Today I learned something: Running in the morning is AWESOME. Seriously, you guys. How did I not know this?

I got up at 6:15, was out the door at 6:30am, finished with my run by 7:05, and at the office by 8:10am. I have energy, I'm happy, and, best of all, I don't have to work out after work. My evening hours are for me! (And I can't get out of my run by convincing myself that it's too late or I'm too tired from a long day.)

I feel so refreshed and motivated. I think I'm going to try it again tomorrow morning to see if the feeling holds. Then, I'll try to rejigger my schedule to allow for running two weekday mornings/week.

The only downside is it's 11:20am and I'm starving. Apparently my normal breakfast of one egg white & one slice of cheese on whole wheat toast doesn't cut it following an a.m. run. I'll have to figure that out over time. In the meantime, I plan to bask all day in a post run glow.


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