I left work at 5pm today and it felt fantastic. Right now I'm sitting on my couch with a delicious honey porter* watching the SG-1 episode, "The First Commandment." Season 1 SG-1! I know that a day full of meetings means I'll be at the office pretty late tomorrow so tonight is MINE. I'm also going to run before work tomorrow morning. I'm taking my life back, folks!

Tomorrow is the release of The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. \o/ It's book 5, the final book, in the Percy Jackson series. I highly recommend this series. It's Greek gods and demi-gods and an awesome group of kids running around saving us all from the forces of Kronos. Good times.

There's some great news in the DVD world: After 18 long years, the hand-wringing, self-reflecting, yuppie Philadelphian boomers of "Thirtysomething" will enter the (legal) home video market: Season 1 of the seminal drama is scheduled for DVD release Aug. 25. WHOO HOO! I loved this show. LOOOOOOOOOOOVED. I'm so excited at the thought of watching it when I'm thirtysomething. I can't wait to revisit Hope and Michael and Elliot and Nancy and Gary and Ellyn and Melissa. I'm even excited about Miles Drentell. thirtysomething! On DVD! Oh, how I hope the show lives up to my memories. Don't we all need to indulge in a little yuppie narcissism every now and then?



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