Time Magazine: Best Actress: Kate Winslet's Moment

I didn't realize that Winslet is only 33. Reading media and watching her, I assumed she was at least 5 years older. Perhaps it's the unadorned, exposed roles she picks and her willingness to look and act like a fully formed woman.

GQ: Justin's cover interview

Few things in entertainment media make me happier than persistent credibility for Justin.

In a totally different vein, Smithsonian Magazine has some great features on Darwin. I rarely read biological sciences so I don't know all that much about Darwin but these articles motivate me to pick up some reading on natural selection.

The plumber was scheduled to arrive today between 9:30am and 11:30am. At 11:50, when he still hadn't arrived, I called the office but could only leave a message. I finally heard back at 5:50pm. He tried to make excuses but calling demonstrated he had my number and all I required was a call, by 11:30am, to say he was stuck at another job. I expect that my time is respected and calling me more than 6 hours after he was supposed to show doesn't cut it. He came by around 6:30pm and all is well but I'm damn glad I didn't have plans this evening.

In the meantime, I read some great fic. My favorite on the list is an SPN fic: The Consequences of Falling by pandarus; Dean/Castiel, NC-17. Castiel finds himself in an untenable position and consequentially loses his grace. Finding himself as a human, he roadtrips with a demon, discovers the delights of tequila, french fries and pie, plays a starring role in a virgin sacrifice, is deflowered by his favourite Winchester, and then gets some very unpleasant news indeed. 15 parts.
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( Jan. 27th, 2009 07:21 pm)
THIS DAY. Oh, this day. I think my big mistake was the Twitter text and matching text to my sister declaring, "I'm having the nicest day off." Right there - my downfall.

At 2:30pm a major supplier called with near catastrophic news that turned the rest of my day on it's ear, forced me into the office for four hours, and delivered a punch that will keep on giving and giving and giving. I shouted "FUCK" at outlandish decibels more times today than I can count. The walls of my car and house were vibrating. My major victory is that I kept the shouting out of the office. Fuck, fuck, fuck. It's bad enough that the issue is as bad as it is but this was my day off. This was the day off I was taking after not taking my days off on Friday and Monday. I'm cranky.

I can end the pity party right there. The start to my day was actually pretty spectacular and, up until 2:30, everything I was hoping for from the day. I watched Joey on Ellen and then ran my requisite errands. I now have my framed International Star Registry certificate in my hot little hands. Well, it's in my office, soon to reside on my wall, but you get the point. I found a $50 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card and a $100 AmEx gift card and used them to buy $90 in candles. Candles are expensive. Now I'm sitting on my couch watching The West Wing with four of my new candles burning. (It's "Inauguration Part 2. Donna is about to take a fall for Jack Reece.)

Here's all of the other good stuff keeping me from damaging the structure of my hope with a sledgehammer:

  • Tickets to RENT with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in Detroit on 2/22!

  • New purchases from borders.com. I picked up two copies of "If These Wall Could Talk 2" ([livejournal.com profile] carta - one has your name on it) and a book I saw in the VSL:Science newsletter today: Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio

    Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner once wondered about "the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics" in the formulation of the laws of nature. Is God a Mathematician? investigates why mathematics is as powerful as it is. From ancient times to the present, scientists and philosophers have marveled at how such a seemingly abstract discipline could so perfectly explain the natural world. More than that -- mathematics has often made predictions, for example, about subatomic particles or cosmic phenomena that were unknown at the time, but later were proven to be true. Is mathematics ultimately invented or discovered? If, as Einstein insisted, mathematics is "a product of human thought that is independent of experience," how can it so accurately describe and even predict the world around us? More )

  • Playboy interview with Hugh Laurie

  • Daniel Radcliffe Invites Obama Girls to Hogwarts

  • Via [livejournal.com profile] ghettogreta: Every year, Lean Cuisine offers these really cute lunch bags for sale at their website. The bags are 10 bucks a piece and for every bag sold, 5 dollars goes to the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation. I eat at least 5 Lean Cuisine meals every week so this is the perfect way to support cancer research and my favorite frozen meal company. Site is here for anyone who's interested.

  • New Pink video for 'Please Don't Leave Me' )

  • Instinct interviewed Bruce Boxleitner a few months ago and it's all about SMK. &hearts &hearts &hearts

    [click for larger image]

  • And the Girls are on the cover of Playboy again. I have all three (courtesy of my staff which worries me in a way I'm not going to delve into). I didn't scan the photos but here's Kendra's cover. More hearts! &hearts &hearts &hearts

  • Scans include:
    * Brotherly Love: SPN News
    * The Shape of Things to Come: Interview with Jared & Jensen
    * Director's Cut: Interview with David Nutter
    * Habeas Supernatural: Interview with Ben Edlund, Erik Kripke, Robert Singer, and Sera Gamble
    * Blast From the Past: Interview with Mitch Pileggi

    Download 22 pages of scans here - zip file, right click/save, 28.2mb. Please comment if you download. Do not post this privately hosted link elsewhere. Enjoy!
    Sally always seems to know when I need her most as evidenced by the way she's currently sprawled across my lap. *loves*

    Today, months after seeing the movie in theaters, I finally saw the ending of the Sex and the City movie. The video cut out when we saw it in the theaters so I heard the end but didn't get to see it. I love this movie even more when I can see the ending. Oh, Carrie. You're the best.

    There have been a number of posts on my friends lists about women we love and one person I haven't seen anywhere is Jennifer Aniston. She has such a likable quality. Even when she's wearing next to nothing the first thing you're drawn to is her face.

    Wonderful photos from her GQ photo shoot )

    There's a lot going on at work tomorrow so I plan to try to get into bed with my book by 9am and get into the office by 7:30am. We'll see how that goes.
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    ( Dec. 11th, 2008 07:40 pm)
    I keep reading that a concern with Obama's likely appointment of Steven Chu as Energy Secretary is that he doesn't have a political background. I argue with two points:

    a) When it comes to energy, Nobel Laureate scientist > Arnold Schwarzenegger. I LOVE that the (presumptive) nominee for energy secretary isn't just a political appointment. It's a practical appointment.
    b) No one should discount the absurd political maneuverings required to succeed in the ranks of academia.

    Tangentially related, Michigan State Picked for Half-Billion-Dollar Accelerator. \o/ The only thing better would be replacing "Michigan State" with "University of Michigan."

    The new Sci-fi Magazine has an article of season 4.5 of BSG. I didn't read it because I'm spoilerphobic but I scanned it in the event anyone else is interested. (If you do d/l and read the article, please let me know if there are spoilers or if, at the very least, I can read the bits about the actors.)

    [Tag line is blurred to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen 4.0.]

    Download 11 pages of scans here: right click/save, zip file, 12.4mb, please comment if you download.

    Also in the BSG world: BSG: The 13 minute recap. It's funny (and, actually, a good refresher). Spoilers through season 4.0. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] titti for the head's up.

    [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade tagged me to to talk about one thing that has made me happy for each of the last eight days.

    Here I go starting today and working my way back... )

    Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] runerinrun, [livejournal.com profile] between_names, [livejournal.com profile] worldwouldend and [livejournal.com profile] cruisedirector for the holiday cards!!

    I'm starting season 2 of The L Word tonight and then it's Grissom's penultimate episode on CSI. Tomorrow I'm off to NY for the weekend. My sister and Chase beckon!

    Scans include:
    * Comic-con News special (2 pgs)
    * The Boys Are Back in Town - Interview with Jared & Jensen (6 pgs)
    * Tales From the Kripke - Interview with Eric Kripke (5 pgs)
    * Inside the Writer's Room (6 pgs)
    * Driver Picks the Music - Top 10 Featured Songs (4 pgs)

    Download 24 pages of scan here: right click/save, zip file, 28.2mb. Please comment if you download and please do not repost this privately hosted file.

    As always, puns are not mine. Blame the magazine writers. The issue is on-sale now in bookstores and also includes an interview with director Charles Beeson, an interview with Emmanuelle Vaugier (Madison), and a run down of the women who have crossed paths with Sam & Dean.
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    ( Oct. 10th, 2008 01:12 pm)
    I love Esquire. They know exactly what they want to be and they consistently deliver.

    For the November issue, on the heels of Esquire's revolutionary e-ink issue and as part of their year long recreation of past covers, they've recreated their December 2000 cover.

    I love it. It's satirical and hot as all get out.

    More on the cover shoot here.

    For more fun, of a different nature, click here to see Discover Magazine's "emporium of science tattoos." I wonder if my tattoo of saturn counts.

    And hooray for Connecticut! One state at a time...

    16 pages of scans including:
    Dark Knights - interview with Jared & Jensen
    The Write Stuff - interview with Sera Gamble
    The Real McCoy - Interview with Sandy McCoy

    Download scans here - right click/save, zip file, 19mb. I'd appreciate it if comment if you download. Please do not share this privately hosted link elsewhere. Enjoy!

    17 pages of scans include:
    * Supernatural news
    * Top 5 Winchester allies
    * Born to be Bad? Interview with Jared
    * 2008 Supernatural Award Results: Best Dean Moment, Funniest Moment, etc.

    Download scans here - right click/save, zip file, 20.2mb. This is hosted on my personal web space. Please comment if you download.

    (The magazine is on-sale now. The issue also includes an interview with Samantha Smith aka Mary Winchester, an interview with location managers Russ Hamilton and Paul Lougheed, and letters to Eric Kripke.)

    Long day at work today and I screwed up dinner plans but the carpet guys are coming back tomorrow morning so I can sleep in until 8am. \o/
    If you posted about the season finale of Bones, please link me to your commentary so I can come and FLAIL with you! Or come talk to me in comments here!

    Next up: new SPN magazine arrived today!

    Scans include:
    * Sibling Rivalry? Erik Kripke explains how Sam & Dean are equal in Supernatural.
    * Top Five Metallicar Moments
    * Supernatural Encounters: Interview with Jared & Jensen
    * The Lady Is A Vamp: Interview with Amber Benson
    * Boys Will Be Boys: Interview with Ridge Canipe & Colin Ford (young Sam & Dean)

    The magazine is, apparently, channeling J-14 and also features a cornucopia of mini posters.

    Download 18 pages of scans here. 21.9mb, zip file, right click/save.

    Please comment if you download. Feel free to direct others to this post but do not share this privately hosted link elsewhere.

    In totally unrelated news, I was once seated next to Ted Kennedy on a Delta shuttle flight from DC to NY. He was very happy to make conversation with an overeager college student and, beyond having the largest head I've ever seen on a human being, was a kind, engaging man. It's a nice memory that's stuck with me all these years and I wish him well.
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    ( Apr. 17th, 2008 06:55 pm)
    [livejournal.com profile] powrhug! Thank you for my birthday present of gourmet cheese! Hahaha. You know I love it! It's cheese and crackers for dinner tonight. And [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade! What a thoughtful words to accompany a lovely (and perfect) gesture. Thank you!

    The new issue of Sci-fi has a brief article on Dr. Who. I have to say, I'm loving Catherine Tate.

    One more page )

    I'm watching Monday's Boston Legal and then it's on to last night's Criminal Minds. It's a busy day at work tomorrow but three friends are taking me out for a birthday dinner and then it's BSG!

    ETA: There are no friends like Alan Shore and Denny Crane.
    New Stargate and Torchwood magazines came today!

    Scans include:
    * Five pages of season five casting spoilers (including one that's distracted me from the rest of the magazine)!
    * Stargate Atlantis Set Visit
    * The Good Sheppard: Interview with Joe Flanigan
    * Radek-al Science: Interview with David Nykl
    * McKay and Mr. Gero: Interview with Martin Gero

    Download 20 pages of scans here - zip file, 23.5mb, right click/save. Please comment if you download. Feel free to send people here for the link but do not post this link elsewhere. (The magazine should be on-sale in bookstores this week.)

    PS. It seems the editors appreciate thoughtful, thinky Sheppard as much as we do.

    Entirely unrelated, Madonna was interviewed on local Detroit radio today. I so hope she tours!
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    ( Mar. 22nd, 2008 05:22 pm)
    Katee Sackhoff, Tricia Helfer, and Grace Park have a Barbarella inspired spread in April's GQ. *brain explodes* I think I'm in lust with the entire cast of Battlestar Galactica.

    In other, non BSG related news (except how, these days I can relate everything to BSG), [livejournal.com profile] lilysaid asks, "What makes a pairing work for you?" I answered there but I'm answering here, too.

    * While I love the spark of something on screen and that definitely pushes me toward pairing two characters (Jack & Daniel, Dan & Casey, Bones & Booth, Adama & Roslin), what I need most of all is the idea that, based on what I've seen and learned about characters, even independently of each other, they would work well together.

    * I have to care about the characters and have an interest in investing more in the character than we're given on screen. Zelenka is a perfect example. I like him just fine but I'm not looking for more so I don't read Zelenka fic.

    * I love pairings that come together against all odds. Sam & Dean (moral taboos!), Harry & Snape (personal history and power differentials), Jack & Daniel (DADT!), John & Rodney (more DADT!). Initial bickering/difference of opinions that leads to a meeting of minds is the perfect set up for me.

    * I'm a huge sucker for crossovers. I love when an author writes a crossover so plausible it's hard to believe the universes will never collide in canon because clearly these characters are meant to be together.

    * I have an OTP in every fandom but I am not OTP-centric. I read multiple pairings in almost all of my fandoms including fic where 1/2 of my OTP is paired with someone else (as evidenced by my SGA OTP).
    SGA: Rodney/Ronon
    SG-1: Jack/Daniel
    SPN: Sam/Dean
    Torchwood: Jack/Ianto
    HP: Harry/Snape
    BSG: Adama/Roslin

    Now let me talk some more about how much I love Ianto Jones. In particular, how 'Fragments' solidified everything I was already thinking. )

    Scans include:
    * Eric answers his critics
    * Top 5 Winchester fights
    * Everybody Loves A Clown - Interview with Jensen
    * Supernatural Scrapbook - Photos from the set
    * Father Figure - Interview with Jim Beaver
    * Do the Write Thing - Inside the writer's room
    * All About Ellen - Interview with Samantha Ferris
    * Details for voting in the Supernatural Magazine Awards 2008

    Download 30 pages of scans here. zip file, 37mb, right click/save. Please comment if you download. Feel free direct people to this post but do not share the link.

    Features I didn't scan include:
    * Interview with Fredric Lehne (YED)
    * Ivan Hayden: The FX Factor
    * An interview with Eric about his directorial debut on WIAWSNB

    The magazine should hitting stores right now.

    While I'm at it, I'm totally interested in your votes for the Supernatural Magazine Awards:
    Award categories... )

    I have to think about these a bit but, no question, Best Use of a Song was "Renegade."
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    ( Feb. 29th, 2008 07:51 pm)
    I fell for Torchwood hard and fast. Here's a 10 page article from the newest issue of DeathRay featuring Q&A with all of the cast members.

    Download the article here - 12.4mb, right click/save, please do not post this link anywhere else

    Or view 10 pages of scans here )

    I'm so excited for the rest of this season!

    [livejournal.com profile] apieceofcake posted picspam for Jensen's birthday and good lord he's hot. He does the sexy photo shoot like no one else but this simple shot of Jensen in profile with the water bottle stopped me in my tracks. HOT.
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    ( Feb. 25th, 2008 07:16 pm)
    I got back to the office today to find a magazine extravaganza waiting for me. Stargate! Sci-fi! Clooney on the cover of Time! Viggo on the cover of Men's Vogue!!

    The zip file below includes 21 pages of scans from Stargate Magazine and Sci-Fi Magazine:
    * Playing Doctor - Sci-Fi Mag interview with David Hewlett (note minor s4 spoilers)
    * Gero Discusses Keller & Beckett
    * The Book of Daniel - Interview with Michael Shanks
    * Black is the Color - Interview with Claudia Black
    * Get Carter! - Interview with Amanda Tapping
    * Military Precision - Interview with Ben Browder
    * Judging Teal'C - Interview with Chris Judge

    Download 21 pages of scans here - right click/save, 23mb, please comment if you download.

    BSG bonus! Download a two page interview with Grace Park and Jamie Bamber on BSG s4 here and here. Beyond talk of s4, the interview includes big spoilers from s3.

    George Clooney is so dapper and classy. Click images for larger versions. Kindly, Time had the interview on the website - linked below.

    Interview: George Clooney: The Last Movie Star

    Click images for larger versions. The linked interview is awesome. Viggo's awesome. :)

    Interview: Riding High: Viggo Mortensen – from middle-earth to the wild west, hollywood's bare-knuckled hero blazes his own trail

    Plus a handful of 'Viggo at the Oscars' pics )
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    ( Jan. 20th, 2008 12:53 pm)
    My Cloverfield screening didn't have the Star Trek preview but the internet is awesome:

    Star Trek movie teaser... )

    The only thing that will tide me over for this film is anticipation for The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger is going to blow my mind as The Joker. (If you haven't seen the preview yet, go here.) Empire magazine has a short feature on the movie. Click on the image for a larger version:

    More... )

    And this may only be of interest to [livejournal.com profile] topaz119, but Scientific American has a special report on the future of physics focusing on the expectations placed on the Large Hadron Collider. Two of the articles are up on SciAm.com:

    The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics by Chis Quigg: The current Standard Model of particle physics begins to unravel when probed much beyond the range of current particle accelerators. So no matter what the Large Hadron Collider finds, it is going to take physics into new territory.

    Large Hadron Collider: The Discovery Machine by Graham P. Collins: A global collaboration of scientists is preparing to start up the greatest particle physics experiment in history

    I've been productive this morning \o/ and now I'm resting up before a playoff party at a friend's house. I'm on call for chips and dip and veggies. I had ambitions of making my own guacamole but it's clear, now, that my friends will have to settle for store bought. I also had ambitions of getting some work done this weekend but I made an executive decision and that, too, is not happening.

    ETA: I'm so going to see this silly movie with Ryan Reynolds and Abigale Breslin. I hate romantic comedies but I love Ryan Reynolds and he's finally in a movie that won't find his character drunk with underwear on his head.
    It's only been since Sunday but I feel like I haven't updated in ages. Lot of late nights at work this week but it's been a good one and tonight I have dinner with friends followed by a screening of "Cloverfield" followed by drinks at a local wine bar. And tomorrow is Friday!

    The new issues of the Supernatural magazine arrived today. Have some scans.

    Scans include:
    * Some words from Kripke
    * Top 5 Sam & Dean disguises (IMO: Catholic Priests for the win)
    * Being Jared Padalecki - A really cute interview with Jared
    * Tales from the Supernatural set
    * In the Name of the Father - Interview with JDM
    * Killer Instinct - Interview with Sterling K. Brown

    Download 25 pages of scans here - 30.7mb, zip file, right click/save, please comment if you download. Please do not share/post this direct link anywhere else but feel free to direct people here to dl.

    On spoilers: I didn't catch any but don't hold me to that.

    Also in the issue but not scanned: Interview with Robert Singer & an interview with Lauren Cohan. For US folks, if you're looking to buy the issue, I can't help with B&N but a list of Borders/Waldenbooks that carry the magazine is here. Strong sales = more magazine = happy fangirl.

    I wish I had time to nap before dinner/movie/wine. I fear, though, that if I close my eyes right now I'll wake up tomorrow morning.
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    ( Dec. 27th, 2007 05:35 pm)
    The December issue of Starburst has a short little Jensen interview. Click on the image for a larger scan.

    Three more pages of scans )

    It was another calm day at work and I took time at lunch to go shopping for [livejournal.com profile] stargems' visit (tomorrow!). Now it's 5:30pm and I'm already sitting at home on my couch. I like it.

    In this issue:
    McKay-Carter Rivalry Lights Up Stargate: Atlantis
    Stargate SG-1 Audiobooks Are Go
    Interview with Paul McGillion
    Great Expectations: Interview with Rachel Luttrell
    Made by Mallozzi: Interview with Joe Mallozzi

    Note: Includes (relatively well known) spoilers for unaired season four eps.

    Download 18 pages of scans here. Right click/save, 23mb, zip/jpg. Please comment if you download.

    It's on-sale now in the US...probably at most major bookstores.


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