Already, my new ipod has turned me into a songvid junkie. They are perfect for this thing.

Anyway, on Thursday night I mentioned that I thought Nick was, for the first time, actually attractive.

Here's the proof. It must be the combination of the hair and the glasses. )

I wouldn't be me if I didn't also include caps of Grissom... )

A few of the rest of the gang. Catherine looked gorgeous in this episode. )

I love the whole lot of them.

And, for anyone who's interested, Heath & Jake presenting at the SAG awards. - 4.9mb, wmv, right click/save. Thanks to Liz W for the file.

I'm forgoing the Superbowl for the BSG miniseries. It really wasn't a tough choice.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2006 08:56 pm)

  • [ profile] arsenicjade wrote a three short HP/SGA crossovers! That's something nice to wake up to.

  • "Holy Night" was on Bravo last night. I just recently watched this episode of WW when [ profile] eleanor_lavish came to visit but I could watch it again and again and again. It's one of my favorites. It has everything. CJ & Danny (because OMG! *squee* they have a baby!), Josh & Leo ("There's something we need to talk about." "You'll tell me when you need to."), dysfunctional Josh & Donna ("What did you mean, 'It's not what it looks like?'"), and really good Will ("OK. Would you like to wait inside?" "No, No... No, No, No." "Okay, then.").

  • Actually acquiring my new cell phone is turning into a real process all stemming from my attempt to keep my NY number. I should have just sucked it up and gone for a FL number. It just, you know, Florida. Southwest Florida. I live here but I'm not quite ready to admit it.

  • I had to run to Barnes & Noble this morning and, while I was there, I picked up the January issue of The Advocate featuring Heath Ledger. It's an excellent article. I like Heath's commitment to his family and living a normal lifestyle in the midst of such madness.

    Complete interview scans - zip file, 22.4mb, right click/save, please comment

  • Cruise tomorrow! I'm finally excited now that I'm almost packed and work is winding down. I do love a week with nothing to do but bask in the sun.

Click on the thumbnail for the hi-res photo... )

I stopped at Starbucks this morning and picked up gift cards for everyone in my department as well as the women I eat lunch with. Nothing says, "I appreciate you," like the gift of caffeine. ;)
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( Dec. 20th, 2005 06:41 am)

  • Sally knocked my cell phone off the counter last night and it's done for. I'm going to shop for a new phone at lunch and use this as an opportunity to upgrade. My only concern is that the local shops may have problems working with my NY cell number which is an unacceptable scenario as I'm not going to be in NY for months and I kind of need my phone. But I'm trying to forego the doom and gloom until I get to the store. Maybe it will be simple and I'll walk away with a shiny new phone that I can sync to my Outlook. Wheeee!

  • The thought of navigating NYC during this transit strike almost makes me glad I live in suburban FL. Good luck, ladies!

  • From [ profile] without_me:

    Cowboys will roam wide: Focus going for broke in expansion

    After its gay cowboy love story "Brokeback Mountain" rode roughshod over more mainstream competition in Texas, Arizona and Florida, Universal specialty film arm Focus Features is accelerating expansion plans.

    Focus brass said Monday that it will roll out "Brokeback" on 300-400 screens by Jan. 6, altering its original agenda of putting the film on 250 screens by Jan. 13.

  • Dinner out with department managers tonight! It's actually the first time we're doing this in almost 9 months working together. The best part may be SGA 02x15 waiting for me when I get home.

  • I'm terribly behind in my [ profile] merry_smutmas reading but I come bearing three recs.

    * The Fourth Year by ??? Harry/Snape. Post-HBP. The war is over but Snape isn't free. "The days were hard enough to pass with the aid of chores. He could clean. He could cook. He could pretend that he was somehow still vital to some future plan. His life would never be his own, granted, but there was a possibility he could still contribute. Until then, he would maintain. He would master the (sadly) domestic spheres available to him. He would wait. He would scrub. He would stew." I've been desperate for post HBP Harry/Snape and this filled the need beautifully. It's long and plotty primarily focusing on the challenged and ever changing dynamics between Harry and Snape.

    * Boxing Day by ??? Harry/Draco. After the war is won and the world is made anew, Harry Potter finds he doesn't understand this one nearly as well as the old. Brilliantly done.

    * The Healing Touch by ??? Bill/Draco. They all had scars; some just weren't as visible as others. The right touch, however, could help them begin to heal.

  • [ profile] theantimodel shared 15 things she likes to read in a sex scene and I think EVERYONE should do this - complete with links. I even tried out the genderbender story that theantimodel linked but boys as girls still doesn't do it for me. Now mutual masturbation in fic...

  • [ profile] nsync_10 did it and the issue is starting to hit stores! [ profile] kiffle and I found it at the Tower on 66th and Broadway and I failed about wildly when I saw how good it looks. I love being a fan.

  • "Brokeback Mountain" came in at No. 16, with a total gross of $545,000. It had a limited release, opening Friday, December 9th and playing in only 5 theaters (three in New York City, one in Los Angeles and one in San Fransisco). This means it made an estimated $109,000 per theater, making it officially the highest per theater average for a live-action film on an opening weekend. More on the numbers here. Thanks to [ profile] lemniskate for the info and link. The movie was utterly devastating. I hope, in wide release, it takes the country by storm.

  • Holiday cards! [ profile] between_names sent me one of [ profile] karasu_hime's Trio cards! YAY! I was so hoping I'd get one. I was! JOY! And thank you! And [ profile] cranberryink is far more creative than I ever have a chance of coming close to with such a beautiful card and an even more beautiful sentiment. Thank you! And [ profile] coolwhipdiva included Sally in her holiday wishes which is even better than tuna. ;) Thank you!
I keep trying to start a post about Brokeback Mountain and nothing I write seems to drive home just how this movie affected me. I knew it was going to be sad but I had no idea - no idea - it would break me like that. Kiffle had to hold me through wracking sobs at the end of the film. The movie was beautiful in scope and grandeur and message. The performances blew me away. It was, quite frankly and without melodrama, one of the most moving films I've seen. It's going to be with me for a long time.

Commentary of a much more spoilery nature... )

The film makes we want to find love and hang on with everything I've got.

Last night was my step-father's 60th birthday party and the actual motivation for my trip up to NYC. He's such a good man. I'm glad I was able to surprise him and share in his night. No matter how much I wish my father was here, I'll always, always be grateful that my step-father is in my life. He raised me as his own and I'm as much his as I am my mom's or my dad's.

Okay. Now that I'm really a mess... ;)

In yesterday's poll 79.5% of you said you read your friend's list by starting from the most recent post and reading backwards to the last post you read. 20.5% of you said you find the last post you read and read forward to the most current post. I'm in the first group but, judging by the comments, those of you in the second group sure are passionate in your need to maintain consecutive order! *g*

My flight home starts boarding in about 15 minutes. I feel like I just got here but the warm weather waiting for me is more than enough incentive to get on the airplane.
My health insurance contribution is more than doubling in 2006 and, for that, I get a POS program rather than a PPO program. Wheeeee! Ain't health care grand?

Share with me...

[Poll #627604]

I discovered NYPD Blue on Court TV and one of my favorite episodes, "Lost Israel," is on now. Part I was Thursday and part II is today. I loved this show. Bobby Simone/Diane Russell is one of my favorite TV love stories (mostly because I want a man like Bobby of my own and Diane had great hair). I still haven't recovered from Bobby's death. The show never did, either.

Today's Boondocks comic... )

Thank you, [ profile] cruisedirector, for the holiday card! My first of the season. :) I'm still laughing! It's wonderful!

I really don't want to go to Cincinnati tomorrow and it's mostly about the flying. Can someone promise me that transporter technology will be a reality in my lifetime? Or side-along apparition?
For anyone interested in reading the story, below is a zip file containing a pdf and word file of Brokeback Mountain.

Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx - 159kb, zip file, right click/save, please comment

In other news, I'm officially a Florida homebody. I'd rather stay in and watch Bruce Almighty than meet my friends at a local bar.
I've been reading comments here and there about Brokeback Mountain and I continually see, "OMG! It will be so hot!" and "Heath and Jake filmed the love scene 13 times! You know they loved it!" So, okay, yes. I'm sure Heath and Jake will be hot together (quite) but, if all I wanted was hot men fucking, I could buy some Bel Ami DVDs and be done with it. But I've been there, done that, and it's not enough for me. I'm in it for the build up and the intimacy and the aftermath. People are quite clearly free to take whatever they want from Brokeback Mountain but I think watching the film simply for m/m action misses the intention of the film. (Also? RPS and fantasy aside (which I could never invalidate when I sport a fabulous Viggo/Orlando mood theme), Heath and Jake did not set ablaze the burning embers of their passion after filming the love scene.)

More on intimacy. I need it in fic, too. I love me some smut. In fact, "fade to black" makes me whimper. But I want either a) long build up to the intimacy or b) indication of how much more is behind the sex in a short PWP. That's what I connect to. It's the same in fisting fic which I long ago admitted having a kink for. It's not simply the physical act that I'm drawn's the trust and connection behind it in a well written story. Drift Away by [ profile] mmmchelle (SGA) is one that gets it just right. (Normally Kinky by [ profile] quiet00001 (popslash) is another and I'd link it here but the entry isn't public anymore.) There's certainly fisting fic out there that's anything but this kind of initmacy and connection but that's not what I'm after. Well, most often not. Every now and then the mood calls for some good old fashioned Death Eater fun. (ETA: Link to Normally Kinky from [ profile] glendaglamazon. Thank you!)


* I had great plans for today when I woke up at 8:30am but a nap from noon - 3pm means I still haven't done a damn thing. But Sally and I had quality time which counts for something.

* [ profile] hth_the_first wrote some commentary on "Epiphany" that had me both agreeing and recognizing that I will never have the patience to write such a long and detailed episode review/character study/meta/whatever. I'm more a "good episode - here are some fun quotes" sort of reviewer mostly, I suppose, because I get bored 1/4 through my analysis and it turns into "good episode - here are some fun quotes" anyway.

* There's this "Can't Buy Me Love" SGA AU out there that is actually fic by multiple people that keeps growing and expanding and makes me incredibly happy. It started with this by [ profile] smittywing which eventually grew into Part I of The Best Things In Life Are Free (which is really where you want to start). Then [ profile] z_rayne wrote an outtake, Life Lived As a John Hughes Movie which flows perfectly between Part I and Part II. Note: This is a WIP. Finally, but not really because the original story isn't complete yet, [ profile] monanotlisa wrote this short gem that, presumably, takes place sometime after Part II and is well worth reading while we wait for Part III.

* I don't think House or Wilson would be caught dead in these outfits but the idea behind the image put a smile on my face.

* Another SGA rec. Care In The Holding by [ profile] laceymcbain. Sheppard/McKay, R. "Everything comes back to the weight of a gun in his hand." This is one of those stories I just want to curl up inside of. It's beautifully done and makes me love McKay & Sheppard in whole new ways.

* Finally. Did anyone else realize that [ profile] powrhug doesn't like fish, milk, or soup? Soup! Someone tell her that woman can not survive on vodka alone. :p
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( Dec. 2nd, 2005 03:30 pm)
1) Sally had a vet appointment today for phase II of "Operation Sally Sees The World" and, as a result, I'm working from home all afternoon. That's a good thing but it's not the point of #1. The point of #1 is that ST:TNG is on Spike from 2- 5pm. Season 7! Wheeeee! 2- 3pm was Dark Page which, actually, I hate. Lwaxana Troy and the telepathy and the dead kid? Blah, blah, blah. But right now (right! now!), Attached is on. Oh, this episode. I was such a Picard/Crusher shipper and this episode both filled and destroyed all of my Picard/Crusher dreams. And next is Force of Nature. You can't go wrong with Ferengi. ETA: Oh, Attached! After all these years the final scene still torments me. "Or perhaps we should be afraid." Dumb woman.

2) More than half of the items on my Amazon wish list are Star Trek DVDs and my sister's getting me a season of ST:TNG for the holidays. I want them all and I'm probably going to give in soon but I taped every episode way back when and I still have them, cataloged, so investing in the DVDs has never seemed fiscally responsible.

3) [ profile] atrata posted commentary to her story, Nine Adulteries. The story is unique and engaging but there's a lot to pick up on and I'll admit that I didn't get it all. The commentary tied everything together and it's interesting to walk through Atra's thought process. (Typically, I prefer stories that are more cut and dry but Nine Adulteries is a story you want to puzzle out. It's delightfully twisted.)

4) Revelations by [ profile] trinityofone McKay/Sheppard, NC-17. AU. John is a priest, Rodney is sin. John and Rodney are halfway there when it starts and I love how that creates an immediate need to know how they got there. You feel right along with John - the confusion, the want, the wonder. And it's hot. Very hot. Fabulous story.

5) ETA: Brokeback Mountain on the cover of EW!

Now I continue to read fic and watch Star Trek work from home.
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( Nov. 27th, 2005 11:11 am)
It was a perfect visit to NY and now I'm at the airport waiting for my noon flight back to Florida. The biggest incentive to get on the plane is that it's warm at home. And Sally. But I think that's a given.

Friday went something like this...lunch with [ profile] kiffle ----> RENT ----> drinks ----> IMAX!Harry ------> dinner with a college friend ----> sleepover & Numb3rs at [ profile] eleanor_lavish's ----> Thursday night's CSI with EL and [ profile] schuyler ----> shopping and stolen moments with [ profile] stargems.

RENT met expectations though I didn't expect to cry simply because the movie was starting and Jesse L. Martin blew me away. He was far and away the stand out performer. The reprise of "I'll Cover You" is one of my favorite moments in the show and he was even better than I remember from way back when I saw the the show with original cast (but didn't have the same emotional connection that I do now).

Next up is Brokeback Mountain. I can. not. wait. for Brokeback Mountain. The mass marketing of Heath and Jake doesn't help ease anticipation, either. Jake is on the cover of Details. Heath is on the cover of V Life. Every review I've read absolutely raves about the film. It can't come soon enough.


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