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( Nov. 13th, 2008 08:57 pm)
I am so busy this week. "So busy" is a good thing but also exhausting. I was out Tuesday night and tonight and I have plans tomorrow night and Saturday night and Sunday during the day which is to say that next weekend I am doing NOTHING.

On my DVR I have Tuesday's House, last night's Criminal Minds and, in about an hour, I'll have tonight's SPN and CSI. I think they'll all have to wait because my bed is so tempting.

I did get to watch Bones last night. I remember when I used to see the very end of Bones before House started and I had NO CLUE how amazing the show is.

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( Oct. 9th, 2008 11:03 am)
I'm am home from work to observe Yom Kippur and fasting to the best of my ability. (A few years ago I received medical instructions to forgo a full fast but I won't have more than a bowl of cereal before sunset. Just something to keep me conscious. :) )

Moving on:

I CAN NOT WAIT for tonight's CSI. I have a feeling CBS is going to ruin it for me with some kind of vomit inducing Grissom/Sara reunion but, even with that, it will be SO GOOD. Poor Warrick!

Here's what I've been up to over the past few days:

  • The 2008 winners for the Nobel Prize in physics were announced on Monday. It always amazes me that people win Nobel Prizes for work they did decades prior. I totally get that the theories and discoveries need to bear out over time but it's been 40 years since Nambu did the work he was rewarded for and 30 years for the two other winners. Not quite immediate gratification.

  • Somewhat related, over in [ profile] physics, someone recently asked: Why is E exactly equal to M multiplied by the square of the speed of light? Or to look at it in a way which illustrates the point of the question more keenly, why does light travel at a speed exactly equal to the square root of mass' relationship to energy? There are some interesting answers and arguments in comments.

  • Another Appoloosa review: Appaloosa: 10 Things I Liked, 5 I Didn’t

  • I had a date on Tuesday night for dinner & the debate. Watching a presidential debate is a great way to get to know someone. I forgot, though, that House was on so Tuesday's episode is sitting on my DVD waiting for me and on the agenda for today.

  • Snapfish is having a $0.01 photo sale. Promo code is FALLPENNY08.

  • Bones was so witty with last night's episode title: The He in the She. Hahahaha. I love Bones. And Booth. And this rotation of grad students. I wasn't sure the in & out of characters would work but I love seeing who shows up each week.

  • I spoke with a real estate attorney about my housing options. He gave me some advice but it was, generally speaking, a depressing conversation. I have some action items, though. If I can't sell the FL property, I need to at least feel like I'm doing something proactive.

  • Here are 7 deleted scenes from season 4.0 of BSG. They're excellent and fill in some interesting gaps. (DVD is out January 6th. Why do they keep waiting until after Christmas???)

  • Last, but certainly not least, are photos of David Tennant rehearsing for Love's Labour's Lost and some stills from the show. *loves*
  • Bones and Criminal Minds )

    I left work at 11:30am to go to the Tigers game and, in a few minutes, I'm leaving to meet some friends for dinner followed by a date for drinks. Days like this should be mandatory.

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    ( Sep. 19th, 2008 06:18 am)
    My Michigan voter registration card arrived in the mail yesterday! I'm ready!!

    I caught up on TV last night and watched Bones, House, and SPN. I don't know if this means the shows are doing something right or wrong but I realized I only watch Bones for the dynamic love between Booth & Brennan and I only watch House for the love dynamic between Wilson & House. Everything else is a bonus. Except Hodgins and Foreman. They should stick around.

    House first )

    Bones )

    I was going to go to bed early last night but the lure of Supernatural was too great. Supernatural )

    Today my team and I are off for store visits and tonight Anne and I are cooking dinner. I suspect there will be much food. I really need to get off my ass and run. I didn't run last week because I was getting ready to leave and then I was too busy eating fish & chips. This week I was recovering from last week. No excuses! Tomorrow I hit the road again. I have a 5k in a week and it's absurd to undo my training right beforehand. Besides, I feel a hint of winter and I need to get in my outdoor running before Michigan pushes me back inside for 5 months.
    If you posted about the season finale of Bones, please link me to your commentary so I can come and FLAIL with you! Or come talk to me in comments here!

    Next up: new SPN magazine arrived today!

    Scans include:
    * Sibling Rivalry? Erik Kripke explains how Sam & Dean are equal in Supernatural.
    * Top Five Metallicar Moments
    * Supernatural Encounters: Interview with Jared & Jensen
    * The Lady Is A Vamp: Interview with Amber Benson
    * Boys Will Be Boys: Interview with Ridge Canipe & Colin Ford (young Sam & Dean)

    The magazine is, apparently, channeling J-14 and also features a cornucopia of mini posters.

    Download 18 pages of scans here. 21.9mb, zip file, right click/save.

    Please comment if you download. Feel free to direct others to this post but do not share this privately hosted link elsewhere.

    In totally unrelated news, I was once seated next to Ted Kennedy on a Delta shuttle flight from DC to NY. He was very happy to make conversation with an overeager college student and, beyond having the largest head I've ever seen on a human being, was a kind, engaging man. It's a nice memory that's stuck with me all these years and I wish him well.
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    ( Jan. 4th, 2008 07:02 pm)
    I still have the weekend ahead of me but my week out of the office is officially over and I've achieved the 9th level of laziness. Even today's trip to the gym was canceled in favor of a nap. I know I'm career driven and all but I really think I could live a happy life as a lady who lunches.

    Between reading and sleeping and watching Bones, I did get two things taken care of over the past two days: a visit from the plumber and Sally's annual trip to the vet. She's 7.4lbs now (up 0.7 from LY) and the vet suggested putting her on diet or indoor cat food. I don't know, either. But I'm going to listen to the vet. The plumber fixed a leaky faucet in my kitchen and now my water tastes and smells like motor oil.

    I'm officially up to date on Bones and the internet is telling me that another episode isn't scheduled to air until April. How am I expected to mainline 50 episodes and then wait four months for more?

    I started watching the show because [ profile] carta told me that Bones & Booth are a modern day Scarecrow & Mrs. King. There are obvious differences what with Bones actually bringing her technical expertise to the cases and their partnership is out in the open but, yeah, they're totally the new SMK. They have the bickering, the banter, and the wild UST down to a science.

    Oh! Also about Bones, Eric Millegan graduated from the University of Michigan which, I imagine, is partly why his character was written as a Michigan native. I never expected it but my developing loyalty to UofM is also settling into a loyalty to Michigan (the state of). It must be the power of the Big 10. Now I see Michigan everywhere. (I was watching The West Wing while doing some work last night and one of the episodes was "The Portland Trip." This is the first time I actually registered that Bartlett's worked up over a Notre Dame/Michigan game. It's not something I'd ever have processed before I got sucked into the madness that is Michigan football.)

    Patrick Stewart fans: This link here will take you to some fantastic ads Stewart is doing in the UK for some kind of electronic brain games.

    EW has a two page spread on BSG in this week's issue and Ron Moore offer explanations for the character poses. (Original scans are by mediocrechick.) Note: There are some really good spoilers in the text. Click at your own risk. (But click. And then come talk about it with me.)

    More on the spoilers )

    I'd really like this show to come back NOW. Please and thank you.
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    ( Dec. 24th, 2007 02:50 pm)
    Bonus vacation day! Today wasn't originally a day off but, a few weeks ago, our CEO declared it a vacation day for corporate office employees! Yay! I'm making the most of it but lazing about, watching "Bones" and, because I promised myself, making a trip to the gym when I finish typing up this post.

  • It was a calm weekend. I started with happy hour on Friday night and saw Sweeney Todd on Saturday. I've never been much of a Sondheim fan (love his lyrics, hate most of his melodies) but I loved the movie. Helena Bonham Carter is an entirely different Mrs. Lovett than Angela Lansbury and, of course, Johnny Depp was spectacular. Thumbs up.

  • Last night was dinner with two friends. They love to cook and I love to eat so it's a nice symbiotic relationship. :)

  • [ profile] carta convinced me that the current reincarnation of Amanda King and Lee Stetson are Temperance Bones and Seeley Booth on "Bones." She then enabled me and sent seasons one and two my way and I'm 1/2 way through the first season.

    • I find it hard to believe Brennan is that out of touch with reality. She had a normal life until she was 15. How is it possible that she doesn't get references like "The Grinch?" Was she this isolated before her parents disappeared? And doesn't that change most of her motivations? I also find it hard to believe she could write a mainstream crime novel if she can't have a simple conversation without resorting to technical terms. She's more likely to write a technical novel. How can a character who can't relate to people write a character driven crime novel? Oh, and her clothing...I'm kind of tired of the big chunky necklaces and belts.

    • Next. I can't stand when Angela calls Brennan, "Sweetie." It's a personal peeve of mine and so it peeves me when I hear it on the show.

    • That's it for the ranty bits. I'm actually enjoying the show. I love me some Booth and it's fun to watch Brennan and Booth together. I'm sold for the next 2 1/2 seasons and then I'll see about s3.

  • [ profile] halowrites, [ profile] callsigns and [ profile] mickeym - I'm not going to get around to mailing the posters until after the holiday. I lost the nerve to brave the post office on Saturday.

  • Thank you to everyone who sent me cards - [ profile] marrymehowie, [ profile] alittleblue, [ profile] cranberryink, [ profile] between_names, [ profile] chicksrus, [ profile] sally_maria, [ profile] mickeym - along with those of you who signed real names I don't recognize and therefore can't thank specifically.

    Merry Christmas to everyone starting their celebration!
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