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( Apr. 6th, 2009 12:57 pm)
It's April 6th and I woke up to 4 inches of fresh snow. And, oh look! It's still snowing. TUNDRA, MEET SPRING.

I was also privvy to a morning brownout. Or that's what I assume it was based on the neighborhood wide dimming of lights and DTE's phone recording about widespread power issues in the metro Detroit area. Better than a blackout, I suppose, but please cross your fingers that all will be restored by the time the sun goes down tonight.

  • In this week's Newsweek, Anna Quindlen writes about DADT - The End Of An Error: There's no need to waste time with further study. The policy on gays in the military must be overturned now.

  • Jensen Ackles/Rachel Bilson manips? Really??? Have they done anything together on screen or been photographed anywhere near each other or is this just the poster's personal wish fulfillment?
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