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( Apr. 18th, 2009 02:11 pm)
Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes via LJ and facebook and texts and thanks to [personal profile] cranberryink, [personal profile] worldwouldend and [profile] fuskeez for the virtual gifts and [profile] powrhug for the gorgeous flowers!!

I'm having a lovely day. Yesterday, the manager on my team brought in bagels for breakfast and my department gave me a set of giraffe socks. The socks are adorable and I love that my team knows me so well. Later, friend stopped by with a card chock full of photos of Viggo. Clearly I'm not shy about broadcasting my interests. :)

Last night, my friends Mike & Drew, and Mike's wife, cooked dinner for me. There was cake and wine (A LOT OF WINE) and they bought me an authentic original series Star Trek communicator and phaser complete with lights and sound. Thanks to the glasses upon glasses of wine, I crashed on Mike's couch and, this morning, we had mochas a tylenol to ease our hangovers.

I came home to two flower deliveries and, since then, I've been for a long walk and taken an even longer nap. Shortly I'm off to my friend Anne's house for a birthday dinner with Anne and Jill.

The thing about this birthday that's really hitting me in the gut is I've now, forever, outlived my father. It's bitter sweet. For a long time, I never thought I'd hit 33. Despite seeing my mom age, 32 felt like a hard stop. Passing that milestone is a bigger relief than I imagined it would be but it's also sad in a way I can't quite find the words for. All I can say is I'm exceptionally lucky in my life and I'm glad to be here today.

Happy birthdays are the best!


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