Yesterday was entirely lazy and full of little more than clearing out my DVR and a couple of episodes of DS9. I made up for it today, though, with a morning run, brunch with my friend Drew and his boyfriend, a quick trip to the mall, boot camp, and a few hours at a coffee shop with the book I'm reading.

I'm still riding on a wave of Star Trek fueled adrenaline. I've been dying to talk about the movie and, now that I opened the flood gates, I can't seem to shut up. STAR TREK! STAR TREK UPDATED INTO A COMPLETELY AWESOME 2009 VERSION. It's new and fresh and still managed to feel like a gift to fans with 495739457 references to TOS. Things like ) I'm a happy, happy fan girl. Even without those details it was pure LOVE for the (perfectly cast) movie. The movie had the best of what I love about Star Trek but updated it exceptionally well for 2009.

Final thought: Chekov, Chekov, Chekov! I want to put him on a shelf and care for him always.

  • Confused about the back story prior to the opening sequence? Check out the graphic novel prequel, Star Trek: Countdown.
  • Scifi Wire red carpet interviews

    The only thing that's grating on me is the media's constant mockery of old school Star Trek fans. Even elements of last night's SNL skit annoyed me.** I get it. Trek fans are the pinnacle of geek fandom. Get over it. At large, Trek fans are excited about this movie. At large, Trek fans love this movie. io9 has a great article that nails my feelings: Why Is The Media Trying To Make Star Trek Fans Look Like Naysaying Dorks? Their final thesis? "...the 'straw nerd' this meme sets up is not aimed at bashing fans, but at luring in Trek-phobes."

    **Though I do love me some Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and LEONARD NIMOY.

    Justin, as expected, was made of 100% win on SNL. If you missed the episode, you can find a ton of clips here.

    Back to my book! I'm almost through with Einstein's Telescope and then I'm on to The Last Olympian. \o/
  • I don't know if this is out everywhere already but, when I heard Ciara's "Love, Sex, Magic," I recognized the song from a demo Justin did last year. His version is better. :)

    JT - "Love, Sex, Magic." - megaupload link

    ETA: Thanks to prompting from [ profile] timberho, I've now seen the video for "Love, Sex, Magic." HOT DAMN. Ciara may have to work for it with her tight outfits and bendy moves but Justin just has to stand there to exude sex. Jesus.

    My friend Jess is leaving Ann Arbor for a new job in Chicago so we had a goodbye dinner in the form of (many) martinis on Friday night. Yesterday I went to work for four or five hours and then made a point to redefine "lazy." This morning, I met my friend and his daughter for breakfast and had every intention of going to 2pm boot camp until I saw a text, at 9:55am, asking where I was. It turns out book camp moved to 10am and I missed the e-mail. :( I went for a run instead but it's not the same. My body misses it's usual Sunday evening ache.

    I just finished Jim Tabor's Forever on the Mountain. The book recounts the 1967 Denali Wilcox expedition disaster - 7 of the 12 climbers died on the mountain. This is the first non-Everest based climbing book I've read and it's definitely got me juiced about Denali. Many thanks to [ profile] kaelie for the recommendation! Next up, I'm finally digging into Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. It's been in my pile for a while but it's so long. An 1100 page book is a commitment. I also have some new climbing books on my "to read" list: Krakauer's Eiger Dreams and Peter Potterfield's In the Zone: Epic Survival Stories from the Mountaineering World.

    I'm watching "The Day After Tomorrow" and Jake is wearing a Michigan shirt. *g* Somewhat related, at least in state spirit, Michigan State made it to the NCAA Finals! There are going to be a lot of happy people at work tomorrow. Hopefully their mood is even more elated on Tuesday!

    What else? Moonshot is updated with 6 little recs for March:
    2 SPN
    2 SGA
    1 Criminal Minds
    1 Numb3rs

    Time Magazine: Best Actress: Kate Winslet's Moment

    I didn't realize that Winslet is only 33. Reading media and watching her, I assumed she was at least 5 years older. Perhaps it's the unadorned, exposed roles she picks and her willingness to look and act like a fully formed woman.

    GQ: Justin's cover interview

    Few things in entertainment media make me happier than persistent credibility for Justin.

    In a totally different vein, Smithsonian Magazine has some great features on Darwin. I rarely read biological sciences so I don't know all that much about Darwin but these articles motivate me to pick up some reading on natural selection.

    The plumber was scheduled to arrive today between 9:30am and 11:30am. At 11:50, when he still hadn't arrived, I called the office but could only leave a message. I finally heard back at 5:50pm. He tried to make excuses but calling demonstrated he had my number and all I required was a call, by 11:30am, to say he was stuck at another job. I expect that my time is respected and calling me more than 6 hours after he was supposed to show doesn't cut it. He came by around 6:30pm and all is well but I'm damn glad I didn't have plans this evening.

    In the meantime, I read some great fic. My favorite on the list is an SPN fic: The Consequences of Falling by pandarus; Dean/Castiel, NC-17. Castiel finds himself in an untenable position and consequentially loses his grace. Finding himself as a human, he roadtrips with a demon, discovers the delights of tequila, french fries and pie, plays a starring role in a virgin sacrifice, is deflowered by his favourite Winchester, and then gets some very unpleasant news indeed. 15 parts.
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    ( Nov. 17th, 2008 08:47 pm)
    My boss announced her retirement today which sucks on so many levels I can't even begin to describe. She's a boss who challenges, empowers, and motivates me and is always my advocate and champion. Her last day is in mid-December and, until there's movement on her replacement, I'll report to one of our Executive Vice Presidents. I am SO BUMMED. So bummed, in fact, that I worked until 7:30pm. I see more of that in my future. On the upside, this is going to force me to take ownership of my business and develop executive presence on a whole different level and there are some people at work, who's opinions I value, who had some tremendously kind things to say to me today about my contribution (as comfort for my despair). Still. UGH. UGH.

    I went to see Bond yesterday (while nearly no one was at my open house) and the highlight was the new Star Trek trailer. OMG THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. At the start, I actually thought it was a trailer for a new Cody Banks movie or something but then it kicked into gear and HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT. This movie trailer is going to be my happy place for a while.

    Another bright spot of the movie outing was Olga Kurylenko. This is why. She was bad ass and totally held her own with Daniel Craig (who was awesome).

    There are more movies to come this week. Wednesday is a screening of Australia and Thursday is a screening of Twilight. Hahahaha. Twilight. Could I hate a book series more? Probably not. Will I enjoy the movie? Probably not. Has the buzz and hysteria intrigued me enough to spend my night at the film? Sadly so. Who knows. Maybe the movie will be everything the book had the potential to be but wasn't.

    One day left to sign up for Hohohos!! I love gift fandom gift exchanges!!

    And, last but not least, I leave you with the new Rhianna video featuring Justin. Mostly it features him looking hot. I'm not sure if he's actually singing on the track at all but that's not why he's in the video anyway.

    Video, video )
    Hello Sunday! It's the first snow of the year and, despite my initial bitching about the impending winter freeze, it's gorgeous outside, I'm warm inside and I'm feeling okay about the next 6 months of brutally cold weather. There's an open house scheduled today from 2pm to 4pm, though, and I have a suspicion that the first snow of the year will not bode well for visitors.

    After dinner last night, my date and I came back to my place and watched Lars and the Real Girl. A+ AWESOME MOVIE. It was funny and touching and so much more than I expected. We fell asleep on the couch and, around 3am, I tucked him into my guest room and went upstairs to sleep. It's a little thing but I'm pleased with myself for enforcing boundaries even when it would have been easier and more comfortable to invite him to sleep in my room.

    I have to vacate my house between 2 and 4pm so friends and are going to see the new Bond. \o/ I wasn't a fan of the franchise until Daniel Craig stepped into the role. He's not, conventionally, my kind of actor but he's the perfect Bond.

    Okay, so, what else?

  • I don't usually read CSI Magazine but this issue has an interview with Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather) and also talks about Grissom's departure. Vague spoilers )

  • [ profile] callmesandy kindly hooked me up with pictures of Shemar Moore and his penis. I loved him as Malcolm on Y&R and I love him even more as Derek Moran on Criminal Minds. I'm certain he knows how good looking he is but he can totally get away with it because he's that good looking.

  • I just found the CM newsletter: [ profile] bau_inbox Daily CM on my friends list! Maybe this will help me find the fic I'm looking for. (I don't actually know what I want to read in the fandom now that Gideon/Reid isn't an option but I'm willing to read nearly any combination of team members.)

  • Justin was on SNL last night with a 2 minute recap of what a Thanksgiving hosting gig would have looked like. I adore him.

    ETA: Justin, Beyonce skit. Hahahaha.
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    ( Sep. 24th, 2008 07:49 pm)
    Hi. How are you? I'm in the midst of an irrational response to the news that GWB is speaking at 9pm EST which is exactly when I've been expecting to watch the season premiere of Criminal Minds. SOMEONE IS GOING TO BLOW UP, PEOPLE. I've been looking forward to it all day (all summer) and, quite frankly, I don't care if it's a disproportional response. What did Bartlett say? Sometimes a disproportional response is appropriate. Bush fucks up the economy and then takes away a much needed hour of escapism to tell me he someone else fucked up the economy? No thank you. I'll take Hotch and Reid instead.

    HOWEVER, embracing my irrational response, I called CBS (212-975-4321) and they confirmed that Criminal Minds is scheduled to start when Bush finishes speaking. The call center woman couldn't confirm for certain but, with me, assumed it means "scheduled to start from the beginning of the episode."

    Hey [ profile] carta! This comes my way via [ profile] subluxate: Knit One, Save One. Babies need hats and you can knit one for a baby in need!

    What else? [ profile] sga_flashfic is doing a kidfic challenge! If asked, I'd tell you I hate kidfic but the truth is that I've read a lot of awesome SGA kidfic. What I'm really hoping for from this challenge, though, is a story where Ronon gets a kid. He'd be such an awesome father and I can totally see him looking out for an orphan the way Runner v2.0 did but with Atlantis rallying around him all the way.

    In less inspiring news, the restart of the LHC was pushed back to early Spring 2009. :(

    I don't quite get the deal with Jessica Biel as an actress but she's definitely hot. On a purely superficial basis, I love how she and Justin look together i.e. HOT.

    [click for larger images]

    ETA: My house no longer smells like mildew! It's been getting mildly better by the day and I came home today and it's just fine! I hope this doesn't mean the mildew morphed into black mold or something. I'm going to assume it didn't and revel in the fresh, clean smell of my home.
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    ( May. 18th, 2008 09:18 am)
    Woke up to all sorts of fun this morning!

    First up, Neil Gaiman's take on Dr. Who as Hamlet:

      "To be, or not to be, that is the question. Weeelll.... More of A question really. Not THE question. Because, well, I mean, there are billions and billions of questions out there, and well, when I say billions, I mean, when you add in the answers, not just the questions, weeelll, you're looking at numbers that are positively astronomical and... for that matter the other question is what you lot are doing on this planet in the first place, and er, did anyone try just pushing this little red button?"

    HAHAHAHA! Spot. On. From here.

    Then, [ profile] babygotbass linked to Justin's recent appearance on Ellen. It's a continuation of their mutual love fest!

    Part I | Part II

    I've seen a few people mention books they hate. Here are some books I hate:
    * Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Yes, I know. But I didn't like it at all. There are very specific things I want out of a vampire book and Twilight didn't deliver for me. If it's any consolation, the movie casting looks fantastic. Edward Cullen. Mmmmmmm.
    * The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. I haaaaaaaaaate this book. I thought it was manipulative and contrived and I was angry when I finished it.
    * Anything by Melville. Again, sorry. But he bores me to death. Melville is an example of an author who's ideas I like but who's execution doesn't work for me. Same with Tolkien. I love the idea of Middle Earth but I'll never care that much about one tree and there's far too much wandering for my taste.

    Books I hate aren't all sorts of fun but letting loose on my distaste sure is. Another thing I like very much? G'Kar and the Narn. I'm about 1/3 of the way through season 2 of Babylon 5 (and I'm taking a break until you can catch up, [ profile] carta), and I'm completely taken with G'Kar. I find him oddly attractive in a bald, spotty (but strong & noble) sort of way.

    The show is old enough that, in searching for a G'Kar icon, I inadvertently spoiled myself for a plot point I haven't seen yet. No more icon searches for me until I finish the series!

    It looks like it's going to rain pretty soon so I'm going to try to get my run in before the downpour starts. Week 5, Day 2!
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    ( May. 1st, 2008 07:04 am)
    A month or two ago, [ profile] topaz119 shared this video of Carolyn Porco discussing Cassini images of Saturn, Titan, and Enceladus. She's tremendously passionate about the Cassini program and it's a great snapshot of images from the mission. ANYWAY. It turns out that Porco joined the Star Trek XI production crew as a planetary science consultant. In this interview, BSG Science Advisor Kevin Grazier interviews Porco about Cassini, her interest in Science Fiction, and her role in the new Star Trek film.

    But why I'm really posting at 6:53am is this: HEAVEN.

    Justin and Madonna on stage together is near musical performance nirvana for me. Don't mock. I'm entirely serious.

    Here are more, larger, images from their performance )

    Many thanks to [ profile] timberho for the photos and for video of their performance. It's not the best performance I've seen from either of them (the register seems too low for Madonna and it's a bit more chaotic than it needs to be) but it's MADONNA AND JUSTIN PERFORMING ON STAGE TOGETHER. I can't get enough of the moments when they dance together.

    Video... )

    On May 1, 2006 I made this post about a job opportunity in Ann Arbor. It feels, simultaneously, like it was 2 years ago and 20 years ago. It was filtered at the time but there's quite clearly no need for that now. :)

    On the same day, I made this post asking, "Suppose I wanted to read the best of Jack/Daniel. Where would I go? (I really need to troll the icon communities for a Daniel icon because OMG HOT.)" I love looking back on moments when I fell for a fandom.

    Happy May 1!

    ETA: Thanks for filling out my poll. I'll continue to keep BSG s3 spoilers behind a cut.
    You will love this if you a) love acapella or b) love Justin. You will especially love this if you love acapella and Justin.

    I am, again, up later than I should be. I have an 8:45am flight and then it's Philadelphia until late Friday afternoon. Exciting for this trip is that I FINALLY (meaning 6 months after it was requested) have web access to my company's site (e-mail, intranet, shared drives, etc.) so I can take my own laptop instead of my work laptop with the iffy VPN connection, annoying firewall, and frustrating mouse pad.

    • I didn't even know that LoveStoned is coming as a single (!!!) but the video is up at I'm not sure if there's such a thing as spoilers for videos but I'll cut in the event someone wants to watch before hearing what I have to say.

      And I have a lot to say )

      A handful of caps who'd rather look at him than read what I have to say )

    • No one at work watches Supernatural. Sadness. I have my BSG friends and my Stargate friends but I can't find any SPN friends. I do have [ profile] jensen_daily, though. For someone who usually hates the volume of posts on the daily comms, jensen_daily's working out quite nicely for me. Because he's very, very pretty.

    • Somehow, in a comment elsewhere about how I always expected to change my name when I marry, my words were interpreted as a comment about not feeling like I have an identity until I marry. Haha! Wow. I sure misrepresented myself there. I'm all about my identity as an individual. In fact, while kids are a must have on my list, marriage isn't. I'm ambivalent about the whole thing. Specifically regarding my willingness to change my name, my identity isn't wrapped up in my current last name. If it changes someday, my accomplishments and failures will follow. If I do get married some day, it's a symbol of unity and part of that unity, for me, is sharing a name. I'd happily let the guy take mine instead but neither option changes anything about who I am.

    • The air conditioner repair man came today. I have air. Cool air in my home. It is bliss. The repair man took the time to walk through my entire cooling and heating system with me. He showed me how to change the filters, made suggestions about new (less expensive, more effective) filters, walked me through the process of removing and changing the humidifier pad for my heater and, as a bonus, suggested I not water my lawn at 5pm when the water is sure to evaporate almost immediately. He was so nice. And not even a little condescending. He just understood that you don't know this stuff until someone shows you and I needed someone to show me. I feel a need to pay it forward.

    • Despite the cool air, I'm inexplicably cranky. For reasons I can't quite put my finger on (besides my obsessively perfectionist tendencies), I'm unsettled at work and it's seeping into my evening.
    Oh, Justin. The true testament to the power of Justin is that I found myself singing, "Hi, my name is Bob..." with enthusiasm. He owned me from the moment he stepped on stage and I've yet to recover. The voice. The moves. (Shit, he can move.) The buddy routine he has going with Timbaland. The small town boy approach to his success which he actually convinced me he means.

    Last night's JT show )

    I want him to win at EVERYTHING.
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    ( Oct. 16th, 2006 07:20 pm)
    * This here is illustrates one of the many reasons I love Justin. He's not afraid to make fun of himself and he always looks good doing it. (Well, except for the omelet. Yellow tights are rough on even the best of us.)

    * [ profile] ghettogreta - Here's the Vanity Fair scan of Jennifer Nettles you requested. The text at the bottom is a little blurry but hopefully the text isn't what you were after.

    * My garage door isn't closing correctly and a neighborhood animal ate my pumpkin. I need both a full time maintenance man and a full time gourd sitter.

    * My mom's oncologist recommended the radical double mastectomy. It's not a surprise but it feels heavier now that it's real. I'm so proud of my mom for taking proactive measures. She's brave and strong and doesn't need her breasts to continue being either of those things.

    * Warren Beatty! He's so reclusive, particularly since he settled into family life, so this week's interview in EW came as a huge surprise! (And a very welcome one, at that.) 25 years after it was released, "Reds" comes to DVD and Beatty is finally doing press on the film. He even participated in a DVD documentary! I may have to override my "No DVD's until the place in FL sells" rule for this one.

    Two more article scans and the DVD review. EW gave in a A. I give it a YAY! Hee! )
    I've come a long way in my ability to comfortably use public bathrooms but I'm not all the way there. You?

    [Poll #843522]

    The SEEDY HOTEL ROOM is just over a month away and today I ordered my photo op with Shanks! Eeee!! It's all about Daniel but Shanks is Daniel so EEEEEE! Plus, I get [ profile] kiffle and [ profile] cranberryink as part of the package and after months of planning it's about damn time.

    What else? Justin's My Love video is out! See it here. I have no objectivity where Justin's concerned so take it with a grain of salt when I say I love it.

    Yesterday I lamented my need to hold off on buying BSG, House, and SG-1 DVDs until my place in FL sells but today a colleague gave me season 2.5 as a surprise! I let her borrow 2.0 a few months ago and, without knowledge of my holdout on 2.5, she picked it up for me as a thank you gift for letting her hang on to my DVDs for so long. YAY!

    Need was on Sci-Fi tonight. The episode has, not doubt, one of the top 10 Jack/Daniel moments.

    It's Oct. 12 and it was snowing when I drove to work this morning. SNOWING. That didn't happen down in Florida.
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    ( Sep. 12th, 2006 06:18 pm)
    I ran to my local Borders at 11am to pick up my shiny new copy of FutureSex/LoveSounds and I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH!! I'd only heard 6 or 7 songs prior to today and I'm in loooooooooooooooove! It's a kick ass album. I think I perfected the car dance during my first listen to "Lovestoned" and "What Goes Around..." has me all mellow and dreamy and worshipping Justin Timberlake. He's so good.

    It's crazy but I feel like a protective big sister in the way I so sincerely want him to succeed.

    Related from work (dated Sunday): "Justin Timberlake's 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' breaks the iTunes Pre-order sales record held by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Justin is currently at 28,750 in pre-orders (on his way to 30K), (Red Hot Chili Peppers # was 27,000)."
    It rained for three or four days in a row and, when it finally stopped, I realized the garden in my front yard was overrun (and I mean completely overrun) by weeds. This is a first for me but I'm intrepid!homeowner so today, at lunch, I went to Lowes and bought gardening gloves and Round Up and hedge clippers and one of those pointy weed digger things. I bought all of the stuff because I had to but what I never expected is how much fun gardening is! I loved every second of the hour and a half I spent outside taking care of my garden. It's relaxing and so, so satisfying.

    Also very satisfying are the photos of JC on stage with Justin. It's just really cool that after all these years they're still part of each others lives. They still matter to each other.

    Lost City Part I is currently on Sci-Fi as part of the SG-1 marathon. Let's see...Elizabeth v1 still throws me, Sam & Jack are absurdly awkward at his house, and I'm at a point where the episode immediately triggers thoughts of the multitude of J/D Lost City fic out there. I'm looking forward to "1969" and "Window of Opportunity" but I wish "Upgrades" was part of the marathon, too. I loooooooooooove "Upgrades."

    Three day weekend ahead and a friend from college is flying in tomorrow. She's my first house guest since I moved here and I'm excited to show off Ann Arbor. (It's also the first football game of the season and I live a mere 2 miles away from Michigan Stadium. I'm not sure I know what I'm in for.)

    ETA: Is it just me or was there never a satisfying continuity flow from Lost City to the SGA pilot? How, exactly, did one thing lead to the other? Was it ever on screen? Did I miss it?
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    ( Jul. 25th, 2006 07:29 pm)

    • Justin's video! Holy shit, I love him. I mean, I really adore that kid man. He's so mature. And very, very hot. Youtube link is here. For anyone who needs the video on their hard drive (as I do), right click/save here for a 31.8mb wmv file. Thanks to timberho for this! (Please comment if you download and feel free to share the file but not the links.)

    • [ profile] military_beta - A new community for writer's with questions about the military. Obviously a great resource for anyone who writes SG-1 and/or SGA and has questions about, uh, military stuff. Other than thigh holsters. Because one look at Sheppard tells us all we need to know about thigh holsters. (Namely, they are good.)

    • Does it blow anyone else's mind that storm systems on Jupiter are larger than Earth?

    • Icewolf's is frustrated with slash is the wholesale appropriation and basic, fundamental changes that slash writers make to characters that aren't theirs. I'd argue that the "appropriation" bit can be applied to fan fiction in general and the "fundamental changes" concern is more an OOC issue than anything else but, mostly, I want to spend my time here arguing in defense of the clear canonical evidence supporting Jack/Daniel. Because that's what's really important.

    • I bought a bike today! Actually, my family bought me a bike as a housewarming gift because I'm not spending money until my home in Florida sells. But I have a mountain bike! It's name is Sheppard and I love it! (I don't actually have it in my possession yet. It was raining when I left the store and I need to put the top down on my car to get it home. But I have a bike!)

    • Tomorrow is my mother's last chemo session. She has the month of August off and then she starts another six weeks of daily radiation in September. But then she's done. Done. Done. Done. DONE. Our family cruise in December will be one hell of a party.

    • Home appraisal is in (for more than I paid!) and, with that, I have the firm loan approval documents. I'm set to close on Monday! Eeeeeeeeee!

    • This is the downer bit of the post. Michigan doesn't have full service gas stations which means, in the dead of winter, I'm going to have to GET OUT OF MY CAR TO PUMP GAS. It's never to early too learn tips and tricks. How do you cold weather folks do it? Is it as terrible as it sounds???

    • SG-1, episode 09x18, beckons!
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    ( Jul. 23rd, 2006 11:54 am)
    I post about SG-1 and SGA often (and that's not going to stop) but I'm interested in gauging the general Stargate interest on my friends list.

    [Poll #776277]

    • It seems the plan for the Stargate movie has it picking up where the original film left off. Okay, fine. Whatever. I get that it's sci-fi and there's no rule saying another film has to include TEN YEARS of television canon but, if I go to a theater to see a Stargate film, I'd prefer that the story acknowledge the TV show. On the other hand, I'm not sure I can see RDA and Shanks in an over the top big screen Stargate adventure which leads me to maybe it's best to leave well enough alone. Didn't we learn from the X-Files?

    • [ profile] xfkirsten took some lovely photos of the SGA panel at Comic Con. They look like such a fun group! (More here at her site.)

    • The Burbank con is only four months away! SEEDY HOTEL ROOM! Shanks! Flanigan! [ profile] kiffle? [ profile] cranberryink? We have variations of this to look forward to. And this. (And, of course, this.) After so many years, it's clear that Shanks knows how to play to his audience.

    • A short while ago, [ profile] synedcochic wrote Eurydice, After. It's Jack/Daniel and all about Daniel's edges and issues. Shortly after came Metaphor which is Daniel/Cameron and seemingly unrelated to the first story until you read the newest, Depth Charge. All three together weave a Daniel I want to know better. After a decade of doing what he does, he has edges and needs and he's not a fucking puppy simply looking to make nice with the natives. Cameron is really interesting in the second two stories, too, with his need to find a way to fit in with SG-1. Fabulous stories - all three of them.

    • Cut to Justin. [ profile] krissita cleaned up the photos from the Observer and, in an add, MTV aired a very, very brief clip of the SexyBack video.

      At some point today I have to make it to the gym and then the supermarket. It's my father's Yartzheit tonight (Hebrew anniversary of his death) so I found a local synagogue and I'm heading to 7:30pm services to say kaddish. I remember going with him to say Kaddish for his own mother when I was just four or five which gives this special meaning. Rather than reminding me of his death, it makes me feel incredibly close - and linked - to him. I love that I can honor him the way he honored his mother.

    • Okay. Song first. SexyBack is not at all what I expected but, when I listen, I want to dance hard and wild. I'm also dying for the video. I demand that it's as hot as the lyrics.

    • I recently read two hot and nasty SGA stories that beg to shared. The first is an SGA/Supernatural crossover and the second involves a John characterization that melts my brain.

      Rollin by Kat Reitz & tzigane (Rodney McKay/Dean Winchester, NC-17)

      "Want me to take a look at it?" That heavy rumble cut off, and the door squeaked open, one jean-clad leg climbing out of it, and, okay, he was a little young for Rodney's taste, but frankly, he'd always had a thing for blonds in all of their various incarnations. This one was mostly dark-blond, but he had that mouth, and those eyes, and that car, and, well. He'd be kind of stupid to say no. Rodney McKay was anything but stupid."

      Dangerous by Rebecca (McKay/Sheppard, NC-17)

      There was something predatory in John's face now, something dark and hungry and raw, and it made Rodney shiver inside and wonder just what he'd done, what he'd gotten himself into.

      Live, love, read, feed.

    • I move to Ann Arbor on July 14th which is the same night the season premiers of SGA and SG-1 air. I'm not caught up on SG-1 yet but I imagine I'll have to take full advantage of available downloads of SGA unless my extended stay hotel is kind enough to have Sci-Fi in their cable line up.
    September 12th!!! And a club tour!

    Oh, Justin how I've missed you.


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