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( Nov. 9th, 2008 06:35 pm)
Sci-fi is running a ST:TNG marathon this evening. \o/ Right now, I'm watching the episode where Picard & Wesley are trapped on a planet and Picard gets injured.

I had a great weekend. Friday night I went to happy hour and ended up drinking beer and tequila until 10pm when four of us finally decided to go get dinner. Beer, tequila, and mushroom ravioli in cream sauce = a perfect Friday night out. Saturday morning came quickly, though. I had plans to meet a friend and his daughter for breakfast at Zingermans at 8:45am. TOO EARLY. I came home and napped from 10:30am- 1:30pm and eventually made it to the gym to work off aforementioned beer, tequila, and pasta.

Today, I sat in a coffee shop and read for three hours and now Picard & Co. are entertaining me.

The unexpected part of the weekend came on Friday night when I found out a friend from work has been interested in me for a while and he finally got up the nerve to ask me out. I'm cautious about dating someone from work but definitely interested. Our first date is Tuesday night. :)

It's hard to believe November 10th is here but Chase's surgery is tomorrow. It's a 6 hour surgery scheduled to start at 10am. My sister is nervous and excited and I wish I was there to support her. I'm certain Chase will be fine but any positive vibes you can send his way are appreciated. He's such a little guy.

ETA: I loved this week's SGA. They were all AWESOME. Especially Ronon. And Teyla. This is officially my favorite Teyla episode.
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( Sep. 21st, 2008 09:28 am)
Last night's date went well enough to last into this morning. He's smart, attractive and focused with a really great sense of style. He was also upfront about wanting to date for the future, not just for right now. (To be clear, that future didn't necessarily mean us - just that he's not into casual dating at this point in his life.) It's an interesting start with a guy who asked me out at a cheese counter. We have plans next weekend and I'm looking forward to it.

All of that said, I'm still pining for A even though it's looking more and more like that's a road to nowhere. We spend a lot of time together - like good friends do - but she officially knows I'm interested in dating women and has given no indication of the same. To think, at 15, I thought dating would eventually get easier. :)

  • Have a meme: Grab the nearest book. Find the 5th sentence on page 46.

    I don't have a book right next to me but I do have the new issue of Scientific American: "Einstein's great insight was that spacetime is no mere stage on which the drama of the universe unfolds."

  • While on topic, the Large Hadron Collider is down for at least two months. How disappointing for all of the scientists involved.

  • Word is that Mary McDonnell will have a 3- 5 episode arc on Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but, at this point, I'll follow Mary McDonnell anywhere.

  • I didn't place the face until [ profile] gdg pointed it out but Jen Halley, who plays Seelix on BSG, was the Demon Waitress on this past week's SPN.

    See? )

  • Also, in exciting guest cast news, this week's SGA preview reminded me that next week is Daniel Jackson week on SGA!! Daniel! On Atlantis! I know he was there before but it was part of an SG-1 team mission. This is his and, therefore, so much better. \o/

  • I stole this from [ profile] bethbethbeth and am now seeing it everywhere. It's perfect.

    Ever wonder what a meeting between Jed Bartlet and Barack Obama would be like? Columnist Maureen Dowd of the New York Times actually called Aaron Sorkin to ask him, and here's what Jed had to say:

    Full text )

    I've actually been looking at parallels between Governor Ritchie of FL and Sarah Palin with that, "aw, shucks, I don't need to be intellectual or informed to lead" shtick. Which leads me to this bit of inspiration:

    "In the future, if you're wondering, 'Crime. Boy, I don't know' is when I decided to kick your ass."

    Or, even better, on video here.
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    ( Sep. 4th, 2008 08:02 pm)
    I rewatched the season finale of House on Monday night and, while it serves its purpose as an EMOTIONAL NIGHTMARE, I have two complaints. Read more... )

    I'm so far from prepared for this TV season to start. A two hour season premiere of Bones? Too long even for Booth & Brennan! I don't want to watch many shows and I'm having a difficult time choosing. Currently on my definite list:
    - Bones
    - Criminal Minds
    - CSI (until Grissom leaves)
    - Supernatural
    - SGA
    - BSG (in January)

    Toss ups are House, Sarah Conner Chronicles, Heroes (until Bruce Boxleitner is confirmed), Brothers & Sisters, Big Bang Theory, and Dollhouse. I want to watch all of those shows but the thought of watching that much TV every week stresses me. Maybe I'll just need to binge on those shows via my DVR every few weeks.

    In other news, this week's favorite pastime at work is discussing the ever nuttier Sarah Palin. Now [ profile] between_names reminds me why no one does it better than Jon Stewart:

    Last night was my date with the guy from the market. Beforehand I met up with my friend Anne at her house for a drink and then headed out for a late dinner. Seriously, I can not go for dinner at 9pm. I need to be getting ready for bed at 9pm. But the date was great! He's interesting and good looking and smart and ambitious and he followed up today with an e-mail. Confusion abounds, my friends!

    Dinner time. I'm starving!
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    ( Jun. 25th, 2008 07:44 pm)
    I'm back from my trip to NY/Baltimore and head over heels in love with my nephew. Chase is the cutest, littlest thing I've ever seen and my sister is a complete natural with him. It was one big love fest.

    On Sunday I took the train down to Baltimore for a work conference which was, counter to expectations, tremendously productive. It was also frustrating as all hell. Always the mistress, never the bride )

  • SGA: In happy marriage news, David Hewlett wedding photos

  • Dr. Who: I LOOOOOOOOOOVED "Turn Left." Oh, Donna Noble. This show makes me so happy. (Before I start reading reviews, was the general reaction to the episode positive? I don't want anyone to harsh my squee.)

  • Torchwood: Have some great Gareth-David Lloyd links from !

  • And here are awesome photos of Viggo from CineVegas Film Festival and the set of Appaloosa.

  • I have three episodes left in s4 of Babylon 5. The last episode, Between the Darkness and Light broke my heart. :(

  • The fun part of this week's travel is tomorrow is already Thursday! Friday night I'm cooking crab cakes with friends and then, on Saturday, I have plans to see "Wanted" in the afternoon and "Wall-E" in the evening. Sunday I tackle my weeds.

    ETA: I ran 5.5K today (\o/) and listened to the BSG podcast for "Revelations." Ron Moore & company were talking about the benefit of not plotting out the entire series ahead of time because it allows them to build on unexpected elements of the show. It was interesting to hear their perspective because, as a fan, I see both sides. On the one hand, I love that they have the freedom to surprise themselves and, by extension, us. On the other hand, there's something about knowing the plot has a course that gives me comfort in such a mythology based show. Look at the X-Files. What a mess. BSG hasn't let me down yet, though.

    They also talked about how this idea of writing the series as it progresses applies to a particular plot point. )
  • Last Sunday I met that guy on the airport shuttle and this afternoon we met for coffee. It turned into dinner at a local Indian restaurant and then a stop at the Ann Arbor chocolate shop. It was one hell of a first date particularly given the chance of our meeting. We talked easily for four and a half hours and he suggested that we try to get together on our second date to watch the DVD version of BSG: Razor. It was a really nice evening. He is, of course, not Jewish. I wish it wasn't an issue but it is - or can be - mostly because I insist on raising my children Jewish. It's non-negotiable for me. I realize there are all sorts of ways to get there even if I'm with someone who isn't Jewish but it's so difficult to have those conversations when you're still getting to know someone and, by the time you are comfortable, it's because you already care. I've been down that road too often to do it again. But I liked this guy and I'm definitely in for a second date if he actually calls. We talked about religion briefly but, the next time we talk about family, etc., I'm going to have to drop a casual mention and see what his reaction is. In the meantime, I need to get to digesting all of that Indian food.

    I've been reading World War Z and I'm enjoying it but, for some reason, I'm not dying to get back to the book. With so many books on my reading list, I'm considering moving on to Walter Isaacson's Ben Franklin bio. Life is too short to force myself to finish books.

    Tomorrow is brunch with a colleague (maybe the gym first since I didn't go today) and then I absolutely have to get work done. I have a presentation due Thursday and I'd really rather not work late this week. A colleague let me borrow Youngblood. Maybe I can get through the work more easily if Rob Lowe is on my tv screen at the same time.

    (Ooooooh. "Flirty." I like.)
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    ( Jan. 14th, 2007 02:50 pm)

    • An "Unending" wiki" was set up to detail the known spoilers for the series finale of SG-1. Comments on spoilers ) I'm not nearly ready to say goodbye to the show.

    • I finally had a chance to watch "The Quest Part II." Spoilers for future episodes of SG-1 )

    • This year the Girl Scouts offered up a "Cookie Share" program where you can donate your cookies to the troops. It's perfect. I can support my 11 year old neighbor & the troops and also avoid eating a box of tagalongs in 5 minutes flat.

    • I have a second date tonight with the guy from Tuesday. I have some reservations but I always have reservations so I'm just going with it.
    I'm 29. Tomorrow night I have a date with an unemployed 23 year old who lives at home with his parents. But I can work with that. Maybe he's cute and charming and interested in older women. What I'm hung up on is the fact that this whole thing is my grandfather's brainchild and, since I can't deny him anything, I'm having dinner with this kid, his parents, my sister, my grandfather and my grandfather's wife. What my grandfather was thinking is beyond me but he wants to marry me off and I wasn't let in on the details of his plan until the reservations were made and commitments set. I expect the entire evening to be nothing short of horrifying. (And I don't even want to guess at what this guy is thinking about the whole situation.) None of that will stop me from looking my best, though.

    It was an incredibly frustrating day at work but I rewarded myself for surviving it by buying a new video ipod. Oh, my god, the love! He's black and shiny and I named him George. It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I an having one issue that I hope someone can help with. I can use Quick Time Pro to convert avi files to the mpeg-4 format required but I only get video - no audio. I offer a lifetime of gratitude to anyone who can help me figure this out. I mean it. A lifetime of gratitude.

    ETA: It seems I don't have any audio in Quick Time Pro. Huh. Is it a codec thing? All fixed with the download of a free ipod video converter. Whooo!


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