After a week of running around like a crazy person, I stayed in bed yesterday until FIVE PM. It was glorious. I watched the first to episodes of Kings, and the last two episodes of Supernatural and Dollhouse. I also read Sheppard's Law and took a 2 hour nap. It was GLORIOUS. When I finally got out of bed, I continued to laze about reading the entirety of Shiver and finally watching Little Children. (My goodness, Patrick Wilson is handsome when he's out of Dan Dreiberg's glasses.

  • SPN: I loved "On the Head of a Pin" but, reading comments here and there, am I the only one? more on 04x16 and 04x17 )

  • Kings: I watched the first two episodes on the recommendation of [ profile] carta and other and, for now, it's a keeper. I love the premise, Ian McShane is deliciously terrifying, and I'm compelled to see where the story goes.

  • Dollhouse: I was one or two episodes away from ditching Dollhouse but the last two episodes were enough to keep me for a little while. )

  • The entire cast of ST:TNG is reuniting on Family Guy tonight! (Clip here.) AWESOME.

  • I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet. The new Indigo Girls CD was released on Tuesday! Oh, I love, love, love them and this CD. The 2 disc edition has a 2nd CD of all acoustic versions. Just 24 days until they're here in Ann Arbor!

  • On 3/25, [ profile] carta did, "one year ago today, two years ago today, etc." memes and "two years ago today" was the reveal of four of the final five cylons. I remember that like it was yesterday. I missed the original airing of both parts of Crossroads arriving home from a week in London just after part II aired. I woke up at 5:30am Monday morning to watch both parts before work. Good grief. Crossroads BLEW MY MIND like few episodes of TV before or since. My original reaction from 3/26/07 is here. Also? Always and forever a Roslin/Adama shipper.

  • More on BSG: Here's a roundup on Daybreak Part II reviews

  • More on het OTPs: I love me some Rossi/Prentiss on Criminal Minds. I wish more people would write this (obviously perfect) pairing instead of the more conventional, "prettier" Hotch/Prentiss.

  • A friend took a trip to Tanzania and sent these 44957349579 photos of giraffes! After my late summer trip to Greece with [ profile] kiffle (!!!), I need to get myself on an African safari.

    I have limited plans for today. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll actually get employee appraisals completed if I do them at home rather than at the office. I'd also like to get in a run before fitness boot camp. THAT'S IT. Lazy weekend for the win.
  • I just caught up on this week's SPN. *loves* Why doesn't the whole world watch this show?

    I commented on last night's BSG here but I have more to say about the show. Read more... )

    I have to go into work today for 2 or 3 hours and I need to make it to the gym. I'm trying to work out the perfect timing so I get back to my house just after a 2:30pm showing ends.

    Scans include:
    * Brotherly Love: SPN News
    * The Shape of Things to Come: Interview with Jared & Jensen
    * Director's Cut: Interview with David Nutter
    * Habeas Supernatural: Interview with Ben Edlund, Erik Kripke, Robert Singer, and Sera Gamble
    * Blast From the Past: Interview with Mitch Pileggi

    Download 22 pages of scans here - zip file, right click/save, 28.2mb. Please comment if you download. Do not post this privately hosted link elsewhere. Enjoy!
    I had far too many margaritas with my Mexican food Friday night so my date and I sat in a Starbucks, drinking coffee and sobering up, until nearly 1am when we were both finally comfortable getting behind the wheel. It made for a slow, lazy Saturday. Then, last night, my friend Anne came over for dinner. I made baked pasta with sausage, tomatoes, and cheese. Success! I really need to start expanding my cooking repertoire, though. My friend's partner is just starting to cook and I might suggest we take a cooking class together.

    I caught up on CSI, SPN, and SGA yesterday morning which seems to be a new, relaxing, Saturday morning tradition. There was so much controversy on my friends list over SPN and SGA but I enjoyed both.

    SPN )

    SGA )

    [ profile] timberho always finds the good crack. Today it was in the form of photos of Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio at a Lakers game. See? And one more.

    For my reference: The standard model of physics got it right when it predicted where the mass of ordinary matter comes from, according to a massive new computational effort.

    Sally has been super needy all day. I don't know what's going on with her but I don't mind the attention. I had very few ambitions for the day but I just woke up from a 2 1/2 hour nap and decided even the gym can wait until tomorrow. Lazy, lazy day!
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    ( Nov. 15th, 2008 01:37 pm)
    Hello, Lazy Saturday. My friend Anne and I cooked dinner last night and sat around talking until 11:30pm. I finally got into bed around 1 and I've spent the morning working my way through my DVR queue.

    SGA. Fret, fret, fret. )

    CSI )

    SPN )

    I wish I hadn't watched the scenes from next week's episode, though. The conclusion looks awesome but it gave away more than I wanted to know. (CSI, on the other hand, gave up just enough to have me counting down the days in anticipation.)

    House )

    And I don't think I've said anything about this week's Criminal Minds )

    As soon as I post and read Lily's Drake & Josh fic I'm going to take a nap. Naps are the best. Then it's off to the A2 Rally For Equality at 3:30pm. I'm going by myself but I am assuming it will be a welcoming group (of college students) and I really want to add my voice to the rally so out in the cold rain I go! Then tonight I have a date for sushi. I love sushi almost as much as I love naps.
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    ( Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:53 pm)
    Back in February, on the recommendation of two friends, I took Dan Simmon's sci-fi novel, Hyperion, with me on my cruise. I read the book, a story told well in the future in the model of The Canterbury Tales, and enjoyed it but I didn't love it. My friends encouraged me to keep on reading - at least giving the 2nd book in the series, The Fall of Hyperion, a chance. Six months after reading Hyperion, I finally picked up The Fall of Hyperion in August and devoured it. At the end of September I made my way through the third book, Endymion, which is set 274 years after the end of the 2nd, and, today, I finally finished the fourth book in this series, The Rise of Endymion.

    All of that is a round about way of saying: I LOVED THIS SERIES.

    It's an investment - probably 2200 pages in all - but totally worth it. The Hyperion Cantos is about science, technology, morality, religion, and love. It's about the danger of unchecked power, ambition, and greed and the destructive force of blind faith in pursuit of those aims. It's about living in a universe more expansive than we can imagine and, at it's core, it's a love story. About 3/4 of the way through the final book I was sure I knew what was coming (and I mostly did) and that I wouldn't cry (of course I did).

    There's also kick ass time travel in the story. Having just finished the fourth book, I'm overwhelmed at the unexpected threads that carried their way through all four books.

    I actually didn't start this post as a book review/rec but there you have it.

    Has anyone else read the series? Come talk to me!

    This weekend was so productive. Even reading 400+ pages of The Rise of Endymion, I still took care of everything on my list. \o/ That leaves time to watch some CSI tonight. Next up...Pirates of the Third Reich (which I just watched on my iPhone two weeks ago but could watch endlessly).

    A few more things:

  • Dean/Castiel is my new, shiny pairing of choice. I'm pretty picky in the fic I read but if I see it's Dean/Castiel I'll give anything a shot. Kripke makes it so easy to want more.

  • The Viggo movie promo train continues: Viggo Mortensen's history lessons: The actor, who stars in 'Good,' a film adaptation of a play he saw more than 25 years ago about 1930s Germany, sees parallels between the movie plot, the real world in 1982 and the world now.

  • I rarely, if ever, see comedies but "Role Models" looks HYSTERICAL. Not as good as Quantum of Solace, though. I wasn't a Bond fan until Daniel Craig came along.

  • It seems that [ profile] lilysaid and I are the only people I know who watched last week's House. Anyone??? Cut for spoilers and video of the final scene )

  • What the heck is General Hospital: Nightshift? And is that Robin Scorpio back in Port Charles?
  • I am still riding the high from the preview for next week's CSI. Here is the extended preview from Next Thursday can not come soon enough! It looks SO GOOD! PS. It's nice to know how predictable my CSI interests are. At least I'm consistent. ;)

    Yesterday's appointment at my bank was completely pointless. It took ten minutes for the guy to tell me that he can't help and I need to call someone at the 5/3 corporate office in Cincinnati. He couldn't have told me that over the phone? The good news is that I was home by 4:30 and was able to go for a run (outside!) by 5pm. It was perfect weather. The sky was clear blue and it was 55 degrees out. Running off rage = very cathartic.

    I have a pile of links I've been meaning to post:

  • Following the Script: Obama, McCain and 'The West Wing'

  • BBC (video) interview with David Tennant on his decision not to return to Dr. Who in 2010. I share Kiffle's WOE over this news but am somewhat comforted by this opportunity to list to Tennant speak. He's dreamy.

  • And so is Viggo. Here he is in Rome. Wednesday night Viggo was presented with an award at the closing night of the Chicago film festival. I'm going to have to see if "Good" is coming to any theaters in MI.

    Back to Dr. Who for a second...I'm curious to see how they use the 2009 movies to tie up open bits of canon from s4. In particular, I'm hoping we get to see the meeting between The Doctor and River Song. "The Library" left me with the impression that River Song knew the doctor in his current form and, given what was clearly between them, I'd love to see them meet rather than having to assume it's part of this Doctor's history that falls somewhere between movies. On the other hand, I'm very interested in seeing Jenny meet up with the next Doctor.

  • Carta turned me on to the next blog and today's entry sums up so many of my feeling about Obama and how far I've come in support of his candidacy from where I was during the primaries (and a vocally strong Hillary supporter): After the primaries, while there never was any doubt that Obama had my vote, my heart wasn't quite with him yet. It took time, both to heal and to grow. Slowly but surely, it happened. The more I heard him speak, the more I watched him work, the more I witnessed his temperament, the more I knew that this was the man who could create the America we yearn for. The America that is smart, the America that is just, the America that is kind.

    And here's a quick poll:

    [Poll #1288753]

    After work I'm off to a friend's house where four of us will cook dinner and hand out candy to cute little kids. Today I'm dressed as a BSG fan wearing my "I [heart] Cylons" t-shirt or, as everyone at work is saying, I'm dressed as me. :)

    ETA: I loooooved last night's SPN. I love this whole season! I'm so happy with the introduction of Castiel and where they're taking Sam & Dean.
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    ( Oct. 26th, 2008 03:37 pm)
    I had plans earlier in the day and I'm doing dinner with friends tonight so I'm posting quickly and then trying to get in a run. The morning looked dismal but, all of a sudden, it's 60 degrees and sunny!

    I caught up on SGA, SPN, and CSI yesterday. SGA didn't thrill me. SPN did thrill me just as much as I expected from all of the flailing about on my friends list. Jensen Ackles for the win.

    When I watch CSI these days I'm very focused on how they're going to write out Gil. I still have a terrible suspicion that he's going to leave Vegas to be with Sara and I'm (naively) waiting for Lady Heather to swoop in and save the day.

    The SYTYCD show was awesome. I could do without all of the dumb (and not funny) banter between dances but the dancing was spectacular. It was so much fun to see Chelsie, Courtney, Katie, Mark, Twitch & Joshua up close and in their element. I left liking Gev, Comfort and Kherington much more than during the show and I can still live without Jessica. Especially when she speaks.

    My favorite numbers of the night were the Argentine Tango (Chelsie/Joshua), Katie & Joshua's contemporary, and Bleeding Love (Chelsie/Mark). Actually, I also loved Chelsie's jive with Gev, Courtney's latin number with Gev, the Garden Dance with Jessica & Will, and No Air. It would probably be easier to say what I didn't love: both Viennese Waltzes (because Danny & Anya still own that dance) and the jail break hip hop. I loved the rest of it!

    Jenniferh2525 has 900+ So You Think You Can Dance tour photos. They're fantastic. Here's one of my favorites. It's from Chelsie's solo.

    Run time!

    ETA: Two college kids just came canvassing for Obama. It was so much fun to tell them I'm voting for Obama on the 4th.

    Okay, I totally wasn't done with this post.

    Here's a list of what I know I need to get in the mail this week. Am I missing anything for anyone?
    Twilight calendar to [ profile] timberho
    Twilight calendar to [ profile] lilysaid
    The Friday Night Knitting Club and Knit Two to [ profile] carta
    Anne Geddes calendars to friend in FL
    I also have an extra copy of Stargate: Continuum free to the first person who requests it. Just comment here and then send me your address at saturn92103[at] ETA: Continuum is claimed.

    In Viggo movie reviews/news:

    Hollywood Reporter review of “Good”

    An entertainment writer form The Kanas City Star shares my pov on the delay of “The Road.”
    Hi CSI. Thanks for breaking my heart. No, really.

    'For Warrick' )

    In conclusion, I love Gil Grissom. A LOT.

    Then came Supernatural. More )

    We're nearing the end of post-season baseball and I'm officially rooting for the Dodgers. I want to see them go all the way and then I want Joe Torre to laugh in Hal Steinbrenner's face.

    What else? Do any of you use Google Alerts? They're so handy! Every day an e-mail pops up in my inbox with all sorts of news about BSG (and other topics I'm too embarrassed to call out by name). :)

    One last link for the day: Behind the scenes photos from the set of The Road. The photos were taken by an actor on the set. And here's the link to the movie's official site. There's nothing there yet but there will be soon.
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    ( Oct. 5th, 2008 08:44 pm)
    I just finished last week's episode of Supernatural which was SO GOOD OMG.

    If you posted about the episode can you comment with a link so I can read what you had to say and flail with you?
    So many things!

  • First off, RENT. RENT! On a movie screen!! It was fantastic to see the show in this format though, honestly, the editing sucked. The camera was all over the place during the bigger cast numbers to a degree that left me dizzy. The only cast member I'd seen before was Justin Johnston. ([ profile] nothinggold! The filmed version is going to be released on DVD. You can have a permanent record of Justin as Angel!) I don't know if the filmed version was the final performance but they do include the Seasons of Love encore from the finale with some of the original cast members. It was a great way to spend 2 1/2 hours. I can't wait to get the DVD. *grabby hands*

  • After RENT was the Michigan game. We had to DVR the beginning which turned out to be a blessing because the first half was a disaster. In the end, though, Michigan came back from a 0 - 19 halftime deficit to beat Wisconsin 27- 25. I've officially experienced a literal nail biter and my friends are well on their way to turning me into a true Michigan fan.

  • My new favorite rss feed is [ profile] gaiman_blog. It's so nice to have Gaiman come to me rather than having to remember to seek out his ramblings. And I do love his ramblings.

  • I caught up on Supernatural last night. First of all, if anything was going to cement my love for the show it was the episode title: "Are You There God, It's Me, Dean Winchester." Perfect and hilarious. About the episode itself... )

  • Then, of course, was the return of Daniel on SGA. )

  • I watched the whole debate. There's really not much more to say about that except a) the commentary afterward was more interesting and b) McCain's play to the Jewish vote had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

  • I'm off to Chicago next weekend! A run is planned and not much else (though Appaloosa comes out next weekend). It's Viggo in the wild west!
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    ( Sep. 21st, 2008 09:28 am)
    Last night's date went well enough to last into this morning. He's smart, attractive and focused with a really great sense of style. He was also upfront about wanting to date for the future, not just for right now. (To be clear, that future didn't necessarily mean us - just that he's not into casual dating at this point in his life.) It's an interesting start with a guy who asked me out at a cheese counter. We have plans next weekend and I'm looking forward to it.

    All of that said, I'm still pining for A even though it's looking more and more like that's a road to nowhere. We spend a lot of time together - like good friends do - but she officially knows I'm interested in dating women and has given no indication of the same. To think, at 15, I thought dating would eventually get easier. :)

  • Have a meme: Grab the nearest book. Find the 5th sentence on page 46.

    I don't have a book right next to me but I do have the new issue of Scientific American: "Einstein's great insight was that spacetime is no mere stage on which the drama of the universe unfolds."

  • While on topic, the Large Hadron Collider is down for at least two months. How disappointing for all of the scientists involved.

  • Word is that Mary McDonnell will have a 3- 5 episode arc on Grey's Anatomy. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but, at this point, I'll follow Mary McDonnell anywhere.

  • I didn't place the face until [ profile] gdg pointed it out but Jen Halley, who plays Seelix on BSG, was the Demon Waitress on this past week's SPN.

    See? )

  • Also, in exciting guest cast news, this week's SGA preview reminded me that next week is Daniel Jackson week on SGA!! Daniel! On Atlantis! I know he was there before but it was part of an SG-1 team mission. This is his and, therefore, so much better. \o/

  • I stole this from [ profile] bethbethbeth and am now seeing it everywhere. It's perfect.

    Ever wonder what a meeting between Jed Bartlet and Barack Obama would be like? Columnist Maureen Dowd of the New York Times actually called Aaron Sorkin to ask him, and here's what Jed had to say:

    Full text )

    I've actually been looking at parallels between Governor Ritchie of FL and Sarah Palin with that, "aw, shucks, I don't need to be intellectual or informed to lead" shtick. Which leads me to this bit of inspiration:

    "In the future, if you're wondering, 'Crime. Boy, I don't know' is when I decided to kick your ass."

    Or, even better, on video here.
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    ( Sep. 19th, 2008 06:18 am)
    My Michigan voter registration card arrived in the mail yesterday! I'm ready!!

    I caught up on TV last night and watched Bones, House, and SPN. I don't know if this means the shows are doing something right or wrong but I realized I only watch Bones for the dynamic love between Booth & Brennan and I only watch House for the love dynamic between Wilson & House. Everything else is a bonus. Except Hodgins and Foreman. They should stick around.

    House first )

    Bones )

    I was going to go to bed early last night but the lure of Supernatural was too great. Supernatural )

    Today my team and I are off for store visits and tonight Anne and I are cooking dinner. I suspect there will be much food. I really need to get off my ass and run. I didn't run last week because I was getting ready to leave and then I was too busy eating fish & chips. This week I was recovering from last week. No excuses! Tomorrow I hit the road again. I have a 5k in a week and it's absurd to undo my training right beforehand. Besides, I feel a hint of winter and I need to get in my outdoor running before Michigan pushes me back inside for 5 months.
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    ( Sep. 8th, 2008 07:38 pm)
    Lazy weekend! I was sad to see it end! I woke up Saturday with a dutifully earned hangover and lazed about for most of the day. My evening included "A History of Violence" which remains one of my favorite movies. Sunday was equally lazy. I slept until after 10am, canceled dinner plans, and then napped from 2- 4:30pm. My big ambition was making it out for a run.

    So, favorite part is when I pass by other runners and we do that little hand wave, head title acknowledgment. Runner solidarity! I love it! I'm averaging about 10 minute miles on the road and 9.5 minute miles on the treadmill. I'm still at 3.5 miles/run and that's about where I plan to stay for the foreseeable future. It's long/far enough to be a substantial workout but not so far that I need to carve out an unreasonable amount of time to fit it in. What I really do need to do is get weight training back on my schedule.

    I'm not through talking about RENT. Actually, I'm pretty surprised at the intensity of my reaction to the show's closing. Here are two more videos:

    minni0612 pointed me this video of the final curtain call. Give it to about one minute in and then cast members, old and new, come out for one last emotional performance of Seasons of Love )

    And timberho directed me to this video of RENT fans performing La Vie Boheme at the real Life Cafe the night before the show closed )

    I'm sure everyone has seen the J2 pictures from the Red Bull Soap Box Derby but here they are, in my journal, too, so I can come back to see them again and again and again. Quite honestly, I rarely find Jared good looking but he totally does it for me in these pictures. I think it's the sunglasses.

    Many thanks to [ profile] lilysaid, [ profile] carta, and [ profile] beatpropx for putting a smile on my face today. The power of memes!

    It's two days until my England/Wales extravaganza with [ profile] kiffle! I'm so ready!! Now it's just a matter of packing. (Kiffle - I'm bringing a casual dress for one night of the show and I plan to wear pants and a top the other. I'll be very casual when we go to Wales. And please tell me you'll want to nap when we get to Stratford!)

    This post is getting longer than intended but I have to rec a fic I read last night: Kissing Lessons by [ profile] dotfic It's a Supernatural/Some Kind of Wonderful crossover and it's Watts/Dean and it's spot on perfect. I'm flailing over this fic.

    So, my nephew has this tape that holds the NAM in place. You can see it in this picture. Anyway, the hospital doesn't provide the tape in a ready to use form. My sister and brother in law have to create the tape strips with steri-strips and rubber bands and it's a long, involved process. They taught me how to make the tapes when I was visiting over Labor Day weekend so, when I got back to MI, I called the hospital and had them send me materials for 100 of these strips. I spent a good part of last week making them and the finished product arrived at my sister's house today. Surprise! \o/
    [ profile] kiffle reminds me it's just 5 1/2 weeks until our trip to England & Whales!

    In honor of our trip, io9 posted a photo of David Tennant as Hamlet. (An alternate theory, I suppose, is that they posted to report David Tennant has made his decision about whether he'll keep playing a hyperactive time traveler in Doctor Who in 2010... but that decision hasn't been made public yet.) AJSLFJSLSZZZT!

    PS. Hello, Jensen. Why must you torture me with those lips?
  • I stopped on my way home from work to pick up Stargate Continuum. I'm so excited to have it in my hands. I'm almost completely unspoiled. Though I admit the blurb on the back of the dvd has me a bit nervous. ) But, regardless, new Stargate is in my hands! With RDA, to boot!

  • I finished season 1 of Dr. Who and, for the record, I finally get it. Nine is awesome. If I'd fallen for Dr. Who in season one I would have been very, very sad to lose Nine. In fact, even loving Ten as I do, I was sad we didn't have more than 13 episodes with Eccelston.

    I think the biggest surprise to me is the connection between Nine and Rose. There's a clear attraction between them that doesn't resonate for me in quite the same way with Ten/Rose. More broadly, Nine seems much more generally sexual than Ten. Watching Ten, I assumed that The Doctor was not just solitary but nearly asexual. I saw that he truly loved Rose but it didn't feel passionate or sexual. With Nine, I felt a passionate connection.

    But Ten is still my doctor. He's so effusive and charming and his hair just can't be beat.

  • What's the story with SPN today? All I can gather is that it's something about Jensen's lawyer, fan sites, and a C&D letter. I have no details and I'll spare you my unproductive speculation. (But, oh, I do love to speculate!) I'm not even entirely sure why everything is suddenly locked down and I am one curious cat. ETA: Got it. (Links in comments.)

  • This is a very good week at work. It's crazy but good and I'm doing my best to enjoy all of it.

    PS. Google made me smile today.

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    ( Jul. 28th, 2008 06:48 am)
    I need to start keeping a list of the ComicCon content I need to get back to. God, there's a lot. It's a beautiful thing!

    Many more photos from the EW/Sci-fi ComicCon party here courtesy of [ profile] dryope.

  • 'Battlestar' at Comic-Con: A clue about the final Cylon from Maureen Ryan/Chicago Tribune

  • IGN's BSG panel recap

  • The BSG panel! Courtesy of

  • A very detailed report on the SPN panel from [ profile] glendaglamazon and [ profile] annkiri.

  • ComicCon picspam from [ profile] own_the_sky here, here, and here including a photo of Tom Zarek with Bester.

  • Dr. Who/Torchwood panel recaps from [ profile] heidi8 here and [ profile] coolwhipdiva here.

    PS. When is Bruce Boxleitner going to start with Heroes media?!?

    Must shower and get to work!
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    ( May. 16th, 2008 10:56 am)
    Rather than coming into work early, as planned, I took those 45 minutes to watch last night's Supernatural. GOOD PLAN.

    Which is to say, I love Supernatural so much )
    Dinner party was a success! I was really worried that the food would taste awful but it didn't and I declare, officially, that I can cook.

    Around 9pm, we saw two cop cars escort my neighbor home. He's 17 and about to graduate high school and I'm so curious to find out what he did. The cops went into his house with him so I can only imagine how his weekend is shaping up.

    I woke up with a raging headache and, looking at the empty wine bottles, I'm pretty sure I finished off a bottle of red by myself. Today is a 2:15 showing of Iron Man and I'm going to have to rally if I plan to sit in a loud, dark theater for two hours.

    I did watch Thursday's Supernatural this morning and the show continues to fill me with GLEE. Dean continues to fill me with glee. I just sort of flail around and squeal while I watch.

    Last night's BSG - particularly how I think it relates to the prophecy  )

    Next week looks insane. Promo for next week's BSG, “Faith”

    Some other BSG links:

    * The Souls of Cylons: Ron Moore, executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, talks about the theology behind the Sci Fi Channel series.

    * Michael Trucco Q&A Part I (Anything Michael Trucco always makes me think of his surprise appearance at November 06 Stargate Con in LA. And, by extension, Martouf. :) )

    * And I never do internet quizzes but I couldn't resist this one. I love the results, too! It's exactly who I'd want to be. Which Battlestar Galactica Cylon Are You? )
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    ( Feb. 29th, 2008 07:51 pm)
    I fell for Torchwood hard and fast. Here's a 10 page article from the newest issue of DeathRay featuring Q&A with all of the cast members.

    Download the article here - 12.4mb, right click/save, please do not post this link anywhere else

    Or view 10 pages of scans here )

    I'm so excited for the rest of this season!

    [ profile] apieceofcake posted picspam for Jensen's birthday and good lord he's hot. He does the sexy photo shoot like no one else but this simple shot of Jensen in profile with the water bottle stopped me in my tracks. HOT.


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