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( Jul. 22nd, 2007 08:54 pm)
Do I even need to mention that, for a short while, my journal will be exceedingly Harry Potter heavy?

I took a sabbatical from fic after HBP but, post-DH, I'm reading almost everything I can get my hands on. [ profile] r_becca has a round up of all of the Deathly Hallows fic she can find over here. My recs are below.

Eight fic recs set during or post Deathly Hallows. SPOILERS ahoy )

I'm trying to figure out how long I should wait before posting these recs to Moonshot. There's no cutting for spoilers so, for the time being, I have them all saved in drafts. A week? Two? A month?

ETA:A few more recs added.
No spoilers. Just some of my favorite photos from the midnight party my sister and I attended. Click for a larger version.

This little Luna was ADORABLE. She had a handmade Quibbler with her and a note taped to her back that said, "My name is Looney." Adorable.

Some more... )

  • My mother, sister, and grandmother were supposed to arrive in town tonight at 6:30pm but their flight was canceled due to bad weather somewhere between NYC ad Detroit. They're booked on a 6am flight tomorrow but we lost one of our three nights together. I'm sad.

  • I finished Deathly Hallows last night (the scans) and I'm not sure how to absorb and accept that it's over. Canon is closed. I feel the same way I did when I boarded a plane to fly home from college graduation knowing that an amazing, irreplaceable experience was over i.e. heaving sobs.

  • I have a lot more to say about the book itself (OBVIOUSLY) but will save it for a post specific to one HP cut tag.

  • My company had an Officer off-site all day today and the Directors in my functional area were invited to present and then stay for the day. I was nervous - I never know what the CEO will ask - but it all went fine. (Thanks, I imagine, to hours of prep.)
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( Jul. 15th, 2007 03:31 pm)
I'm feeling nostalgic - almost painfully so - about next weekend's release of Deathly Hallows. I want the book RIGHT NOW and also NEVER. I read Chamber of Secrets in 1999 just prior to the release of PoA and that was it. Love. It took me another five years to succumb to HP fandom. On April 1, 2004, I wrote this: I've started reading HP fic specifically, and only, Harry/Snape. There are enablers of the evil sort lurking around here. For years I swore that I would never read HP fic. I even had a soapbox. But, Harry/Snape. There's something there. Hahaha! All these years and pairings later, I'm still a Harry/Snape girl at heart.

Deathly Hallows will joss fic the same way every book always has but, before that happens, I've been reading some of my favorite stories - post HBP and otherwise. The end result is a list of my favorite 22 pre-Deathly Hallows stories. With the exception of Harry/Snape fic, I tried to limit it to my favorite story for each of the pairings I read. (And, by "pairings I read", I mean you're not going to find much Sirius or MWPP fic.) I think the strain of picking favorites burst a few blood vessels in my head. After all this time, my favorites haven't changed much. Maybe it's nostalgia but almost all of these are stories I've loved for years.

Saturn's Definitive Harry Potter Fic Recs

Harry/Ron #1: Close Enough by [ profile] helenish (NC-17) We've got some dysfunctional boys here, folks, but it's breathtaking watching them try to get their act together. Post-war.

Harry/Ron #2: Credulous Hearts by [ profile] callmesandy (PG) Ron's wife is dead and he's a mess. But then he's not. Their friendship is real and tangible and underneath everything. Post-war.

Ron/Draco: A Soft Spot for Lost Causes by [ profile] helenish (NC-17) Ron struggles to give Draco what he needs but only because it's something he wants, too. Post Hogwarts.

Ron/Snape: The Tao of Diogenes by [ profile] thetreacletart (R) The war is finally over and two veterans meet again...for the very first time. This is one of my all time favorite Ron/Snape stories.

Trio: Bed and Board by [ profile] resonant8 (NC-17) The war's over and others think they know best. Maybe Ron and Hermione really do.

Snape/Draco: Reveillon by [ profile] femmequixotic (NC-17) Plot driven and well paced with excellent characterizations, this is an excellent post-HBP story. You can't help but root for Draco, Snape, and even Narcissa all along knowing where their loyalties lie.

Hermione/Snape: Body of Knowledge by [ profile] arsenicjade (NC-17) Prequel to Origins of Myth. Hermione loses Draco. She finds Severus. This is one of my favorite Hermione/Snape stories. Really, though, Arsenic writes all the best Hermione/Snape. She respects Hermione tremendously and I love here Snape. You can find all of her fic here. After – or before - reading Body of Knowledge, you're also going to want to be sure you've read Origins of Myth (Ron/Draco).

Harry/Draco #1: Tissue of Silver by Fearless Diva (R) Harry is the auror sent to protect Draco from a mysterious assailant.

Harry/Draco #2: Transfigurations by [ profile] resonant8 (NC-17) The war is over and it’s time to rebuild Hogwarts. Stunning story.

Black/Snape: Rat's Alley by [ profile] fabularasa (NC-17) Snape’s a vampire. In six parts. This is one of the best Black/Snape stories I’ve read. Certainly required reading for anyone interested in the best of the pairing.

Lupin/Snape: The Way of the World by [ profile] scribbulus_ink (NC-17) This is the story that introduced me to the pairing and it remains a favorite.

Harry/Snape: A Choriambic Progression by Mairead Triste and Aristide (NC-17) One of my all time favorite Harry/Snape stories. This is gorgeous. Just go read.

Eleven more of my favorite Harry/Snape stories )

As always, all 275+ of my Harry Potter recs can be found over at Moonshot. You'll see I shamelessly nicked these reviews from what I said over there. :)

Anyone have favorites of their own to share?
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( Jul. 8th, 2007 05:50 pm)

  • My Deathly Hallows spoiler policy: I will be off-line from Friday morning, 7/20 until I finish the book. My sister, mother, and grandmother are visiting that weekend so I expect it will be sometime on Monday. After that, I'll post all DH spoilers behind a cut for a month. After that, it's fair game in my journal. (I'll post a reminder before I post anything outside of a cut so you can filter me out of your reading list if you still haven't finished the book.)

  • I am currently spoiler free and plan to stay that way. Things I expect will happen in Deathly Hallows )

    What are your predictions?

  • And on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning?), a few colleagues and I are going to see the 12:10am showing of OotP!! I have a long work day on Wednesday followed by a dinner but I'm so looking forward to this. Things I hope for/am looking forward to in the film )
Yay!! At Phoenix Rising, Borders and Pottercast co-sponsored a Harry Potter book club discussion and the video is up! It's so awesome. I love it! We're so close to July 21st!!

What else? Peter Petrelli/Sam Winchester love. It's even prettier in photo form.

After work today I stopped at the eye doctor to pick up the contacts I ordered in January. (Yes, I'm lucky my eyes haven't fallen out.) And I went by the Mac counter to turn in my 6 empties for a free lipstick and some new face powder and lip liner. Cosmetic purchases make me particularly happy.

That's all I've got.
I have to admit I love getting this in bits and pieces. It breaks up the interminable wait until July.

From here. (The site actually has some extended art, as well.)

  • Moonshot has a new layout! The new wordpress format allows me to tag posts by fandom, pairing, and rating but, even better, it allows for searches so you can search my recs by author or keyword if you're looking for something specific e.g. episode tags, AU's, or one specific story. Newest recs are listed first. I still have to move the bulk of my HP recs but, so far, 589 of my recs are located at the new site. (Now I have solid proof of where my time goes.) Wheee!

  • Thank you and endless love to everyone who commented in the compliment meme. I'm overwhelmed and humbled by the comments. Truly.

  • In the "List of 5 Things" meme, I asked [ profile] alittleblue for her five favorite Jack (O'Neill) moments and she answered with images. It's a post of Jack joy!

  • Off to NY tomorrow night for an all day conference on Tuesday. It's a quick in an out...I get to NY at 10pm on Monday and I'm back in Detroit at 10pm on Tuesday.

  • I stopped into Borders today and picked up my "Friend or Foe" hang tags. I'm a fan of immediate gratification but the build up for HP7 is a damn good time.

    Hang tags! )


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