kiffle and I are going to Greece! We're in the final stages of trip planning* but I need to talk about it now. [*When I say "we" are in the final stages of trip planning what I really mean to say is, "this trip wouldn't happen if not for kiffle and her expert trip planning skills. I mostly nod my head and say, 'okay.'"] We're going for a week around Labor Day and I CAN'T WAIT. \o/ Fuck the economy. Fuck two mortgages. I am going to spend some savings on myself and have one hell of a Grecian time!

  • Alan Sepinwall made a list of his favorite episodes of BSG. I really need to rewatch the entire series to make my list. I know for certain, though, that my list will never be complete without "Unfinished Business" right near the top.

  • New Big Bang Theory tonight! And then, at 8:30, I'm getting into bed with a glass of wine and Forever On The Mountain by James M. Tabor. [ profile] kaelie recommended the book ages ago and I'm finally getting around to reading it. It's the perfect fix tonight. No matter how cranky I am, I am not stranded in a storm on Denali.

    ETA: Totally unrelated to any of the above, or my mood, my sister and I were talking this morning and she mentioned that today my step-father has to start taking his blood for his diabetes. WHAT DIABETES??? Ooops. That's what happens when you live in Michigan. People leave out pertinent details. Somehow, though, they never forget to send new photos of Chase. ;)
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    ( Mar. 30th, 2009 08:49 pm)
    Viggo Mortensen just won the Icon award at the Empire Magazine Jameson Awards. He needs a shower and a haircut and he needs to put down the bottle of Jameson.

    Scroll down here past the photo of Viggo and Sean Bean and past the text of his rambling, drunken acceptance speech to the video clip. WOW.

    And yet? Still hot. Dirty and drunk - but hot. It's magic.

    PS. I love Penny.


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