Sally always seems to know when I need her most as evidenced by the way she's currently sprawled across my lap. *loves*

Today, months after seeing the movie in theaters, I finally saw the ending of the Sex and the City movie. The video cut out when we saw it in the theaters so I heard the end but didn't get to see it. I love this movie even more when I can see the ending. Oh, Carrie. You're the best.

There have been a number of posts on my friends lists about women we love and one person I haven't seen anywhere is Jennifer Aniston. She has such a likable quality. Even when she's wearing next to nothing the first thing you're drawn to is her face.

Wonderful photos from her GQ photo shoot )

There's a lot going on at work tomorrow so I plan to try to get into bed with my book by 9am and get into the office by 7:30am. We'll see how that goes.
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( Dec. 29th, 2008 12:51 pm)
Thank you all for the well wishes for Sally! The verdict is an "undetermined (harmless) bug causing fluid build up in the stomach and subsequent vomiting."

Sally had her temperature taken, blood drawn, and x-rays and she didn't like any of it but that's what she gets for scaring me so first thing in the morning! The vet also gave Sally some fluids under her skin to rehydrate her. She was very brave.

I'm home for lunch to check on Sally and she's a little lethargic but fine. \o/ She's also likely starving but I have instructions not to let her eat until this evening.

Back to work!
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( Dec. 29th, 2008 07:29 am)
Sally threw up 6 or 7 times this morning and now she's sitting in my closet crying. I made a 9am emergency vet appointment for her but that seems like such a long way away when she's whimpering and crying. I'm in tears with worry.

ETA: We're home from the vet and she's going to be fine!
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( Dec. 16th, 2008 10:27 pm)
By now I should know better than to search anywhere on the internet for any information related to a show I'm watching years later than the season aired. I thought I learned my lesson with Babylon 5 but youtube (potentially) spoiled me tonight with search term suggestions. Can I consider this lesson learned? Maybe?

Tonight my boss' two other direct reports and I took her to dinner to celebrate her retirement. I kind of hate her right now but that's only because she's phenomenal and I'm devastated she's leaving me. I can't believe this is her last week. WOE.

Tomorrow my friend D and I are going to queer night at a pizza place near his house. We're having a sleepover afterward which is awesome. Dates excluded, I can't remember the last time I had a sleepover on a weeknight. It feels rebellious! He's forever my wing man and I'm forever his. We shall have pizza and try to pick up folk and then crash.

What else? Nothing! It's 10:27pm and I told myself I'd go to bed early tonight. I LIE. But Sally's curled up so sweetly on my lap that I can't bear to move. I'm sure you understand.

It turns out this week's House was a repeat but I did watch last Friday's two hour premiere of "Sanctuary." There were a lot of things I didn't like about the show but the worst, by far, was Amanda Tapping's accent. It was TERRIBLE. She was in and out of the accent the entire time and, when she was "in," it wasn't the slightest bit convincing. Bad choice. Bad, bad choice.

More on Sanctuary )

I was very, very lazy today. I intended to spend most of the day reading Endymion but, instead, slept from 1:30pm until 4pm. ([ profile] kiffle - Are you proud? :) )

I came across a few interesting links today, though:

  • Can the 'inner grown-ups' save us from disaster? - A Yom Kippur article that looks to Bill Adama as the kind of leader we need.

  • From [ profile] kaelie: Make-Believe Maverick: A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty. It's a scary look at a man who could become our president.

  • From [ profile] subluxate: TripAdvisor is giving away a million dollars to charity. You can vote once for how the money is distributed. All five causes get a share; the votes just determine the amounts.

    Last thought for today until I come back later to ramble about CSI and SPN: Sally was just as lazy today as I was (but cuter about it).

    Here are a few more from last week )
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    ( Apr. 26th, 2008 06:58 pm)
    I was supposed to be heading off to London tonight. :/ Maybe in the fall.

    My commentary on last night's BSG episode is here (which I point out because I haven't had my fill of discussing the episode) and over here is a great behind the scenes look at next week's episode and season four with cast and crew interviews. If I ever do watch Due South, I'm never going to be able to think of Callum Keith Rennie as anyone but Leoben.

    Pet Supplies Plus is have a 20% off everything sale so I bought Sally a fountain. She tends to only drink from the faucet and I want her to have some options when I'm at work. First of all, it's loud. I'm sitting here and all I hear is the sound of running water. I don't know, maybe eventually it will seem soothing. Unfortunately, Sally appears to have no interest whatsoever. Perhaps it's not the faucet she enjoys as much as meowing until I stop what I'm doing and watch her drink. :)

    I canceled plans for tonight and tomorrow morning because my body and mind are screaming for some down time. I plan to watch Dr. Who and some more Babylon 5 and call it a night. I slept until 9am, napped for two hours, and still plan to be asleep around 10pm.

    Specific to Babylon 5, did any of you watch the show when it originally aired? Did you like it from the start or did it have to grow on you? I like the premise and I really want to see Lee Stetson Bruce Boxleitner join the cast on season two but, so far, it's not grabbing me.

    ETA: From [ profile] walkawayslowly - Engineers teach us about cats
    • Sally and I have been together three years! I can't believe there was a time when we didn't have each other. She's my baby girl. *loves*

      October 24, 2004

      October 24, 2007

    • Not being a physicist, until today I didn't realize that the Superconducting Super Collider referenced in the West Wing episode Dead Irish Writers is real! I mean, I knew about particle accelerators were real but I thought the Superconducting Super Collider was just a plot device for Sam.

      So, I'm about 2/3 through The Elegant Universe and I love it and I wish I had people to talk to about the book and the science and the theories. (And by "people," I mean people like me... regular ol' non-physicists who have a basic understanding and want to engage and know more but will never, ever have the capacity to understand this stuff at the level of a physicist. Ever.)

    • I'm still sitting on the Creation e-mail announcing Patrick Stewart's appearance at a NY con in March. My current plan is to wait on tickets and go for GA if, and only if, they offer photo ops. I can't possibly turn down a photo op with Patrick Stewart. Patrick Stewart.

    • My trip to KC was lovely most specifically because of my visit with [ profile] powrhug. Kare - I hope you and Lori are having a fabulous birthday!

    • Icon meme! Which one of my icons do you associate with me i.e. when you see it, you immediately know it's my post or comment. (Excluding my default grapes icon.)
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    ( Oct. 21st, 2007 03:53 pm)
    J and I ended things like this:

    "After 5 months, I think we'd know if this was going somewhere."
    "Me, too. But I like being friends with you."
    "Me, too."
    "Dinner and a movie tonight?"

    It was literally that easy. Now I'm getting ready to go meet him to see Michael Clayton at 4:30pm followed by dinner.

    Sally, on the other hand, isn't having as easy a day. The stray grey cat came back this morning as she sat at my screen door and, again, Sally went nuts. She doesn't just hiss or grow - she screeches. It's a terrifying noise. The only time she's anything other than gentle and sweet is when this cat is around so she's lost screen door privelages for the rest of the fall. It's in the best interest of both of our sanity.

    It's been a productive weekend with cleaning and fic and the gym and, last night, I watched Apollo 13 for the 439579345734th time. I also bought this console for my living room. Still owning two homes, I've been careful about how much I spend furnishing and decorating my house in Michigan but that empty wall is driving me crazy and I had to do something about it. The console is exactly what I was looking for. I love the slanted shelf and already have the perfect books picked out.

    Following my fic binge, here are a few instant recs:

    • SPN: 20 Hours in America by [ profile] musesfool An hour at a time, for each hour Dean has left. Oh, this story. It’s tender and utterly heartbreaking but in the kind of way that still leaves you glad you read it. Sam/Dean

    • SPN: The Last Room by [ profile] sevenfists Starting at the end of AHBL1 and leading into the beginning of part 2, this story is heartbreaking and stunning and all about love. Sam/Dean

    • SGA: Straight as a Circle by [ profile] toomuchplor Summary: John Sheppard wakes up straight. No really. Says toomuchplor, “One day, about two months ago, I thought, ‘John Sheppard is *so gay* that he couldn't be in a 'woke up gay' story. He'd have to wake up straight instead.’ And that is what happened here.” If the premise alone doesn’t draw you in, hopefully my promise that this story is funny, heartbreaking, tender, and sweet will do the trick. McKay/Sheppard

    • SGA: Prison Break by [ profile] liketheriverrun But when he was shoved through the door by the two men, lost his footing and went down, John almost started to laugh. Because obviously McKay was off his rocker seeing as he wasn’t standing in Atlantis or on some space station in another galaxy. No, he was lying in the sand while a boot kicked him in the ribs… again. Written for sga_flashfic’s Criminal challenge, this story is both a unique character study of each of the team members and also a tale about teammates and family. Gen

    • HP: Light Between The Cracks by [ profile] bohemianspirit To the end, he had to pretend he hadn’t changed a bit. The best of him, Severus resolved, never would be Dumbledore’s to reveal. What can I possibly say about this fic? It’s Severus’ story, from pre-Hogwarts on, and this is the life I never knew I wished for him. It’s canon compliant but it’s a life that’s so much more - full of more loss and pain but also full of more joy and hope. Written for snape_after_dh. Snape/OFC

    • HP: Life in Kind by [ profile] sansa1970 Summary: Harry believes Snape deserves to be immortalised. As usual, he rushes in where angels fear to tread. Set one year post DH, Harry is as reckless and determimed as ever and he’s playing Master Painter when, perhaps, he shouldn’t. Harry/Snape
    Of anything I've ever linked in my journal, the most hotlinked upload is this set of Tricia Helfer Playboy scans. In fact, they're so widely hotlinked that the scans use more bandwidth than anything else I post including zip files of scans, etc. that are significantly larger. Most recently, it was someone over at the classy site who linked one of my photos on their home page. Now, however, instead of seeing the lovely Helfer's image for their "Canada babecollection," they get a big ol' image of file not found. Fuckers. I get tremendous pleasure making those photos disappear. And, to be clear, I don't care if people save the images and upload themselves across the entirety of the interweb. Just back off my bandwidth.

    My weekend in NY was fabulous. I spent Friday in Brooklyn with a high school friend and then Kiffle & Co. entertained me with Stargate and pasta and WINE and the bar that time forgot. We watched "Unending" and I'm corny as hell but I teared up at the end. I just met Daniel a year ago. I'm not ready to say goodbye so soon.

    Saturday night was a friend's engagement party on a boat that sailed from the north shore of Long Island to the Statue of Liberty. The view was gorgeous. (Click for a larger image.) I drank and danced and drank all night and, eventually, passed out in my clothes on a bed in a guest room at my mother's house. She's proud to have raised such a classy girl.

    While I'm at it, here's one of Sally in her daytime spot. Again, click for a larger image.

    Tonight J came over for a homemade dinner. I don't actually do more than prepare food but I made whole wheat linguine with meat-free bratwurst and mushroom & pepper sauce. I thought it was pretty good and he didn't keel over so there's that.

    Looooong day at work tomorrow and then I head to Philadelphia on Wednesday morning for a work conference. I'm looking forward to it, though. It's bound to be productive and teeming with people I only see a few times a year.

    ETA: I feel so voyeuristic reading all of Hewlett's twitter texts as he laments the trials and tribulations of the A Dog's Breakfast release on Amazon. (Which is to say, I love it.)
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    ( Apr. 15th, 2007 07:10 pm)

    • I finally caught up on SG-1 (*is sad*) and have things to say about "Unending". General thoughts and one scene played out in screencaps. Come play! )

      I *heart* Daniel Jackson.

    • I never have good dreams but, last night, I had a dream that I was at a dinner party with Grace Park, Edward James Olmos, and Mary McDonnell and I spent the entire time fawning over MMD. Even in my dream it was embarrassing. Not quite related to anything but the fawning, here's a picture of EJO and MMD at the BSG finale screening. Clearly it's their rl chemistry translating to the screen. (Click for a larger version.)

    • There's a crazy thread over at house_cuddy that started when someone posted a vid that clearly stole clips from someone else's vids. There's anger and hurt feelings but what no one seems to realize (or acknowledge) is that the original batshit crazy poster/vid maker is clearly nothing more than a whore of a troll.

    • Sally always seems to like my bed best when I'm changing the sheets. (I like her best all the time.) Click for larger versions.

    • This last bit is probably only exciting to me but I finally bought a table for my entry way. The open space was driving me bonkers.
    Sally says, "meow and thank you for the star and rosette! Maybe someday our moms will let us meet!"
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    ( Jan. 15th, 2007 05:29 pm)
    There's all sorts of Stargate type news today!

    The titles of the SG-1 movies were revealed! It makes it all the more real that we'll still have some form of SG-1 at some point in the fall. I'm so hopeful that RDA will make himself available and have a substantial part.

    Stargate Atlantis season 4 cast changes. More on that... )

    [ profile] charlidos posted the transcript from a Starburst Magazine interview with Flanigan. He's so serious about his craft. *g* (There are very vague spoilers in the interview.)

    Unrelated to any incarnation of Stargate, a colleague gave me a laser pointer as a holiday gift and it's resulted in hours of fun with Sally. Initially I worried that I was torturing my poor cat with that little dot of light but she sits and stares at the wall just waiting for it to come back. On her best days, she gets a full 3 1/2 feel off the ground as he hunts the laser. It's adorable and FUNNY.

    • Bullets (obviously the formatting kind rather than the ammunition kind) are incredibly practical.

    • My con ticket arrived! I was worried Creation would screw it up and send the ticket to Florida but it arrived in my Michigan mailbox today and I'm an BESIDE MYSELF WITH EXCITEMENT! THIRD ROW OMG!!

    • [ profile] stewart_daily posted video of Patrick Stewart conducting "Hail To The Victors" at Saturday's Michigan game. You can't actually tell it's him from the video but it's still pretty damn cool. If you click on the link, check out the third linked video, too. It's a Picard/Crusher song vid, "Things I'll Never Say." Picard/Crusher was my first true OTP. (And my introduction to fanfic.)

    • [ profile] sheafrotherdon wrote Skies to Conquer, Gave Us Wings - another "A Farm In Iowa" story. I'm a sucker for McKay/Sheppard AU's like no other pairing that came before and perhaps no other pairing to come after and I have a particularly soft spot for this little universe. If you haven't read any of the series, start with A Farm In Iowa (linked above) and work through the rest tagged here. It's sappy in some spots but it's warm blanket, hot chocolate kind of sap.

    • I have blinds! Aside from the obvious benefit of no longer living in a fish bowl, it also means I can settle Sally when the cat at our door jumps up on our window ledge. The only thing that makes Sally hiss is that damned stray cat. It's very unsettling for us both.

    • I had an interview that went well today (with the very notable exception of his GUM CHEWING) and I left at 2pm for a doctor appointment and then to meet the blind installation guy. Now I'm off to a vendor dinner. Mexican! And, as a bonus, I expect to be home in time for Heroes.

    Tomorrow is a two year sally-versary but we're celebrating tonight because tomorrow I'm off to Florida (again) for a business meeting. Sally got Iams turkey with gravy and I looked through our digital photo album.

    She's the best thing ever )

    I love my cat.

    Other things:

    * I came back to work to find a signed Indigo Girls CD waiting for me. It's almost as good as meeting them in person. Almost.

    * But missing them was worth it for [ profile] sparklecon. It was a great weekend even with the MASSIVE and TRAGIC hangover yesterday morning. Wine is evil. Big Daddy's is good.

    * I stopped by Borders today to pick up the Reds DVD, No Shortcuts To The Top, and First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong. Yay!
    Mitch Albom was in our office this week to talk about his new book, For One More Day. It's not a book I plan to read but the concept really got me - just one more day with a parent who died. Just one more day. It wouldn't be enough, not nearly enough, but I've spent far too long wishing for just one more day. Especially now, as an adult.

    (That sounds much more depressing than I intend it. After 23 years of wanting that day, I'm nothing if not pragmatic.)

    In excellent news, my mother was cleared to visit me Columbus Day weekend. Her white counts have been low so there was concern about her traveling but the doctor cleared her! I can't wait. It's been a year and a half since my mother's come to visit me. In October '05 she was waylaid by Hurricane Wilma and, in January '06, she was beginning all of this nonsense so the visit is a long time coming. Plus, my mom has never, ever been to Michigan. I'm helping her expand her horizons!

    Yesterday, as I pulled out of my driveway to go to work, Sally was sitting in the window watching me. When I came home late last night, she was sitting in the same spot. She's so consistent and wonderful. She kills bugs and snuggles with me and is the sweetest little bundle of fur ever.

    Oh! So, I'm finally settling into my house and, with that, comes awareness of the bumps in the night. Yesterday morning I woke up to a weird, high pitched whining noise. Rather than assume it was wind as, perhaps, as NORMAL person would do, I was convinced a crazy, injured gun wielding killer was in my living room. I'm not kidding when I say I worked myself into a frenzy. But, 24 hours later in the light of day, I'm pretty convinced it was the wind. Please tell me I'm not the only one thrown by the bumps in the night.
    I shall shout the JOY of 'Sateda' from mountain tops! )

    I loved this episode so, so, soooooooooooooooooo much!

    Somewhat unexpectedly, I also liked SG-1 - 'Insiders' )

    I'm back in Michigan and Sally is a little limpet on my lap. She's the best.
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    ( Jul. 7th, 2006 09:06 am)
    I'm at the airport about to head up to Ann Arbor for a weekend of house hunting with my sister. In hindsight, I probably should have waited a week and taken this last weekend in Florida to get shit done but this was the only weekend my sister could go and I certainly want a second opinion. I'm far too impulsive to go house hunting with only a REALTOR (tm kare) for support and advice. I'm hopeful, though! I'd love to return to FL on Sunday night with an offer in on a home. (Even better would be an offer that's accepted.)

    I have significant anxiety about traveling with Sally next week - the poor little girl gets fairly hysterical on simple car rides to the vet - so I spoke to the TSA about their screening process. I'm sure taking her out of her carrier to walk through security would result in bad, bad things but they say I can take her into a private screening room where, though I'll have to take her out of the carrier, it's an enclosed space where she can't run like the wind. (I also have a vet appointment scheduled for Tuesday where I'll get a kitty sedative in addition to her interstate health certificate.)
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    ( Apr. 24th, 2006 09:24 am)
    On Friday night a friend's boyfriend asked me to share two personal quirks so I told him that I'm a geeky sci-fi fangirl and I can't get enough of my cat. It's true. I get high off good sci-fi and Sally is one of the best things to ever happen to me. She's my buddy. And, since today is a year and a half since we found each other, I'm celebrating with a photo and tuna. (Well, the tuna is for Sally but she may share if she's in a good mood. *g*)

    Sally with the birthday flowers from Kare.

    Yesterday was a gem of a day. I took off at noon and went to the Yankees/Twins spring training game with my boss and one of his friends. The stadium is tiny and fabulous and we were fifteen rows up which gave me a perfect view of my favorite men in pinstripes. We had perfect weather and there was beer and popcorn and I want to do it again next week. Yankees baseball is the best. This morning I met a friend for a walk on the beach and brunch. She brought another friend along who's interested in golf so we're making plans to take lessons together. Maybe next spring I'll actually be able to accept Client B's invitation to their charity golf tournament.

    I still follow Sally around with a camera but it's been a while since I posted photos. Still the cutest!

    A few more... )
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    ( Jan. 31st, 2006 08:15 pm)
    Now that season two of SGA is over (*sob*), I'm ready to dive into BSG. Separate conversations with [ profile] kaelie and [ profile] cranberryink led me to sign up for netflix and the BSG miniseries is first in my queue. I'm ready!

    The fabulous Juliana came today and walking into a clean house was wonderful but, while I was gone, Sally smashed a bottle of my perfume on the bathroom floor and even Juliana's best efforts couldn't rid my home of the overwhelming smell. I have all of the windows open but it's 78 degrees out and there's no breeze so the scent is just sitting. I'm sure it will follow me throughout the day tomorrow week. (In case you're wondering, the rest of my perfume bottles are now well out of Sally's reach.)

    And the Oscar nominations are out! So pleased about the nominations for Heath, Jake, and Michelle. I don't actually expect any of them to win but I am pulling for best cinematography, best director, and best picture. Of course, as with the past few years, I have an annual industry conference that starts on Oscar night. On the plus side, the Conde Nast folks usually have a big screen up airing the awards show. On the "conference people should know better than to cause Oscar conflicts" side, I really want to watch uninterrupted.

    SGA (02x20) - Allies... )

    How long until season 3? No, really. It's a serious question. How long?

    A handful of the unavoidable screencaps... )

    63 screencaps - zip file, 6mb, right click/save

    Oh! CSI fans - what's with the magical changing Ellie? I think I preferred the first actress who played Ellie Brass.


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