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( Jul. 5th, 2009 03:51 pm)
My friend Mike has been trying to resurrect my interest in tennis so I work up early today to watch the Wimbledon final at his house. To his chagrin, I was rooting for Roddick. Holy crap. What a match. )

What else? I'm about halfway through with s2 of ST:DS9 and head over heels for the show. I watched when it first aired but the show was on through college and the years after and I was never able to watch consecutively. I watched enough to catch the major story arcs and relationships but I missed a ton of episodes. It's so much fun to start from the beginning again. I &hearts the entire cast.

Last night my friend got creative and made a Tribute to America out of Chinette paper plates. You have the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Capitol building. The little dude in front is President Obama and, on the left, is Aretha Franklin's hat. Happy Birthday, America!

I'm trying to draw out the long weekend. Does tomorrow have to be Monday?
Today was a great day. Work was productive and I cut out around 5:30pm to meet my friend Anne for dinner and Star Trek viewing #4. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in the theater four times but, I swear, this movie does not get old. Every time I find something new. (Though, this time, a good amount of it surrounded the awesome implausibility of the movie's black hole physics. Whatever. That's been coming since viewing #2. TIME DILATION. HELLO.) But that can be easily overlooked, along with red matter, in favor of everything that remains so perfect and right - top of the list being the entire crew of the Enterprise. Thank you, J.J. Abrams.

I'm watching the Stanley Cup finals and hoping Detroit can pull it out. I don't personally care all that much but an awful lot of people around here do and MI could use a win right about now.

I have a relaxing, but eventful, weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow morning I'm doing brunch at my friend Mike's house and, in the evening, we're going to see Pelham 123. Between breakfast and the movies I need to go into work for a while and, hopefully, get in a run. Sunday is boot camp and then dinner with my friend Richard who broke my heart and accepted a job in Florida. He moves in a week and I miss him already. :(

Consoling me, however, is the trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife! FINALLY! I read the book February 2008 in one long, beautiful day on a cruise. I couldn't put the book down and, when it finally ended, I cried and cried and cried. I sense the same will happen when I see the movie on August 12. Can. Not. Wait.
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( Jun. 7th, 2009 06:57 pm)
My mother is at the Tony Awards tonight. She and a friend got tickets and are the cutest Broadway fangirls. They're in the 2nd to last row of the theater and, from the way they're talking, you'd think they were hosting. Between this and my mother's obsession with SYTYCD, I can almost believe I inherited my fannish instincts from her.

I'm not very exciting today. I went to boot camp and then to the office for three hours. Since I came home, I've been watching DS9, reading The Nine, and digging through link upon link of ST:reboot fic.

It seems like there's always a desktop meme going around but I haven't played in a while:

1. Anyone who looks at this entry please post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
2. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper.
3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

My current desktop wallpaper )

I've had this wallpaper for months. I think the picture is a perfect blend of sexy and vulnerable and I love Jennifer Aniston. The end.

What else? Someone, somewhere, posted this video of Leonard Nimoy explaining the background behind the Vulcan hand greeting and "Live Long And Prosper." I knew the origin but it's really neat to hear him tell of it - especially as it relates to his Jewish background. He rattles off Hebrew so easily. &hearts

Yesterday was entirely lazy and full of little more than clearing out my DVR and a couple of episodes of DS9. I made up for it today, though, with a morning run, brunch with my friend Drew and his boyfriend, a quick trip to the mall, boot camp, and a few hours at a coffee shop with the book I'm reading.

I'm still riding on a wave of Star Trek fueled adrenaline. I've been dying to talk about the movie and, now that I opened the flood gates, I can't seem to shut up. STAR TREK! STAR TREK UPDATED INTO A COMPLETELY AWESOME 2009 VERSION. It's new and fresh and still managed to feel like a gift to fans with 495739457 references to TOS. Things like ) I'm a happy, happy fan girl. Even without those details it was pure LOVE for the (perfectly cast) movie. The movie had the best of what I love about Star Trek but updated it exceptionally well for 2009.

Final thought: Chekov, Chekov, Chekov! I want to put him on a shelf and care for him always.

  • Confused about the back story prior to the opening sequence? Check out the graphic novel prequel, Star Trek: Countdown.
  • Scifi Wire red carpet interviews

    The only thing that's grating on me is the media's constant mockery of old school Star Trek fans. Even elements of last night's SNL skit annoyed me.** I get it. Trek fans are the pinnacle of geek fandom. Get over it. At large, Trek fans are excited about this movie. At large, Trek fans love this movie. io9 has a great article that nails my feelings: Why Is The Media Trying To Make Star Trek Fans Look Like Naysaying Dorks? Their final thesis? "...the 'straw nerd' this meme sets up is not aimed at bashing fans, but at luring in Trek-phobes."

    **Though I do love me some Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and LEONARD NIMOY.

    Justin, as expected, was made of 100% win on SNL. If you missed the episode, you can find a ton of clips here.

    Back to my book! I'm almost through with Einstein's Telescope and then I'm on to The Last Olympian. \o/
  • My mother has a friend who did something totally bitchy and passive aggressive in an e-mail to my mom and I am seething on her behalf. I want to call up this woman and put her in her place. I have no idea how people deal with it when their kids are dealing with mean, nasty friends.

    So, I was walking down the hall at work and some guy stopped me to ask if he overheard me talking about gravitational lensing the day prior. HAHAHAHA. In fact, he did. Someone had asked what I was reading and got an earful. It turns out this guy studied astronomy in school before moving onto an IT degree and we're having lunch tomorrow to talk cosmology and particle physics and all sorts of things no one else wants to talk to me about. \o/

    Tomorrow is official Star Trek day!! My friend Mike and I have tickets to a 6pm show. Even having seen the movie already isn't dampening my enthusiasm. The one t-shirt of my dad's that I own is this old school Star Trek t-shirt. It's aged and worn and I'm going to change into it for the movie so I can be one of THOSE FANS.

    Speaking of those fans: Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as 'Fun, Watchable.'

    That's all I've got. Sally is running around the house like a crazy little fiend. She must know that we're only two weeks away from Bitcherie Fest 2009!

    Oh! How could I have forgotten!?! I'm going to ComicCon!!! I booked my flight today - I'll be in from last Wednesday until Sunday morning. It's for work so I'm not sure I'll actually be able to hit any panels but I don't care - I'm going! I haven't been since 2000 when I was living in San Diego and it was a true geek fest rather than the media circus it's become. I loved the geek fest but I expect I'll equally love the media circus.

    ETA: io9 give us a guide to all things Star Trek on-line.
    I'm reading J2 AUs instead of watching the superbowl and I am one highly content woman. Besides, my most exciting superbowl moment was destined to be the new trailer for Star Trek. This movie is going to be SO GOOD.

    Boot camp was great but I'm pretty certain I won't be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow. My usual workout is 35 minutes of cardio/10 minutes of weights. This was 10 minutes of cardio/60 minutes of weight/strength training. My poor little arms aren't cut out for that.

    ETA: I turned the game on with 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. I may have to watch after all.
  • ALFHLSDHFKSHKS!! HQ Star Trek movie trailer with new ending bit. MAY 8TH.

  • I haven't watched the BSG season 4.5 promo yet. I don't know. Maybe 1/16 still feels too far away. Maybe I'm in denial. One thing is for certain, I've stopped reading all BSG related media for fear of spoilers. I don't want to know ANYTHING*. [*Hello. That's "anything barring reasonable information that does not divulge key plot points such as character deaths (for I predict many0 or the identity of that final damn cylon."]

  • Judge overturns Florida ban on adoption by gays. It's nice when states decide to stop being stupid.

  • I have four stacks for books to read and none of them are enticing me but, today, a colleague stopped by my office with The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn by Louisa Gilder. It's just what I was looking for. Gilder is a very young author (graduated Dartmouth in 2000) and it looks like the perfect mix of science and science history.

  • I head to NY tomorrow at 1:30 and I can't wait. I'm a bit over programmed for the weekend but there's nothing I want to give up so I'm going to make it work. Highlights include:
    * Babysitting for Chase tomorrow night (and cooking vegetarian stuffing & two chocolate pecan pies while I'm at it)
    * A Friday night fundraiser in memory of a guy in my high school graduating class who died in the WTC on 9/11. About 100 people are coming out for the event and all of the money goes toward his son's college fund.
    * Going to Walmart at 4am on Friday with my brother-in-law so I can buy him a $128 blu-ray player for Hanukkah.
    * Two Thanksgiving dinners
    * An afternoon with a college roommate
    * My grandmother's 80th birthday party

    That's all she wrote! Is it tomorrow yet?

    ETA: Via [ profile] on_the_ground: From Michael Ausiello at

    A December episode of The Big Bang Theory gives us Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco on a motorcycle. He'll play Leonard's partner on a project and one of the youngest MacArthur Genius Grant winners ever. My source says Penny takes a shine to him. My source also says, "Who wouldn't?"

    Who wouldn't, indeed!?!? I LOVE MICHAEL TRUCCO! I LOVE THE BIG BANG THEORY! \o/

    Okay, wait! I have more! This is from [ profile] carta: What has surprised you the most about me (if anything) since beginning to read my lj? Was anything completely unexpected or have I always fit the picture of me you have in your head?

    Post this in your own journal and see how you have surprised people.
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    ( Nov. 17th, 2008 08:47 pm)
    My boss announced her retirement today which sucks on so many levels I can't even begin to describe. She's a boss who challenges, empowers, and motivates me and is always my advocate and champion. Her last day is in mid-December and, until there's movement on her replacement, I'll report to one of our Executive Vice Presidents. I am SO BUMMED. So bummed, in fact, that I worked until 7:30pm. I see more of that in my future. On the upside, this is going to force me to take ownership of my business and develop executive presence on a whole different level and there are some people at work, who's opinions I value, who had some tremendously kind things to say to me today about my contribution (as comfort for my despair). Still. UGH. UGH.

    I went to see Bond yesterday (while nearly no one was at my open house) and the highlight was the new Star Trek trailer. OMG THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. At the start, I actually thought it was a trailer for a new Cody Banks movie or something but then it kicked into gear and HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT. This movie trailer is going to be my happy place for a while.

    Another bright spot of the movie outing was Olga Kurylenko. This is why. She was bad ass and totally held her own with Daniel Craig (who was awesome).

    There are more movies to come this week. Wednesday is a screening of Australia and Thursday is a screening of Twilight. Hahahaha. Twilight. Could I hate a book series more? Probably not. Will I enjoy the movie? Probably not. Has the buzz and hysteria intrigued me enough to spend my night at the film? Sadly so. Who knows. Maybe the movie will be everything the book had the potential to be but wasn't.

    One day left to sign up for Hohohos!! I love gift fandom gift exchanges!!

    And, last but not least, I leave you with the new Rhianna video featuring Justin. Mostly it features him looking hot. I'm not sure if he's actually singing on the track at all but that's not why he's in the video anyway.

    Video, video )
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    ( Oct. 15th, 2008 09:12 pm)
    Stills from the new Star Trek movie are out! And there's an EW cover, to boot!

    New Star Trek!! )
    The ST:TNG episode, "Attached," is on Sci-fi right now and, wow, does it bring back memories.

    I was (am) such a Picard/Crusher shipper. I loved them together through the series and I still remember seeing the preview for this season 7 episode back in 1994 - my senior year of high school - with Beverly's, "Why didn't you ever tell me you were in love with me?" The anticipation nearly killed me for the week leading up to the episode and I don't think I breathed through most of it. I was sure this episode was my moment. THE TEASE. I'm still in denial over that final scene. They do still feel that way! They do!

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    ( Jul. 24th, 2008 04:52 pm)
    It's only 48 days until [ profile] kiffle and I head to the UK for our Stratford Upon Avon/RSC/Patrick Stewart/David Tennant/Cardiff extravaganza and, apparently, the press is getting as excited as we are.

    Rehearsal photos!

    There are more at [ profile] stewart_daily here and the original BBC article is here.

    Then there's this: Doctor Who signing ban at Hamlet - Doctor Who and Star Trek fans have been banned from having sci-fi merchandise signed by David Tennant and Patrick Stewart while they star in Hamlet.

    So Kiffle and I shouldn't dress up as a Dalek and a Borg for the show?

    I was COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED by last night's SYTYCD. Barring that Fox Trot, it was one hell of a night. I voted for Will and Chelsie but I'd actually be happy if any of my top 6 win (which means Mark and Comfort have to go tonight).

    I've loved Will for a while but last night sealed the deal. Even beyond his killer James Brown solo, any man who's inspired to dance by Patrick Swayze in the final scene of Dirty Dancing is a keeper.

    Tonight I'm doing laundry and going for a run and packing for tomorrow night's trip to NY! I get into JFK at 11pm on Friday and I leave NY at noon on Sunday but, all day Saturday, my sister, nephew and I are going to bask in each other!
    My family has come and gone and I miss them terribly. It was three days of perfect madness with my mom, grandmother, and aunt. We ate our way across Ann Arbor and had so much fun in Home Depot the sales guy thought we were all drunk.

  • Before anything else, I need to mention the series finale of Babylon 5 aka BEST EVER )What a kick ass series. I almost want to go back and rewatch the whole thing. There was so much to take in! Instead, I'm going to search for some of the B5 novels.

  • Maureen Ryan, from the Chicago Tribune, consistently wins for Best Battlestar Coverage. She has a fantastic new interview with Ron Moore here. We get tons of tidbits about “Caprica” (fall airing unless it's picked up for a series in which case it will air in 2009), rumors of season 4.5 webisodes (also confirmed here), non-spoilery details on the back half of season four (airing in January!!) and news on Moore's new show, “Virtuosity.” It's a seriously good interview.

  • Over the weekend I picked up this new bag. Little did I know that Hobo International names all of their bags after women. I got home and realized I'd fallen for the “Sally!” It's destiny.

  • I, like the rest of America, loved The Dark Knight. So much. Heath Ledger was as insanely good as the reviews have said and, beyond that, the movie was just plain great story telling.

  • Randomly, someone at DC Comics sent me a copy of Watchmen. I say "randomly" because I don't know who sent it and I never heard of it before this weekend's trailer and EW cover. I hear it's phenomenal, though, so I'm going to dig in.

  • EW has a preview of the new Star Trek movie posters available at ComicCon. OMG WANT. Put the four together and you get one giant poster with the Star Trek insignia. (Randomly, while I was searching for the image, I came across this bit on Star Trek slash. Huh.)

  • I didn't have a chance to watch SGA while my family was here but I am going to remedy that tonight. I am completely unspoiled! \o/

  • Here: have a 30% off coupon for the new

    ETA: Here's the cutest little interview with Jamie Bamber. He talks about his new series - L&O: UK - and about wrapping BSG. I'll never be able to reconcile his British accent with Lee Adama.
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    ( May. 1st, 2008 07:04 am)
    A month or two ago, [ profile] topaz119 shared this video of Carolyn Porco discussing Cassini images of Saturn, Titan, and Enceladus. She's tremendously passionate about the Cassini program and it's a great snapshot of images from the mission. ANYWAY. It turns out that Porco joined the Star Trek XI production crew as a planetary science consultant. In this interview, BSG Science Advisor Kevin Grazier interviews Porco about Cassini, her interest in Science Fiction, and her role in the new Star Trek film.

    But why I'm really posting at 6:53am is this: HEAVEN.

    Justin and Madonna on stage together is near musical performance nirvana for me. Don't mock. I'm entirely serious.

    Here are more, larger, images from their performance )

    Many thanks to [ profile] timberho for the photos and for video of their performance. It's not the best performance I've seen from either of them (the register seems too low for Madonna and it's a bit more chaotic than it needs to be) but it's MADONNA AND JUSTIN PERFORMING ON STAGE TOGETHER. I can't get enough of the moments when they dance together.

    Video... )

    On May 1, 2006 I made this post about a job opportunity in Ann Arbor. It feels, simultaneously, like it was 2 years ago and 20 years ago. It was filtered at the time but there's quite clearly no need for that now. :)

    On the same day, I made this post asking, "Suppose I wanted to read the best of Jack/Daniel. Where would I go? (I really need to troll the icon communities for a Daniel icon because OMG HOT.)" I love looking back on moments when I fell for a fandom.

    Happy May 1!

    ETA: Thanks for filling out my poll. I'll continue to keep BSG s3 spoilers behind a cut.
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    ( Dec. 2nd, 2005 03:30 pm)
    1) Sally had a vet appointment today for phase II of "Operation Sally Sees The World" and, as a result, I'm working from home all afternoon. That's a good thing but it's not the point of #1. The point of #1 is that ST:TNG is on Spike from 2- 5pm. Season 7! Wheeeee! 2- 3pm was Dark Page which, actually, I hate. Lwaxana Troy and the telepathy and the dead kid? Blah, blah, blah. But right now (right! now!), Attached is on. Oh, this episode. I was such a Picard/Crusher shipper and this episode both filled and destroyed all of my Picard/Crusher dreams. And next is Force of Nature. You can't go wrong with Ferengi. ETA: Oh, Attached! After all these years the final scene still torments me. "Or perhaps we should be afraid." Dumb woman.

    2) More than half of the items on my Amazon wish list are Star Trek DVDs and my sister's getting me a season of ST:TNG for the holidays. I want them all and I'm probably going to give in soon but I taped every episode way back when and I still have them, cataloged, so investing in the DVDs has never seemed fiscally responsible.

    3) [ profile] atrata posted commentary to her story, Nine Adulteries. The story is unique and engaging but there's a lot to pick up on and I'll admit that I didn't get it all. The commentary tied everything together and it's interesting to walk through Atra's thought process. (Typically, I prefer stories that are more cut and dry but Nine Adulteries is a story you want to puzzle out. It's delightfully twisted.)

    4) Revelations by [ profile] trinityofone McKay/Sheppard, NC-17. AU. John is a priest, Rodney is sin. John and Rodney are halfway there when it starts and I love how that creates an immediate need to know how they got there. You feel right along with John - the confusion, the want, the wonder. And it's hot. Very hot. Fabulous story.

    5) ETA: Brokeback Mountain on the cover of EW!

    Now I continue to read fic and watch Star Trek work from home.
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    ( Oct. 22nd, 2005 06:08 pm)
    * I saw Stay today on the basis of the cast, the previews, and the tag line, "Between the worlds of the living and the dead there is a place you're not supposed to stay." Oh, god, it was terrible. So disappointing. And it doesn't take much to entertain me. I know what the movie was trying to do but, instead of being creepy cool with a wild twist of an ending, it dragged and got lost in itself and didn't have the big bang it aimed for.

    * I'm in [ profile] glockgal's November commission queue. Wheeeee! She's drawing me the final "DON'T CALL ME COWARD!" Harry/Snape scene from HBP. I can't wait! I'm going to frame it and put it next to the Harry/Snape "Train" art that's currently framed in my kitchen and also in the icon below. YAY!

    * I love the 'Nsync love on my friends page today. It's amazing how the core of my friends list is still tied to 'Nsync and popslash. It's fun to see which photos everyone is choosing to mark the day. Candy made me particularly nostalgic with her post and Lex made me particularly appreciative with her post. A fandom that led us to the Eiffel Tower and Justin on the Champs-Elysee is a hell of a thing.

    * Last night I watched the TNG episode, "Family," on Spike. I haven't seen it in ages and I forgot how much I love it. This episode is to Star Trek and Picard what "Gum Drops" is to CSI and Nick only better. Picard needed this episode post "The Best of Both Worlds" and we needed this episode, too. The scenes with his brother are unlike any other glimpse into Picard's life throughout the series. Here, he's not the infallible intelligent captain. He's a brother who needs his family in ways he doesn't even realize. He needs someone to put him in his place and give him perspective. Someone to remind him of who he is. The scene in the mud, as the laughter morphs into sobs, is perfect, perfect, perfect. Even the Worf and Wesley scenes worked for me. Worf because I loved his dynamic with his parents and their efforts to do right by him and Wesley because I remember, at the time, wishing desperately that I had a holographic message from my own father. I've been stalling on the TNG DVDs because they're so damned expensive but I think I'm going to bite the bullet and start with season 5.

    * CNN reports that FEMA and the National Hurricane Center are worried about complacency now that the hurricane lost some strength. Good grief. I just want this thing to come and go already. Does it seem to everyone else like we've been waiting forever?


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