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( Apr. 14th, 2009 07:14 pm)
Well, hello. I'm back in Michigan after nearly a week in NY and I miss my family like burning. It was so much fun spending that much consecutive time with my sister and Chase (and the rest of the gang). On Sunday, my mom, sister and I saw a matinee of Billy Elliot. \o/ I saw the show with my mom and grandmother back in July 2005 when we were in London and my mom's become obsessed with the show since it came to Broadway in late 2009. OBSESSED. It's kind of cute. I'd put this show at the top of your list if you're visiting NY and only have time for one show. There are a bunch of different youtube videos from the show here. They give some of the flavor (THE DANCING OMG) but don't quite capture the humor and incredible, incredible talent of the boy(s) who play Billy.

I'm also now fully indoctrinated into the world of Yo Gabba Gabba. What's Yo Gabba Gabba you ask? Here's a sample.. The show's tag line should be, "Traumatizing to adults. Mesmerizing to kids."

  • [profile] apetslife posted a link to this video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent. It's really quite moving. After you watch, there's more on Boyle and her performance in an article here.

  • Let's Do the Time Loop Again. And again. has a great list of the best time loops in science fiction spanning tv, movies, and books. SG-1's "Window of Opportunity" and SPN's "Mystery Spot" makes the list along with some other classics (and some I now itching to see/read). Warning - there are some spoilers in the descriptions. Be cautious if you don't what to know if or how the pesky time loop ends.

  • Dirty secret time: I can't wait to see 17 Again. The movie looks adorable! It's like "Big" but in reverse.

    Mmmmmm. I think that's it. Dr. Who awaits. Hopefully it will help keep my mind off the unfortunately reality of work tomorrow.
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