Today was a great day. Work was productive and I cut out around 5:30pm to meet my friend Anne for dinner and Star Trek viewing #4. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in the theater four times but, I swear, this movie does not get old. Every time I find something new. (Though, this time, a good amount of it surrounded the awesome implausibility of the movie's black hole physics. Whatever. That's been coming since viewing #2. TIME DILATION. HELLO.) But that can be easily overlooked, along with red matter, in favor of everything that remains so perfect and right - top of the list being the entire crew of the Enterprise. Thank you, J.J. Abrams.

I'm watching the Stanley Cup finals and hoping Detroit can pull it out. I don't personally care all that much but an awful lot of people around here do and MI could use a win right about now.

I have a relaxing, but eventful, weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow morning I'm doing brunch at my friend Mike's house and, in the evening, we're going to see Pelham 123. Between breakfast and the movies I need to go into work for a while and, hopefully, get in a run. Sunday is boot camp and then dinner with my friend Richard who broke my heart and accepted a job in Florida. He moves in a week and I miss him already. :(

Consoling me, however, is the trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife! FINALLY! I read the book February 2008 in one long, beautiful day on a cruise. I couldn't put the book down and, when it finally ended, I cried and cried and cried. I sense the same will happen when I see the movie on August 12. Can. Not. Wait.
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( Apr. 14th, 2009 07:14 pm)
Well, hello. I'm back in Michigan after nearly a week in NY and I miss my family like burning. It was so much fun spending that much consecutive time with my sister and Chase (and the rest of the gang). On Sunday, my mom, sister and I saw a matinee of Billy Elliot. \o/ I saw the show with my mom and grandmother back in July 2005 when we were in London and my mom's become obsessed with the show since it came to Broadway in late 2009. OBSESSED. It's kind of cute. I'd put this show at the top of your list if you're visiting NY and only have time for one show. There are a bunch of different youtube videos from the show here. They give some of the flavor (THE DANCING OMG) but don't quite capture the humor and incredible, incredible talent of the boy(s) who play Billy.

I'm also now fully indoctrinated into the world of Yo Gabba Gabba. What's Yo Gabba Gabba you ask? Here's a sample.. The show's tag line should be, "Traumatizing to adults. Mesmerizing to kids."

  • [profile] apetslife posted a link to this video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent. It's really quite moving. After you watch, there's more on Boyle and her performance in an article here.

  • Let's Do the Time Loop Again. And again. has a great list of the best time loops in science fiction spanning tv, movies, and books. SG-1's "Window of Opportunity" and SPN's "Mystery Spot" makes the list along with some other classics (and some I now itching to see/read). Warning - there are some spoilers in the descriptions. Be cautious if you don't what to know if or how the pesky time loop ends.

  • Dirty secret time: I can't wait to see 17 Again. The movie looks adorable! It's like "Big" but in reverse.

    Mmmmmm. I think that's it. Dr. Who awaits. Hopefully it will help keep my mind off the unfortunately reality of work tomorrow.
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    Boot camp kicked my ass which, I suppose, was the intention. Hopefully I don't hurt through to Thursday the same way I did last week.

    I had to run to the mall to restock some M.A.C. products and decided to pop into the Apple store for a 1GB Shuffle. I love the Apple store. It's one of the most aesthetically pleasing shopping experiences. I'm now the proud owner of a blue Shuffle named Ike. I don't know why I didn't think of getting a Shuffle sooner. I can't wait to run hands free.

    Somehow, I managed to stay away from Ann Taylor while I was in the mall. A FEAT. Seriously.

    Watchmen is poised to take in $55.6M this weekend. I have no idea where that falls in terms of expectations and I have no idea of the movie has legs but I sure did love it. A colleague was disappointed that it was such a literal interpretation of the graphic novel but that served me well since I haven't read Watchmen yet.

    [Poll #1362064]

    That's all I've got. I'm lazy and content today and also a bit woeful that I can't live as a full time lady of leisure.
    The weather's been so nice for the past two days that I went running two days in a row. I don't know exactly when I became the kind of person who looks forward to a run but there you have it. (Though I have to say that the going is tough as I adapt to running outside again. Propelling myself forward on my own is more difficult than letting the treadmill do it for me.)

    I have a lovely little weekend planned. Tonight is BSG. Tomorrow is dinner/game night with friends. Sometime in between I plan to watch Little Children and I have fitness boot camp on Sunday.

    I'm also currently reading the most fantastic book: The Magicians by Lev Grossman. A colleague put it in my hand and I can barely tear myself away. It's a book about a young man and magic but it's so much more than that. The book feels like a tribute to all the fantasy books you've loved through the years and it's clearly written for that adult audience. [ profile] praetorianguard - You will LOVE IT.

    In a moment I'm going to return to my book but, first, some links:

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson and Billy Crudup on Good Morning America

  • Borders Media exclusive Watchmen content

  • Where in the World is 'The Road'?: The Weinsteins rush 'The Reader' and abandon 'The Road'

  • Rachel Maddow on The View. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck loves her.
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    ( Mar. 4th, 2009 06:59 am)
    I need more icons I love like fire. But that's not even a little bit the point of this post.

    Good morning! It's been a crazy week but a friend pried me out of the office last night for dinner and a screening of Watchmen. I LOVED IT. Despite the urging of 4975384 colleagues I've yet to read the graphic novel but that didn't diminish my enjoyment at all. I love the complexity of the Watchmen story and the movie was visually stunning. There were so many cool shots. Zack Snyder is amazing. I will say, though, that I wish he found a way to cut about 20 minutes out of the film. It's very long and, near the end, you start to feel it.

    I have a feeling that this movie is going to engender a crazy spectrum of opinions but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I voted in the 2009 Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness and almost broke my brain trying to choose favorite characters for West Wing and BSG. I landed on CJ and Tigh after spending more time considering than I want to admit.

    Off to work!
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    ( Feb. 22nd, 2009 06:14 pm)
    RENT was so, so good. I don't even have the words. The Detroit Opera House is gorgeous and huge and it's been ages since I've seen the show from an upper level and never in a place as big as this theater and just - GAH. The audience was young and energetic and the cast was on fire. ([ profile] nothinggold - Justin Johnson is in the tour and he was incredible. This might be my favorite of his performances and I thought of you the whole time.) I am unimaginably glad I got tickets and introduced the show to someone who's never seen it. *loves*

    ETA: They changed three parts of the show:
  • "You can take a girl out of Hickville, but you can't take the Hicksville out of the girl" was changed to, "You can take a girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl"
  • "...and then said she'd help them find the Circle Line" was changed to "...and then said she'd help them find the Statue of Liberty."
  • During the bit following Angel's death, there were parts of the memorials where the cast spoke in unison.

  • Also tremendous was Let The Right One In. Do yourselves a favor and see this movie if it's playing near you. (I believe it's also out on DVD soon.) The movie is haunting and beautifully shot. The kids were amazing. It was everything I probably never expected out of a Swedish vampire-horror-coming of age film.

    One spoiler I have to mention )

    [ profile] mickeym posted new photos of Jensen. He's stunning. I can't look away. I'm particularly enamored by the photo of Jensen and Danneel sitting with matching glasses & poses. I hope they have a lot of sex.

    I'm hearing all sorts of rumors about a BSG movie that doesn't involve RDM or David Eick. What is wrong with NBC Universal and Sci-fi? Can someone help me out here?

    We got 3 inches of snow yesterday and it just started up again. I tend to have more tolerance at this time of year, though, because I know we'll be out of the snow zone in 4- 5 weeks.

    I'm off to a friend's Oscar party in a few minutes. Without doubt, I'm looking forward to the wine and food and company more than the awards show but I am rooting for Kate Winslet and Sean Penn.
    Happy Birthday, [ profile] cranberryink!! You are one in a million. I'm counting down the days to May. So is Kendra.

    So I didn't go into work and I did get everything done remotely. \o/

    Tonight I'm meeting up with friends for dinner and then we're going to see Let The Right One In.

      This award-winning horror film based on the best-selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist ably blends genre chills with genuine feeling. Oskar is a 12-year-old outcast who is frequently picked on by his classmates. He dreams of getting his revenge, but he never stands up to the boys. With the arrival of his new next-door neighbor, 12-year-old Eli, Oskar may finally have found a friend, ally, and first love. But Eli is no ordinary girl: she must keep her pale skin out of the sunlight, she can perform inhuman physical feats, and she has a thirst for blood. The bodies begin to pile up, but Oskar can’t stay away from the girl who has finally given him courage. Though there are plenty of scares, this remains moving and intelligent, a rare feat for the genre. Rated R. 114 minutes. Swedish with subtitles.

    [ profile] charlidos - Did you mention this movie?

    I did that meme where someone gives you words/phrases they associate with you and you write about them. [ profile] copracat gave me new york, your lovely family, space!, harry/snape, and professionalism under pressure.

    New York
    I was born and raised in NY and I'll always think of myself as a New Yorker despite the time I've spent living in DC, San Diego, Florida, and, now, Michigan. My family got off their boats, settled in NY, and never left. I grew up on Long Island but we were fortunate to also have an apartment in Manhattan which afforded me the best of both words - suburban and city living. To me, there is still nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of New York City. There's no city that compares.

    your lovely family
    What a wonderful thing to associate with me! That really stopped me in my tracks because, for a long time, I wasn't someone who loved spending time with my family. With the exception of my sister, I wanted AWAY. Somewhere in time I grew up and matured and realized how incredible my family is. My mother would do anything for me. My step-father is as close to me as blood. My sister is the axis of my world. It's really difficult to live away from them - and my extended family - but I also know that I'm too independent to make life choices just to be near them. Choosing not to live my life for them is one of the things that's made us closer. They respect my freedom of choice and I don't feel stifled. I'd love to get back to NY someday but it needs to be on my terms. Until then, I'll visit. Often. (I should also mention that seeing my sister parent is one of the most amazing experiences. She awes me.)

    Oh, my goodness, space. There's this quote I love from Michael Collins: It's human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it's an imperative. That's a great summation about how I feel about space. It's the great unknown. It's exploration. It's the human spirit. Our accomplishments in space exploration are an unbelievable testament to human achievement and I'm convinced that, the more we learn about the universe, the more we learn about ourselves. Plus, it's really cool. It's space! I'd totally strap myself into a rocket and give it a go.

    I can still remember reading Harry/Snape fic for the first time. I was a huge HP fan but I had no interest in fic. I was convinced that canon was sufficient to meet my Harry Potter needs. Hahahaha. Someone, maybe [ profile] between_names or [ profile] nothinggold, recommended Telanu's "Tea" series and I stayed up all night reading. I never looked back. It was completely unexpected but I loved (and still love) the dynamic between Harry & Snape and how much they each have to grow and give to develop a relationship.

    professionalism under pressure
    Thank you! I try. What's interesting to me about the timing of this meme & comment is that the period between January 27th and February 19th was one of the most stressful of my career. I learned an awful lot about what I know, what I don't know, the kind of risks I'm willing to take, how I mange up, and how I react under pressure. The whole situation reinforced what I knew in my gut - think about everything you know, ask questions about the things you don't, and have a point of view.

    That was fun. Drop a comment if you want some things that make me think of you!

    Oh, right. These days I can't post without BSG content.
  • Maureen Ryan talks to Jane Espenson about "Deadlock."
  • Alan Sepinwall comments on "Deadlock."
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    Oh, Twilight. I'm not a fan of the series and I have a pretty sizable soap box about the whole thing but this is not about that. My feeling about the book(s) is just framework for my comments about the film which, honestly, wasn't a bad way to spend two hours. There were parts that were deliberately funny and parts that were accidentally funny and, mostly, I spent the time thinking three things:
    1) Loving the books would probably add a factor of 10 to my enjoyment of the movie.
    2) It's a shame the studio didn't know what they had on their hands when they set their budget.
    3) I'm ready for my Carlisle spin off. I don't actually want Stephenie Meyer to write it but someone should. Oh! Ha! Does this mean I'm about to start reading Twilight fic?

    Actual spoilery bits for the film )

    That's it. It's not quite my thing but imagine pre-teen and teenage girls are going to spend their weekend in an Edward Cullen driven fog.
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    ( Nov. 17th, 2008 08:47 pm)
    My boss announced her retirement today which sucks on so many levels I can't even begin to describe. She's a boss who challenges, empowers, and motivates me and is always my advocate and champion. Her last day is in mid-December and, until there's movement on her replacement, I'll report to one of our Executive Vice Presidents. I am SO BUMMED. So bummed, in fact, that I worked until 7:30pm. I see more of that in my future. On the upside, this is going to force me to take ownership of my business and develop executive presence on a whole different level and there are some people at work, who's opinions I value, who had some tremendously kind things to say to me today about my contribution (as comfort for my despair). Still. UGH. UGH.

    I went to see Bond yesterday (while nearly no one was at my open house) and the highlight was the new Star Trek trailer. OMG THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. At the start, I actually thought it was a trailer for a new Cody Banks movie or something but then it kicked into gear and HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT. This movie trailer is going to be my happy place for a while.

    Another bright spot of the movie outing was Olga Kurylenko. This is why. She was bad ass and totally held her own with Daniel Craig (who was awesome).

    There are more movies to come this week. Wednesday is a screening of Australia and Thursday is a screening of Twilight. Hahahaha. Twilight. Could I hate a book series more? Probably not. Will I enjoy the movie? Probably not. Has the buzz and hysteria intrigued me enough to spend my night at the film? Sadly so. Who knows. Maybe the movie will be everything the book had the potential to be but wasn't.

    One day left to sign up for Hohohos!! I love gift fandom gift exchanges!!

    And, last but not least, I leave you with the new Rhianna video featuring Justin. Mostly it features him looking hot. I'm not sure if he's actually singing on the track at all but that's not why he's in the video anyway.

    Video, video )
    Hello Sunday! It's the first snow of the year and, despite my initial bitching about the impending winter freeze, it's gorgeous outside, I'm warm inside and I'm feeling okay about the next 6 months of brutally cold weather. There's an open house scheduled today from 2pm to 4pm, though, and I have a suspicion that the first snow of the year will not bode well for visitors.

    After dinner last night, my date and I came back to my place and watched Lars and the Real Girl. A+ AWESOME MOVIE. It was funny and touching and so much more than I expected. We fell asleep on the couch and, around 3am, I tucked him into my guest room and went upstairs to sleep. It's a little thing but I'm pleased with myself for enforcing boundaries even when it would have been easier and more comfortable to invite him to sleep in my room.

    I have to vacate my house between 2 and 4pm so friends and are going to see the new Bond. \o/ I wasn't a fan of the franchise until Daniel Craig stepped into the role. He's not, conventionally, my kind of actor but he's the perfect Bond.

    Okay, so, what else?

  • I don't usually read CSI Magazine but this issue has an interview with Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather) and also talks about Grissom's departure. Vague spoilers )

  • [ profile] callmesandy kindly hooked me up with pictures of Shemar Moore and his penis. I loved him as Malcolm on Y&R and I love him even more as Derek Moran on Criminal Minds. I'm certain he knows how good looking he is but he can totally get away with it because he's that good looking.

  • I just found the CM newsletter: [ profile] bau_inbox Daily CM on my friends list! Maybe this will help me find the fic I'm looking for. (I don't actually know what I want to read in the fandom now that Gideon/Reid isn't an option but I'm willing to read nearly any combination of team members.)

  • Justin was on SNL last night with a 2 minute recap of what a Thanksgiving hosting gig would have looked like. I adore him.

    ETA: Justin, Beyonce skit. Hahahaha.
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    ( Oct. 12th, 2008 08:13 pm)
    I went to see "Religilous" tonight and I would define Bill Maher's thesis as this: Belief in god and the practice of organized religion is a symptom of mental illness and will lead to the destruction of the Earth. I don't know what his intended thesis was but I can't imagine I'm far off.

    The movie made some great points. There were times it was laugh out loud funny and other times I was so uncomfortable I wanted to shrink down in my seat. There were also moments when it scared the hell out of me. It was a very specific statement, though, and it offered no shade of gray for the viewers. Either you are a sane, rational adult who rejects religion or you are deluded and complicit in bringing on the end of days. If Maher really wanted to sway the minds of the 84% of Americans who have an element of religion or god in their lives, he needed to offer an alternative other than, "Stop believing, you fool."

    Has anyone else seen the film?

    The movie was the cap on a lovely, lovely Sunday. I woke up early and (finally) finished Endymion. A friend is in town from Minneapolis so, around 11:30, we met up from brunch. From there I headed to a local park where I plopped myself down in the grass and started The Hunger Games. The book is fantastic. I'm hoping I can finish it tonight because I can't imagine I'll be able to go to bed before I get to the end.

    Here's the park (which some of you might recognize from our Memorial Day run).

    It's getting late and I'm hungry. Food now.
    My family has come and gone and I miss them terribly. It was three days of perfect madness with my mom, grandmother, and aunt. We ate our way across Ann Arbor and had so much fun in Home Depot the sales guy thought we were all drunk.

  • Before anything else, I need to mention the series finale of Babylon 5 aka BEST EVER )What a kick ass series. I almost want to go back and rewatch the whole thing. There was so much to take in! Instead, I'm going to search for some of the B5 novels.

  • Maureen Ryan, from the Chicago Tribune, consistently wins for Best Battlestar Coverage. She has a fantastic new interview with Ron Moore here. We get tons of tidbits about “Caprica” (fall airing unless it's picked up for a series in which case it will air in 2009), rumors of season 4.5 webisodes (also confirmed here), non-spoilery details on the back half of season four (airing in January!!) and news on Moore's new show, “Virtuosity.” It's a seriously good interview.

  • Over the weekend I picked up this new bag. Little did I know that Hobo International names all of their bags after women. I got home and realized I'd fallen for the “Sally!” It's destiny.

  • I, like the rest of America, loved The Dark Knight. So much. Heath Ledger was as insanely good as the reviews have said and, beyond that, the movie was just plain great story telling.

  • Randomly, someone at DC Comics sent me a copy of Watchmen. I say "randomly" because I don't know who sent it and I never heard of it before this weekend's trailer and EW cover. I hear it's phenomenal, though, so I'm going to dig in.

  • EW has a preview of the new Star Trek movie posters available at ComicCon. OMG WANT. Put the four together and you get one giant poster with the Star Trek insignia. (Randomly, while I was searching for the image, I came across this bit on Star Trek slash. Huh.)

  • I didn't have a chance to watch SGA while my family was here but I am going to remedy that tonight. I am completely unspoiled! \o/

  • Here: have a 30% off coupon for the new

    ETA: Here's the cutest little interview with Jamie Bamber. He talks about his new series - L&O: UK - and about wrapping BSG. I'll never be able to reconcile his British accent with Lee Adama.
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    ( Jul. 13th, 2008 09:48 am)
    A trailer for "Good" has arrived! Viggo! With Jason Isaacs!

    Summary: The rise of national socialism in Germany should not be regarded as a conspiracy of madmen. Millions of "good" people found themselves in a society spiralling into terrible chaos. A film about then, which illuminates the terrors of now. [Source]

    If only a release date was available. In the meantime, we have Appaloosa, in limited release, in September and The Road in November.

    I watched the trailer before bed and, connections like this rarely happen to me, but I dreamed about being rounded up by Nazis. I was working for my company in Germany and my family was visiting when, suddenly, Germany started rounding up the Jews. I had about 10 minutes to pack one bag and I couldn't take Sally and everyone was crying and there were all of these soldiers with guns. A friend I trusted was there in his new Nazi uniform giving me advice to just trust that this was a short little phase and I'd be home soon. I called the American embassy and they were all, "This is the first we've heard of this. We'll make some calls." But I'm screaming, "They're here! They're coming for us now!!" I work up right as they were coming at me with a whip to get me off the phone. Seriously terrifying.

    I saw Hellboy II yesterday and enjoyed it tremendously. Spoilery bits )

    A friend got an iPhone on Friday (after 6 hrs at the store) so, at dinner last night, we spent a lot of time playing around. I'm very glad to see that the v2.0 upgrade provides most of the software features on the new phone. I'm already bitter enough about the faster processing speed on the new iPhone. But I love my new features! It always bugged me that I couldn't save photos from e-mails to my phone but now I can! I also added a bunch of free apps.

    It's a perfectly clear morning and I'm filling it with a hike. I need to get my butt in gear (and also accept I'm not going to be outside my friend's house at 10am).
  • SPN Fic Rec: I went into work for four hours with morning which totally stinks - mostly because I should have stayed for another 2 hours but couldn't bring myself to give up so much of my Sunday. As a present for going in at all, I came home and read all 96,000 words of fleshflutter's spn big bang story, "Do I seem bulletproof to you?". Oh, god, this story. It's a hooker AU and it's gorgeous and hot and I was hooked from start to finish.

  • Dr. Who: Last night I followed a link from [ profile] who_daily to a review of "The Stolen Earth" and was promptly spoiled for next week's episode. They were spoilers along the lines of, "X didn't happen so we can expect it in the finale" and, "I assume everyone knows that Y happens in the finale, as well." BASTARDS. I have moments when I seek out spoilers but inadvertently tripping over them, especially after an episode like TSE where I had no idea where it was going, really pisses me off. *deep breath* On to actual comments about last night's episode - 'The Stolen Earth' )

    Generally speaking, though, I far prefer Stephen Moffat's brand of fear & terror to Davies'. Fortunately for me, that bodes well for the future direction of the show.

  • Did anyone else follow the details of the Lenski Affair? I have some issues with Rational Wiki as, even when I'm agreeing with them, their approach & style often turns me off but the recap of the Lenski Affair was awesome. Lenski is awesome. He's so thoroughly a scientist even in the face of absurdity. If you follow the link, be sure to check out some of the external links particularly the recap from New Scientist.

  • Wall-E! I loved the movie. It's far more topical thank I expected, it's beautifully designed, and Wall-E and Eve are PRECIOUS. My only comment about Wanted, which I liked but didn't love, is that Angelina Jolie is impossibly hot. She needs to give up her dreams of Oscar caliber films and just shoot movies where she wears a tank top and carries a gun.
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    ( Nov. 27th, 2005 11:11 am)
    It was a perfect visit to NY and now I'm at the airport waiting for my noon flight back to Florida. The biggest incentive to get on the plane is that it's warm at home. And Sally. But I think that's a given.

    Friday went something like this...lunch with [ profile] kiffle ----> RENT ----> drinks ----> IMAX!Harry ------> dinner with a college friend ----> sleepover & Numb3rs at [ profile] eleanor_lavish's ----> Thursday night's CSI with EL and [ profile] schuyler ----> shopping and stolen moments with [ profile] stargems.

    RENT met expectations though I didn't expect to cry simply because the movie was starting and Jesse L. Martin blew me away. He was far and away the stand out performer. The reprise of "I'll Cover You" is one of my favorite moments in the show and he was even better than I remember from way back when I saw the the show with original cast (but didn't have the same emotional connection that I do now).

    Next up is Brokeback Mountain. I can. not. wait. for Brokeback Mountain. The mass marketing of Heath and Jake doesn't help ease anticipation, either. Jake is on the cover of Details. Heath is on the cover of V Life. Every review I've read absolutely raves about the film. It can't come soon enough.


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