Today was a wretched day but I came home to find that there is FINALLY a trailer for "The Road." THERE IS A TRAILER FOR "THE ROAD!" Finally!

Not only that, but Esquire has seen the movie (well, someone at Esquire has), and they have a fantastic four page write up in the current issue.

The Road Is the Most Important Movie of the Year: That's the burden carried by an Aussie's adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's beloved novel. Almost no one has seen it. Well, we did. This is interesting... do you have a second?

Mortensen is brilliant in insinuating the father's pain and communicating the hints of loss and his resistance to the inevitable. Burnt and sinewy in each scene, he registers a liquid panic in every glance at the woods and a sort of angry regret in every peek at the boy. Mortensen is a different filthy man in each function of fatherhood. You recognize them all, without voice-over, without undue exposition. He still cares. And it hurts more than ever to care.

HQ version here. Viggo is going to be AMAZING.

Plus, the ST:TNG episode "Rascals" is on and then it's the season finale of Bones and SPN. I can almost forget that I plan to get to work at 6:30am tomorrow.
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