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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 12:44 pm)
Today I learned that my sister doesn't know who my brother in law is voting for. Then a colleague told me that, after 15 years of marriage, she and her husband have never disclosed their voting decisions to each other. Another colleague told me that her vote is private and that privacy extends to her husband. ALSDFSHLDLHSGF!! I need to file this under, "I know far less about human behavior than I thought." I feel so strongly about my political views that I couldn't not discuss them with my partner. I feel so strongly about my political views that it influences who I date. (To be fair, I think one of the reasons some people don't discuss politics with their S.O. is that they know they disagree and choose not to force a fight. But that's a fight I want to have. If our core values differ that much we're not going to work out and you're certainly not raising my child.) I had no idea I might be in the minority on this. Am I?

Note: If you're single, just answer with how you'd expect to interact with your partner.

ETA: The 2nd response on the 2nd question should obviously be "do not support the same national candidate..."

[Poll #1290508]

Two other quick things before I run to a forecasting meeting:

  • Entries are coming in for the BSG costume contest.

  • [ profile] spessartine is in Mongolia and posted photos. WOW.
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    I am still riding the high from the preview for next week's CSI. Here is the extended preview from Next Thursday can not come soon enough! It looks SO GOOD! PS. It's nice to know how predictable my CSI interests are. At least I'm consistent. ;)

    Yesterday's appointment at my bank was completely pointless. It took ten minutes for the guy to tell me that he can't help and I need to call someone at the 5/3 corporate office in Cincinnati. He couldn't have told me that over the phone? The good news is that I was home by 4:30 and was able to go for a run (outside!) by 5pm. It was perfect weather. The sky was clear blue and it was 55 degrees out. Running off rage = very cathartic.

    I have a pile of links I've been meaning to post:

  • Following the Script: Obama, McCain and 'The West Wing'

  • BBC (video) interview with David Tennant on his decision not to return to Dr. Who in 2010. I share Kiffle's WOE over this news but am somewhat comforted by this opportunity to list to Tennant speak. He's dreamy.

  • And so is Viggo. Here he is in Rome. Wednesday night Viggo was presented with an award at the closing night of the Chicago film festival. I'm going to have to see if "Good" is coming to any theaters in MI.

    Back to Dr. Who for a second...I'm curious to see how they use the 2009 movies to tie up open bits of canon from s4. In particular, I'm hoping we get to see the meeting between The Doctor and River Song. "The Library" left me with the impression that River Song knew the doctor in his current form and, given what was clearly between them, I'd love to see them meet rather than having to assume it's part of this Doctor's history that falls somewhere between movies. On the other hand, I'm very interested in seeing Jenny meet up with the next Doctor.

  • Carta turned me on to the next blog and today's entry sums up so many of my feeling about Obama and how far I've come in support of his candidacy from where I was during the primaries (and a vocally strong Hillary supporter): After the primaries, while there never was any doubt that Obama had my vote, my heart wasn't quite with him yet. It took time, both to heal and to grow. Slowly but surely, it happened. The more I heard him speak, the more I watched him work, the more I witnessed his temperament, the more I knew that this was the man who could create the America we yearn for. The America that is smart, the America that is just, the America that is kind.

    And here's a quick poll:

    [Poll #1288753]

    After work I'm off to a friend's house where four of us will cook dinner and hand out candy to cute little kids. Today I'm dressed as a BSG fan wearing my "I [heart] Cylons" t-shirt or, as everyone at work is saying, I'm dressed as me. :)

    ETA: I loooooved last night's SPN. I love this whole season! I'm so happy with the introduction of Castiel and where they're taking Sam & Dean.
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    ( Oct. 29th, 2008 07:09 am)
    Goodbye Kwame Kilpatrick. Please learn some humility in jail.

    TV Show meme )

    That was a fun meme!!

    I'm not usually affected by allergies but my eyes have been so itchy I haven't been able to wear my contacts. I want to rub my eyes out. I need to stop for drops on the way to work (if I eve get my ass up and into the shower). I'm so late!

    Up and and it. But first, a poll:

    [Poll #1287208]
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    ( Oct. 6th, 2008 06:51 am)
    In practice, I hate the Electoral process but I admit I love watching/reading about Electoral math. Winning a US Presidential election is such an absurd, wacky numbers game (as we, of course, learned in 2000) and I love watching those CNN anchors shift states between McCain & Obama (mostly from McCain to Obama) to show where and why candidates are campaigning and how it's all shaking out.

    Here's some fun stuff for a Monday morning:

  • Patrick Stewart may appear in Dr. Who!! \o/
  • Want some PDFs of season 4 Dr. Who scripys?
  • The Mystery of Dan Simmons. I'm currently reading Simmons' Endymion and just stumbled on this io9 post about the author.

    And a quick poll inspired by my morning tweezing:

    [Poll #1273299]

    I'm about 20 minutes late getting into the shower. Off I go.
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    ( Sep. 30th, 2008 03:20 pm)
    A jaunt to services this morning and the rest of the day is vacation! Growing up, we did not shop on Rosh Hashanah (and I still wouldn't on Yom Kippur) but I've come to terms with how I want to celebrate these holidays while I'm on my own in Michigan. This year, it included a run and trip to Borders for When We Left Earth and Iron Man on DVD and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The bonus is that I had gift cards so it cost me nothing. I'm not even sure what to dive into first!

    I finished The Alchemy of Air yesterday and enjoyed it very much. For a book about chemistry history, it was a surprisingly quick read.

    My LibraryThing/Shelfari review )

    Now is where I turn to all of you for help in three areas.

    1. Podfic recs: Do you have any? I've never listed to podfic but I'm thinking it may be fun for my drive to and from Chicago. I'd listen to any rating and most any pairing in any of the following fandoms: SPN, SGA, SG-1, Whoverse, House, BSG, HP, West Wing, Iron Man.

    2. iTrip product rec: I bought the Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan when I was out earlier and it doesn't work. My car doesn't have a tuner it only has the "seek" function so I can't settle on a station that doesn't transmit. I've had this problem with iTrip products in the past but I can't possibly be the only person with this problem. Does anyone have an iTrip device they love and recommend?

    3. Fringe: Who's watching? Do you like it?

    [Poll #1269918]

    When I finished up my run this afternoon there was a creepy guy in a white pick up coming down the street. He let me cross, drove down the road, and then turned around to drive past me again. It freaked me the fuck out and I walked up to my neighbor's house as if it was mine because I don't want him to know where I live. I don't care if it's paranoid - sometimes I get nervous living in a house by myself and I don't want to go to sleep tonight worrying that creepy guy is coming back for me.

    I haven't watched daytime tv in ages but I caught a bit of Y&R. I watched Y&R back in the early 90's and, yet, there were Jack, Jill, Kathryn, and Kathyrn's maid still on the show! I love that it's been at least 17 years since I watched the show and I still know the characters. It's also ridiculously easy to get sucked in again. (Reason #1 why I never watch GH, these days.)

    Last up for this post, an insta-rec: An Angel Close By Me by [ profile] zelda_zee. This is the Dean/Castiel fic I’ve been waiting for since the season four premiere. It’s raw, powerful, terrifying in it’s intensity, and hot as sin heaven.
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    ( Sep. 8th, 2008 08:59 pm)
    It's no surprise that both Time & Newsweek have Sarah Palin on the cover this week. (In fact, People and other celebrity weeklies do, as well, but I'm not even going to go there with with post. The Economist, for the record, has a cover story on Russia.)

    ANYWAY. My colleagues and I, in our ongoing fascination with the debate over Palin, spent a considerable amount of time discussing the Time & Newsweek covers. Now I turn it over to you.

    [Poll #1256165]
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    ( Jul. 29th, 2008 09:22 pm)
    [Poll #1231962]

    While I'm at it, here are two fic recs - both SG-1:

    Sam/Jack: Concentric Unto Thee by [ profile] gabolange Her attempts at normality have never worked before, and Jack won’t stand for any attempts to apply the logic of command to their relationship. This is a gorgeous story. It’s established relationship, set post SGA 05×01, and is all about Sam’s choices - and the weight Jack carries in them.

    Jack/Daniel: Cards on the Table by [ profile] princessofg This is a hot, first time fic that, more than anything, will put a smile on your face. It’s so nice to read a story that's this easy.
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    ( May. 19th, 2008 06:53 pm)
    I'm very curious about LJ & reading habits at work. Feel free to pimp this out. I promise I won't report you!

    [Poll #1190589]

    PS! GIP! Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Bruce Boxleitner!
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    ( Apr. 30th, 2008 07:44 pm)
    [ profile] princessofg wrote new first time Jack/Daniel fic set post season 5's "The Warrior": Debriefing. I will always be a sucker for well written first time J/D fic.

    Also fic related, Moonshot is updated with 22 recs for April:
    8 SGA
    6 SPN
    5 Torchwood
    2 SG-1
    1 SG-1/SGA crossover

    On Friday night three friends are coming over for dinner and BSG. I'm cooking which means I need to find a recipe I can handle and shop for food tomorrow evening. I'm totally intimidated by cooking but I want to entertain more often because I'm so frequently the guest, rather than the host, and hosting more often means cooking more often. It's probably a good for me.

    Nearly three weeks from Memorial Day, I'm are starting to prepare for a Memorial Day extravaganza with [ profile] kiffle, [ profile] cranberryink, [ profile] lilysaid, [ profile] carta, and [ profile] anamchara!! I'll have a house full of five of my favorite people and make my very first phone call to New Zealand. \o/

    Today was day 2 of week 3 of my C25K running program. I'm used to cardio workouts but I'm trying not to push the program too much since I'm not a runner so, today, instead of just two sets of 1:30/1:30/3:00/3:00 run/walk cycles, I added a five minute run to the end. I've also found that listening to podcasts while I run is the best way to make my way through the workout. It's easy to manage the timing and I'm so engrossed in the podcast the time flies by. Today was the BSG, "Six of One" podcast. I love Ron Moore's commentary.

    I also have a new awesome and motivating tank top to run in! Thank you, [ profile] kiffle!! And, [ profile] cranberryink, I hear I have you to thank for the design. It's perfect. :)

    Here's a quick poll. Please indulge me:
    [Poll #1180505]
    Recent discussions with [ profile] carta about Sam & Ainsley got me thinking about my favorite non-canon het pairings that should have been (or should be) canon. I have a list:

    1) Sam & Ainsley (West Wing): Their banter and bickering was spot on and should have resulted in a lot of sex followed by a messy break up.
    2) Picard & Crusher (ST:TNG): There is a piece of my 17 year old heart still crushed by the end of "Attached."
    3) Booth & Bones (Bones): It hasn't happened yet but we all know it will.
    4) Adama & Roslin (BSG): I can't decide whether or not I think they would have worked in different circumstances. While they chemistry is so obvious now, I wonder if it's their circumstances that make them so compatible and add fuel to the fire. Would have have happened if they'd met on Caprica? Sadly, I don't think they're going to have their chance now, either.
    5) Brenda & Sonny (GH): Fine. They're canon. But they're also a disaster and it didn't last so I'm including them because it should have.

    Here's something else I was thinking about today - No question, I'm a thong girl. I think they're comfortable and, quite honestly, I'm not interested in visible panty lines. Looking around my office today (and, yes, staring at people's asses), I realized that's not a consistent approach to undergarments. Thus, a poll:

    [Poll #1161154]

    Last week my step-father was transferred to a new courthouse and he's now hearing divorce cases. The poor guy is so bummed at the thought of spending his day listening to failed love. He's also stressed about working with new people and making new friends. I'm sorry he's off kilter but, at the same time, it's so endearing to see him as a person rather than a parent. I have an urge to pack him a lunchbox and tuck a note in with his sandwich.

    Is anyone watching John Adams on HBO? I've heard great things plus it has Laura Linney so it's on my long list of things to watch (after Babylon 5, Big Bang Theory, and the rest of Boston Legal).
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    ( Mar. 11th, 2008 07:06 pm)
    I had a terrible day today. It was all work related so I won't bore you with the details but it was truly awful. To console myself (and also because it was on my calendar!), I stopped at Borders to pick up Ark of Truth. I couldn't find it anywhere but a solicitous employee came by and didn't stop looking until she found the copies for me in the back room. Perhaps it was because I looked pathetic or perhaps it was because I said, "A ten season television show ended on a cliff hanger and this movie ties up the loose ends. I'm leaving here with a copy of the movie." SG-1 Ark of Truth is mine and, as soon as I click, "post to saturn92103," in it goes!

    Daniel Jackson has the power to save my day.

    [ profile] carta linked me to this post in Joe Mallozzi's blog that includes a deleted scene from the SGA episode, "Trio." The scene inspired the following poll:

    [Poll #1152659]

    Patrick Stewart found himself a new girlfriend! [ profile] stewart_daily tells me she is Catherine Moellering, 34, a graduate of Harvard Business School and president of Best & Co. I actually have nothing else to say about Patrick Stewart's love life other than I wouldn't pass up a chance to be part of it.
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    ( Mar. 6th, 2008 09:23 pm)
    HAHAHAHAHA! I'm watching Boston Legal and the scene from season two with Denny and Alan tethered together in bed is one of the funniest things I've EVER seen.

    [Poll #1150133]
    It's only 5:30pm dinner at a friend's house that will save me from the laziness of the day. My sister has 4395743958 million school vacations/year and I'm usually too jealous to appreciate her moaning at the end of a week off but I have some perspective now and I may take it upon myself to be a bit more tolerant in the future when she whines.

    The weird heat wave is melting all of the snow but it's overcast and the snow is melting faster than it can dissipate so there's been a crazy fog outside all day. It's eerie and awesome.

    Over the past few weeks, I've seen a number of references to thermostat levels which leads me to this poll.

    [Poll #1116633]

    When I was a kid, my grandmother always kept her house about 4 degrees cooler than I found comfortable and offered me a sweater as I walked in the door. Now I get it.

    I've seen the candidate poll posted on my friends list a few times. Pretty consistently, Hillary is my #1 match on these quizzes. It's not directional but it does confirm my prior inclinations. Anyway, here's a different one from Minnesota Public Radio that's not geared towards blog posting but does tell you, once you're through, where you matched and differed from candidate positions. It also has much more detailed questions: MPR Candidate Quiz. Again, not directional, but it's been a solid starting point for research on candidate alignment with some of my core values/views.

    I'm still reading a ton of fic. Two new recs:

    BSG/West Wing Crossover: Habeas Corpus by [ profile] projectjulie - Roslin/Evelyn Baker Lang, NC-17. This story is spectacular. Not only did Julie develop Evelyn Baker Lang into a fully fleshed character but she wove a believable and captivating tale of the Colonial Fleet's arrival on Earth from Lang's POV. Beyond that, her Roslin is spot on - beautiful, poised, and single mindedly focused on protecting the interests of her people.

    HP: Vale Sanare by [ profile] rurounihime - Harry/Draco, NC-17. Post-war, Draco’s not quite whole, suffering in ways he can’t bear but believes he deserves, when something that feels just a little like respite comes in the form of Harry Potter. This story is spectacular. It’s long, intense h/c with phenomenal characterizations. Draco’s voice rings true throughout and I’m in love with Harry’s maturity. Despite his own afflictions, this is the grown Harry I hope for.
    It's snowing like mad outside. I'd guess that 6 inches already fell and it's still coming down hard. My plan is to get outside and shove to help stem the tide and then go out again before dark. (I really should have left my car in the driveway last night.)

    They don't plow the side streets by me so, hopefully, after I shovel I'll be able to get out to Whole Foods. It's totally a day to stay indoors but I have no food in the house and I want to bake some pies tonight. Chocolate pecan pies!

    The holiday party last night was insane. The house was decked out with lights and graphics and a live reindeer. As guests arrived, we all took our photos with the reindeer and were given a copy of the photo before we left. The house was immaculate and the back doors were removed to make room for "Club Blu." Heated tents were set up with a full bar and a lounge complete with live music from Johnny Trudell and his band. When we left, everyone got a packet of cookies, milk, and a carrot to leave for Santa. I've never seen anything like it. I'm pretty sure that "lounge" could fit in my entire house.

    Following [ profile] callmesandy's idea, below is an icon poll. Come and play!

    Icon poll! )

    ETA: I was out for about 30 minutes and had the sidewalk and 1/5 of my driveway done when my next door neighbor drove by and told me that he was going to pick up gas for the snow blower. I'm going to make an assumption that he told me because he's, thank goodness, going to blow my driveway for me and not telling me to rub it in that he doesn't have to break his body shoveling what's actually 7- 8" of snow.
    [Poll #1099139]

    There's a great BSG season 4 preview out that includes interview clips with EJO, Mary McDonnell, Ron Moore, David Eick, Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber (sexy accent!). My excitement is building to fever pitch and it's only December!

    BSG Season 4 preview )

    More immediately, I'm counting down to the premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For no other reason than Summer Glau as a terminator, it's going to be awesome.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer )

    And one more video clip...I did get around to watching Youngblood last night. It was a totally predictable 80's sports movie with the big, burly enemy and the last second, "will they win?" drama but Rob Lowe pulled off adorable and hot with ease. If you're going to watch only one scene from the movie, this is it. (Well, this and the sex scene.)

    Shirtless, bare assed 22 year old Rob Lowe )

    Borders is offering a coupon for 40% off any DVD box set Monday and Tuesday. Coupon here. (You have to be a Borders Rewards member to redeem the coupon but joining is free and I'm sure you can sign up at time of purchase.) I'm going to buy another season of ST:TNG...hopefully season 6. With the 40% off and the $15 credit I have, I can get the $70 season for about $25 bucks.

    It's getting COLD here. There was this awful sleet thing happening last night and today it's so foggy the visibility is less than 1/4 mile. It's 40 degrees, though, and, given that it's been in the high 20's, I decided to deal with the freezing rain and clean up my garden before the temperatures drop permanently. I have this grass in the front of my house (one of those grasses that's a bush kind of thing) and, once it's gets cold, the grass dies and gets wheaty. Last year I didn't cut it like I was supposed to and it screwed with the spring growth so today, full on a yummy brunch, I braved the weather and cut the grass. I feel accomplished and my neighbors will be grateful because it's their lawns the stuff blew all over last year.

    Now I'm going to finish my to do list and hopefully settle in with some fic by 6pm.
    Anything you want to ask? Anything you want to say?

    [Poll #1095606]

    I'll follow-up with answers.

    Note: No need to ask the Flanigan question. I'd go for this. Only we'd look more excited about it. (!Image most decidedly not work safe!)
  • I hate the way gmail threads LJ comments (or the way they did way back when) but at least gmail will actually deliver LJ comments so I transferred my account to gmail until I have a sense that hotmail got their act together.

  • On November 13th and 15th, Paramount is running theater screenings of the Star Trek episode, The Menagerie at 300 venues around the US and I'm going to one of the Detroit area shows! Star Trek TV on the big screen! I'm so excited!

  • I got word that BSG season 3 is scheduled for DVD release on 3/18 with flexibility to move a week or two based on the premiere of season 4. I still don't understand why they want to tie the release to the start of s4. Aren't they better served to release the DVD early enough to give people a chance to rewatch s3 prior to the premiere of s4? Or, better yet, in time for holiday sales?

  • I had modest plans to go to the gym last night and come home to watch Monday's Journeyman but one of my biggest vendors turned up in town thinking they had a meeting so I rearranged my afternoon schedule and then joined them for dinner. Oh, food. Oysters. Caesar salad. Smoked salmon ravioli in an avocado chili cream sauce. Coconut cream pie. I'm going to be full today. Maybe tomorrow, too. Soooooo good. Skipping the gym yesterday, though, means I'm going to hit the gym tonight after work and disappoint the trick or treaters who make it by my house before 7:30pm.

  • Speaking of Halloween, do you dress up at work either thematically (orange clothes, holiday sweaters) or in costume? Dressing up at work is not my thing but, based on what I saw in the office yesterday, I'm expecting a barrage of Halloween costumes at work today.

    [Poll #1080361]

    PS. I may not be a joiner on Halloween but Harry and Snape have more than enough holiday cheer to go around. *points to icon*

    ETA: For a whole host of reasons, my family moved our annual December cruise to February this year. (We're also leaving from NY which is kind of odd in February but it's a new ship so there's, apparently, a ton to do during the two chilly days at sea.) But! But! This cruise stops in Cape Canaveral and there's a 7 hour tour of the Kennedy Space Center and I'm going to go and it's going to be the best cruise ever! When I was living in FL I always said I'd get to KSC and I never did. Now is my chance!
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    • I'm hearing lots of comments from people bemoaning the extension of summer weather into October and wishing for cool, crisp fall to arrive. I, on the other hand, am clinging to summer with all I've got. I'll give you that today's a gorgeous day - 68 degrees, sunny, light breeze - but fall means that winter is coming and winter = not warm = yuck. Which leads me to a poll. Please answer based on traditional four season climates i.e. if you live in Florida, think of winter as cold rather than your fantastic reality of 75 degrees in January.

      [Poll #1071966]

    • From here. HAHAHAHAHAAAA! I love Radar. It's so, so wrong. I can't stop laughing.

    • Three plus weeks without a refrigerator and it's officially old. It's the little things I miss like Boca sausages and creamed spinach. Today I stopped a Whole Foods for dinner and picked up a great meal, though. Field greens & goat cheese salad and edamame succotash. The succotach is made from soybeans, corn, roasted red peppers, cranberries, chili pepper and sunflower oil. It's so good. I'd have picked up a 1/2 pound instead of a quarter pound if only I had somewhere to leave the leftovers.

    • It's my fault but EW spoiled me for last week's Mad Men which is still sitting on my DVR. Boo. :( I need to remember not to read the TV section until I'm all caught up.

    • Unpopular fandom opinion? No love to Hewlett for pimping out his exciting new $900 car seat/stroller system. Even celebrities I adore don't get a pass when recommending products the vast majority of us can't easily afford.

    • I am rewatching season three of The West Wing. It's possibly my favorite season of TV ever. Right now is '100,000 Airplanes'. "Is the reason you guys didn't get married because her name would have been Lisa Sherborn Seaborn?"

    • ETA: When we were in Chicago, I visited this Jensen poster a few too many times and then, because visiting it was getting absurd, bought it. I'd be ashamed if I didn't stare at it so often.

    • I finally scanned my Daniel/[ profile] lizardspots art that Michael Shanks signed at the Chicago con. Click for a larger version.

    • This year, I am not only buried in magazines but I'm also buried in 2008 calendars. Every few days, I receive a box of surprises. Today, the Brothers & Sisters calendar was included which, in February 2008, features Mr. Lowe. *sigh*

      Step 1: Cut a hole in the box...

    • A quick and dirty fandom poll to see who's where )


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