Scans include:
* Brotherly Love: SPN News
* The Shape of Things to Come: Interview with Jared & Jensen
* Director's Cut: Interview with David Nutter
* Habeas Supernatural: Interview with Ben Edlund, Erik Kripke, Robert Singer, and Sera Gamble
* Blast From the Past: Interview with Mitch Pileggi

Download 22 pages of scans here - zip file, right click/save, 28.2mb. Please comment if you download. Do not post this privately hosted link elsewhere. Enjoy!

Scans include:
* Comic-con News special (2 pgs)
* The Boys Are Back in Town - Interview with Jared & Jensen (6 pgs)
* Tales From the Kripke - Interview with Eric Kripke (5 pgs)
* Inside the Writer's Room (6 pgs)
* Driver Picks the Music - Top 10 Featured Songs (4 pgs)

Download 24 pages of scan here: right click/save, zip file, 28.2mb. Please comment if you download and please do not repost this privately hosted file.

As always, puns are not mine. Blame the magazine writers. The issue is on-sale now in bookstores and also includes an interview with director Charles Beeson, an interview with Emmanuelle Vaugier (Madison), and a run down of the women who have crossed paths with Sam & Dean.

16 pages of scans including:
Dark Knights - interview with Jared & Jensen
The Write Stuff - interview with Sera Gamble
The Real McCoy - Interview with Sandy McCoy

Download scans here - right click/save, zip file, 19mb. I'd appreciate it if comment if you download. Please do not share this privately hosted link elsewhere. Enjoy!

17 pages of scans include:
* Supernatural news
* Top 5 Winchester allies
* Born to be Bad? Interview with Jared
* 2008 Supernatural Award Results: Best Dean Moment, Funniest Moment, etc.

Download scans here - right click/save, zip file, 20.2mb. This is hosted on my personal web space. Please comment if you download.

(The magazine is on-sale now. The issue also includes an interview with Samantha Smith aka Mary Winchester, an interview with location managers Russ Hamilton and Paul Lougheed, and letters to Eric Kripke.)

Long day at work today and I screwed up dinner plans but the carpet guys are coming back tomorrow morning so I can sleep in until 8am. \o/
If you posted about the season finale of Bones, please link me to your commentary so I can come and FLAIL with you! Or come talk to me in comments here!

Next up: new SPN magazine arrived today!

Scans include:
* Sibling Rivalry? Erik Kripke explains how Sam & Dean are equal in Supernatural.
* Top Five Metallicar Moments
* Supernatural Encounters: Interview with Jared & Jensen
* The Lady Is A Vamp: Interview with Amber Benson
* Boys Will Be Boys: Interview with Ridge Canipe & Colin Ford (young Sam & Dean)

The magazine is, apparently, channeling J-14 and also features a cornucopia of mini posters.

Download 18 pages of scans here. 21.9mb, zip file, right click/save.

Please comment if you download. Feel free to direct others to this post but do not share this privately hosted link elsewhere.

In totally unrelated news, I was once seated next to Ted Kennedy on a Delta shuttle flight from DC to NY. He was very happy to make conversation with an overeager college student and, beyond having the largest head I've ever seen on a human being, was a kind, engaging man. It's a nice memory that's stuck with me all these years and I wish him well.

Scans include:
* Eric answers his critics
* Top 5 Winchester fights
* Everybody Loves A Clown - Interview with Jensen
* Supernatural Scrapbook - Photos from the set
* Father Figure - Interview with Jim Beaver
* Do the Write Thing - Inside the writer's room
* All About Ellen - Interview with Samantha Ferris
* Details for voting in the Supernatural Magazine Awards 2008

Download 30 pages of scans here. zip file, 37mb, right click/save. Please comment if you download. Feel free direct people to this post but do not share the link.

Features I didn't scan include:
* Interview with Fredric Lehne (YED)
* Ivan Hayden: The FX Factor
* An interview with Eric about his directorial debut on WIAWSNB

The magazine should hitting stores right now.

While I'm at it, I'm totally interested in your votes for the Supernatural Magazine Awards:
Award categories... )

I have to think about these a bit but, no question, Best Use of a Song was "Renegade."
It's only been since Sunday but I feel like I haven't updated in ages. Lot of late nights at work this week but it's been a good one and tonight I have dinner with friends followed by a screening of "Cloverfield" followed by drinks at a local wine bar. And tomorrow is Friday!

The new issues of the Supernatural magazine arrived today. Have some scans.

Scans include:
* Some words from Kripke
* Top 5 Sam & Dean disguises (IMO: Catholic Priests for the win)
* Being Jared Padalecki - A really cute interview with Jared
* Tales from the Supernatural set
* In the Name of the Father - Interview with JDM
* Killer Instinct - Interview with Sterling K. Brown

Download 25 pages of scans here - 30.7mb, zip file, right click/save, please comment if you download. Please do not share/post this direct link anywhere else but feel free to direct people here to dl.

On spoilers: I didn't catch any but don't hold me to that.

Also in the issue but not scanned: Interview with Robert Singer & an interview with Lauren Cohan. For US folks, if you're looking to buy the issue, I can't help with B&N but a list of Borders/Waldenbooks that carry the magazine is here. Strong sales = more magazine = happy fangirl.

I wish I had time to nap before dinner/movie/wine. I fear, though, that if I close my eyes right now I'll wake up tomorrow morning.
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( Dec. 27th, 2007 05:35 pm)
The December issue of Starburst has a short little Jensen interview. Click on the image for a larger scan.

Three more pages of scans )

It was another calm day at work and I took time at lunch to go shopping for [ profile] stargems' visit (tomorrow!). Now it's 5:30pm and I'm already sitting at home on my couch. I like it.
Premiere issue!

Included in dl:
* Welcome letter from Kripke
* To Hell and Back - Interview with Jared & Jensen
* Lore & Order - Interview with Kripke
* Life in the Fast Lane - 10 Burning Questions about the Impala
* Natural Born Hunter - Interview with Alona Tal (Jo)
* Director's Cut - Interview with Kim Manners

Also in the issue but not scanned - interview with Katie Cassidy, episode recaps, interview with Randy Shyman (special effects supervisor), and a few other features.

Download 19 pages of scans here - 23.5mb, zip/jpg files. Please comment if you download. Feel free to direct people to this post but do not post this privately hosted link anywhere else.

The magazine retails for $6.99 in the US and officially hits stores on 11/27 though I know some bookstores already have it out. (I saw it in a Borders in NY today.) It comes out 6x/year. If you have access, please try to buy the issues even if you do dl to ensure it keeps coming our way.

ETA: Here's a link to the Borders & Waldenbooks stores that are carrying the magazine. Not all of their stores have it but most do. List is sorted by zip. I'm sure a ton of B&N locations have it, too, but I can't help with those.

Next issue..."Night of the Hunter" - Jared Padalecki talks season three & "Lake Father Like Sons" - JDM reflects on life as John Winchester.


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