My friend Mike has been trying to resurrect my interest in tennis so I work up early today to watch the Wimbledon final at his house. To his chagrin, I was rooting for Roddick. Holy crap. What a match. Mike certainly picked the right final. 5-7; 7-6; 7-6; 3-6; 16-14!?!? AMAZING. Roddick looked like he was going to cry after the match and I don't blame him. Federer's record is amazing but I was hoping to see Roddick win his first Wimbledon championship. (Though I did love those commercials that were geared up and ready to go.)

What else? I'm about halfway through with s2 of ST:DS9 and head over heels for the show. I watched when it first aired but the show was on through college and the years after and I was never able to watch consecutively. I watched enough to catch the major story arcs and relationships but I missed a ton of episodes. It's so much fun to start from the beginning again. I &hearts the entire cast.

Last night my friend got creative and made a Tribute to America out of Chinette paper plates. You have the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Capitol building. The little dude in front is President Obama and, on the left, is Aretha Franklin's hat. Happy Birthday, America!

I'm trying to draw out the long weekend. Does tomorrow have to be Monday?
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