Today was a wretched day but I came home to find that there is FINALLY a trailer for "The Road." THERE IS A TRAILER FOR "THE ROAD!" Finally!

Not only that, but Esquire has seen the movie (well, someone at Esquire has), and they have a fantastic four page write up in the current issue.

The Road Is the Most Important Movie of the Year: That's the burden carried by an Aussie's adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's beloved novel. Almost no one has seen it. Well, we did. This is interesting... do you have a second?

Mortensen is brilliant in insinuating the father's pain and communicating the hints of loss and his resistance to the inevitable. Burnt and sinewy in each scene, he registers a liquid panic in every glance at the woods and a sort of angry regret in every peek at the boy. Mortensen is a different filthy man in each function of fatherhood. You recognize them all, without voice-over, without undue exposition. He still cares. And it hurts more than ever to care.

HQ version here. Viggo is going to be AMAZING.

Plus, the ST:TNG episode "Rascals" is on and then it's the season finale of Bones and SPN. I can almost forget that I plan to get to work at 6:30am tomorrow.
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( Mar. 30th, 2009 08:49 pm)
Viggo Mortensen just won the Icon award at the Empire Magazine Jameson Awards. He needs a shower and a haircut and he needs to put down the bottle of Jameson.

Scroll down here past the photo of Viggo and Sean Bean and past the text of his rambling, drunken acceptance speech to the video clip. WOW.

And yet? Still hot. Dirty and drunk - but hot. It's magic.

PS. I love Penny.
The weather's been so nice for the past two days that I went running two days in a row. I don't know exactly when I became the kind of person who looks forward to a run but there you have it. (Though I have to say that the going is tough as I adapt to running outside again. Propelling myself forward on my own is more difficult than letting the treadmill do it for me.)

I have a lovely little weekend planned. Tonight is BSG. Tomorrow is dinner/game night with friends. Sometime in between I plan to watch Little Children and I have fitness boot camp on Sunday.

I'm also currently reading the most fantastic book: The Magicians by Lev Grossman. A colleague put it in my hand and I can barely tear myself away. It's a book about a young man and magic but it's so much more than that. The book feels like a tribute to all the fantasy books you've loved through the years and it's clearly written for that adult audience. [ profile] praetorianguard - You will LOVE IT.

In a moment I'm going to return to my book but, first, some links:

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson and Billy Crudup on Good Morning America

  • Borders Media exclusive Watchmen content

  • Where in the World is 'The Road'?: The Weinsteins rush 'The Reader' and abandon 'The Road'

  • Rachel Maddow on The View. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck loves her.
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    ( Feb. 12th, 2009 08:45 pm)
    I don't even have WORDS for this picture.

    It's been a crazy, stressful two weeks but I'm off to NY tomorrow where my family is waiting. FINALLY.
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    ( Feb. 8th, 2009 06:59 pm)
    Oh, today. This morning I was all riled up over some work stuff but then I threw on my running clothes, and my awesome cold weather running hat, and hit the road. BLISS. My shoes were soaked through by the time I got home but the inconvenience of melting snow was nothing compared to the heaven of running outdoors. After my run, I met up with my friends for boot camp at their gym. It's unlikely I'll be able to walk tomorrow and I'm vowing now to love it.

    Then I found Amy's No Chicken Noodle soup. I'm pretty sure this doesn't taste quite like real chicken noodle soup but it's been at least 12 years since I've had the real thing and this stuff hit the spot. My perfect lunch was the soup and Morningstar Farms buffalo wings. What a happy little vegetarian meal!

    Some BSG stuff:
  • With thanks to [ profile] triniroslin15, I finally have my Tigh icon. Saul Tigh, I love you.
  • has an interview with Richard Hatch here.
  • And this week's Galactica Watercooler podcast has an awesome interview with Kate Vernon.

    Hello, Kate Vernon, you coy little thing.

    Now I'm watching Apollo 13, reading a bit of Is God a Mathematician and trying to figure out why my digital copy of Appaloosa isn't working. I have hopes of crawling into bed with my laptop and Viggo tonight.
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    ( Dec. 21st, 2008 06:15 pm)
    Hello and Happy Hanukkah to anyone reading my friends list who celebrates. The holiday is off to fabulous start. First up, I have thank yous to [ profile] svmadelyn and [ profile] powrhug! Madelyn was my gift giver for [ profile] hohohos and I now have an awesome string theory book as well as Forever on the Mountain by James M. Tabor. I think [ profile] kaelie rec'd this book a few months ago. It's been on my wish list since then and now it's mine! From [ profile] powrhug I have a gorgeous menorah pendant from an esty artist. The base is a scrabble tile and I love it. I'm going to wear it for all eight days of Hanukkah.

    Last night I had a holiday dinner with my friends Anne and Jill. Anne had a menorah set up for me so, even though it was a night early, I was able to light the candles among friends. We had the yummiest dinner. Salad with avocado & crab meat, goat cheese & shrimp stuffed poblano peppers, and chocolate pecan pie for dessert. YUM. For Hanukkah, they had a star named after me!! YAY! I stopped at a frame shop today to have the certificate framed. It was such a perfect, thoughtful gift!

    Today I met a friend (who thinks we're dating) for coffee and "Milk." Milk was fantastic. Sean Penn is so good that I almost don't give him the credit he deserves because I'm so used to see him completely melt into a character. I was supposed to go to a friend's solstice party tonight but his daughter is sick so I expect I'll binge on more of The L Word instead.

    Call me shallow but Carmen is my favorite )

    This clip is the best example of how Carmen combines sexy and adorable. (You'll get a "may not be suitable for minors" warning from Youtube so consider it NWS.)

    Here's a link to video of Viggo on Bloomberg TV promoting "Good" which finally comes out 12/31. Between Milk, Frost/Nixon, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Good, my holiday movie season is set.

    And I see that Sci-fi is running a ST:TNG marathon on Christmas day! I know how I'll be spending my morning. (though, bizarrely, the e-mail from sci-fi announced that there will be four new episodes. What?)

    That's about it. Sundays are so much better when I know I'm off in the middle of the week and I get to see [ profile] carta and [ profile] kiffle when it's through. \o/

    ETA: Apparently I posted this three times while I was writing. Oops.
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    ( Nov. 2nd, 2008 06:53 pm)
    Back in February, on the recommendation of two friends, I took Dan Simmon's sci-fi novel, Hyperion, with me on my cruise. I read the book, a story told well in the future in the model of The Canterbury Tales, and enjoyed it but I didn't love it. My friends encouraged me to keep on reading - at least giving the 2nd book in the series, The Fall of Hyperion, a chance. Six months after reading Hyperion, I finally picked up The Fall of Hyperion in August and devoured it. At the end of September I made my way through the third book, Endymion, which is set 274 years after the end of the 2nd, and, today, I finally finished the fourth book in this series, The Rise of Endymion.

    All of that is a round about way of saying: I LOVED THIS SERIES.

    It's an investment - probably 2200 pages in all - but totally worth it. The Hyperion Cantos is about science, technology, morality, religion, and love. It's about the danger of unchecked power, ambition, and greed and the destructive force of blind faith in pursuit of those aims. It's about living in a universe more expansive than we can imagine and, at it's core, it's a love story. About 3/4 of the way through the final book I was sure I knew what was coming (and I mostly did) and that I wouldn't cry (of course I did).

    There's also kick ass time travel in the story. Having just finished the fourth book, I'm overwhelmed at the unexpected threads that carried their way through all four books.

    I actually didn't start this post as a book review/rec but there you have it.

    Has anyone else read the series? Come talk to me!

    This weekend was so productive. Even reading 400+ pages of The Rise of Endymion, I still took care of everything on my list. \o/ That leaves time to watch some CSI tonight. Next up...Pirates of the Third Reich (which I just watched on my iPhone two weeks ago but could watch endlessly).

    A few more things:

  • Dean/Castiel is my new, shiny pairing of choice. I'm pretty picky in the fic I read but if I see it's Dean/Castiel I'll give anything a shot. Kripke makes it so easy to want more.

  • The Viggo movie promo train continues: Viggo Mortensen's history lessons: The actor, who stars in 'Good,' a film adaptation of a play he saw more than 25 years ago about 1930s Germany, sees parallels between the movie plot, the real world in 1982 and the world now.

  • I rarely, if ever, see comedies but "Role Models" looks HYSTERICAL. Not as good as Quantum of Solace, though. I wasn't a Bond fan until Daniel Craig came along.

  • It seems that [ profile] lilysaid and I are the only people I know who watched last week's House. Anyone??? Cut for spoilers and video of the final scene )

  • What the heck is General Hospital: Nightshift? And is that Robin Scorpio back in Port Charles?
  • I am still riding the high from the preview for next week's CSI. Here is the extended preview from Next Thursday can not come soon enough! It looks SO GOOD! PS. It's nice to know how predictable my CSI interests are. At least I'm consistent. ;)

    Yesterday's appointment at my bank was completely pointless. It took ten minutes for the guy to tell me that he can't help and I need to call someone at the 5/3 corporate office in Cincinnati. He couldn't have told me that over the phone? The good news is that I was home by 4:30 and was able to go for a run (outside!) by 5pm. It was perfect weather. The sky was clear blue and it was 55 degrees out. Running off rage = very cathartic.

    I have a pile of links I've been meaning to post:

  • Following the Script: Obama, McCain and 'The West Wing'

  • BBC (video) interview with David Tennant on his decision not to return to Dr. Who in 2010. I share Kiffle's WOE over this news but am somewhat comforted by this opportunity to list to Tennant speak. He's dreamy.

  • And so is Viggo. Here he is in Rome. Wednesday night Viggo was presented with an award at the closing night of the Chicago film festival. I'm going to have to see if "Good" is coming to any theaters in MI.

    Back to Dr. Who for a second...I'm curious to see how they use the 2009 movies to tie up open bits of canon from s4. In particular, I'm hoping we get to see the meeting between The Doctor and River Song. "The Library" left me with the impression that River Song knew the doctor in his current form and, given what was clearly between them, I'd love to see them meet rather than having to assume it's part of this Doctor's history that falls somewhere between movies. On the other hand, I'm very interested in seeing Jenny meet up with the next Doctor.

  • Carta turned me on to the next blog and today's entry sums up so many of my feeling about Obama and how far I've come in support of his candidacy from where I was during the primaries (and a vocally strong Hillary supporter): After the primaries, while there never was any doubt that Obama had my vote, my heart wasn't quite with him yet. It took time, both to heal and to grow. Slowly but surely, it happened. The more I heard him speak, the more I watched him work, the more I witnessed his temperament, the more I knew that this was the man who could create the America we yearn for. The America that is smart, the America that is just, the America that is kind.

    And here's a quick poll:

    [Poll #1288753]

    After work I'm off to a friend's house where four of us will cook dinner and hand out candy to cute little kids. Today I'm dressed as a BSG fan wearing my "I [heart] Cylons" t-shirt or, as everyone at work is saying, I'm dressed as me. :)

    ETA: I loooooved last night's SPN. I love this whole season! I'm so happy with the introduction of Castiel and where they're taking Sam & Dean.
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    ( Oct. 26th, 2008 03:37 pm)
    I had plans earlier in the day and I'm doing dinner with friends tonight so I'm posting quickly and then trying to get in a run. The morning looked dismal but, all of a sudden, it's 60 degrees and sunny!

    I caught up on SGA, SPN, and CSI yesterday. SGA didn't thrill me. SPN did thrill me just as much as I expected from all of the flailing about on my friends list. Jensen Ackles for the win.

    When I watch CSI these days I'm very focused on how they're going to write out Gil. I still have a terrible suspicion that he's going to leave Vegas to be with Sara and I'm (naively) waiting for Lady Heather to swoop in and save the day.

    The SYTYCD show was awesome. I could do without all of the dumb (and not funny) banter between dances but the dancing was spectacular. It was so much fun to see Chelsie, Courtney, Katie, Mark, Twitch & Joshua up close and in their element. I left liking Gev, Comfort and Kherington much more than during the show and I can still live without Jessica. Especially when she speaks.

    My favorite numbers of the night were the Argentine Tango (Chelsie/Joshua), Katie & Joshua's contemporary, and Bleeding Love (Chelsie/Mark). Actually, I also loved Chelsie's jive with Gev, Courtney's latin number with Gev, the Garden Dance with Jessica & Will, and No Air. It would probably be easier to say what I didn't love: both Viennese Waltzes (because Danny & Anya still own that dance) and the jail break hip hop. I loved the rest of it!

    Jenniferh2525 has 900+ So You Think You Can Dance tour photos. They're fantastic. Here's one of my favorites. It's from Chelsie's solo.

    Run time!

    ETA: Two college kids just came canvassing for Obama. It was so much fun to tell them I'm voting for Obama on the 4th.

    Okay, I totally wasn't done with this post.

    Here's a list of what I know I need to get in the mail this week. Am I missing anything for anyone?
    Twilight calendar to [ profile] timberho
    Twilight calendar to [ profile] lilysaid
    The Friday Night Knitting Club and Knit Two to [ profile] carta
    Anne Geddes calendars to friend in FL
    I also have an extra copy of Stargate: Continuum free to the first person who requests it. Just comment here and then send me your address at saturn92103[at] ETA: Continuum is claimed.

    In Viggo movie reviews/news:

    Hollywood Reporter review of “Good”

    An entertainment writer form The Kanas City Star shares my pov on the delay of “The Road.”
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    ( Oct. 19th, 2008 05:55 pm)
    Viggo turns 50 tomorrow and I could wax poetic about why I think he's fantastic but, instead, have some of my very favorite Viggo photos. They speak volumes.

    Viggo picspam )
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    ( Oct. 11th, 2008 12:01 pm)
    Note to self: Never run your normal route the morning of a Michigan home game EVER AGAIN.

    My route takes me right past the stadium which means I had to navigate what felt like a good portion of the 110,000 game attendees. It was a decent run, though. I managed a 10:15 pace despite some moments of slow going as I tried not to get trampled.

    Have some morning links:

  • Friedman: Palin's kind of patriotism By Thomas L. Friedman
      I only wish she had been asked: "Governor Palin, if paying taxes is not considered patriotic in your neighborhood, who is going to pay for the body armor that will protect your son in Iraq? Who is going to pay for the bailout you endorsed? If it isn't from tax revenues, there are only two ways to pay for those big projects - printing more money or borrowing more money. Do you think borrowing money from China is more patriotic than raising it in taxes from Americans?" That is not putting America first. That is selling America first.

  • Zellweger’s unattractiveness makes way for manly love. The Yale Daily News offers the best review of Appaloosa I've read yet. (Best in terms of "accurate" not "glowing.")
      The true love story of Appaloosa is between Cole and Hitch. Their relationship has all the chemistry that the romance with Zellweger’s character so evidently lacks. Their easy public rapport is only half the story; behind the classic tough-guy banter hides rare tenderness and affection, revealed as Mortensen gently supplies the multisyllabic word that the less educated Harris struggles to come up with, or in Mortensen’s lingering embrace after pulling Harris out of a brawl.

  • Britney's new video for “Womanizer.” So, the truth is that I first heard "Womanizer" last weekend on my drive home from Chicago and thought the song sucked. I actually still think it sucks but more in "the song sucks and I'm going to listen to it over and over again" sort of way. The video is icing on the cake.

  • The Office lampoons BSG. I imagine, if I watched the show, I'd appreciate Dwight.

    I'm off to see "Burn After Reading." With winter looming, I feel like I should spend the day outside but the movies it is. I'm definitely going to make the most of these last few days when I can drive around with my top down, though.
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    Hi CSI. Thanks for breaking my heart. No, really.

    'For Warrick' )

    In conclusion, I love Gil Grissom. A LOT.

    Then came Supernatural. More )

    We're nearing the end of post-season baseball and I'm officially rooting for the Dodgers. I want to see them go all the way and then I want Joe Torre to laugh in Hal Steinbrenner's face.

    What else? Do any of you use Google Alerts? They're so handy! Every day an e-mail pops up in my inbox with all sorts of news about BSG (and other topics I'm too embarrassed to call out by name). :)

    One last link for the day: Behind the scenes photos from the set of The Road. The photos were taken by an actor on the set. And here's the link to the movie's official site. There's nothing there yet but there will be soon.
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    ( Oct. 9th, 2008 11:03 am)
    I'm am home from work to observe Yom Kippur and fasting to the best of my ability. (A few years ago I received medical instructions to forgo a full fast but I won't have more than a bowl of cereal before sunset. Just something to keep me conscious. :) )

    Moving on:

    I CAN NOT WAIT for tonight's CSI. I have a feeling CBS is going to ruin it for me with some kind of vomit inducing Grissom/Sara reunion but, even with that, it will be SO GOOD. Poor Warrick!

    Here's what I've been up to over the past few days:

  • The 2008 winners for the Nobel Prize in physics were announced on Monday. It always amazes me that people win Nobel Prizes for work they did decades prior. I totally get that the theories and discoveries need to bear out over time but it's been 40 years since Nambu did the work he was rewarded for and 30 years for the two other winners. Not quite immediate gratification.

  • Somewhat related, over in [ profile] physics, someone recently asked: Why is E exactly equal to M multiplied by the square of the speed of light? Or to look at it in a way which illustrates the point of the question more keenly, why does light travel at a speed exactly equal to the square root of mass' relationship to energy? There are some interesting answers and arguments in comments.

  • Another Appoloosa review: Appaloosa: 10 Things I Liked, 5 I Didn’t

  • I had a date on Tuesday night for dinner & the debate. Watching a presidential debate is a great way to get to know someone. I forgot, though, that House was on so Tuesday's episode is sitting on my DVD waiting for me and on the agenda for today.

  • Snapfish is having a $0.01 photo sale. Promo code is FALLPENNY08.

  • Bones was so witty with last night's episode title: The He in the She. Hahahaha. I love Bones. And Booth. And this rotation of grad students. I wasn't sure the in & out of characters would work but I love seeing who shows up each week.

  • I spoke with a real estate attorney about my housing options. He gave me some advice but it was, generally speaking, a depressing conversation. I have some action items, though. If I can't sell the FL property, I need to at least feel like I'm doing something proactive.

  • Here are 7 deleted scenes from season 4.0 of BSG. They're excellent and fill in some interesting gaps. (DVD is out January 6th. Why do they keep waiting until after Christmas???)

  • Last, but certainly not least, are photos of David Tennant rehearsing for Love's Labour's Lost and some stills from the show. *loves*
  • Appaloosa review: [ profile] carta and [ profile] anamchara....check out the beginning of the review. The review is so cute with the tie in to the Virgil/Everett dynamic. :)

    Here are the non-spoilery elements of the review I agree with unreservedly:
  • The acting, mostly, was outstanding. Mortensen and Harris had a relaxed, easygoing relationship with actual conversations, rather than following the standard movie convention of explaining the plot to each other. They had real chemistry, history, loyalty and a knack for finishing each others' sentences. And Irons is terrific as the villainous rancher, exuding an evil charisma as only he can.

  • The miscast Zellweger stuck out like a sore thumb. In a movie with an otherwise flawless cast, with actors you could genuinely believe would exist in the wild West, the Hollywood starlet was an awkward, squishy-faced distraction...she really brought nothing more to the screen in Appaloosa than what was written in the script.

  • The voice overs at the beginning and end were completely unnecessary.

    I had no idea Ed Harris is married to Amy Madigan (since 1983). She played crazy Jane in two recent episodes of Criminal Minds and was fantastic in the role.

    I have a book rec for a book I haven't read (yet): The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
      Summary: Katniss is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest district of Panem, the remains of what used be the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called, "The Hunger Games." The terrain, rules, and level of audience participation may change but one thing is constant: kill or be killed. When Kat's sister is chosen by lottery, Kat steps up to go in her place.

    It's a YA book that so many of my colleagues love I've actually be bullied into reading it when I finish Endymion and Blood Meridian.

    (By the way, [ profile] shamrock_kid, a friend loved Blood Meridian even more than you disliked it so I'm going to give it a shot. I'll tell you what I think - especially compared to The Road.)

    I took a friend out to dinner tonight for her birthday at a new place downtown and tomorrow night I have a date at my favorite vegetarian place. YUM.

    I'm not totally committed to Heroes yet but I am committed to Bruce Boxleitner. NBC at 9pm, here I come.
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    ( Oct. 5th, 2008 07:44 pm)
    I'm home from a fantastic weekend in Chicago with [ profile] carta (a fabulous hostess) and [ profile] anamchara!

    On Saturday morning we went for a run and saw a puppet show ( - funniest thing EVER) and played on a jungle gym in a local playground where I accepted the fact that I'm not a bit graceful (or functional) or twisty slides. Then Chara met us for lunch and we headed to Evanston to see Appaloosa.

    The movie was awesome! Viggo is so damn good. And hot. The film was funnier than I expected and, really, Viggo and Ed Harris just need to keep doing movies together. Thumbs up. I don't mind if I never see Renee Zelwegger in another film, though.

    After the movie Ames made me home made corn chowder and we watched Friends gag reels. We made a noble try to watch at B5 movie (Thirdwatch) but I fell asleep so Ames tucked me in and we called it a night. This morning was a delicious brunch and then I headed back to Ann Arbor.

    This is how I spent the morning before Ames woke up.

    Ames' cats, Sergei and Buddy, are such lovers.

    Now I'm off to watch Supernatural!
    I picked up The Road yesterday afternoon and literally sat still until I was through. As far as I'm concerned, this is the post-apocalypse novel. I fully expected McCarthy's writing style to turn me off but I was mesmerized by the imagery and the emotion he invokes. He's a master of language. If you haven't already, read this book.

    Full review )

    I'm so excited to see Viggo play the Father in the film. He's perfect for the part and, now, I'm looking forward to the movie as much for his sake as for the telling of the story itself.

    Moonshot is updated with 32 recs for September:
    11 SPN
    8 SGA
    3 BSG
    3 Dr. Who
    3 House
    2 West Wing
    1 SG-1
    1 Bones

    I also added a category for femslash so that fic is easier to find. There are only five stories under that tag but I love them all.

    With three films out between September and November, there's a ton of Viggo media around these days. Here's some recent print and video media:
  • Interview for [video]
  • At the Appaloosa premiere [video: sound starts around 24 sec]
  • At the Good premiere at the Toronto Film Festival [video]
  • Early Show interview [video]
  • Viggo Mortensen looks beyond Hollywood: Artist, poet, musician - Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, tells John Hiscock why he'd be happy to abandon his film career
  • Viggo’s a man of his word on and off set
  • Viggo Mortensen Talks 'Appaloosa': Viggo Mortensen describes why he was apprehensive about starring in a Western, visiting concentration camps to prepare for 'Good,' and the intensity of filming 'The Road.'

    Last night I was the only family member absent from Rosh Hashanah dinner at my mother's house so we pulled out the webcams. It was great! Everyone passed the laptop around and it was that much more impactful when my cousin told me he and his wife are expecting. \o/ I got to watch Chase play on his little mat thing and they taunted me with all of their great food while I ate my Lean Cuisine lemon pepper fish. It's not the same as being there but it's definitely the next best option.

    My last thought is this: Oscar de la Hoya is hot. I've only ever seen him in glimpses, most often when he's fighting, but he was on CNN this morning and he looked GOOD. Please, Mr. de la Hoya, keep your opponent's gloves away from that pretty face of yours.

    I have nothing on my agenda for the day. I think I'll go watch Iron Man.
  • New York Magazine had a fascinating article about "the end" of the book industry. If you're at all interested in the behind the scenes workings of advances and book economics, check it out. (Then go buy a book at Borders.)
      The End: The book business as we know it will not be living happily ever after. With sales stagnating, CEO heads rolling, big-name authors playing musical chairs, and Amazon looming as the new boogeyman, publishing might have to look for its future outside the corporate world.

  • It's Rosh Hashanah which means I'm off form work for two days. There will be a bit of synagogue and a lot of lazy time because I decided to stay in MI. It's crazy to fly to NY in the middle of the week so I'm heading back the weekend of 10/18 instead. (Note to self: buy flight tonight.) I watch tv, etc. on the holiday but I don't work at all which creates a very nice two day break in the middle of the week.

  • A friend from the past friended me on facebook with this note: And what part of the country are you in now and which boy band member have you married? heheh. Hahaha. OH, DEAR. It's not difficult to remember what period of my life he and I were good friends.

  • Apparently Appaloosa is already out in some markets. My grandmother called to tell me she saw it this weekend and loved it! I'm so jealous. I can't wait to see the movie this weekend!!

  • I caught up on the first to episodes of this season of Heroes and I'm in. Bruce Boxleitner doesn't make much of an appearance but watching the full episodes was enough to get me hooked. I haven't watched the show since midway through season 1 but the Heroes wiki made it easy enough to catch up.

  • Oh, hey, here's a pet peeve of mine: Episode commentary in the form of stream of consciousness writing. I find it impossible and irritating to follow. "Oh, Sheppard's not going to...he did! OMG he did!" "Don't go in there, Dean. Sam! Sam, go get your ass after Dean!" That is not how I want to read someone's thoughts about an episode of TV.
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    So many things!

  • First off, RENT. RENT! On a movie screen!! It was fantastic to see the show in this format though, honestly, the editing sucked. The camera was all over the place during the bigger cast numbers to a degree that left me dizzy. The only cast member I'd seen before was Justin Johnston. ([ profile] nothinggold! The filmed version is going to be released on DVD. You can have a permanent record of Justin as Angel!) I don't know if the filmed version was the final performance but they do include the Seasons of Love encore from the finale with some of the original cast members. It was a great way to spend 2 1/2 hours. I can't wait to get the DVD. *grabby hands*

  • After RENT was the Michigan game. We had to DVR the beginning which turned out to be a blessing because the first half was a disaster. In the end, though, Michigan came back from a 0 - 19 halftime deficit to beat Wisconsin 27- 25. I've officially experienced a literal nail biter and my friends are well on their way to turning me into a true Michigan fan.

  • My new favorite rss feed is [ profile] gaiman_blog. It's so nice to have Gaiman come to me rather than having to remember to seek out his ramblings. And I do love his ramblings.

  • I caught up on Supernatural last night. First of all, if anything was going to cement my love for the show it was the episode title: "Are You There God, It's Me, Dean Winchester." Perfect and hilarious. About the episode itself... )

  • Then, of course, was the return of Daniel on SGA. )

  • I watched the whole debate. There's really not much more to say about that except a) the commentary afterward was more interesting and b) McCain's play to the Jewish vote had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

  • I'm off to Chicago next weekend! A run is planned and not much else (though Appaloosa comes out next weekend). It's Viggo in the wild west!
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    ( Aug. 14th, 2008 08:30 pm)
  • I can not believe Kwame Kilpatrick is still in office. The mayor of Detroit is walking around with an electronic ankle tether and he thinks he's going to be able to "move Detroit forward."

  • I'm signed up for the Big House Big Heart 5k on 9/28. It's my first official 5k and it ends on the goal line of Michigan Stadium! I can pretend I'm an athletic champion when I cross the finish line (and see myself on the jumbotron)!

  • Work has been stressful this week and I've responded by eating EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. I can't stop myself. I went for a run tonight after work but I feel like I'm going to be full forever.

  • About my runs...I've long thought the middle portion of my run was the worst and, looking at the elevation, IT SO IS.

    I feel most vindicated.

  • Half Blood Prince was postponed until July. At least The Road is still on track.
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    ( Jul. 13th, 2008 09:48 am)
    A trailer for "Good" has arrived! Viggo! With Jason Isaacs!

    Summary: The rise of national socialism in Germany should not be regarded as a conspiracy of madmen. Millions of "good" people found themselves in a society spiralling into terrible chaos. A film about then, which illuminates the terrors of now. [Source]

    If only a release date was available. In the meantime, we have Appaloosa, in limited release, in September and The Road in November.

    I watched the trailer before bed and, connections like this rarely happen to me, but I dreamed about being rounded up by Nazis. I was working for my company in Germany and my family was visiting when, suddenly, Germany started rounding up the Jews. I had about 10 minutes to pack one bag and I couldn't take Sally and everyone was crying and there were all of these soldiers with guns. A friend I trusted was there in his new Nazi uniform giving me advice to just trust that this was a short little phase and I'd be home soon. I called the American embassy and they were all, "This is the first we've heard of this. We'll make some calls." But I'm screaming, "They're here! They're coming for us now!!" I work up right as they were coming at me with a whip to get me off the phone. Seriously terrifying.

    I saw Hellboy II yesterday and enjoyed it tremendously. Spoilery bits )

    A friend got an iPhone on Friday (after 6 hrs at the store) so, at dinner last night, we spent a lot of time playing around. I'm very glad to see that the v2.0 upgrade provides most of the software features on the new phone. I'm already bitter enough about the faster processing speed on the new iPhone. But I love my new features! It always bugged me that I couldn't save photos from e-mails to my phone but now I can! I also added a bunch of free apps.

    It's a perfectly clear morning and I'm filling it with a hike. I need to get my butt in gear (and also accept I'm not going to be outside my friend's house at 10am).


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