From [ profile] callmesandy:

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life.
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.
2b. Hater Variation - Guess my least favorite characters as well/instead.

(I will write an essay/expound on my love of any character if the correct guesser of that character wishes me to. Or if you correctly guess the character I dislike the most I will write (upon request) a vitriolic well-reasoned argument explaining my dislike.)

My list... )

* It just hit me that I have to go back through my Harry/Snape recs and add new links for any stories that were hosted at Detention. Um. Ugh. Thank goodness fandom rallies and there are already any number of communities compiling new links. It's all well and good until it affects me. ;)

* Okay, so someone tell me I'm not the only one looking forward to "There and Back" - the Ashley Parker Angel reality TV show on MTV. Someone? Anyone? I wasn't anything close to an O-Town fan but I'm incredibly interested to find out what they hell that kid's been doing with himself and watch him try to start again. It's gotta be good.

* [ profile] cranberryink - Did you see this list of Ronon/Rodney recs?

* A Ron/Draco rec: Sea Change by Anonymous. It's well paced and beautifully written. I most enjoy Draco when he's paired with Ron.

I'm terribly behind in my smutmas reading. So much so, that I'm buying a new ink cartridge and some paper and I plan to print out a ton of stories for next week's cruise. Two years ago I printed SeSa stories for my cruise and it was some of the best vacation reading I've done. *g* This year, I'm stocking up on HP and SGA and I dare my family to try and read over my shoulder.

* New employee starts tomorrow. A new manager, actually. All of my current managers were inherited when I was promoted into my current position and I'm really exicited about this guy. He's new to the company and the industry but he interviewed flawlessly. I have high expectations. High enough that I'm not even letting myself stress about the training and development he'll need over the coming months.

Shower. Errands. Bills. Good times!

  • I'm terribly behind in my [ profile] merry_smutmas reading but I come bearing three recs.

    * The Fourth Year by ??? Harry/Snape. Post-HBP. The war is over but Snape isn't free. "The days were hard enough to pass with the aid of chores. He could clean. He could cook. He could pretend that he was somehow still vital to some future plan. His life would never be his own, granted, but there was a possibility he could still contribute. Until then, he would maintain. He would master the (sadly) domestic spheres available to him. He would wait. He would scrub. He would stew." I've been desperate for post HBP Harry/Snape and this filled the need beautifully. It's long and plotty primarily focusing on the challenged and ever changing dynamics between Harry and Snape.

    * Boxing Day by ??? Harry/Draco. After the war is won and the world is made anew, Harry Potter finds he doesn't understand this one nearly as well as the old. Brilliantly done.

    * The Healing Touch by ??? Bill/Draco. They all had scars; some just weren't as visible as others. The right touch, however, could help them begin to heal.

  • [ profile] theantimodel shared 15 things she likes to read in a sex scene and I think EVERYONE should do this - complete with links. I even tried out the genderbender story that theantimodel linked but boys as girls still doesn't do it for me. Now mutual masturbation in fic...

  • [ profile] nsync_10 did it and the issue is starting to hit stores! [ profile] kiffle and I found it at the Tower on 66th and Broadway and I failed about wildly when I saw how good it looks. I love being a fan.

  • "Brokeback Mountain" came in at No. 16, with a total gross of $545,000. It had a limited release, opening Friday, December 9th and playing in only 5 theaters (three in New York City, one in Los Angeles and one in San Fransisco). This means it made an estimated $109,000 per theater, making it officially the highest per theater average for a live-action film on an opening weekend. More on the numbers here. Thanks to [ profile] lemniskate for the info and link. The movie was utterly devastating. I hope, in wide release, it takes the country by storm.

  • Holiday cards! [ profile] between_names sent me one of [ profile] karasu_hime's Trio cards! YAY! I was so hoping I'd get one. I was! JOY! And thank you! And [ profile] cranberryink is far more creative than I ever have a chance of coming close to with such a beautiful card and an even more beautiful sentiment. Thank you! And [ profile] coolwhipdiva included Sally in her holiday wishes which is even better than tuna. ;) Thank you!
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( Aug. 30th, 2005 06:42 am)
[ profile] tinkerpixy posted the fic she wrote for my [ profile] erotic_elves fantasy fest request: Harry/Bellatrix. Harry captures Bellatrix and makes her pay for Sirius' death.

Her Lord

"He imagines her with matted black hair and haunted eyes, like his own. He thinks he'll laugh, like she did, and this will all disappear."

Warnings: Non-Con, Bondage, Breathplay

Harry is vengeful and tormented and this is even more than I hoped for.

(And, you know, I need a dark fic icon. Nothing in my arsenal is quite appropriate for this post with the possible exception of angry!Justin who is never quite appropriate for a post about Harry/Bellatrix non-con.)
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( Aug. 21st, 2005 05:30 pm)
I'm on leg three of my 7 day trip which means I'm holed up in the Newark Airport Wyndam Hotel waiting for my colleague to arrive from FL. I should be catching up on work but instead I'm reading fic and trying to watch the episodes of SGA that [ profile] rossetti was kind enough to burn for me but don't seem to want to play on my laptop.

Some recs...

HP: Still Silence and Treasure by [ profile] sioniann Harry/Snape. "The vault door clicks shut, a jagged sort of noise, and Harry knows he's no longer alone." This is the post HBP I was waiting for.

HP: Clandestine by [ profile] ldybastet and [ profile] cruisedirector. "Trying to be Tonks' man, Greyback's man, the Order's man and his own man is beginning to drive Lupin mad." Clandestine is the fourth part in this post HBP Lupin/Snape story. (The story contains links to the first three parts.)

SGA: Bruises by [ profile] coreopsis. Sheppard/McKay. Post-coreopsis.

CSI: Within Without by [ profile] eleanor_lavish. Gill/Nick. "What if Nicky's hell lasted more than a day? How long would it take Gil to get him back?" Warning: Nick/Other non-con. This story a must read for anyone with a fetish for h/c fic.

So, the rumor is that Viggo is dating Kate Bosworth's assistant. I can't even let myself believe it because what that would CLEARLY mean is that Kate is just Orlando's beard and he and Viggo finally found a way to be together.

I have an hour until my colleague arrives. Work? Fic? Sleep? I have big decisions to make, my friends.
[ profile] switchknife wrote, [ profile] lizardspots drew, and the end result was The Secret-Keeper. Holy fuck. It's hot and raw and wrong and so fucking good. It's also, as the warnings probably tip you off, not for everyone.

Pairings: Snape/Hermione, implied Hermione/Ron.
Summary: Knowledge is power, but endurance is strength.
Warnings: Teacher/student relations, underaged sex, abuse of authority, dubious consent, coercion, dirty talk, voyeurism, masturbation, cunnilingus.

The Secret-Keeper. Gah. My brain is fried from the hot and the wrong and the so, so good.

I'm working on a redesign to my HP recs page which will also be a redesign of the rest of the pages over at Moonshot so I'm going through my Lotrips recs. I had a near panic this morning when I couldn't access Thank You by [ profile] _cee. It's a follow-up to She Knows She Can Take It by [ profile] veuki, it's Liv/Viggo, there's object insertion, and it's delicious. It turns out that the link changed since I last read the story but I would have been a very disappointed girl if it had been gone for good.

Moral of this tale? Read both stories if you haven't already. They're fabulous.

Related to the site redesign, I have to mention that [ profile] not_satisfied is one of the most generous people I've met on-line. She's one in a million.

[ profile] shamrock_kid tagged me for this meme: Rules: Pick seven songs that you're into right now, list them. Pick seven friends who have to repeat this process, list them.

I don't actually know the names of most of the new songs on the radio but I'll give it a go:
1) The "come on dj, won't you turn the music up" song.
2) The new Missy Elliot song.
3) ADIDAS. I'm experiencing a bit of a JC renaissance.
4) "Joking" - The Indigo Girls. "You said the world was magic I was wide eyed and laughing..."
5) The new Mariah Carey song. The "shake it" one. Or something like that.
6) Joss Stone's versio of "Some Kind of Wonderful."
7) "This Womans' Work" - Kate Bush.

I'm not tagging anyone for this but I'll read your list if you post it. :)

Last thing. I love my job. It's satisfying, challenging, and interesting. That said, I wish whatever I did for a living led me to say things like this in passing - "I mean for example, if we integrate over an interval [a,b],
and lim n --> inf int_[a,b] f_n(x) = 0, then I doubt that lim n--> inf int_[a,b] f_n(x) g(x) dx = 0 even if g is very nice. Of course if lim n --> inf int_[a,b] |f_n(x)| = 0, then it's trivial. Maybe the modular function is super special though hah?" Instead, I can read that kind of stuff here. Ah, [ profile] mathematics. It's a beautiful place for the wanna be math geek in us all.
It's entirely possible I'll post this every time I see this episode of The West Wing but it's so fucking perfect that I can't help myself.

I'm a fan. I'm a sports fan. I'm a music fan. And I'm a Star Trek fan. All of them. But here's what I don't do. . . . Let's list our ten favorite episodes.Let's list our least favorite episodes. Let's list our favorite galaxies. Let's make a chart to see how often our favorite galaxies appear in our favorite episodes. What Romulan would you most like to see coupled with a Cardassian and why? Let's spend a weekend talking about Romulans falling in love with Cardassians and then let's do it again. --- That's not being a fan. That's having a fetish. - Josh, Arctic Radar

But now let me geek for a moment. I thought what we see on Star Trek occurs in one galaxy. See? And I thought Earth is in the Alpha quadrant and the big deal about the Bajoran wormhole is that it takes you to the Gamma quadrant. So. Am I a geek for questioning this or a geek for nitpicking Star Trek references on The West Wing? But, most important, am I right?

Okay. I'm not a Percy fan. He bugs the hell out of me. The only thing that could possibly change my mind is if it turns out he's deep in with the DE's and he dies before he's redeemed. At least then he'll be interesting instead of horribly irritating. So, needless to say, I don't read much Percy fic. Tonight, however, I read Perquisite by [ profile] prillalar which was rec'd over at [ profile] crack_broom. I'm still not a Percy fan but, wow, I loved this Snape. He's beautifully manipulative. "He does give Percy a stack of second-year homework to sort out though; there is order and method even to seducing one's student." That's my Snape, man.

Tomorrow night my friends and I are meeting up with the boy and his friends for happy hour. We also have plans to see each other on Sunday. This is the stage of the game when I usually run but I'm keeping my feet planted for a while.

For now, though, I'm watching Jim Brass deal with his prostitute daughter. That was unexpected. Is there any Warrick/Brass fic out there?
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( Jul. 26th, 2005 08:11 pm)

  • I had a conference call at 10am with clients in MN, NY, and London but, at 10:39am in the middle of the call and with two colleagues in my office, I was delightfully unprofessional and watched the launch of Discovery on my trusty corporate laptop. It took real effort not to cry. If you're as geeky as [ profile] topaz119 and I are, here's the link to the live NASA feed.

  • I don't know what's up with Orlando Bloom and Sienna Miller but he's hot. I'm such a sucker for that look.

  • has a Harry Potter poll up. I took full advantage of the "other" options and the open text boxes. Does anyone know if the results are public? I'd love to see how answers varied by the demographics collected.

  • I scroll through LJ at work but can't read any fic that catches my eye so I e-mail the links to my hotmail account to ensure that I remember to go back and read them. I'm in trouble if my IT department ever decides to check my e-mail and click on these links I've been saving. But today's list generated two recs:

    In Exchage by [ profile] reddwarfer Harry/Snape ficlet. Post-HBP but no spoilers. It was tender and more than just a little heartbreaking.

    Best-Laid Plans by [ profile] veniceatsunset Harry/Draco. The plan was to find Snape and Malfoy, kill Snape and Malfoy, find the Horcruxes, destroy the Horcruxes, defeat Voldemort, and move to the Caribbean where no one knew him and he could lay by the ocean and be happy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the way you look at it, even the best-laid plans go wrong. MILD SPOILERS FOR HBP. I rarely read Harry/Draco but the summary sucked me in and this was well worth it. It was a beautiful combination of heartache, tenderness, and humor.

  • [ profile] arsenicjade is curious about interest in a Harry Potter H/C minifest. You know you want to write some HP h/c fic of the Harry/Snape variety!

  • After talking about it for months, I found a housekeeper. She comes recommended from two people and her first day is August 5th. After that, she'll come every other Friday. I don't think I can possibly understate my joy. Joy, I tell you! Beyond a range, I don't even know the final cost but it is well, well worth it. After long work weeks, I'll no longer have to spend my weekend scrubbing and washing and dusting and scouring and I feel like a hugh weight is lifted. Plus, Stanley Steamer is coming on Saturday for some summertime carpet cleaning. I love a clean home. Especially when I don't have to do it.
I realized, yesterday, that I saved the link to Penance is the Play by [ profile] maeglinyedi weeks and weeks ago but never actually read the story so this afternoon I dove in.

Oh, my god. Where do I start?

The premise of lessons with Snape at Grimmauld Place after Sirius' death is not new but this is one of the best interpretations I've read. Harry approaches the lessons willingly and with a plan to seek revenge for his godfather's death. If he can coerce Snape into an illicit relationship with him, he can have Snape fired and, perhaps, even sent to Azkaban. But, of course, it's not as simple as it seems.

I loved this story. I loved this story. Every time I thought it was predictable, every time I thought I had it all figured out, Maeglin surprised me. Her Snape is fabulously in character and just as I like him. Her Harry is as petulant and grief stricken at the beginning of the story as I expected him to be at the beginning of HBP but we see him grow and mature. Penance is the Play also featured one of the best, "Sirius' is death is not your fault, Harry," conversations I've ever read and it was delivered by none other than Mr. Shacklebolt. The sex is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Each scene is hotter than the last which I didn't think was possible after the heat of Harry & Snape's first sexual encounter. And the end, oh, the end. I won't give it away but it blew me away and was perfect, perfect, perfect.

Penance is the Play
I managed to follow those S2 component tutorials and my journal is now both Potterfied and very, very green. [ profile] saturn92103. See? It's been a long time - years - since I changed my layout and I still need to figure out exactly how to add additional components with graphics/photos but I love it!

I also updated my Harry Potter Recs Page with 16 new fic/art recs:

2 Harry/Snape
1 Lupin/Snape
5 Weasley (1 Ron/Charlie, Bill/Charlie implied; 3 Ron/Harry; 1 Ron/Harry/Ginny)
4 Misc (2 Snape/Draco; 1 Snape/Albus; 1 Fenrir/Draco)
4 Art recs (3 Harry/Snape; 1 Lucius, Harry, Neville, Remus)

All HBP spoilers are noted with the exception of stories featuring characters introduced in HBP as those, quite obviously, have spoilers.

Tomorrow is my kayaking date and I'm leaving to meet the guy at 7:30am. I'm so bad at dating guys that actually have potential. I project a multitude of scenarios where I have no privacy, no space and I'm suffocating, suffocating, suffocating. I do like this guy, though. He's attentive, funny, easy to talk to, and I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. The alligators on the river are probably a greater risk to my well being than he is.

Oh! And I'd be remiss if I didn't note that Dan Radcliffe turns 16 today. Sixteen. I should probably leave it at that and go on my merry way.

  • The ants are back. The fucking ants are back. But I've set out borax bait in Sally safe places and this is going to work damn it. I will not be done in by a few thousand sugar ants.

  • Ellie Bartlett was the victim on an episode of CSI tonight. I've never seen her in anything else. Very disconcerting, it was.

  • Tonight's 7pm West Wing was "The Two Bartletts" which, mostly, is the episode where I love Josh & Amy. I know people hate her but she's sooooooo much better for Josh than Donna.

  • My sister and brother-in-law came to visit this weekend and, in addition to time outside in the sweltering, sweltering Florida heat, we went to see Batman Begins. Oh, how I loved this movie! I'm completely indifferent to Katie Holmes and Christian Bale but, wow, this movie was exactly what I wanted and needed and now I need more. And, shit, I don't know much about Cillian Murphy but his blue blue eyes branded my soul. Branded my soul!

  • Oddly, this evening I read two different HP stories titled, "Shelter From The Storm." The first Shelter From The Storm is by Isis and it's post war Draco/Snape. The second Shelter From The Storm is by Stella Hobbit and loupgarou1750 and it's dirty, kinky, smutty Harry/Snape.

  • Happy Birthday wishes to [ profile] nothinggold! I hope you're having a fabulous birthday with your Broadway Boyfriend.

  • EDIT: Meep! New CoMC! Hermione has the baby!
I left work early to meet the cable guy and it's been the most fabulously lazy night. After a week at work where everyone was angry, it's just what I needed. And tomorrow my sister and her husband arrive!

I read some tonight from Atrata's June reading list/recs. After the HP, I went right for the SW and Ocean's 11.

Including the Kitchen Sink (The Lightsaber Thing) by [ profile] hackthis. SW RPS. Jude/Ewan/Hayden. R

Cherchez la femme by [ profile] musesfool. Ocean's Eleven. Danny/Rusty. NC-17.

[ profile] theantimodel asked All you Harry Potter readers: what are your top 5 stories in the fandom? Also, can you rec me anything that's dark or has a kinda fucked up Harry in it?. So I rec'd four fucked up Harry stories and then I dug deep for five of my very favorite HP stories and came up with these. I forced myself not to repeat pairings or all five would be Harry/Snape.

The new icon is courtesy of [ profile] csicons. I still need a good Nick/Gil but I'm getting somewhere.

Oh! The exterminator was here. He came, he saw, he conquered. I am victorious.
It's ant watch, day 5, and the ants got a reprieve because the exterminator never showed up. But what the ants don't realize is that they have persistence, instinct, and numbers but I have ingenuity. And that wins. The issue is that the ants swarm Sally's food and I'm really not interested in trying to change her eating schedule because of some damn bugs. So I rigged a makeshift moat that keeps the ants away from her kitten chow. Ants - 2, Saturn - 1. I'm evening the score. And, once What Bug shows up, the game is mine.

There are a number of things I don't like about Florida and this is one of them. It makes my head hurt.

Among the things I do like, however, is my date from Tuesday. It's too soon to know anything other than I want to see him again but he left me a sweet voice mail before he went off to Greece and we have plans to get together again when we're both back from Europe. So that's something. And I like this part. The part where you're getting to know each other and are mutually interested and the butterflies start. Though I also like the part where you look at someone in the morning and know them. But first things first. :)

I come with a fic rec: Benediction by Reddwarfer. Harry/Snape. NC-17. Felching warning for anyone squicked by that. But the story is good. It's short and smutty and a Harry/Snape dynamic that I love.

Also. I need a Nick/Gil icon.


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