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( Sep. 17th, 2005 10:07 pm)
Moonshot is updated with a bunch of new recs.

14 new Harry Potter recs

34 new recs on the Misc fandom page including 1 CSI, 1 LotR, and 32 Stargate: Atlantis recs.

My mother just finished HBP. She was sitting next to me on the flight home from London and called to ask about the notes I was taking as I read. It was cute. She and I have most of the same theories about Snape, Dumbledore, and Draco. My cousin, on the other hand, just recently tore through all six books and called me to day to talk through the series. (After the immediate gratification of six books in a row, he's having trouble accepting that it will be a long while before he can read book seven.) He's convinced Snape is evil and JKR is going to use that to demonstrate that Dumbledore was fallible. I don't believe that Dumbledore was infallible but I do wholeheartedly believe that Snape will be redeemed. The debate morphed into a friendly wager which will be a nice windfall for me when book 7 is published.

Today was a perfectly lazy day. Tomorrow is brunch with the boy. We're going to Captiva Island to a brunch spot on the Gulf. I'm such a sucker for Sunday brunch and I'm really looking forward to the sun and the company.
Today was full of meetings across the whole of NJ that ended with dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Newark with, perhaps, the most pompous and infuriating client EVER. Ever, ever, ever. I believe it was only the healthy does of Sangria that allowed me to maintain control. What an ass.

Interesting, though, was today's tour of a book wholesaler's warehouse. There were boxes upon boxes upon boxes of HBP and I got to hear all of the politics between Bloomsbury and Scholastic, Scholastic's significant overrun of HBP, and how the profits of HBP are divided. Even among client CFO, I couldn't help my rampant fangirling.

Also. These photos melted my brain. It's mush. I officially have a crush on a TV character. The actor's well and good but it's his character I want to take home with me. Unless he's going home with House. Then I just want to read about it.

A car is picking me up at 7:30am tomorrow to take me back to NYC for leg 4 of my seven day tour. What I really need to do is come back here for a seven day vacation.
I thought I knew HP shippers had their batshit crazy moments but I didn't really know.

TLC and Mugglnet posted part 2 of their interview with JKR and, as a long collection of links from fandom wank highlight, the H/Hr shippers have lost their minds.

An open letter to JKR

Oooooh! Or an on-line petition!

Maybe what they need is ad in the New York Times!?!?

More of my favorite links cut to avoid spoilers for the 12 people who haven't finished HBP )

Ahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Harry, Snape and I are just going to play in our corner quietly.
Remarkably, I do realize that there was more to HBP than Snape and Harry/Snape. Many, many spoilers within.

Things I loved )

Things I didn't like in the beginning of the book and enjoyed (or tolerated) by the end )

Things I wish we saw more of )

Things I'll never like )

Magic that surprised me )

All page numbers are from the British edition.
With all of the pairing speculation, I bring a poll. There are no spoilers in the poll itself but answers to the poll and/or comments may be of a spoilery nature.

[Poll #534645]

Any other comments?

Also. With my trip to the UK and the release of HBP, I've been woefully detached from this year's CFTC. That said, this is the one photo I was hoping for. I love them all but I love these two together the most.
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( Jul. 16th, 2005 07:20 pm)
I'm home from London, HBP is read, and I'm still organizing my thoughts into something coherent but I have to say this... )

In case it's not clear, there are major SPOILERS behind the cut.
* This is what I'm doing for the release of HBP! "Ottakar's in Greenwich are pleased to invite you on board the infamous Clipper, the Cutty Sark in Greenwich on Friday 15th July, from 9.30pm to celebrate the publication of the Sixth Harry Potter book, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. Come along for fun and games and all things Potter! The launch party comes to an end at midnight when the Bookstore will open and customers will be able to get their hands on the latest Harry Potter!!" Holy crap. I can't wait.

* Art Rec: Don't Go by [ profile] undunoops. Harry/Snape. Not work safe. Gorgeous.

* [ profile] kittenfishlambs...someone's written Alan Rickman/Mos Def fic. To think we didn't get there first. ;)

* [ profile] between_names...I received my alumnae directory in the mail today and, sure enough, there you were! (I also spent the day with AG yesterday. She was in town speaking at the AEPhi convention so we met up at the beach. She's food for my soul.)

* Back to work after 12 days away was intense. But also comforting in a twisted sort of way.

* I have a lunch date tomorrow. It's a fix up from work but the whole thing's been sort of on the sly because the person who knows the guy is one of my employee's employees and she's nervous about inserting herself in my personal life. Points for that and the set up. We have to do lunch tomorrow because I've been away and he's going to Greece on Wednesday morning but we wanted to fit something in before he goes away and then I go back to London. I'll stop rambling now.

* "Bartlet For America" was on from 7- 8pm and "The Supremes" is on from 9- 10pm. I'm only sorry I missed "The Women of Qumar" at 6pm. I love CJ in that episode.

* My cat is the cutest thing that ever lived. I love her so.

[Poll #521561]


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