Today was just, god, it was this crazy surreal day. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was overwhelmed by the sound of the wind and rain. The power went out just before 6:30am. Shortly after the phone lines went out as well as my cell phone connection which meant no power, no phone, no internet. I napped for a while but, once I woke up, I did my best to connect to people through text messages and to get some news through my battery powered radio. Holy cow BORING. Boring. I kept hearing about the 3.2 million homes without power and the weeks it would take to restore power and, wow, that sounded horrible. Somewhere in all of this I read printed fic and ate 1/2 a jar of peanut butter (yum) and resigned myself to more of this because my office is closed tomorrow. Right around 8:30pm when I was nearing despondent because it was dark and I was trying desperately to interest myself in a book by flashlight, four coworkers led by one who lives in my community knocked on my door and spirited me away to a home with PEOPLE and LANTERNS and BEER. And it was good. The power came on a short time ago but I have food for tomorrow and will probably stay close to home since the office is still closed. The moral of this story is that I will never underestimate hurricanes and I will NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF ELECTRICITY ever again. Ever. Again.

Thanks to [ profile] powrhug and [ profile] kiffle for the the texts and calls to my corporate hotline for work updates and posting in my absence. You did wonders for my sanity. Seriously.
The rain and wind woke me up around 3:30am and I've been up since waiting for the sun to rise. The power's out and the wind is strong so I think I'm going to curl up in bed again and try to sleep the storm away. I admit it would be worse if the Genaii were holding me hostage through the worst of this but, as it stands, it's not much fun. At all.

But it's more than just Wilma day. It's also [ profile] powrhug's birthday and neither rain nor wind nor power outages will prevent me from wishing Kare a most fabulous birthday.

I don't know what I would do without you, Kare. You are such an important, guiding presence in my life. You know when to push, when to back down, and you turn up in the moments when I need you most with your selfless ability to listen and laugh. We're different in so many ways but it just means a new perspective, a different view and I value that immensely. Rupert, Sally, and I all hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday, Kare.
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( Oct. 23rd, 2005 07:59 pm)



ETA: I'm so bitter. Does anyone know of any Torrent sites for The West Wing?

ETA2: Kiffle let me know that is airing the shows on the web. I missed the first 15 minutes so maybe someone can fill me in. There are also weird volume problems with the site that require me to sit with my ear to the speaker. I'm not happy tonight.
Does anyone else want to castrate John Basedow for those Fitness Made Simple commercials?

My mother and step-father were supposed to land in SW Florida this evening for a four day visit. I had Tuesday & Wednesday off from work and I was so looking forward to having them here. I think they're even more disappointed than I am that they can't make it - it's very difficult for my mother to take time off work and it may be Spring before they can coordinate a trip together. :/ So today's been a waiting day. The office is closed tomorrow, the phone is ringing off the hook, and I finally had to take a 3 hr nap to pass the time. You know it's a boring day when I'm excited about updating the [ profile] house_slash memories. Hopefully The West Wing is new tonight. Toby!

In further attempts to stave off mind numbing boredom, I updated [ profile] house_notice and searched through the [ profile] fanfic100 and [ profile] crossover100 master tables so I could save links to specific tables I want to keep up with. There are some claimed pairings/characters without links to the authors' master tables but this is a good start. So! Much! Fic!

And I have to point out this Dr. Who/Scarecrow and Mrs. King crossover drabble. Oh, my god, I would die for some more Scarecrow & Mrs. King fic preferably first time Amanda/Lee.

This isn't quite a GIP what with the bit of the actual content but I do have a shiny new Greg icon. My first, actually, but I couldn't resist the look on his face.

ETA: Scarecrow & Mrs. King fanfiction archive! I hate weeding through untested archives but I have faith. I have faith!
* Here's the current storm path. And here's a map of Florida. Check out where Naples is located. Half of my county has mandatory evacuations. Everyone's talking about pressure and water temperature and flood zones and, wow, this sucks. The waiting is hideous. Oh! But I was in Publix today buying extra water and non perishable food and the guy in line behind me had at least 20 loaves of bread and all of the bologna in the store. I asked him about it and he said that he eats bologna sandwiches in times of great stress. Ha! I, on the other hand, stocked up on peanut butter. (But I can't dig in unless (until?) the power is out.)

* Grissom is so hot in a suit and glasses. Especially with that beard. God. (What's the name of this S5 episode? The one where Grissom reopens the case with the match book and Ecklie opens the supervisory inquiry before splitting up the team?)

* It's Viggo's 47th birthday. He's definitely aging with flair.

* And someone left the newest issue of GQ on my desk. Orlando is stunning. That photo takes my breath away.

* ETA: Someone also left me the Nickelodeon Magazine with a Dan Radcliffe interview and another issue of the recent Stargate Magazine. Does anyone have interest in one of both of these?
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( Oct. 19th, 2005 02:04 pm)
From all of your various fandoms...
1. Who would you have a one-night stand with?
2. Who would you marry?
3. Who would you party with?
4. Who would be your Best Friend Forever!!1!?

Harry Potter...SGA...CSI...West Wing...Star Trek:TNG...LotR...House )

That was a good time.

I've officially declared my office a "Wilma Free Zone." It even says so on my white board and my white board is law. Unless it relates to corporate disaster prep, I don't want to hear about it.
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( Oct. 18th, 2005 11:01 pm)
* Everyone around here is freaking out about Wilma. I think there's still residual Charlie angst but they keep talking about trajectories straight toward Naples and I wonder if I'm supposed to be freaking out, too. My company is sending people to Harrisburg in case we lose power and everyone's telling me that my family isn't going to be able to fly in for their visit on Sunday. I'm not panicking (yet) but I do think I should consider stocking up on more peanut butter and bottled water. And, uh, batteries. And maybe I should fill my gas tank. Panic breeds panic. Seriously.

* Dinner with the boy and his colleagues was a good time. Even better than anticipated, actually.

* Work is overwhelming lately in the "my brain hurts" way rather than the "I'm positively challenged" way. Everyone's overwhelmed and I'm making it my life's mission not to snap at people because I never want to be that person.

* I absolutely blame [ profile] cranberryink for this but, all day, I haven't been able to stop thinking about a scenario where Sheppard meets an alternate universe version of himself and they're both hot and heroic and have thigh holsters and then they have sex.

* I'm a rebel and I'm sleeping in till 7am tomorrow. Step back. This renegade thing may be catching.

* ETA: Ahahahahaha! House business cards.


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