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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:14 pm)
RENT was so, so good. I don't even have the words. The Detroit Opera House is gorgeous and huge and it's been ages since I've seen the show from an upper level and never in a place as big as this theater and just - GAH. The audience was young and energetic and the cast was on fire. ([ profile] nothinggold - Justin Johnson is in the tour and he was incredible. This might be my favorite of his performances and I thought of you the whole time.) I am unimaginably glad I got tickets and introduced the show to someone who's never seen it. *loves*

ETA: They changed three parts of the show:
  • "You can take a girl out of Hickville, but you can't take the Hicksville out of the girl" was changed to, "You can take a girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl"
  • "...and then said she'd help them find the Circle Line" was changed to "...and then said she'd help them find the Statue of Liberty."
  • During the bit following Angel's death, there were parts of the memorials where the cast spoke in unison.

  • Also tremendous was Let The Right One In. Do yourselves a favor and see this movie if it's playing near you. (I believe it's also out on DVD soon.) The movie is haunting and beautifully shot. The kids were amazing. It was everything I probably never expected out of a Swedish vampire-horror-coming of age film.

    One spoiler I have to mention )

    [ profile] mickeym posted new photos of Jensen. He's stunning. I can't look away. I'm particularly enamored by the photo of Jensen and Danneel sitting with matching glasses & poses. I hope they have a lot of sex.

    I'm hearing all sorts of rumors about a BSG movie that doesn't involve RDM or David Eick. What is wrong with NBC Universal and Sci-fi? Can someone help me out here?

    We got 3 inches of snow yesterday and it just started up again. I tend to have more tolerance at this time of year, though, because I know we'll be out of the snow zone in 4- 5 weeks.

    I'm off to a friend's Oscar party in a few minutes. Without doubt, I'm looking forward to the wine and food and company more than the awards show but I am rooting for Kate Winslet and Sean Penn.
    OMG, hi. What a week. There were epic senior management changes at work which have consumed most of my mental energy since Sunday. To spare you all the long version I'll sum up my week as: worked long hours, fretted incessantly, drank too much, slept too little.

    But there were highlights. Wednesday night was ladies night at a bar in Detroit. It doesn't get crowded until 10 or 11pm and it's an hour away from me so I tried to bail but my friend Drew wouldn't have it. He and his boyfriend picked me up around 9:30pm and hauled me off to have fun. Lots and lots of fun! And flirting with a cute girl named Julia. I wish this event was closer to Ann Arbor (and more than once a month). It's been a long time since I was out until 1am on a weeknight. I'm talking 2003, long time. I needed it. I especially needed it this week.

    I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. It wasn't at all what I expected but just as good as I'd heard. It's a great season for movies. "Milk," "Benjamin Button," "Slumdog Millionaire." Next up on my list is "Frost/Nixon" which I was hoping to see today but, sadly, my friend had to bail.

    Okay, so, I'm pretty sure it's an empirical fact that Jensen Ackles is one of the most attractive people walking the planet. There's got to be a mathematical proof somewhere. He's so handsome that I'm actually motivated to see "My Bloody Valentine: 3D." And that says a lot.

    Here's a roundup of his press from the week:
    On Chelsea Lately: "I would never want anything to happen to that face because what you're working with is a jackpot."
    On Jimmy Kimmel: "Especially when you're an actor to do, like, a real thing."
    On Bonnie Hunt: Rockin' the 3D glasses.

    I'm going to NY next Friday which is also the premiere of BSG season 4.5. This is it! THIS IS IT!! I've avoided nearly all press on the season and I haven't seen any of the promos, either. I have no clue what to expect and I CAN'T WAIT. My sister will kindly DVR the episode for me so I don't have to wait to watch when I'm back in MI on Monday the 19th. I CAN'T WAIT!!

    For some BSG fun, check out his recap of the BSG Miniseries: facebook style. It's hysterical and perfect.

    Besides BSG, we get so much new TV this week: SPN. Grissom's goodbye on CSI. The L Word. \o/

    On my list for today: a quick trip to Borders, two episodes of SGA on my DVR, and then a small dinner party for a friend who was just promoted in the noted corporate management changes. All of that - as soon as I can drag myself away from "The Goonies."

    ETA: I really need to get an icon of Three.

    ETA 2: "The Goonies" TOTALLY holds up. I looooooove this movie.
    [ profile] kiffle reminds me it's just 5 1/2 weeks until our trip to England & Whales!

    In honor of our trip, io9 posted a photo of David Tennant as Hamlet. (An alternate theory, I suppose, is that they posted to report David Tennant has made his decision about whether he'll keep playing a hyperactive time traveler in Doctor Who in 2010... but that decision hasn't been made public yet.) AJSLFJSLSZZZT!

    PS. Hello, Jensen. Why must you torture me with those lips?
    Jason Manns & Jensen Ackles Crazy Love - studio recording with Jensen on lead vocals for the 2nd verse. 3.5mb, right click save.


    Thanks to charlidos for the original file. All I need now is some video of the studio session.

    I have plans to see Run, Fat Boy, Run at noon and then I'm having dinner at a friend's house. (I love Simon Pegg!) I'm on appetizer duty so I bought some brie and toasted foccacia and I'm going to make a brie dip with walnuts, pears, and dried cranberries. It's my own creation so whether or not it's edible is still up in the air.

    Tomorrow I'm off to Tampa for a three day conference. I was scheduled to take a side trip to Naples for a meeting at my old company but another meeting in my own office trumped that visit so yesterday I changed my flight to return earlier. I had no choice but I'm disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing my former colleagues. I also canceled my London trip which was scheduled for the week of 4/27. :( It was the right decision but still disappointing on a number of levels.

    This is the portion of the post when I say, "One week until new BSG!!"
    Tomorrow is Friday which is so very much needed but I didn't get everything done this week that needs to get done, and likely won't tomorrow, so now I have to decide which day to work this weekend and whether or not I can get it done at home instead of the office. (I vote for home!) I'd like to go to the gym on Saturday and I have that date Saturday afternoon and then brunch plans on Sunday morning. All of that sounds so much nicer without work tossed in the middle.

    A cookie to anyone who can get my work done for me.

    And, speaking of cookies, here's what I want. I want to laze about and eat what I want - mostly fried foods and chocolate and pie and peanut butter (and cookies) - without any consequences. Who's with me? Rally the troops!

    Viggo did a great photo shoot recently. (I think it was recently.) He takes such striking photos.

    More and bigger )

    And that photo of Jensen where he's all scruffy and bearded and looks like he just rolled out of a soft, warm bed after a late night out )
    Yesterday was relatively ruined by an e-mail I received after I left the office. That's what I get for looking at my blackberry over the weekend. I stewed about it all night and finally went to bed at 10:30pm rather than watching SGA because I wasn't going to enjoy it anyway. I slept for 11 hours and I'm feeling significantly better provided I don't let myself think about that damn e-mail I'll have to deal with on Monday.

    Today is American Gangster at 12:45pm and then a drive to Detroit for SYTYCD and Danny! It's just what I need to the nth power. Even tomorrow's 8am call at work is improved by daylight savings time which allows me to convince myself I don't really have to be in until 9am.

    I did catch up on Thursday's SPN last night and agree with the rest of the universe: Dean is stunning. [ profile] charlidos made this cap that I've been staring at on and off for the better part of the morning.

    On the horizon is next week's CSI/Without a Trace 2 hour crossover extravaganza. I've never seen Without a Trace but I'm sold on the previews and I'm excited to see Grissom in someone else's playground.

    Billy Petersen and Anthony LaPaglia were interviewed in this week's TV Guide and Petersen said this about his reason for sticking with the show after so many years, "And you have fans. You can't discount them. These people have made you. You have to be responsible to them, more than anything else really."

    *loves* I'm not an active Petersen fan outside of his work as Grissom (or maybe because I'll never see him as anything but Grissom) but I definitely respect him (and wish he'd grow his beard back).
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    ( May. 16th, 2007 06:18 am)
    I'm trying not to think about what it means when I post about Jensen at 6:20am but here I am and dear lord is he pretty.

    The Asylum photos that are coming back are a beautiful thing. (Figuratively and, of course, literally.)

    There are these. And then this one where he's with a gaggle of girls playing Charlie's Angels and the shit eating grin on this face is priceless. And, finally, these (the set at the bottom) which are some of my favorites (his eyes omg) except for the obnoxious tags and big, bold red "THESE ARE MINE - KEEP BACK" disclaimers because come on.

    With that, I should get up and get myself presentable for work. Big 8am meeting followed by a full day of meetings followed by a power dinner with boss and CEO, etc.

    It's so hard to move when Sally's purring in my lap.


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