Yesterday was entirely lazy and full of little more than clearing out my DVR and a couple of episodes of DS9. I made up for it today, though, with a morning run, brunch with my friend Drew and his boyfriend, a quick trip to the mall, boot camp, and a few hours at a coffee shop with the book I'm reading.

I'm still riding on a wave of Star Trek fueled adrenaline. I've been dying to talk about the movie and, now that I opened the flood gates, I can't seem to shut up. STAR TREK! STAR TREK UPDATED INTO A COMPLETELY AWESOME 2009 VERSION. It's new and fresh and still managed to feel like a gift to fans with 495739457 references to TOS. Things like the red shirt dying, the sound effects, Kirk and the green girl, all of the phrases ("I'm giving her all she's got captain!" "I'm a doctor, not a physicist." "I am, and always will be, your friend.") Even the way Kirk sat in the command chair was perfect. Oh, and Captain Pike in that wheelchair!! No way that wasn't intentional. I'm a happy, happy fan girl. Even without those details it was pure LOVE for the (perfectly cast) movie. The movie had the best of what I love about Star Trek but updated it exceptionally well for 2009.

Final thought: Chekov, Chekov, Chekov! I want to put him on a shelf and care for him always.

  • Confused about the back story prior to the opening sequence? Check out the graphic novel prequel, Star Trek: Countdown.
  • Scifi Wire red carpet interviews

    The only thing that's grating on me is the media's constant mockery of old school Star Trek fans. Even elements of last night's SNL skit annoyed me.** I get it. Trek fans are the pinnacle of geek fandom. Get over it. At large, Trek fans are excited about this movie. At large, Trek fans love this movie. io9 has a great article that nails my feelings: Why Is The Media Trying To Make Star Trek Fans Look Like Naysaying Dorks? Their final thesis? "...the 'straw nerd' this meme sets up is not aimed at bashing fans, but at luring in Trek-phobes."

    **Though I do love me some Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and LEONARD NIMOY.

    Justin, as expected, was made of 100% win on SNL. If you missed the episode, you can find a ton of clips here.

    Back to my book! I'm almost through with Einstein's Telescope and then I'm on to The Last Olympian. \o/
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