It's so much fun seeing the Olympic profiles of Michael Phelps filmed around Ann Arbor! \o/ I've adopted Michigan in a way I never did with Florida. Go Blue!

[ profile] timberho - We will just have to agree to disagree about Michigan and Ohio. :)

My gmail isn't working and the site says I should wait to log in for 24 hours. HUH? What kind of repair advice is that? ETA: Gmail repaired! Timberho was kind enough to give me a head's up even though I'm a Michigan fan.

What else? I'm firing my real estate agent. He's had 25 months and I need to get more aggressive so I reached out to the president of my former company and he hooked me up with his Realtor. Enough is enough.

It's a busy week! Tonight was cake at a friend's house for his birthday. Tomorrow is dinner out and then a screening of Tropic Thunder. Wednesday is a birthday dinner for a friend who's about to move to San Francisco. Thursday night I have a vendor dinner and a dinner with a friend who's boyfriend is visiting from London. (Take a guess where my priorities fall...) And Friday night is dinner and many, many drinks with friends. I'm tired already. PS. This is why Michigan is SO MUCH BETTER THAN FLORIDA.


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