An attempt to cap the look in Gil's eyes at the very end of last night's episode resulted in this batch of 30 caps. Heavy on the Gil with a sprinkling of Sophia, Nick, and the gang. (With a special Judd Nelson cameo for [ profile] between_names.)

'Time of Your Death' caps... )

Sophia and Nick look lovely but that last cap of Gil kills me.

Zip file here if anyone's interested. It's only 2.7mb. Right click/save.

And "Mea Culpa" was on Spike tonight! Gil in a suit. Sophia. Nana Visitor. I loooooooooove it!

[ profile] house_slash has been a friendly place for as long time. Figures it takes RPS to unleash the monster.

[ profile] liz_w has a discussion here about pairing names. There's a poll, too, particularly regarding Dean/Sam vs. Sam/Dean but you can go and share your pairing name idiosyncrasies across multiple fandoms if you'd like! (For the record, it goes like this: Harry/Snape, Sam/Dean, McKay/Sheppard, Josh/Sam, Gil/Greg, Viggo/Orlando, House/Wilson.)

It's the end of a long week that included major preparation for a dog fight of a contract negotiation/bid set for next Tuesday. I'm traveling to Texas with the executive vice president of my company for my third trip out there since January and this is the big one. If we don't win, it won't be for lack of effort. In the meantime, I have a relaxing weekend ahead of me. Aside from Sunday beach plans with friends, I intend to watch hour after hour of the SG-1 DVDs that just arrived from Netflix and dig into "Throne of Jade" which just arrived from Amazon.
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( Mar. 12th, 2006 06:58 pm)
My mood theme is no more! It was Viggo/Orlando, courtesy of Tomilee, and now all I have are white boxes with red X's which don't adequately reflect my mood. I know there are 9440958390458403 other mood themes out there to choose from but I was fond of enthralled!Viggo and sleepy!Orlando and I'm having a difficult time moving on.

The scare of the weekend was my SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR CELL PHONE BILL. I freaked out and promptly called Cingular only to learn that I did, in fact, exceed my daytime minutes by 1300 and, yes, the fees were accurate. Employee D-107 was lovely, though, and reduced the bill by $250. I also changed my plan to 1300 daytime minutes and nights starting at 7pm. And employee D-107 taught me a trick. I talk to my sister every day from 7am- 7:30am. If we get on the phone at 6:55am the call will count as FREE anytime minutes. (For the record, my company pays my cell phone bill but it's usually $150. I can't possibly submit an expense report for $600. It's too humiliating. My boss will laugh me out of his office. I'm going to itemize the work calls and make sure this never, ever happens again.)

There's a point to this post beyond mood themes and cell phone bills. I watched BSG 02x17 - The Captain's Hand - this afternoon and promptly went to cap this because I'm in love with the dynamic between Bill and Lee Adama. Of course that led to many more caps of Apollo and Starbuck and Apollo&Starbuck.

25 caps of my two favorite Viper pilots... )

I think it's his jaw. Or his eyes. Definitely the arms. And his lips. Though Starbuck's lips trump all. I'll just be off in my corner staring.

(Until 8pm, that is. At 8pm I'll be curled up on my couch watching one of the last first run episodes of West Wing ever. I'm starting the grieving process now to soften the blow.)
CSI caps, ahoy )

Download 70+ caps from CSI 06x17 - 7.5mb, zip, right click/save

Great night last night. My mother's surgery went well and I had a first date with a guy who loves sci-fi Friday so we spent a long time talking about SGA and BSG. I really can't ask for more the first time out.

Today is devoted to catching up on at least 3 or 4 more episodes of BSG. (Though, now that s2 is over, it's almost tempting to draw it out.
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( Feb. 11th, 2006 01:04 am)
I'm still a bit consumed by this episode so a handful of screencaps turned into 130.

CSI 06x15 screencaps - zip file, 2.6mb, right click/save

Some samples... )

Before bed I'm going to say a little prayer that the blizzard heading our way doesn't strand me in NY. It's been a great visit but I'll be ready to get on the plane by noon Sunday.
Already, my new ipod has turned me into a songvid junkie. They are perfect for this thing.

Anyway, on Thursday night I mentioned that I thought Nick was, for the first time, actually attractive.

Here's the proof. It must be the combination of the hair and the glasses. )

I wouldn't be me if I didn't also include caps of Grissom... )

A few of the rest of the gang. Catherine looked gorgeous in this episode. )

I love the whole lot of them.

And, for anyone who's interested, Heath & Jake presenting at the SAG awards. - 4.9mb, wmv, right click/save. Thanks to Liz W for the file.

I'm forgoing the Superbowl for the BSG miniseries. It really wasn't a tough choice.
Coup d'Etat or 'Why *someone not named because it's spoilery* Really Wanted to See McKay & Sheppard' )

I couldn't resist the pretty so I made some caps additional caps.

A few samples here... )

Zip file - 76 screencaps, zip file, 6mb, please comment

New House tonight!
SGA (02x16) 'The Long Goodbye' or 'The Continuing Adventures of McKay/Sheppard' )

Ridiculously attractive people in absurd situations, indeed.
I went to Barnes & Noble today to pick up something for my office gift exchange and left with season 1 of SGA and season 5 of The West Wing. I have zero impulse control. Zero.

I just finished the newest episode of SGA.

Grace Under Pressure or 'How It Really Played Out - A Pictorial Review' )

Other fun stuff...Heath Ledger was on GMA this morning. It's a cute interview. Diane Sawyer was simply elated to interview him moments after the announcement about his Golden Globe nomination. Video is at the GMA website here.


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