Today is what June weekends are meant to be.

I went to book camp at 10am where the trainer kicked my ass. Holy shit, today was hard. The worst were the push ups. In between each push up we slid our feet in to a downward dog position. My abs, OMG. The whole time I kept reminding myself that, post workout, I was shopping for bathing suits. (The swimsuit shopping took forever but was, ultimately, a success. I decided to migrate away from bikinis this year and found the cutest Ralph Lauren and Anne Cole suits. Now I just need to get myself to the beach or lake or pool.)

After the shopping excursion I stopped by Whole Foods for sushi and sat at one of their outdoor tables to keep at The Nine. (I'd love to take a week off work to just sit outside and read.) Then I headed to a local park to attack two laps of their mile trail run. It was more of a run/walk than a run but the day was too nice to let morning book camp hold me back.

Now I'm holed up with Sally reading The Nine and Trek fic, alternately.

What else? I'm totally interested in the show V, except for Morena Baccarin. She's the worst actress ever. I don't loathe her the way I loathe Jennifer Love Hewitt - in fact, I think she's adorable. But she can't act and I can't bring myself to watch another show she's on.


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