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( Mar. 20th, 2009 02:32 pm)
A list of (mostly) good things:

  • [ profile] kiffle, [ profile] carta, and [ profile] anamchara tonight!! Mexican Food! Margaritas! And tomorrow we're having brunch at my very favorite place with two of my very favorite friends in A2. \o/

  • I hear that my adorable little Chelsie [see icon] from SYTYCD is on this season of Dancing with the Stars. It's not quite enough to get me to watch but I'm going to have to search youtube for her videos. *loves on Chelsie*

  • I have my car back. The repair shop dropped it off at my office yesterday along with a gift card to Outback for my trouble. They get an A+ on customer retention.

  • Michigan won their game last night! I think I was the good luck charm. (Quite frankly, I have little invested in Michigan's sports program but this is a happier town when they win and that's a very good thing.)

  • OMG TONIGHT IS THE FOREVER FINALE OF BSG. I have not been this worked up about a series finale since ST:TNG ended in 1994 and I sequestered myself in my room to watch through tears. Thank goodness I have the excitement of weekend guests to distract me from the utter WOE that comes with the end of my favorite show.

  • io9 pulled together a list of 10 Greatest Science Fiction TV Show Endings Ever. Oh, Babylon 5. To date, the B5 finale tops my list. SO GOOD. I also followed the link and re-watched the Quantum Leap finale whi, sadly, didn't seem to hold up. I think you need the context of continued viewing which I don't have all these years later.

  • I met someone on-line via and I think we're about ready to meet in person. She lives in Ann Arbor and is cute and I am so ready to be dating again.

  • I haven't watched last night's SPN yet but, judging from cut tags, I apparently need to get on that. Resisting spoilers is NOT EASY.

  • And on Sunday I'm off to Miami and Naples for a three night business trip. It's all work but with great people I only see once a year and it's been a very, very long time since I've been to Naples. It will be fun to visit my old office for a meeting on Wednesday.
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    I can't say I entirely understand the validity behind a UN panel on Battlestar Galactica but I'll take any opportunity to see Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos. You can, too, here.

    I have a very long and involved story involving the first day of the year I put the top down on my car, a fabulous run in a park, and a tow truck. I'll spare you and leave it at this: despite paying for repairs on my car, I currently have a 1982 loaner BMW in my driveway instead of my car. Quite frankly, between this and the basement ceiling collapse/leak, I am quite the trooper these days.

    Tonight we celebrated my friend's daughter's adoption day and, afterward, I stocked up on wine and some food for this weekend with [ profile] carta, [ profile] kiffle and [ profile] anamchara!!! (I hope you're all feeling well SOON!) Now I'm settled in with Sally and Criminal Minds.

    Oh! And today, at work, I went to a money school session on budgeting. It was an awesome reminder of things I know but aren't currently doing. I should, for example, put money away monthly for regular expenses like car insurance & home owners insurance. I also want to add money to my savings in the amount of four months tenant rent so, if my tenants leave, I don't have to dip into my current savings to cover the float until I find new tenants. It's a bunch of little things that add up to a slightly better sense of control over my finances in this crazy uncontrollable economy.

    ETA: I at an unthinkable amount of food today. SO. FULL.
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    ( Mar. 13th, 2009 10:01 am)
    Oh, life. Despite assurances from the plumber who came on 2/28, there is something wrong with my master bathroom pipes and now half of the ceiling to my basement guest room has collapsed in under a wash of water. After an 8am meeting I came back home to meet the plumber in the hopes that he can do something before my 1- 4pm non-negotiable meeting and my 7pm flight to NY.

    It's been a rough week but there's also some great stuff going on:

  • My new icon! BSG on the cover of TV Guide is fantastic and so is this Behind the Scenes photo gallery. As you can imagine, given my BSG posting velocity, I'm kind of worked up about the series finale but all of this media and the total awesomeness of Mary and EJO and Katee and Tricia (and even Callis) is the perfect balm.

  • Criminal Minds. I love Criminal Minds. I also love Prentiss & Rossi and this week's episode pleased my little shipper's heart. Great Prentiss/Rossi fic isn't easy to find but I searched high and low last night and discovered this gem. *basks*

  • Live music. Wednesday night my friend Jessica and I went to see Shemekia Copeland at The Ark. She was amazing. I don't know why I haven't gone to a show there before but I'll definitely be back for more.

  • House. More specifically, House & Wilson. Their sum is greater than the parts.

  • It's Friday which means it's BSG night and, if all goes well when the plumber shows, I'm going to see my family this weekend. \o/

  • I get [ profile] carta, [ profile] kiffle, and [ profile] anamchara next weekend for the BSG finale!! And then a business trip to warm, warm Florida.
  • My neighbors have a truck attached to a trailer full of junk. It is the full length of my house/front yard and the park it in front of my house even when there are no cars parked in front of their house. WHAT THE FUCK? They did this last spring/summer and it irked the hell out of me then, too. You don't want your house obstructed so you park in front of mine? I'd say something but these are the same neighbors out at 10pm and 7am with a snow blower clearing my sidewalk and driveway. I feel like can't ask them to move the truck without coming across like an ungrateful twat. It drives me CRAZY, though. I'm almost at the point where I don't care about their damn snow blower. Park the monstrosity in front of your own house.

    There's an open house at my house today from 1pm- 3pm. They're going to have to move the truck for that. I'm just waiting until a respectable time to call. *grrrrr* I think I'm going to take to sporadically parking my own car in front of my house so they can't leave it there. Passive aggressive, thy name is Saturn.

    ETA: I've got it! I can reasonably ask them not to park the truck in front of my house because I can have potential buyers in any day and I need to leave the front of the house unobstructed. Score! They have to comply graciously.

    In less irritating news, Moonshot is updated with eleven recs for February. I've had this version of my recs site up for 2 years now and, with this batch of recs, I passed the 1,500 mark. Hahaha. 1,500 recs. SGA is in the lead with 435 followed by HP with 343, SPN with 334 and SG-1 with 164.

    This month's roundup:
    5 SPN
    3 SGA
    1 SG-1
    1 West Wing
    1 SPN/Time Traveler's Wife

    I have a relatively unambitious day planned. A friend canceled dinner plans so I'll head to the gym during the open house and that, gloriously, is it. It's a weekend of sloth.
    About 400 people turned out (in the rain and cold) for the rally. Most were college students full of energy and enthusiasm and cheers like, "We're here. We're queer. Our parents think we're studying." Hahahaha. There were a fair number of adults from the community, too, though. The college kids were passing around jars to college money for Lambda Legal and they brought enough rainbow flags and "Equality" signs for everyone. The energy made you believe that these students, all of us, will see the change we're rallying for. It was neat.

    Here are some pictures:

    Gathering before the walk.

    [Click for larger images on all photos]

    More )

    Now I need to thaw out and shower in time for sushi. Mmmmmm. Sushi.
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    ( Nov. 15th, 2008 01:37 pm)
    Hello, Lazy Saturday. My friend Anne and I cooked dinner last night and sat around talking until 11:30pm. I finally got into bed around 1 and I've spent the morning working my way through my DVR queue.

    SGA. Fret, fret, fret. )

    CSI )

    SPN )

    I wish I hadn't watched the scenes from next week's episode, though. The conclusion looks awesome but it gave away more than I wanted to know. (CSI, on the other hand, gave up just enough to have me counting down the days in anticipation.)

    House )

    And I don't think I've said anything about this week's Criminal Minds )

    As soon as I post and read Lily's Drake & Josh fic I'm going to take a nap. Naps are the best. Then it's off to the A2 Rally For Equality at 3:30pm. I'm going by myself but I am assuming it will be a welcoming group (of college students) and I really want to add my voice to the rally so out in the cold rain I go! Then tonight I have a date for sushi. I love sushi almost as much as I love naps.
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    ( Nov. 9th, 2008 06:35 pm)
    Sci-fi is running a ST:TNG marathon this evening. \o/ Right now, I'm watching the episode where Picard & Wesley are trapped on a planet and Picard gets injured.

    I had a great weekend. Friday night I went to happy hour and ended up drinking beer and tequila until 10pm when four of us finally decided to go get dinner. Beer, tequila, and mushroom ravioli in cream sauce = a perfect Friday night out. Saturday morning came quickly, though. I had plans to meet a friend and his daughter for breakfast at Zingermans at 8:45am. TOO EARLY. I came home and napped from 10:30am- 1:30pm and eventually made it to the gym to work off aforementioned beer, tequila, and pasta.

    Today, I sat in a coffee shop and read for three hours and now Picard & Co. are entertaining me.

    The unexpected part of the weekend came on Friday night when I found out a friend from work has been interested in me for a while and he finally got up the nerve to ask me out. I'm cautious about dating someone from work but definitely interested. Our first date is Tuesday night. :)

    It's hard to believe November 10th is here but Chase's surgery is tomorrow. It's a 6 hour surgery scheduled to start at 10am. My sister is nervous and excited and I wish I was there to support her. I'm certain Chase will be fine but any positive vibes you can send his way are appreciated. He's such a little guy.

    ETA: I loved this week's SGA. They were all AWESOME. Especially Ronon. And Teyla. This is officially my favorite Teyla episode.
    My fascination with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen continues so, Thursday night, I recorded Ashley on Letterman. She was there to promote their new book, Influence. I'm not quite sure how to describe the interview. Awkward? Uncomfortable? Boring? What I am sure of is that Ashley was mentally rolling her eyes through the entire thing.

    Today is such a productive day! I trimmed the big bush (of grass) outside my house before it can turn to wheat* and take over the neighborhood. (*It may not turn into wheat but it certainly turns into a wheat like thing that spreads its grain in the winter wind.) I filled out the seller's disclosure docs and sales contract for my new real estate agent. I learned that I don't need a professional carpet cleaner to deal with the water stains from basement flood number 2 because a mixture of water and white vingar will do the trick. I completed round one of said carpet cleaning. I had a copy of my key made for the agent.

    I also made it to the post office. Finally. The mail included:
    1 Twilight calendar to [ profile] timberho
    3 Twilight calendars to [ profile] lilysaid
    1 chicken calendar to [ profile] cranberryink (If I come across one of the artistic calendars I'll send that, too.)
    The Friday Night Knitting Club & Knit Two to [ profile] carta (FYI - Knit Two is autographed by the author on the title page.)
    Stargate Continuum to [ profile] rossetti

    And it's Moonshot update time. Moonshot is updated with 15 recs for October:
    4 SPN
    3 SG-1
    2 SGA
    2 HP
    2 Appaloosa
    1 Torchwood
    1 Firefly/Torchwood

    I really enjoyed the Firefly/Torchwood crossover. It's Mal/Jack and it works.

    I have nothing else planned for the day. *bliss* I think I will read and snuggle with Sally. My weekend run will have to wait for tomorrow.
    CNN reports that, by year end, 1/3 of the homes in the market will be homes in foreclosure. I'm so fucking screwed.

    So, here's the situation. I put my FL home on the market in July 2006 and bought my home in MI in August 2006. I used the equity in my FL home to put 20% down on my MI property. The FL home is rented but, between the community fees, the gap in the rent to mortgage, and the equity line, I'm losing $1,000/month on FL.

    Right now, the price on my FL property is 13% less than I bought it for. It's still priced 16% more than I owe (because I put 20% down on that first home) but it's priced as low as I can take it without having to pay for the loss out of pocket once you factor in real estate broker fees, taxes, closing costs, etc. (It's a given, at this point, that I'll lose the money I initially invested.)

    The tenants are interested in buying but they can't get a mortgage.

    Last week, I made the decision to put my Michigan home on the market. The thought of selling the home I'm living in because I can't sell a home I'm not living in is depressing but, at least, I'd only own one home. And, quite honestly, mobility is important to me. I have no intention of leaving A2 any time soon but, if I lost my job, I'd be unemployed, forced to leave the area, and have two mortgages to pay.

    So, I have an appointment with a real estate agent tomorrow afternoon. What he told me is what CNN is reporting but with the downstream impact on me: with so many homes in foreclosure selling for less than they're worth, most buyers aren't even looking at regular sale homes. To sell my home in MI, I'll certainly have to sell it for less than I bought it for and, possibly, less than I can afford.

    The other snag in all of this is that I never planned to stay in FL for long so my mortgage has a 5 year adjustable rate. The five years is up next October after which I surely won't be able to afford both places. Next week, I have an appointment with my bank (who has both mortgages) to see if there's anything we can do. I may have the option, for a small fee, of converting the FL mortgage to a 30 year fixed rate but we have to look at my mortgage documents to see if that's written in. What I really want, though, is approval to short sell the FL (or even MI) property. If I can price the property for less than I owe, I'm nearly certain I can sell it.

    I really need to stop thinking about this stuff in the morning. It's a terrible way to start my day.

    If you made it through all of that, here's some shiny news for you: Borders is having a big Buy 2, Get 3 pre-holiday sale today through Saturday: B2G3 on the entire stock of calendars, the entire stock of DVDs, and the entire stock of mystery, thriller, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, and manga books. No coupon or Rewards membership needed.
    The Borders book club for A Lion Among Men is up! I really hope you'll check it out. Gregory McGuire is delightful. Perhaps, of particular interest, the third section is all about transformative fiction and the ins and outs of writing in the world of Oz.

    As I expected, I finished The Hunger Games before bed last night. The quick book description is:
      Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called, "The Hunger Games." The terrain, rules, and level of audience participation may change but one thing is constant: kill or be killed. When Kat's sister is chosen by lottery, Kat steps up to go in her place.

    The book is intense, emotional, and tremendously moving. It's a YA book so it's intended audience is teenagers but, like much YA sci-fi/fantasy, it's equally satisfying for adults. Also, if you think Stephenie Meyers can't write to save her life, I direct you to this book instead.

    Next up, Blood Meridian.

    I left work at 5pm to come home for a run and then I had a date. He came back to my place and, even in my 30's, even having been at his home, I still get nervous. But it was a good time and is maybe going somewhere.

    This is a crazy week. Tomorrow must be an early night for me because, on Wednesday, I'm driving to OH for a day of meetings. It's 3 1/2 hour each way and we're leaving Ann Arbor at 6am. TOO EARLY. Then, on Thursday, I have a work dinner and on Friday I fly to NY for a weekend with Chase.

    Before I go to bed, though, here's an awesome giraffe photo [ profile] powrhug sent me. Look how they love each other!

    Okay, a peach. Then bed.
    So many things!

  • First off, RENT. RENT! On a movie screen!! It was fantastic to see the show in this format though, honestly, the editing sucked. The camera was all over the place during the bigger cast numbers to a degree that left me dizzy. The only cast member I'd seen before was Justin Johnston. ([ profile] nothinggold! The filmed version is going to be released on DVD. You can have a permanent record of Justin as Angel!) I don't know if the filmed version was the final performance but they do include the Seasons of Love encore from the finale with some of the original cast members. It was a great way to spend 2 1/2 hours. I can't wait to get the DVD. *grabby hands*

  • After RENT was the Michigan game. We had to DVR the beginning which turned out to be a blessing because the first half was a disaster. In the end, though, Michigan came back from a 0 - 19 halftime deficit to beat Wisconsin 27- 25. I've officially experienced a literal nail biter and my friends are well on their way to turning me into a true Michigan fan.

  • My new favorite rss feed is [ profile] gaiman_blog. It's so nice to have Gaiman come to me rather than having to remember to seek out his ramblings. And I do love his ramblings.

  • I caught up on Supernatural last night. First of all, if anything was going to cement my love for the show it was the episode title: "Are You There God, It's Me, Dean Winchester." Perfect and hilarious. About the episode itself... )

  • Then, of course, was the return of Daniel on SGA. )

  • I watched the whole debate. There's really not much more to say about that except a) the commentary afterward was more interesting and b) McCain's play to the Jewish vote had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

  • I'm off to Chicago next weekend! A run is planned and not much else (though Appaloosa comes out next weekend). It's Viggo in the wild west!
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    Bones and Criminal Minds )

    I left work at 11:30am to go to the Tigers game and, in a few minutes, I'm leaving to meet some friends for dinner followed by a date for drinks. Days like this should be mandatory.

    Important newsflash courtesy of [ profile] splifford:

    Worried about the Large Hadron Collider and the possibility that it might destroy life, the universe and everything we hold dear? Get live updates on whether or not your fears are realized here.


    "Encounter at Farpoint" is on sci-fi right now. I appreciate season 1 of ST:TNG for what it developed into in later years but I can't actually watch in. UGH. On the other hand, "Lower Decks" was on last night and remains one of my all time favorite episodes. They totally nailed that one.

    I'm sure there's more but, right now, I've got nothing. Wish me luck driving on the other side of the road! As I told kiffle, I promise to drive better than Booth!

    ETA: I sent in my Michigan voter registration today! I mistakenly thought I needed a MI driver's license (or other state issued ID) to vote here but it turns out I just need to be a permanent resident so I don't have to vote in Florida via absentee ballot after all!
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    ( Aug. 26th, 2008 08:59 pm)
    Kathy Griffin is fucking hilarious. I had NO IDEA.

    So, the Olympics are over and I'm a bit lost because I've hardly watched TV all summer but binged over the past 2 weeks and now I'm not quite sure to do with myself. Let the flipping commence. I saw bits of the following: Elizabeth Weir's boyfriend tells her he found someone new, Daniel Jackson battles the Ori, a transsexual woman gets gang raped on L&O, Sam Beckett leaps into a chimp, Ken Mattingly gets exposed to the measles and Kathy Griffin makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Tomorrow, at 5pm, I am off to NY until Monday! \o/ I'm staying at my mom's tomorrow night but, after that, it's my sister and nephew's. (And brother in law's. Ha.) Thursday morning my brother in law is picking me up at my mom's and we're taking Chase into Queens to visit my sister at school. First visit! ANYWAY. I'm tremendously excited to spend all of that time with my sister and the BONUS is two days off from work. When you factor in Labor Day and ENGLAND/WALES (!!!), I won't work a 5 day week until the week of 9/15.

    I'm in this weird sort of dating/pining/sexual identity thing right now which means, of course, it's got to get more complicated. On Sunday I went to brunch with two friends and then, later in the afternoon before dinner with the object of my affection, I hit up Plum Market. While browsing produce, this hot guy comes over to me and asks if I was, perhaps, at Zola for brunch earlier in the day. End of story: We have a date next Wednesday. Hahaha. He's very cute and e-mailed me right away and I'm going out with him because I have to find some pressure release for my current state of pining. Plus, cute.

    PS. Even though I know Sam will leap out of the chimp it is VERY STRESSFUL to watch.
    It's so much fun seeing the Olympic profiles of Michael Phelps filmed around Ann Arbor! \o/ I've adopted Michigan in a way I never did with Florida. Go Blue!

    [ profile] timberho - We will just have to agree to disagree about Michigan and Ohio. :)

    My gmail isn't working and the site says I should wait to log in for 24 hours. HUH? What kind of repair advice is that? ETA: Gmail repaired! Timberho was kind enough to give me a head's up even though I'm a Michigan fan.

    What else? I'm firing my real estate agent. He's had 25 months and I need to get more aggressive so I reached out to the president of my former company and he hooked me up with his Realtor. Enough is enough.

    It's a busy week! Tonight was cake at a friend's house for his birthday. Tomorrow is dinner out and then a screening of Tropic Thunder. Wednesday is a birthday dinner for a friend who's about to move to San Francisco. Thursday night I have a vendor dinner and a dinner with a friend who's boyfriend is visiting from London. (Take a guess where my priorities fall...) And Friday night is dinner and many, many drinks with friends. I'm tired already. PS. This is why Michigan is SO MUCH BETTER THAN FLORIDA.
    Today was a rough day at work compounded by the fact that I woke up at 4am and couldn't fall asleep again until just before my alarm went off. There's some great stuff happening but I'm also working through a transition which is challenging on the best of days. I had a yummy dinner out at a middle eastern place, though, and then stopped at the Ann Arbor Chocolate House for a peanut butter cup and I keep reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day. The final 6 on SYTYCD doesn't hurt, either.

    There are some great photos from the BSG comic con panel over at

    Here are a whole bunch of larger, prettier photos )

    I would have no objection to finding myself in a Jamie Bamber/Katie Sackhoff/Michael Trucco triple decker sandwich.

    Oh, yeah, a high point of my day was visiting the local Robot Repair Shop. Kookiest thing EVER. I mean really.
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    ( Jul. 14th, 2008 08:37 pm)
  • My neighbor is learning to ride a two wheeler and it's the cutest thing ever. Her mom is running behind and her dad is at the end point and I keep thinking how this is a forever memory.

  • Injury Forces 'So You Think You Can Dance' Withdrawal. Goodbye Jessica, welcome back Comfort. I think Comfort had her day and is completely out matched by Chelsie, Courtney, Kherington, and Katee but, really, so was Jessica. What an upset it will be if Comfort comes back by default and makes it into the top 8! (This is going to sound awful but I hope she's paired with Gev. He's my least favorite guy and I don't want to risk any of the other guys losing momentum by dancing with the weakest girl.)

  • Dr. Who fic rec: Losses and Discoveries by [ profile] selenay936 - Jenny/Sally Sparrow, PG

      Summary: Sally Sparrow couldn't resist investigating one more possible alien sighting, but this time she found something quite unexpected.

      This is a wonderful surprise of a story! Sally Sparrow and Jenny (Who)! The meet up is completely plausible and I'm absolutely taken with the idea of a budding romance between these two courageous, inquisitive, delightful women. Written for [ profile] femslash08.

  • I borrowed Dr. Who season 1 from a colleague today. I haven't watched season 1 since the first few episodes aired and I don't expect to love Eccelston the way I adore David Tennant but I'd like to actually see Rose start her travels with the Doctor so, once s5 of B5 is complete, it's back to Who! [ETA: Hahaha. Hello, run on sentence! I must be channeling Ten.]

    ETA: [ profile] carta! Are you reading the femslash08 stories!?! There's Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters here! I haven't read it yet but you bet your bucket I will.
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    ( Jul. 8th, 2008 05:42 pm)
    I spoke to my insurance company first thing this morning and the clean up team spent the afternoon at my house. The good news? Well, I suppose the good news is that the clean up is under way. They removed the carpet pad and are drying the carpet with super fans and an industrial dehumidifier. They'll come back in three days to ensure the carpet is dry and then set up an appointment to clean the carpet. If one or two cleanings do the job, they'll then reinstall a new carpet pad. If the cleanings don't take, I'll have to get new carpet.

    The bad news is a) there are many more cleaning visits in my future, b) the problem was caused by gutter overflow that could have been prevented and c) my insurance deductible is $1,000. ALJSFJSLFJRGG!!

    I doubt I'll have the new carpet pad (or new carpet) by the time my family comes to visit but I'll be satisfied if the carpet is clean and the furniture is back where it belongs by then. I'm so annoyed at myself.

    I also screwed up with the Tony Lucca/Joe Firstman tickets. I bought the tickets only to realize afterward that my family is in town the night of the show and I can't go. :/

    The bright spot in the colossal failure that is the start to this week was my morning run. Last night's run was called due to rain but I got up and ran at 6:15am and I did my 5.5k and it was great. And one of the guys on the clean up team was really cute.

    PS. Jensen doesn't look annoyed in this mood icon. He looks like a baby porn star.
    Today was a great day with lots of productive stuff at work but my basement carpet isn't drying and my ENTIRE HOUSE SMELLS OF MILDEW. It's awful. I have two fans and the dehumidifier on. I've used the shopvac. Ugh, ugh, UGH. I'm going to call my insurance company and a mold/mildew inspector tomorrow. My mother, aunt, and grandmother are coming in two weeks and any home repair necessary has to be complete by then. UGH.

    In much better news, thanks to a tip from [ profile] aproposofnothin, I'm going to see Tony Lucca and Joe Firstman at the Magic Bag in Detroit on 7/20! It's been ages (years) since I've seen Tony Lucca perform and I still listen to both his cds and Joe Firstman's regularly. Awesome! And, this Saturday, I'm going to a Tigers/Twins game with [ profile] sweatergurl. That's enough to momentarily take my mind off the smell and frustration of my basement. UGH.
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    ( Jul. 5th, 2008 10:47 pm)
    Dr. Who )

    I don't have a back up battery for my sump pump which means massive rain plus power outage = bad news. My basement carpet is wet and soggy and getting a little bit foul. I had the dehumidifier on all day and stopped by Lowes for a shopvac. The shopvac isn't getting quite enough water up so I have some fans going tonight and I'll turn the air temp down to try to dry out some of the water naturally. UGH.

    In better news, I tried a new running route today and missed one of the turns so I ended up running 6k instead of 5k! I think this means I need to officially take it up to 5.5k runs on a regular basis. \o/

    ETA: I love that my friends list has exploded with Dr. Who posts.


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