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([personal profile] saturn Aug. 26th, 2008 08:59 pm)
Kathy Griffin is fucking hilarious. I had NO IDEA.

So, the Olympics are over and I'm a bit lost because I've hardly watched TV all summer but binged over the past 2 weeks and now I'm not quite sure to do with myself. Let the flipping commence. I saw bits of the following: Elizabeth Weir's boyfriend tells her he found someone new, Daniel Jackson battles the Ori, a transsexual woman gets gang raped on L&O, Sam Beckett leaps into a chimp, Ken Mattingly gets exposed to the measles and Kathy Griffin makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Tomorrow, at 5pm, I am off to NY until Monday! \o/ I'm staying at my mom's tomorrow night but, after that, it's my sister and nephew's. (And brother in law's. Ha.) Thursday morning my brother in law is picking me up at my mom's and we're taking Chase into Queens to visit my sister at school. First visit! ANYWAY. I'm tremendously excited to spend all of that time with my sister and the BONUS is two days off from work. When you factor in Labor Day and ENGLAND/WALES (!!!), I won't work a 5 day week until the week of 9/15.

I'm in this weird sort of dating/pining/sexual identity thing right now which means, of course, it's got to get more complicated. On Sunday I went to brunch with two friends and then, later in the afternoon before dinner with the object of my affection, I hit up Plum Market. While browsing produce, this hot guy comes over to me and asks if I was, perhaps, at Zola for brunch earlier in the day. End of story: We have a date next Wednesday. Hahaha. He's very cute and e-mailed me right away and I'm going out with him because I have to find some pressure release for my current state of pining. Plus, cute.

PS. Even though I know Sam will leap out of the chimp it is VERY STRESSFUL to watch.


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