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( Jan. 27th, 2009 07:21 pm)
THIS DAY. Oh, this day. I think my big mistake was the Twitter text and matching text to my sister declaring, "I'm having the nicest day off." Right there - my downfall.

At 2:30pm a major supplier called with near catastrophic news that turned the rest of my day on it's ear, forced me into the office for four hours, and delivered a punch that will keep on giving and giving and giving. I shouted "FUCK" at outlandish decibels more times today than I can count. The walls of my car and house were vibrating. My major victory is that I kept the shouting out of the office. Fuck, fuck, fuck. It's bad enough that the issue is as bad as it is but this was my day off. This was the day off I was taking after not taking my days off on Friday and Monday. I'm cranky.

I can end the pity party right there. The start to my day was actually pretty spectacular and, up until 2:30, everything I was hoping for from the day. I watched Joey on Ellen and then ran my requisite errands. I now have my framed International Star Registry certificate in my hot little hands. Well, it's in my office, soon to reside on my wall, but you get the point. I found a $50 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card and a $100 AmEx gift card and used them to buy $90 in candles. Candles are expensive. Now I'm sitting on my couch watching The West Wing with four of my new candles burning. (It's "Inauguration Part 2. Donna is about to take a fall for Jack Reece.)

Here's all of the other good stuff keeping me from damaging the structure of my hope with a sledgehammer:

  • Tickets to RENT with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in Detroit on 2/22!

  • New purchases from I picked up two copies of "If These Wall Could Talk 2" ([ profile] carta - one has your name on it) and a book I saw in the VSL:Science newsletter today: Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio

    Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner once wondered about "the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics" in the formulation of the laws of nature. Is God a Mathematician? investigates why mathematics is as powerful as it is. From ancient times to the present, scientists and philosophers have marveled at how such a seemingly abstract discipline could so perfectly explain the natural world. More than that -- mathematics has often made predictions, for example, about subatomic particles or cosmic phenomena that were unknown at the time, but later were proven to be true. Is mathematics ultimately invented or discovered? If, as Einstein insisted, mathematics is "a product of human thought that is independent of experience," how can it so accurately describe and even predict the world around us? More )

  • Playboy interview with Hugh Laurie

  • Daniel Radcliffe Invites Obama Girls to Hogwarts

  • Via [ profile] ghettogreta: Every year, Lean Cuisine offers these really cute lunch bags for sale at their website. The bags are 10 bucks a piece and for every bag sold, 5 dollars goes to the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation. I eat at least 5 Lean Cuisine meals every week so this is the perfect way to support cancer research and my favorite frozen meal company. Site is here for anyone who's interested.

  • New Pink video for 'Please Don't Leave Me' )

  • Instinct interviewed Bruce Boxleitner a few months ago and it's all about SMK. &hearts &hearts &hearts

    [click for larger image]

  • And the Girls are on the cover of Playboy again. I have all three (courtesy of my staff which worries me in a way I'm not going to delve into). I didn't scan the photos but here's Kendra's cover. More hearts! &hearts &hearts &hearts

  • OMG, hi. What a week. There were epic senior management changes at work which have consumed most of my mental energy since Sunday. To spare you all the long version I'll sum up my week as: worked long hours, fretted incessantly, drank too much, slept too little.

    But there were highlights. Wednesday night was ladies night at a bar in Detroit. It doesn't get crowded until 10 or 11pm and it's an hour away from me so I tried to bail but my friend Drew wouldn't have it. He and his boyfriend picked me up around 9:30pm and hauled me off to have fun. Lots and lots of fun! And flirting with a cute girl named Julia. I wish this event was closer to Ann Arbor (and more than once a month). It's been a long time since I was out until 1am on a weeknight. I'm talking 2003, long time. I needed it. I especially needed it this week.

    I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. It wasn't at all what I expected but just as good as I'd heard. It's a great season for movies. "Milk," "Benjamin Button," "Slumdog Millionaire." Next up on my list is "Frost/Nixon" which I was hoping to see today but, sadly, my friend had to bail.

    Okay, so, I'm pretty sure it's an empirical fact that Jensen Ackles is one of the most attractive people walking the planet. There's got to be a mathematical proof somewhere. He's so handsome that I'm actually motivated to see "My Bloody Valentine: 3D." And that says a lot.

    Here's a roundup of his press from the week:
    On Chelsea Lately: "I would never want anything to happen to that face because what you're working with is a jackpot."
    On Jimmy Kimmel: "Especially when you're an actor to do, like, a real thing."
    On Bonnie Hunt: Rockin' the 3D glasses.

    I'm going to NY next Friday which is also the premiere of BSG season 4.5. This is it! THIS IS IT!! I've avoided nearly all press on the season and I haven't seen any of the promos, either. I have no clue what to expect and I CAN'T WAIT. My sister will kindly DVR the episode for me so I don't have to wait to watch when I'm back in MI on Monday the 19th. I CAN'T WAIT!!

    For some BSG fun, check out his recap of the BSG Miniseries: facebook style. It's hysterical and perfect.

    Besides BSG, we get so much new TV this week: SPN. Grissom's goodbye on CSI. The L Word. \o/

    On my list for today: a quick trip to Borders, two episodes of SGA on my DVR, and then a small dinner party for a friend who was just promoted in the noted corporate management changes. All of that - as soon as I can drag myself away from "The Goonies."

    ETA: I really need to get an icon of Three.

    ETA 2: "The Goonies" TOTALLY holds up. I looooooove this movie.
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    ( Nov. 17th, 2008 08:47 pm)
    My boss announced her retirement today which sucks on so many levels I can't even begin to describe. She's a boss who challenges, empowers, and motivates me and is always my advocate and champion. Her last day is in mid-December and, until there's movement on her replacement, I'll report to one of our Executive Vice Presidents. I am SO BUMMED. So bummed, in fact, that I worked until 7:30pm. I see more of that in my future. On the upside, this is going to force me to take ownership of my business and develop executive presence on a whole different level and there are some people at work, who's opinions I value, who had some tremendously kind things to say to me today about my contribution (as comfort for my despair). Still. UGH. UGH.

    I went to see Bond yesterday (while nearly no one was at my open house) and the highlight was the new Star Trek trailer. OMG THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. At the start, I actually thought it was a trailer for a new Cody Banks movie or something but then it kicked into gear and HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT. This movie trailer is going to be my happy place for a while.

    Another bright spot of the movie outing was Olga Kurylenko. This is why. She was bad ass and totally held her own with Daniel Craig (who was awesome).

    There are more movies to come this week. Wednesday is a screening of Australia and Thursday is a screening of Twilight. Hahahaha. Twilight. Could I hate a book series more? Probably not. Will I enjoy the movie? Probably not. Has the buzz and hysteria intrigued me enough to spend my night at the film? Sadly so. Who knows. Maybe the movie will be everything the book had the potential to be but wasn't.

    One day left to sign up for Hohohos!! I love gift fandom gift exchanges!!

    And, last but not least, I leave you with the new Rhianna video featuring Justin. Mostly it features him looking hot. I'm not sure if he's actually singing on the track at all but that's not why he's in the video anyway.

    Video, video )
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    ( Nov. 6th, 2007 07:59 pm)
    I woke up this morning absolutely CERTAIN that I never bought tickets to this weekend's SPN con. I knew I had a ticket for my photo op with Jensen (OH MY GOD A PHOTO OP WITH JENSEN FUCKING ACKLES. He's so hot I might actually die of it.) but I couldn't remember buying a general admission ticket to the actual session with Jared and Jensen. I e-mailed Kiffle in a panic before checking the website and realizing that GA tickets are on-sale the day of. So I e-mailed Kiffle again to tell her all is well at which point she reminded me that we have preferred seating that I already paid her for. I R SMRT.

    Work has been challenging and stressful lately but there's some upside mixed in. I was asked to sit on the board of directors for my company's foundation. They do a lot with grants, scholarships, and employee assistance so it's something I'm excited to be part of beyond my bi-weekly payroll contribution. I was also asked to mentor the leader of our Women's Employee Action Group. It's a group that develops and supports female employees through programming and other initiatives. This week they're sponsoring a Women & Investing seminar. The group's leader is responsible for all of the event planning, communication, etc. but, as her mentor, I help guide the direction of the group and advocate for her within our organization. Both the foundation and the EAG will take time that's already scarce but getting involved this way is a good thing for me when I'm finding my days so stressful.

    What else can I tell you? Tomorrow is my first Anti Defamation League meeting. I'm looking forward to the program but the headquarters are at least a 45 minute drive so I'd be more excited if it was in Ann Arbor. Tomorrow's speaker is a former Neo-nazi who now travels the country speaking out against racism and anti-semitism.
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    ( Jan. 4th, 2007 07:23 pm)
    I was promoted today! My boss had me go through a series of interviews so I knew it was a possibility but, today, it's official. Yay! Big, big, YAY! It's a Director position with responsibility for an additional category. I have a lot to learn in a short time - I don't know anything about the new category - but I'm excited about the challenge and the faith my boss has in me. It's also incredibly validating after the tough decision to leave my last job, where I was a director, for the manager position at my current company. And, now, I head to the kitchen where there's a glass of wine with my name on it.
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    ( Oct. 31st, 2006 08:55 pm)
    It was easy as gravy. After my complimentary 2 sessions, Personal Trainer Andrew had me hooked and, with appalling ease, convinced me to lay down $350 for 19 personal training sessions. I'm a bit freaky about money lately because the two mortgages make me queasy but it's a great deal. I know I'm going to have better workouts if I allot one workout/week to a trainer. My triceps are jello and I moan an awful lot. The only way that's going to stop is with professional help.

    Today was an excellent day at work. Our CEO has taken an interest in strategic partnerships that involve my category so I'm working on all sorts of neat stuff and my boss approved a week long trip to London in March. An employee and I are going on an identical business trip to the one I accompanied a now competitor on back in June '05. (Did that sentence make any sense?) London itself is, of course, exciting but, even beyond that, it's exciting to have corporate support on my long term initiatives.

    I got home from the gym just before 8pm so I missed the bulk of the trick-or-treaters but I did have one pirate ring my bell. He was cute and got two handfuls of candy for his trouble.

    So, a good day. With the bonus of new House after a very long MLB hiatus.

    PS. Have an SPN/House rec: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor / Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief by [ profile] ellipsisblack. It's Dean/Chase written for a fairy tale challenge. The fairy tale bit adds a lot to the style and, like most stories I rec, it's hot.

    • Stargate SG-1 movies coming to DVD! I'm glad to know, at the very least, that the stories will be tied up. (Perhaps Daniel will leave the SGC for a young retail merchant in Michigan. *g*)

    • Linked everywhere, [ profile] glockgal put together a brilliant Tutorial: Drawing Smutty Fanart.

    • DVD's I'm desperate for but will not buy until I only own one home include: House (s2), BSG (s2.5) and SG-1 (s9). My self control is a thing of wonder.

    • I'm sure I'm not the only one who would look at spam labeled "HP scandal lifted veil" and think OotP rather than tech scandal.

    • On cancer and mortgages and other assorted nonsense best saved for a cut tag )

    • I'm part of a four person team working on a Big! Secret! Project! at work. I wish I could talk about it as it fills me with unbridled GLEE and JOY but, alas, I must remain vauge and share my joy cryptically. Glee! Joy!

    • New Criminal Minds tonight!!
    First day down!

    I'm the kind of drained you can only be on your first day of work but it was a good day. I have a solid team and I know more than I thought I do. The stuff I don't know - mostly surrounding forecasting and budgets and other finance stuff - will be covered in multiple meetings that I'm scheduling for the next few days. Let me be clear - there's no actual training but I really didn't expect much (if any) and it's almost more fun to fend for myself. There's a lot to prove and little time to get there but it feels like a great fit. Hopefully I'll be saying the same thing in six months.

    (I didn't read much of the employee handbook but I did notice that part that stated - to paraphrase, "we respect your right to express your individuality and creativity through a blog but don't do it at work and don't even think about sharing confidential/proprietary info." I don't think news of my first day is proprietary. *g* Also? It's really odd that LJ picks up "blog" as a misspelled word in the spell check.)
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    ( Jun. 26th, 2006 06:30 pm)
    Today I accepted a position with one of my company's retail clients and, in 2 1/2 weeks, I'm moving to Michigan to manage their newsstand program. It's been seven weeks since I put the wheels in motion and I can't decide whether it feels like forever or yesterday. After seven years with my company, my emotions are all over the place. I'm terrified about starting somewhere new and sad to leave some fabulous co-workers but I'm also impossibly excited about the opportunity and the challenge. Ann Arbor is a great city and, though I'll miss the Florida climate, I think Ann Arbor will give me a better life/work balance. So I put myself out there, applied for the job, had a hectic five hour interview in Michigan, negotiated terms I'm happy with, and off I go! To Michigan! And a new job! Oh, my god!

    Mostly for me - the list of things to do/people to talk to )

    I can't believe I'm doing this! Huge thanks to those of you who supported me along the way.

    • It's clear that my entire perception of visiting alien worlds was shaped by Star Trek as I'm acutely aware of the SGC's frequent and alarming VIOLATION OF THE PRIME DIRECTIVE. There they are just traipsing around the universe destroying the locals' perception of the universe. (And, you know, all I could think when I watched New Ground is that it's the exact same shit that would happen here on Earth.)
    • Did I miss some kind of major Nelly Furtado transformation? She was like a bird and now she's a pop star recording with Timbaland? I wouldn't even know it's the same person.
    • So You Think You Can Dance is awesome. I'll take this over AI, ANTM, and PR any day of the week.
    • I'm in Michigan for some important meetings tomorrow and my travel itinerary was arranged by someone at the office where I'm meeting. I arrived at the designated hotel to find out they didn't have my reservation and were sold out. I ultimately ended up at a Comfort Inn but, after 8 hours of travel, it was annoying. Very, very annoying. And frustrating.
    As part of my continuing obsession, I brought SG-1 DVDs with me to Baltimore and watched Shades of Grey, 03x18, which BROKE ME INTO PIECES even though I already read fic that gave away the plot. I can't imagine having watched Jack & Daniel in that episode without the background knowledge. Now I'm through with s3 and I'm waiting for my s4 DVDs to arrive via Barnes & Noble. In the meantime, I'm staring obsessively at [ profile] ladyireth's SG-1 icons and I'm printing out all 7mb of Keiko's Steak Series because it's about time I dug in and my upcoming trip to Michigan may be the perfect time. (Because, yes, I'm back from Baltimore today and then off to Michigan tomorrow.)

    I'm home again on Thursday and, on Friday, I get a [ profile] stargems! Somehow, I will force myself not to inundate Stargems with hours upon hours of SGA, SG-1, and BSG. Unless, of course, she wants to. It doesn't take much to succumb to John and Rodney and Jack and Daniel and Starbuck and Apollo and Six.

    PS. My current crossover fixation is Gil/Daniel. On Atlantis. It's totally doable.
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    ( May. 9th, 2006 11:09 pm)
    I came to Amarillo, I conquered, and I feel good. (I'd feel even better if I hadn't gotten up at 4am but, right now, I'm not all that picky.) The day exceeded even my hidden hopes for the meeting. We have a bit of work to do before the business is ours (all ours!) but we turned the tide. This was one of those career days I'll remember for a long while.

    Now I'm spending the night in Amarillo amidst tornado warnings. I think they're an hour away but I'm not down with the north Texas counties.

    It's West Wing Week around these parts so I leave you with this quote:

    Bartlet: 27 lawyers in the room, anyone know "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc"? Josh?
    Josh: Post - after, after hoc, ergo - therefore, "After hoc, therefore" something else hoc.
    Bartlet: Thank you. Next?

    ETA: Oh! Oh! In addition to snagging a copy of Vanity Fair featuring Anderson Cooper, I bought the LotR edition of Trivial Pursuit! If only I knew someone locally who'd actually play with me.
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    ( May. 1st, 2006 07:59 pm)

    The key contact at our 2nd largest client accepted an opportunity with our 3rd largest which leaves a big gap an the #2 client. After our initial conversation about the transition I called him. The call went like this:

    Saturn: I don't know what [VP]'s plans are for the position but, confidentially, is it an open position I can apply for?
    Client Guy: Yes.
    Saturn: I imagine the next step is to submit my resume to [VP]?
    Client Guy: Actually, is it okay with you if I talk to her about this immediately?
    Saturn: *stunned* Yes.
    Client Guy: Great. Thanks. Bye.


    Um. Wow. After 6 1/2 years at my company I just tossed my name in the hat for a new, exciting opportunity doing exactly what I want for my next job. I'm hesitant to get into details until his departure is announced and I'm actually approached about an interview but I'm pulling together my resume and hoping to hear from them tomorrow.

    Oh, and the job is in Ann Arbor. Oh, my god.

    Unlocked: 5/1/08
    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! One of my great pleasures is when the media validates the fact that I see boys loving boys everywhere.

    The Soup Presents: Harry & Ron - A Great Big Gay Love Affair* - mpeg, 13.3mb, right click/save

    *Actually, I think The Soup stuck with "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" but the intent sure was the same.

    This also adds validation to the weekend I lost to Harry/Ron fic. For the newly initiated (or silly folk holding out), here are some of my favorites:

    All Other Boys by legomymalfoy. Wanking. Mmmmm. Wanking.
    Close Enough by Helen. We've got some dysfunctional boys here, folks, but it's breathtaking watching them try to get their act together. Post Hogwarts/Voldemort.
    Credulous Hearts by Sandy. Again with the post Hogwarts/Voldemort dysfunction. It works so well with these two.
    The Hang of It and Hanging by Resonant. More of the wanking. The first from Harry's perspective, the second from Ron's.
    Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis by lizardlaugh. Harry likes growing older with Ron.
    i said, maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me by kel. five things that never happened to ronald bilius weasley.
    Not Your Sister's Seeker by musesfool. I'm a sucker for first time Harry/Ron.
    That Day on the Hill by moshes. "People talk you know, Harry. People see things - fuck, I mean, people just guess things."
    We Are Each Other by musesfool. Beautiful and believable and, oh, my heart.

    In far less porntastic news, the GM job cuts are scary. )

    Wow. Obviously I needed to get that off my chest.

    Next Monday night I'm having dinner with the boy and his organic chicken farmer cousin. We have a plan. J's going to tell him that I'm a militant vegetarian and he's shouldn't mention the chickens. Then I'm going to launch into a rant about Thanksgiving and dead turkeys. Good times, good times. ETA: I should probably mention that, while I'm a vegetarian, I'm not militant. At all, actually. We just want to fuck with the guy. Hence the good times. :)
    CSI (06x08)... )

    That was a hell of an episode.

    Does anyone know if there's decent Gil/Sophia fic floating around?

    Some random work/family stuff... )

    And I'm half way through season three of Oz. I owned season one for a long, long time before I made my way through the entire season and, right now, I can't imagine why. I'm hooked! I'm so tempted to download Beecher/Keller clips but I'm forcing myself to do this in order. The payoff will be sweeter. I do need to start buying the rest of the seasons on ebay rather than, though.

    I wish I was among the many seeing GoF at midnight but, alas, Naples, FL does not have a midnight showing. Instead it's 7pm tomorrow. Perhaps I'll have to sport the Department of Magical Law Enforcement medallion during the day.
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    ( Nov. 3rd, 2005 10:07 pm)
    CSI - 06x06 )

    The next two weeks look so good!

    So, I'm continuing to play with the whole video capture thing and I finally realized I can just pause through the commercials rather than editing them out. Doh. Of course that led to new technical problems this week. I accidentally hit stop instead of pause and the opening scene is in its own file. Oh, well. My tech skills are a work in progress.

    Thanks to the fandom holiday card exchange, I'm going to get a card from either Gil Grissom or John Sheppard. There's nothing like feeding the madness.

    There are some gorgeous Joe Flanigan icons over here - all from Farewell to Harry. Has anyone actually seen this movie? He sure looks pretty.

    Oh, and quick work, the short story is that a small error at work resulted in 605 pounds of magazines ending up on the doorstep of a 75 year old man who lives on the 21st floor of a high rise. I haven't laughed that hard at work in a long time. Eleven 55 lb cartons of magazines. When we err it's in style.
    Today was full of meetings across the whole of NJ that ended with dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Newark with, perhaps, the most pompous and infuriating client EVER. Ever, ever, ever. I believe it was only the healthy does of Sangria that allowed me to maintain control. What an ass.

    Interesting, though, was today's tour of a book wholesaler's warehouse. There were boxes upon boxes upon boxes of HBP and I got to hear all of the politics between Bloomsbury and Scholastic, Scholastic's significant overrun of HBP, and how the profits of HBP are divided. Even among client CFO, I couldn't help my rampant fangirling.

    Also. These photos melted my brain. It's mush. I officially have a crush on a TV character. The actor's well and good but it's his character I want to take home with me. Unless he's going home with House. Then I just want to read about it.

    A car is picking me up at 7:30am tomorrow to take me back to NYC for leg 4 of my seven day tour. What I really need to do is come back here for a seven day vacation.


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