My mother has a friend who did something totally bitchy and passive aggressive in an e-mail to my mom and I am seething on her behalf. I want to call up this woman and put her in her place. I have no idea how people deal with it when their kids are dealing with mean, nasty friends.

So, I was walking down the hall at work and some guy stopped me to ask if he overheard me talking about gravitational lensing the day prior. HAHAHAHA. In fact, he did. Someone had asked what I was reading and got an earful. It turns out this guy studied astronomy in school before moving onto an IT degree and we're having lunch tomorrow to talk cosmology and particle physics and all sorts of things no one else wants to talk to me about. \o/

Tomorrow is official Star Trek day!! My friend Mike and I have tickets to a 6pm show. Even having seen the movie already isn't dampening my enthusiasm. The one t-shirt of my dad's that I own is this old school Star Trek t-shirt. It's aged and worn and I'm going to change into it for the movie so I can be one of THOSE FANS.

Speaking of those fans: Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as 'Fun, Watchable.'

That's all I've got. Sally is running around the house like a crazy little fiend. She must know that we're only two weeks away from Bitcherie Fest 2009!

Oh! How could I have forgotten!?! I'm going to ComicCon!!! I booked my flight today - I'll be in from last Wednesday until Sunday morning. It's for work so I'm not sure I'll actually be able to hit any panels but I don't care - I'm going! I haven't been since 2000 when I was living in San Diego and it was a true geek fest rather than the media circus it's become. I loved the geek fest but I expect I'll equally love the media circus.

ETA: io9 give us a guide to all things Star Trek on-line.
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Yay! You got your plane ticket! I think I will be driving down on Thursday night after work, and heading home Sunday afternoon. So I will be available for dinner/drinks/meet up on Friday or Saturday with [ profile] coolwhipdiva and anyone else who will be there!


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