What a whirlwind of a week. I flew to Vegas for a trade show on Monday night and got back to MI around 10pm on Thursday. Yesterday was a haze of (long) meetings followed by Angels & Demons and a dinner that stretched on well past midnight.

I had every intention of going into the office today but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today I am lazy. I slept until 10, now I'm going to watch SYTYCD followed by a run and dinner, tonight, at a friend's house.

What can I tell you? I finished Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian. LOVED IT. Someday, when the large stack of books to read gets a little smaller, I'll go back and re-read the whole series. Now I'm reading The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin. The book is fantastic but it's almost overwhelming to learn just how many aspects of my life are in the judges hands once you get that peek behind the curtain at how they operate.

There's a great Star Trek vid to the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'" which, more than anything, solidifies the fact that I will never get enough of the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin.'" :)

What else? Moonshot is updated with 18 recs for May:
8 Star Trek reboot
1 HP
1 West Wing
1 Criminal Minds
1 Big Bang Theory
1 wildly random femslash: Murphy Brown/Rachel Maddow

And, to round out this Saturday morning, here is a new photo of Mary McDonnell glowing as she always does. More photos are here.

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( Mar. 7th, 2009 12:48 pm)
I'm through the first 8 episodes of Merlin, watching the 9th, and I don't think I'm going to end up fannish about this show. The show is fine. It holds my attention well enough but I'm mostly watching because I started, not because I'm all that compelled to find out what happens next. I have little to no interest in Arthur/Merlin fic. I sure to do love Morgana and Uthor, though.

I feel somewhat the same way about Dollhouse. The show holds my attention and elements are compelling but I could easily walk away. Quite frankly, I'm not all that impressed with Eliza Dushku. Dichen Lachman, as Sierra, is much stronger.

What else? I have an SGA fic rec: Until Love Can Find Me by [ profile] isagel McKay/Sheppard; NC-17. Summary: When you don't die in the desert, life goes on. Just the post "Vegas" story I've been waiting for.

I also have some BSG links:
  • EW review: It felt more like a collage of moments, rather than a cohesive piece of penultimate storytelling. He said what I said but much more eloquently.

  • Maureen Ryan's review. I needed her perspective.

  • And Alan Sepinwall's commentary

    It's a lazy, rainy day. I finished The Magicians this morning and now I'm basking in as much nothing as possible. With dinner plans at 6pm, I at least another 3 hours until have to start moving. *bliss*

  • Time Magazine: Best Actress: Kate Winslet's Moment

    I didn't realize that Winslet is only 33. Reading media and watching her, I assumed she was at least 5 years older. Perhaps it's the unadorned, exposed roles she picks and her willingness to look and act like a fully formed woman.

    GQ: Justin's cover interview

    Few things in entertainment media make me happier than persistent credibility for Justin.

    In a totally different vein, Smithsonian Magazine has some great features on Darwin. I rarely read biological sciences so I don't know all that much about Darwin but these articles motivate me to pick up some reading on natural selection.

    The plumber was scheduled to arrive today between 9:30am and 11:30am. At 11:50, when he still hadn't arrived, I called the office but could only leave a message. I finally heard back at 5:50pm. He tried to make excuses but calling demonstrated he had my number and all I required was a call, by 11:30am, to say he was stuck at another job. I expect that my time is respected and calling me more than 6 hours after he was supposed to show doesn't cut it. He came by around 6:30pm and all is well but I'm damn glad I didn't have plans this evening.

    In the meantime, I read some great fic. My favorite on the list is an SPN fic: The Consequences of Falling by pandarus; Dean/Castiel, NC-17. Castiel finds himself in an untenable position and consequentially loses his grace. Finding himself as a human, he roadtrips with a demon, discovers the delights of tequila, french fries and pie, plays a starring role in a virgin sacrifice, is deflowered by his favourite Winchester, and then gets some very unpleasant news indeed. 15 parts.
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    ( Feb. 1st, 2009 01:14 pm)
    I had one too many drinks last night which made 8:30am breakfast plans PAINFUL. Ugh, ugh, ugh. After breakfast, we went to our friends' daughter's 2nd birthday party. Two year olds are cute but their toys are very, very noisy.

    Last night at dinner I told my friends I'd join them today at 2pm for Boot Camp. Their gym is small and gorgeous (and expensive) and I'm going to do my best not to bitch about Bally's the entire time I'm there.

    Did I mention that my dinner party went swimmingly on Friday night? I'm really glad I did it. It was great to relax with my team and hopefully everyone appreciated the invite. If nothing else, we have a whole host of new embarrassing stories about each other.

    Via [ profile] babygotbass - someone is cataloging all of Sheldon's shirts from The Big Bang theory. What a great idea! Sheldon's shirts are the best!

    I don't have any plans for the Superbowl tonight which is a-okay by me. I haven't finished a book in almost two months and I'm envisioning getting into bed early with The Age of Entanglement. I'm rooting for the Cardinals, though. Personally, I don't care but there are all sorts of fun things that will happen in my professional world if the Cardinals win.

    Moonshot is updated with 13 recs for January:

    8 SPN
    2 SGA
    1 SG-1
    1 HP
    1 BSG

    PS. I've watched this clip from Friday's BSG at least 50 times in the past 24 hrs. &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts
    I saw Frost/Nixon today (A+) and, before that, I watched Thursday's Supernatural and CSI.

    More on the final CSI and Grissom's goodbye ) Not that I'm overly invested in the character or anything.

    I, of course, have more on Battlestar Galactica. Just two things today, though. First up, if you're not already listening to the Galactica Watercooler podcasts, I highly encourage you to check them out. Chuck, Audra, and Sean are great and I'm so happy that their content is back to BSG. This week's podcast was particularly awesome and included a surprise phone call from RDM and some other guests. Second, here's a great Access Hollywood interview with the final cylon.

    What else? Last night I went out to dinner with a new friend who is, quite possibly, the most social and locally connected person I've ever met. She knows everything happening locally and all of the people who'll be there. It's wild. She introduced me to Suicide Girls last night and I ended up buying this Suicide Girls gift book at a local comic shop. The photos are outstanding. The website? Not so much.

    As first seen via svmadelyn, here is the Band from TV debut on Leno from Friday night. AHAHAHA. This is one of the best things I've EVER SEEN. I think it's a situation where the total is less than the sum of its parts but, individually, these guys were a hoot. Hugh Laurie, Adrian Pasdar, Greg Grunberg and, OMG, Jesse Spencer killed me. Jesse Spencer should always play the violin and always in that outfit.

    These days I am a woman without a tether. I need to find a suitable release. I need to find something that grounds me. The gym only seems to work while I'm there. I need something sustainable. I don't know what it is but I'm searching. In the meantime, I'm reading h/c fic and this new post-apocalypse SGA AU by rheanna27, The Hard Prayer more than did the trick.
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    ( Nov. 30th, 2008 08:09 pm)
    "And Rohan will answer."

    The lighting of the beacons in RotK is one of my favorite scenes in the LotR trilogy. Peter Jackson filmed the scene beautifully. The hope and majesty of watching the beacons light on the mountain tops, with the swell of the music, never fails to get to me. I love the moment where Aragorn sees that final beacon lit and goes tearing into the Golden Hall full of hope and determination.

    One of my favorite LotR stories is by [ profile] walkawayslowly and it's from the perspective of two beacon watchmen: The Rest is Silence

    "It's the quiet he remembers most. The long hours spent looking off at distant Gondor, the silent beacon of Amon Din towering above him."
    My fascination with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen continues so, Thursday night, I recorded Ashley on Letterman. She was there to promote their new book, Influence. I'm not quite sure how to describe the interview. Awkward? Uncomfortable? Boring? What I am sure of is that Ashley was mentally rolling her eyes through the entire thing.

    Today is such a productive day! I trimmed the big bush (of grass) outside my house before it can turn to wheat* and take over the neighborhood. (*It may not turn into wheat but it certainly turns into a wheat like thing that spreads its grain in the winter wind.) I filled out the seller's disclosure docs and sales contract for my new real estate agent. I learned that I don't need a professional carpet cleaner to deal with the water stains from basement flood number 2 because a mixture of water and white vingar will do the trick. I completed round one of said carpet cleaning. I had a copy of my key made for the agent.

    I also made it to the post office. Finally. The mail included:
    1 Twilight calendar to [ profile] timberho
    3 Twilight calendars to [ profile] lilysaid
    1 chicken calendar to [ profile] cranberryink (If I come across one of the artistic calendars I'll send that, too.)
    The Friday Night Knitting Club & Knit Two to [ profile] carta (FYI - Knit Two is autographed by the author on the title page.)
    Stargate Continuum to [ profile] rossetti

    And it's Moonshot update time. Moonshot is updated with 15 recs for October:
    4 SPN
    3 SG-1
    2 SGA
    2 HP
    2 Appaloosa
    1 Torchwood
    1 Firefly/Torchwood

    I really enjoyed the Firefly/Torchwood crossover. It's Mal/Jack and it works.

    I have nothing else planned for the day. *bliss* I think I will read and snuggle with Sally. My weekend run will have to wait for tomorrow.
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    ( Oct. 22nd, 2008 05:56 pm)
    I finally found Appaloosa fic. And it's good!

    Both stories are by Neichan:
  • Trouble With Reading - Virgil/Everett, PG-13. First time, on the trail. There is just so much between these two men and Neichan captures it perfectly.
  • Leaving Behind - Virgil/Everett, PG-13. This short story is the beautiful sum of Everett’s relationship with Virgil. Everett’s voice rings perfectly true throughout.

    I hope there's more to come!

    What else? It's sadly dark when I wake up in the morning so I'm in search of one of those alarm clocks that also gradually raises the light level. I think I'd be much happier if it was bright in my room when I wake up. A heater in the bathroom will help, too. In particular, I need to find one I can put on a timer so my bathroom is warm in the morning. I'm heading into Michigan winter survival mode!

    ETA: Alarm clock selections one; two; and three.

    I did that 'what your taste in art says about you' quiz. It's a fun little quiz! )
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    ( Sep. 30th, 2008 03:20 pm)
    A jaunt to services this morning and the rest of the day is vacation! Growing up, we did not shop on Rosh Hashanah (and I still wouldn't on Yom Kippur) but I've come to terms with how I want to celebrate these holidays while I'm on my own in Michigan. This year, it included a run and trip to Borders for When We Left Earth and Iron Man on DVD and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The bonus is that I had gift cards so it cost me nothing. I'm not even sure what to dive into first!

    I finished The Alchemy of Air yesterday and enjoyed it very much. For a book about chemistry history, it was a surprisingly quick read.

    My LibraryThing/Shelfari review )

    Now is where I turn to all of you for help in three areas.

    1. Podfic recs: Do you have any? I've never listed to podfic but I'm thinking it may be fun for my drive to and from Chicago. I'd listen to any rating and most any pairing in any of the following fandoms: SPN, SGA, SG-1, Whoverse, House, BSG, HP, West Wing, Iron Man.

    2. iTrip product rec: I bought the Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan when I was out earlier and it doesn't work. My car doesn't have a tuner it only has the "seek" function so I can't settle on a station that doesn't transmit. I've had this problem with iTrip products in the past but I can't possibly be the only person with this problem. Does anyone have an iTrip device they love and recommend?

    3. Fringe: Who's watching? Do you like it?

    [Poll #1269918]

    When I finished up my run this afternoon there was a creepy guy in a white pick up coming down the street. He let me cross, drove down the road, and then turned around to drive past me again. It freaked me the fuck out and I walked up to my neighbor's house as if it was mine because I don't want him to know where I live. I don't care if it's paranoid - sometimes I get nervous living in a house by myself and I don't want to go to sleep tonight worrying that creepy guy is coming back for me.

    I haven't watched daytime tv in ages but I caught a bit of Y&R. I watched Y&R back in the early 90's and, yet, there were Jack, Jill, Kathryn, and Kathyrn's maid still on the show! I love that it's been at least 17 years since I watched the show and I still know the characters. It's also ridiculously easy to get sucked in again. (Reason #1 why I never watch GH, these days.)

    Last up for this post, an insta-rec: An Angel Close By Me by [ profile] zelda_zee. This is the Dean/Castiel fic I’ve been waiting for since the season four premiere. It’s raw, powerful, terrifying in it’s intensity, and hot as sin heaven.
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    ( Sep. 8th, 2008 07:38 pm)
    Lazy weekend! I was sad to see it end! I woke up Saturday with a dutifully earned hangover and lazed about for most of the day. My evening included "A History of Violence" which remains one of my favorite movies. Sunday was equally lazy. I slept until after 10am, canceled dinner plans, and then napped from 2- 4:30pm. My big ambition was making it out for a run.

    So, favorite part is when I pass by other runners and we do that little hand wave, head title acknowledgment. Runner solidarity! I love it! I'm averaging about 10 minute miles on the road and 9.5 minute miles on the treadmill. I'm still at 3.5 miles/run and that's about where I plan to stay for the foreseeable future. It's long/far enough to be a substantial workout but not so far that I need to carve out an unreasonable amount of time to fit it in. What I really do need to do is get weight training back on my schedule.

    I'm not through talking about RENT. Actually, I'm pretty surprised at the intensity of my reaction to the show's closing. Here are two more videos:

    minni0612 pointed me this video of the final curtain call. Give it to about one minute in and then cast members, old and new, come out for one last emotional performance of Seasons of Love )

    And timberho directed me to this video of RENT fans performing La Vie Boheme at the real Life Cafe the night before the show closed )

    I'm sure everyone has seen the J2 pictures from the Red Bull Soap Box Derby but here they are, in my journal, too, so I can come back to see them again and again and again. Quite honestly, I rarely find Jared good looking but he totally does it for me in these pictures. I think it's the sunglasses.

    Many thanks to [ profile] lilysaid, [ profile] carta, and [ profile] beatpropx for putting a smile on my face today. The power of memes!

    It's two days until my England/Wales extravaganza with [ profile] kiffle! I'm so ready!! Now it's just a matter of packing. (Kiffle - I'm bringing a casual dress for one night of the show and I plan to wear pants and a top the other. I'll be very casual when we go to Wales. And please tell me you'll want to nap when we get to Stratford!)

    This post is getting longer than intended but I have to rec a fic I read last night: Kissing Lessons by [ profile] dotfic It's a Supernatural/Some Kind of Wonderful crossover and it's Watts/Dean and it's spot on perfect. I'm flailing over this fic.

    So, my nephew has this tape that holds the NAM in place. You can see it in this picture. Anyway, the hospital doesn't provide the tape in a ready to use form. My sister and brother in law have to create the tape strips with steri-strips and rubber bands and it's a long, involved process. They taught me how to make the tapes when I was visiting over Labor Day weekend so, when I got back to MI, I called the hospital and had them send me materials for 100 of these strips. I spent a good part of last week making them and the finished product arrived at my sister's house today. Surprise! \o/
    Amazon bought Shelfari so I migrated all of my books to Library Thing. You can find me at saturn_reads.

    I'm a bit torn over the decision because I prefer Shelfari and, right now, it's still free. For competitive reasons, though, I have a really hard timing supporting Amazon ventures so Library Thing it is. (I've also been waffling over how to use Library Thing/Shelfari for a while now. Part of me wants to try to load everything I remember reading [ever] but that's an absurd project. For now, it's books read in 2007 and on with the exception of series I started prior to 2007 e.g. HP and The Dark is Rising sequence.)

    Anyway, hi! I'm back from my long weekend in NY. It was perfect and I'm very sad I'm not there right now. My sister is a fabulous host and an even better mother. We had so much time to just talk and be together.

    Here. Have a photo of my nephew. )

    And here, have a funny little rap about the Large Hadron Collider:

    Also a Dr. Who fic rec:

    In Another Life by [ profile] sam_storyteller - Doctor 2.0/Rose, PG-13 Summary: An all-too-human Doctor begins to build a life with Rose Tyler, but old ghosts — both real and imagined — still haunt him. And there’s only so much human life you can live without a name...

    And a West Wing fic rec:

    That Way Lies Madness by [ profile] ygrawn - Donna/Sam, Donna/Josh, PG-13 Summary: "For years, I thought we were friends because that was the closest we could each get to Josh. But that isn’t true. We’re friends because that’s the closest we can get to each other." This story is set post-series and is AU from about midway through season three. It's told from Donna's POV, a wonderful, mature, flawed Donna, and the character voices are fantastic. Ygrawn is a bit hard on Josh but I dare you to read this and not fall in love with the woman Donna's become and with Sam, oh, with Sam.

    Now back to the ST:TNG marathon on sci-fi.
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    ( Jul. 29th, 2008 09:22 pm)
    [Poll #1231962]

    While I'm at it, here are two fic recs - both SG-1:

    Sam/Jack: Concentric Unto Thee by [ profile] gabolange Her attempts at normality have never worked before, and Jack won’t stand for any attempts to apply the logic of command to their relationship. This is a gorgeous story. It’s established relationship, set post SGA 05×01, and is all about Sam’s choices - and the weight Jack carries in them.

    Jack/Daniel: Cards on the Table by [ profile] princessofg This is a hot, first time fic that, more than anything, will put a smile on your face. It’s so nice to read a story that's this easy.
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    ( Jul. 24th, 2008 10:15 pm)
    'So You Think You Can Dance' Results )

    Lest this be all about that, have an SG-1 fic rec: Timing by dragojustine (Jack/Daniel/G). This is a gorgeous story about Jack and Daniel navigating their new relationship. It's as much about the team as it is about them and, if this idea has been done before, it certainly hasn't been done like this. I'm going to come back to this story often.

    And I didn't get a copy of The Quantum Ten today but I did get a copy of The Black Hole War by Leonard Susskind. About the book: "The Black Hole War" is the thrilling story of Susskind's effort to reconcile Stephen Hawking's revolutionary theories of black holes with his own sense of reality--an effort that would eventually result in Hawking admitting he was wrong.

    No reading until I finish up for Terminus and then I dig in. My pile of books is getting more intimidating by the day.

    ETA: Does anyone have Rose/Nine recs?
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    ( Jul. 23rd, 2008 08:53 pm)
    The sound on my upstairs tv is fucked up (on Fox only) so I have sytycd on mute in the background and I'll have to catch up via my DVR later. It's driving me crazy though! What are the judges saying? (All I have to say is "Go Chelsie!")

    I'm on a book buying binge so, in addition to my B5 novels, I also picked up Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. I hear it's the best of the Batman graphic novels and I'm still thinking about The Dark Knight (movie) so I may as well dig in. (Though I can't read anything until I finish my prep for Terminus because OMG SOON.)

    I also picked up What To Expect The First Year for my sister. As I was leaving the store, I saw The Quantum Ten by Sheilla Jones. I'm going to see if I can pick up a copy at work rather than buying it. It seems right up my alley but I'm a little wary because Jones has taken to describing the physicists as "Max Born, the anxious hypochondriac" and "Erwin Schrodinger, the enthusiastic womanizer" and "Niels Bohr, the obsessive but gentlemanly father figure." It just kind of pings wrong for a physics history book.

    I'm right in the middle of watching Dr. Who's, "Dalek" and I'm loving season one more and more. I didn't expect to enjoy Nine as much as I am. And, look! Diana Goddard is also Osiris! I want a job where I get to run around on the Dr. Who and Stargate sets!

    Oh, here, have an SG-1 rec: You just might find by siegeofangels. (Sam/Jack, R) It plays out a million times that night in Jack's mind--the leap through the gate after the Goa'uld; the shot that finally kills it. The stray bullet that, one in a million, hits the Achilles heel of Ancient technology and shatters the DHD. Sam and Jack are stranded and there's nothing easy about it. This story feels 100% truthful to Sam, to Jack, and to SG-1.
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    ( Jul. 14th, 2008 08:37 pm)
  • My neighbor is learning to ride a two wheeler and it's the cutest thing ever. Her mom is running behind and her dad is at the end point and I keep thinking how this is a forever memory.

  • Injury Forces 'So You Think You Can Dance' Withdrawal. Goodbye Jessica, welcome back Comfort. I think Comfort had her day and is completely out matched by Chelsie, Courtney, Kherington, and Katee but, really, so was Jessica. What an upset it will be if Comfort comes back by default and makes it into the top 8! (This is going to sound awful but I hope she's paired with Gev. He's my least favorite guy and I don't want to risk any of the other guys losing momentum by dancing with the weakest girl.)

  • Dr. Who fic rec: Losses and Discoveries by [ profile] selenay936 - Jenny/Sally Sparrow, PG

      Summary: Sally Sparrow couldn't resist investigating one more possible alien sighting, but this time she found something quite unexpected.

      This is a wonderful surprise of a story! Sally Sparrow and Jenny (Who)! The meet up is completely plausible and I'm absolutely taken with the idea of a budding romance between these two courageous, inquisitive, delightful women. Written for [ profile] femslash08.

  • I borrowed Dr. Who season 1 from a colleague today. I haven't watched season 1 since the first few episodes aired and I don't expect to love Eccelston the way I adore David Tennant but I'd like to actually see Rose start her travels with the Doctor so, once s5 of B5 is complete, it's back to Who! [ETA: Hahaha. Hello, run on sentence! I must be channeling Ten.]

    ETA: [ profile] carta! Are you reading the femslash08 stories!?! There's Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters here! I haven't read it yet but you bet your bucket I will.
  • SPN Fic Rec: I went into work for four hours with morning which totally stinks - mostly because I should have stayed for another 2 hours but couldn't bring myself to give up so much of my Sunday. As a present for going in at all, I came home and read all 96,000 words of fleshflutter's spn big bang story, "Do I seem bulletproof to you?". Oh, god, this story. It's a hooker AU and it's gorgeous and hot and I was hooked from start to finish.

  • Dr. Who: Last night I followed a link from [ profile] who_daily to a review of "The Stolen Earth" and was promptly spoiled for next week's episode. They were spoilers along the lines of, "X didn't happen so we can expect it in the finale" and, "I assume everyone knows that Y happens in the finale, as well." BASTARDS. I have moments when I seek out spoilers but inadvertently tripping over them, especially after an episode like TSE where I had no idea where it was going, really pisses me off. *deep breath* On to actual comments about last night's episode - 'The Stolen Earth' )

    Generally speaking, though, I far prefer Stephen Moffat's brand of fear & terror to Davies'. Fortunately for me, that bodes well for the future direction of the show.

  • Did anyone else follow the details of the Lenski Affair? I have some issues with Rational Wiki as, even when I'm agreeing with them, their approach & style often turns me off but the recap of the Lenski Affair was awesome. Lenski is awesome. He's so thoroughly a scientist even in the face of absurdity. If you follow the link, be sure to check out some of the external links particularly the recap from New Scientist.

  • Wall-E! I loved the movie. It's far more topical thank I expected, it's beautifully designed, and Wall-E and Eve are PRECIOUS. My only comment about Wanted, which I liked but didn't love, is that Angelina Jolie is impossibly hot. She needs to give up her dreams of Oscar caliber films and just shoot movies where she wears a tank top and carries a gun.
  • Here: Have a fantastic Patrick Stewart interview! I really, really want to see him in Hamlet with David Tennant. Why must I be responsible? WOE. Must I be responsible? Really?

  • I finished week three of the C25K program and it looks like week four really steps up the pace. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this. I feel like I'm actually training my body to sustain a running regimen and I love working out outside. I'm probably not getting the same workout I do at the gym but it's so relaxing to spend that time outside after work.

  • SGA fic rec: Hero For A New Age by [ profile] smittywing Written for the prompt, "books, stories and legends," this story is all about the superheroes Ronon reads about in Earth comics and the heroes he lives with on Atlantis. I absolutely love stories that explore Ronon’s perceptions of Atlantis, Earth, and his team.

  • Torchwood fic rec: Make a Beginning by [ profile] dsudis Summary: Gwen couldn’t go on like that much longer. Neither could Torchwood. A wonderful story with a post-”Exit Wounds” direction that could easily be canon.

  • Ron Moore finally posted the podcast for the season four premiere (after posting the podcasts for the 2nd and 3rd episodes) and confirmed what's been obvious: season four is one long act, one long story vs. past seasons which allowed for stand alone episodes. I think it's the right approach for long term payoff but has the potential to create some less satisfying individual episodes.

  • Some commentary on unity among the cylon models )

  • The Things That Carried Him: Four thousand American soldiers have died in Iraq. This is the true story of how one of them came home. I almost feel like I should make a separate post for this link. This is an article from Esquire, originally linked by synecdochic, that reminded me what it really means when we hear another soldier died overseas. It was tough to read - particularly when put in the context of just 1 of 4,000 other stories like it.
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    ( Apr. 30th, 2008 07:44 pm)
    [ profile] princessofg wrote new first time Jack/Daniel fic set post season 5's "The Warrior": Debriefing. I will always be a sucker for well written first time J/D fic.

    Also fic related, Moonshot is updated with 22 recs for April:
    8 SGA
    6 SPN
    5 Torchwood
    2 SG-1
    1 SG-1/SGA crossover

    On Friday night three friends are coming over for dinner and BSG. I'm cooking which means I need to find a recipe I can handle and shop for food tomorrow evening. I'm totally intimidated by cooking but I want to entertain more often because I'm so frequently the guest, rather than the host, and hosting more often means cooking more often. It's probably a good for me.

    Nearly three weeks from Memorial Day, I'm are starting to prepare for a Memorial Day extravaganza with [ profile] kiffle, [ profile] cranberryink, [ profile] lilysaid, [ profile] carta, and [ profile] anamchara!! I'll have a house full of five of my favorite people and make my very first phone call to New Zealand. \o/

    Today was day 2 of week 3 of my C25K running program. I'm used to cardio workouts but I'm trying not to push the program too much since I'm not a runner so, today, instead of just two sets of 1:30/1:30/3:00/3:00 run/walk cycles, I added a five minute run to the end. I've also found that listening to podcasts while I run is the best way to make my way through the workout. It's easy to manage the timing and I'm so engrossed in the podcast the time flies by. Today was the BSG, "Six of One" podcast. I love Ron Moore's commentary.

    I also have a new awesome and motivating tank top to run in! Thank you, [ profile] kiffle!! And, [ profile] cranberryink, I hear I have you to thank for the design. It's perfect. :)

    Here's a quick poll. Please indulge me:
    [Poll #1180505]
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    ( Apr. 2nd, 2008 07:54 am)
    Moonshot is updated with 46 recs for March:

    17 Torchwood
    12 SPN
    10 SGA
    5 crossovers (2 SPN/Torchwood, SPN/Indiana Jones Torchwood/Firefly, Torchwood/Journeyman)
    2 SG-1
    The internet is teeming with BSG goodies!

    Here's video of the Sci-Fi Upfront panel. I was hoping this would turn up! And here are interviews from the red carpet at the upfronts. (Note: s3 and minor s4 spoilers in the panel.)

    A new season four promo recently aired (!!!) and here are some character specific promos: Gaius Baltar, Kara Thrace, Chief Tyrol.

    Randomly, I have a food rec: Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter Chewy Bar - 150 calories, 9 grams of fiber. YUM. They're much better than the Kashi chewy trail mix bars I've been eating.

    And some fic recs:

    * SPN: The Dangers of Second Guessing by [ profile] mona1347 - Sam/Dean, NC-17. This story follows “Mystery Spot” and is 100% desperation and need. It’s tremendous.

    * Torchwood: The Rules Of Torchwood Three: Nicholas Redux by [ profile] sam_storyteller - Jack, Team, OMC, Canon pairings, PG-13). After Jack disappears, Torchwood hires a new tea boy — someone to fetch and carry and take some of the burden off Ianto’s shoulders. Nicholas knows his place is in the shadows, but he watches and listens as the dramas of Torchwood play out around him. And he learns all the rules. AU for the second season, but only slightly. Superbly done. It was a fantastic view of the characters, and events, through someone else’s eyes.

    * SG-1: Facing Movements by [ profile] paian - Jack/Daniel, R. A gorgeous, aching, hopeful, spot on follow-up to As You Were. No one writes Jack & Daniel like paian.

    * SGA: Tongue-Tied by [ profile] sori1773 - McKay/Dex, R. It’s comforting and familiar and Rodney’s distracted by the thought that really, out of all the people on Atlantis, Ronon should probably be one of the least familiar. Sweet and comforting - Ronon is by McKay’s side. I love how Ronon knows just what’s needed.

    I have two presentations this week - one internal and one external - and finished them both by noon today. I love facing Mondays ahead. As a reward, I see more s4 Boston Legal on agenda for tonight.


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