Yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER. I went to a local Borders store to see the Indigo Girls perform a set for a radio show and, before hand, I got to meet them and tell them how awesome they are and OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. I told Emily that they wrote the soundtrack to my life and, when she signed my cd, she wrote, “To [Saturn], here’s more soundtrack.” *dies* And I talk to Amy about their show in central park during the blackout and it was just the best. I can’t even believe it.

Then I got this great seat next to the stage and just kind of sat there all dreamy and captivated while they played “What are you like,” “Driver Education,” “Second Time Around,” and “Closer to Fine” and did a radio interview and just - \o/

After work, I met up with my friend Anne for dinner and the concert. They were amazing. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I heard them play “Power of Two” and it was sublime. They performed most of their new album along with Power of Two, Get Out the Map, Shame On You, Chickenman, Virginia Wolf, Nomads Indians & Saints, Closer to Fine, Galileo and a few others. The crowed was totally into the show and all I want to do now is check their tour schedule and book some flights to see them again soon.

Here are some shots from the Borders show. Click on the thumbnail for larger images.

I'm sure there's more but I'm so tired all I can think about is watching last night's Criminal Minds with a glass of wine and then crawling into bed.

Thank you, [personal profile] carta, for the llama! Unless, of course, you're calling me one. ;)
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