New Stargate and Torchwood magazines came today!

Scans include:
* Five pages of season five casting spoilers (including one that's distracted me from the rest of the magazine)!
* Stargate Atlantis Set Visit
* The Good Sheppard: Interview with Joe Flanigan
* Radek-al Science: Interview with David Nykl
* McKay and Mr. Gero: Interview with Martin Gero

Download 20 pages of scans here - zip file, 23.5mb, right click/save. Please comment if you download. Feel free to send people here for the link but do not post this link elsewhere. (The magazine should be on-sale in bookstores this week.)

PS. It seems the editors appreciate thoughtful, thinky Sheppard as much as we do.

Entirely unrelated, Madonna was interviewed on local Detroit radio today. I so hope she tours!
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( Feb. 25th, 2008 07:16 pm)
I got back to the office today to find a magazine extravaganza waiting for me. Stargate! Sci-fi! Clooney on the cover of Time! Viggo on the cover of Men's Vogue!!

The zip file below includes 21 pages of scans from Stargate Magazine and Sci-Fi Magazine:
* Playing Doctor - Sci-Fi Mag interview with David Hewlett (note minor s4 spoilers)
* Gero Discusses Keller & Beckett
* The Book of Daniel - Interview with Michael Shanks
* Black is the Color - Interview with Claudia Black
* Get Carter! - Interview with Amanda Tapping
* Military Precision - Interview with Ben Browder
* Judging Teal'C - Interview with Chris Judge

Download 21 pages of scans here - right click/save, 23mb, please comment if you download.

BSG bonus! Download a two page interview with Grace Park and Jamie Bamber on BSG s4 here and here. Beyond talk of s4, the interview includes big spoilers from s3.

George Clooney is so dapper and classy. Click images for larger versions. Kindly, Time had the interview on the website - linked below.

Interview: George Clooney: The Last Movie Star

Click images for larger versions. The linked interview is awesome. Viggo's awesome. :)

Interview: Riding High: Viggo Mortensen – from middle-earth to the wild west, hollywood's bare-knuckled hero blazes his own trail

Plus a handful of 'Viggo at the Oscars' pics )

In this issue:
McKay-Carter Rivalry Lights Up Stargate: Atlantis
Stargate SG-1 Audiobooks Are Go
Interview with Paul McGillion
Great Expectations: Interview with Rachel Luttrell
Made by Mallozzi: Interview with Joe Mallozzi

Note: Includes (relatively well known) spoilers for unaired season four eps.

Download 18 pages of scans here. Right click/save, 23mb, zip/jpg. Please comment if you download.

It's on-sale now in the US...probably at most major bookstores.
Always a good day when my Stargate magazine arrives! And, coming in November, Supernatural and CSI magazines!!

In this issue:
* More Stargate Atlantis: Episode Titles Unveiled
* Shanks Reflects on Ending an Era
* Comic-Con report/photos from Joseph Mallozzi
* Sheppard's Sky: Interview with Joe Flanigan
* Queen of the Doomed: Interview with Morena Baccarin
* A Mitch in Time: Interview with Mitch Pileggi
* Staite of Atlantis: Interview with Jewel Staite
* Level 28: SG-1/SGA trivia quiz

Again with the terrible puns. Staite of Atlantis??? Seriously?

Download 23 pages of scans here. (27.8MB Right click/save. Comments are appreciated. Please do not share this link. Note: Some articles/interview may have spoilers.)

Download 9 pages of scans here. zip file, 10.4mb, right click/save, comments are appreciated

This article includes spoilers for season four.
Came home from the Chicago Stargate con to a new Stargate Magazine waiting for me.

Download 20 pages of magazine scans here. zip file, 24.6mb, right click/save, please comment

In this issue:
* 5 pages of spoilery type information that I won't list in detail to spare any spoilerphobes
* SG-1 At The Movies: Interview with Amanda about the movies with comments from Browder, Shanks, Bridges, Cooper, and Wright
* On The Shoulders of Giants: Interview with David Nykl
* Level 28: SG-1 and SGA quizzes.

Standard PSA: If you can, buy a copy of the magazine, as well, to help ensure it keeps on coming our way.

Next issue: Flanigan, Morena, and Jewel!!

Includes in this issue:
* Stargate: Atlantis readies for season four
* MGM Reveals DVD Movie Storylines
* Interview with Michael Shanks
* Interview with Claudia Black
* Interview with Chris Judge
* Interview with Ben Browder
* The Unending - snapshots taken on the set as filming wrapped
* Interview with Amanda Tapping
* Stargate SG-1 Yearbook (with notes written by all of the cast members)

Other features that I didn't scan:
* Interview with Will Waring
* Interview with Dan Shea
* Interview with Beau Bridges
* Perfect 10 - Brad Wright takes readers through a decade of intergalactic action

Download 48 pages of scans here. zip file, 56.6mb, right click/save, please comment. Feel free to share the scans or direct people to this post but do not share the link.

My favorite bit is this, from Martin Wood, in the Yearbook section: "I'll tell you honestly what I'm going to miss. I'm going to miss the core cast, because there is no replacing carter, Daniel, Teal', and O'Neill. I really feel like that. I miss O'Neill a lot, and I miss that core cast together." Me, too!
It's that time again.

Download 28 pages of scans including (among many bad puns):
* Four pages of the intro stuff that includes some (well known) SGA casting spoilers
* Judge For Yourself - interview with Chris Judge
* Stargate Readers Poll (They have the most romantic moments all wrong but I can stand by their list of funniest SG-1 and SGA moments.)
* Cliff Hanger - interview with Cliff Simon
* Weir & Now - interview with Torri Higgenson

Download here - right click/save, zip file, ~36mb, comments are lovely
Work was tough today. Very, very. Will be tomorrow morning, as well. I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon's FL trip in a big way.

The new Starburst magazine has interviews with Paul McGillion and Don S. Davis. (Note: I haven't read the Davis interview yet but the McGillion interview definitely has spoilers for the 2nd half of s3 of SGA.)

Download 10 pages of scans - zip, ~10.5mb, right click/save, comments are lovely
This was a lovely treat to come back to today. It's chock full of SGA goodness and will make for excellent reading on Friday's flight to FL.

Scans include:
* Not Your Average Joe - interview with JF
* Luttrell Thinking - interview with RL
* Super Gero - interview with Martin Gero
* Hewlett The Fuse - interview with DH
* Sister Act - interview with Kate Hewlett
* Weir in Deep Water - interview with TH
* Much More Momoa - interview with JM
* Doctor in the House - interview with Paul McGillion

(The writers really need to lay off the puns.)

Download zip file - 45 pages of scans - ~52mb, zip file, right click/save, please comment

FYI - In addition to the scans, you can have it in your hands. The issue costs $9.99 US/$11.99 CAN and is available in most major bookstores (e.g. Borders, B&N). The more we buy, the more easily we can rest assured they'll give us more!

  • There's a short little Flanigan interview in the most recent issue of Starburst. Not sure if scans turned up yet. I love his earnestness about his craft.

    Three more pages of scans )

  • Billy Petersen is on the cover of this week's TV Guide. [ profile] fuskeez was kind enough to offer up scans. Oh, Gil, my Gil.

  • I finally had a chance to watch "Born Under A Bad Sign" and I'm SPN heaven. My three favorite quotes )

  • And a quick poll:
    [Poll #927483]

  • Hugs and love to [ profile] powrhug. *smooch*
Yay! Just in time for the holidays!

Scans includes:
"The Gate That Jack Built" - interview with RDA
"A Wee Bit of Beckett" - interview with Paul McGillion
"Teyla Made" - interview with Rachel Luttrell
"A Star Is Bourne" - interview with JR Bourne (Martouf) EEEEE!
Interview with Martin Wood
SG-1 and SGA Trivia
"Advanced Telemetry - News Update"

Note: I haven't read all of the interviews/articles yet but, as always, you can probably expect some spoilers.

Download 28 pages of scans here - zip file, ~37mb, right click/save, comments are lovely

The trivia is fun! Here are those scans on their own (though also included in the zip file): SG-1 Trivia! SGA Trivia!
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( Oct. 26th, 2006 07:39 pm)
The new Stargate Magazine arrived (with a "free tattoo" sticker on the front that I laboriously scraped off because it was tragically placed over David Hewlett's face). For those who are wondering, it was a First Prime of Apophis tattoo which means I officially have my halloween costume. I'll have to manage without the headgear.

Download 19 pages of scan here. zip file, ~24mb, right click/save, comments are delightful

The scans include interviews with David Hewlett, Jason Momoa, and Amanda Tapping along with some other assorted goodies. I haven't read through all of the articles yet but it's safe to assume you may stumble on spoilers.

PS. [ profile] kiffle! Creation tells me that Flanigan has rejoined the NJ con!

  • Fic rec: Calibrate by synecdochic. Jack/Daniel, PG. "It's been a long week. A long fucking week. And Daniel never quite knew all the rules for when normal Americans are allowed to touch each other." I'd qualify this as pre-slash. There's so much simmering under the surface.

  • The First Commandment was on Sci-Fi tonight. I don't love the episode but Daniel's rarely hotter than in those 43 minutes.

  • The cast of BSG did a hot, hot photoshoot for the current issue of Maxim. Damn. Is it October yet?

  • The new issue of Starburst has an interview with Torri Higginson. Minor spoilers for season 3. Click on the image to open a larger version.

    Four more scans... )

  • PS. You were all right. Firefox kicks IE's ass.
New issue of Stargate and there's all sorts of SGA and SG-1 goodness!

Download 20 pages of scans - zip file, ~25mb, right click/save, comments are lovely

List of scanned articles (includes casting spoilers) )

This new issue almost makes up for the fact that Sci-Fi is having audio problems in my area and I can only watch SG-1 and SGA if I'm not all that interested in sound.
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( Jul. 20th, 2006 06:51 pm)
Afalskdfjrslzzt! Shanks! And Flanigan! On the cover of the new Starburst Magazine!

Download 14 pages of HQ scans - zip file, 16mb, right click/save, comments are lovely

Note: Both articles include spoilers for the current seasons of SGA and SG-1. But it's worth it. Shanks! Flanigan! SEEDY HOTEL ROOM!
The new issue of Dreamwatch has a three page article, "Endless Stargate," about the upcoming seasons of SG-1 and SGA. Note: The article includes spoilers for both s10 of SG-1 and s3 of SGA.

Click on the scan to open a larger version in a new window.

One more scan... )

ETA: I loooooooooooooove J/D manips. A lot. Like this one. (Not work safe.)

Zip file includes 31 pages of scans featuring:
* "Jack...!" - 1 page article on RDA
* Stargate SG-1: Season 10 episode summary
* Stargate Atlantis: Seaqson 3 episode summary
* Notes From the Set (Vince Coates - 2nd AD)
* "Brand New Weir" - 6 page interview with Torri Higginson
* New Season Review Special - 10 page article on the upcoming seasons of SGA and SG-1
* "The Warrior's Path" - 3 page interview with Tony Amendola (Bra'tac)
* "Taking The Lead" - 4 page interview with Ben Browder
* "Jacob's Ladder" - 3 page interview with Carmen Argenziano (Jacob Carter/Selmak)

Note: Spoilers abound. The individual articles are pretty good about labeling spoilers but this is your warning that the issue is all about the upcoming seasons of SGA and SG-1.

Stargate Magazine - June/July issue - zip file, 31mb, right click save, please comment

The next issue includes an interview with Michael Shanks! Eeeep!
The May/June issue is upon us and I come bearing scans. This time I decided not to be a selfish little SGA lover and scanned the Christopher Judge cover story as well as the SGA stuff.

Zip file includes:
"First Stop Saturn" (Hee! First stop Saturn. That's me. Hopefully Sheppard hops on first.)
"Hewlett Moonlights"
"Inner Turmoil" - Interview with Jamie Ray Newman aka Lt. Cadman
"He'll Be the Judge" - Interview with Chris Judge
"End Of the Rainbow" - Interview with Rainbow Sun Francks

Download here - zip file, 12.5mb, right click/save, please comment

ETA: The 10th page in the file is not downloading correctly. An alternate link for that one page is here.
As magazines tend to, the April issue of Dreamwatch appeared on my desk today and features a short interview with David Hewlett. It's impossible not to adore this man!

Click on the images for much larger scans.

One more scan... )

In West Wing news, a Leo McGarry Ficathon is underway in honor of John Spencer. This is your chance to write some Leo/CJ or Leo/Bartlett or Leo/CJ/Josh or even Leo/Annabell!


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