• Rob & Chad Lowe were presented with some kind of Hollywood family award (I don't know) and photos are here. Looking at Rob & Chad together is so weird. They clearly have similar features but Rob's coalesce into the perfect male specimen and Chad's...don't. Genes are a mystery.

  • I have two election things before tomorrow. First up is this Obama picspam. There may have been tears. They were probably tears of OVERWHELMING ANXIETY but they were tears, none the less.

  • And next: Les Misbarack. HAHAHAHAHAAAA. The McCain & Palin "characters" were awesome. It may not resonate if you've never seen or listened to Les Mis but, if you have, AHAHAHAHAAAAAAA. *loves* ONE DAY MORE.

  • I'm sure I've mentioned this before - I have an overwhelming, crushing crush (oh. a crush. I'm slow.) on my friend CJ. (Initials are changed to protect me from the people I'm convinced will find this journal entry and rat me out to CJ.) ANYWAY. It's been months and I'm convinced she's both clueless and repressed but the crush will not abate - probably because we see each other ALL THE TIME. But there's a point to this. I decided to look for a photo of a woman who encompasses everything I'm attracted to. I had no idea who Shannyn Sossamon was until today but I totally forgive her for spelling Shannyn with a 'y.' )

    I'm starving. Must eat.
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    ( Aug. 25th, 2008 09:07 pm)
    I just e-mailed my real estate agent of 25 months to tell him I'm moving on to someone new. I felt TERRIBLE. (Not terrible enough to stay with him, mind you, but still terrible.) After this long, though, it's time to shake things up a bit and a new agent is the way to go. *crosses fingers*

    I saw this Orange ad on my friends list today. It's Rob Lowe and it's hysterical (and also exactly how I'd respond if Rob Lowe was pitching me ANYTHING.)

    Rob Lowe: Still the prettiest.

    I don't play the lottery but I spent five whole dollars on this week's Michigan mega-millions. In my head, I've already paid off both of my mortgages and my sister's. All I need is a dollar and a dream.
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    ( May. 6th, 2008 08:57 pm)
    I started watching Brothers & Sisters for Rob Lowe but, OMG, I stayed for the CRACK. I can't get enough of the crazy, dysfunctional Walkers. It's just one thing after another but what's so great about the show is that nothing drags on. They resolve the problems quickly to make room for newer, bigger, better problems.

    My favorite, though, is "Justin & Rebecca: A Tale of Modern Incest." Come with me on a journey )

    PS. They're so in love. I can't wait until they finally have sex.

    And, while we're at it, have some Rob Lowe screen caps. He looked good this week.

    Rob... )

    Does anyone else watch this show?

    For my own future reference, here's Patrick Stewart appearing on Charlie Rose )
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    ( Mar. 17th, 2008 07:29 pm)
    Hi! It's Rob Lowe's birthday. I have no idea how old he is and I don't care because he apparently stopped aging about 10 years ago. He was young once, though. Looked good then, looks good now.

    I've seen him through good times (Sam Seaborn) and bad times (A Perfect Day) and I'll always come back for more.

    Totally unrelated, unless you want to tell me that Rob Lowe looks so good because he's a cyborg, is SciFi Now's list of top 10 cyborgs:

    10) General Grievous: Star Wars
    09) Number Six: BSG
    08) Trap Jaw: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
    07) The Bionic Woman
    06) The Six Million Dollar Man
    05) Luke Skywalker: Star Wars
    04) Robocop
    03) Locutus: Star Trek:TNG
    02) Darth Vadar: Star Wars
    01) The Terminator (T-80)

    I approve.

    As for the rest of it, I am stressed about work and wish I weren't. I need to learn to disconnect more effectively. Though, on the up side, I have a meeting tomorrow from 4pm- 7pm and, when it's though, I'll reward myself with season 3 of BSG!! I already have plans for the season premiere but a guy at work suggested seeing if we can appropriate the tv in our work cafeteria after hours and throw a big premiere party. It'll never happen but even the thought of it fills me with glee!

    ETA: HAHAHAHAHA! Funniest Torchwood fic ever.

    ETA 2: I totally encourage you to download this week's free iTunes song of the week by Duffy. It's called "Mercy" and a colleague played it for me today in a mission to spread the love. Now I spread the love. Mercy by Duffy! It makes me want to dance all nasty in a soda shop.

    ETA 3: A Torchwood rec. Dresser by [livejournal.com profile] sam_storyteller. Jack/Ianto, PG-13. Summary: "To be dressed by a skillful man is something to be proud of." This story is absolutely stunning. If you’ve ever wondered why it works between Jack & Ianto, or how it came to be, this story makes you believe it couldn’t possibly be any other way.
    I watched Sunday's Brothers & Sisters tonight and spent most of the hour entirely jealous of Calista Flockhart. I want to wear a wedding dress and dance cheek to cheek with Rob Lowe, too!

    Then, at the end of the episode, Ken Olin showed up! Ken Olin! It shouldn't be a surprise because he's producing the show but here I was just talking about thirtysomething and then there he is on my tv screen after all these years. (In some role I couldn't even spoil if I wanted to because it's currently all a tease.) I think it's awesome that he and Patricia Wettig are married and working together and, even better, on screen together!

    The Hanukkah gifts I sent my sister and brother in law arrived today and were received with enthusiasm. I got my sister the "My So Called Live" DVD box set and I got my brother in law a "100 Years of Yankees" coffee table book.

    I'm excited to go to sleep tonight knowing I don't have to get up at 4am for a trip to DC. I also get to go to a meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and actually deliver the presentation I worked on all weekend instead of passing it off to someone else. After the presentation we're having a holiday dessert party so I baked four batches of cookies tonight. (And, to be clear, by "bake," I mean I pulled apart pre-made cookie dough and put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. It took all of the effort I've got not to have more than a taste. Chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip!)

    Does anyone else remember Ramona Quimby and D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read)? I was in a meeting recently and I was the only one in the room who knew the Ramona reference. Remember? She couldn't remember what the acronym stood for? Who's with me?
    [Poll #1099139]

    There's a great BSG season 4 preview out that includes interview clips with EJO, Mary McDonnell, Ron Moore, David Eick, Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber (sexy accent!). My excitement is building to fever pitch and it's only December!

    BSG Season 4 preview )

    More immediately, I'm counting down to the premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For no other reason than Summer Glau as a terminator, it's going to be awesome.

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer )

    And one more video clip...I did get around to watching Youngblood last night. It was a totally predictable 80's sports movie with the big, burly enemy and the last second, "will they win?" drama but Rob Lowe pulled off adorable and hot with ease. If you're going to watch only one scene from the movie, this is it. (Well, this and the sex scene.)

    Shirtless, bare assed 22 year old Rob Lowe )

    Borders is offering a coupon for 40% off any DVD box set Monday and Tuesday. Coupon here. (You have to be a Borders Rewards member to redeem the coupon but joining is free and I'm sure you can sign up at time of purchase.) I'm going to buy another season of ST:TNG...hopefully season 6. With the 40% off and the $15 credit I have, I can get the $70 season for about $25 bucks.

    It's getting COLD here. There was this awful sleet thing happening last night and today it's so foggy the visibility is less than 1/4 mile. It's 40 degrees, though, and, given that it's been in the high 20's, I decided to deal with the freezing rain and clean up my garden before the temperatures drop permanently. I have this grass in the front of my house (one of those grasses that's a bush kind of thing) and, once it's gets cold, the grass dies and gets wheaty. Last year I didn't cut it like I was supposed to and it screwed with the spring growth so today, full on a yummy brunch, I braved the weather and cut the grass. I feel accomplished and my neighbors will be grateful because it's their lawns the stuff blew all over last year.

    Now I'm going to finish my to do list and hopefully settle in with some fic by 6pm.
    Apparently Jason Momoa changed (cut?) his hair and this is the photo that surfaced.

    For all I know it's pulled back so I'm reserving judgment on the hair itself but LET ME JUDGE THE REST OF HIM IN HIS GLORY.

    The hat! The jacket! The glasses! The baby carriage! His pants and shoes!


    ETA: The dreads are gone! WOE. On the other hand? Guitar...hat..HOT.

    Also in the handsome, handsome man category, have some photos of Rob Lowe on the WGA picket line. He's in a shirt and tie! *dies*

    Is it TMI to say that I'm seriously considering finding myself a fling down in Key West? I'm long over due.

    PS. I am officially on VACATION.


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