My fascination with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen continues so, Thursday night, I recorded Ashley on Letterman. She was there to promote their new book, Influence. I'm not quite sure how to describe the interview. Awkward? Uncomfortable? Boring? What I am sure of is that Ashley was mentally rolling her eyes through the entire thing.

Today is such a productive day! I trimmed the big bush (of grass) outside my house before it can turn to wheat* and take over the neighborhood. (*It may not turn into wheat but it certainly turns into a wheat like thing that spreads its grain in the winter wind.) I filled out the seller's disclosure docs and sales contract for my new real estate agent. I learned that I don't need a professional carpet cleaner to deal with the water stains from basement flood number 2 because a mixture of water and white vingar will do the trick. I completed round one of said carpet cleaning. I had a copy of my key made for the agent.

I also made it to the post office. Finally. The mail included:
1 Twilight calendar to [ profile] timberho
3 Twilight calendars to [ profile] lilysaid
1 chicken calendar to [ profile] cranberryink (If I come across one of the artistic calendars I'll send that, too.)
The Friday Night Knitting Club & Knit Two to [ profile] carta (FYI - Knit Two is autographed by the author on the title page.)
Stargate Continuum to [ profile] rossetti

And it's Moonshot update time. Moonshot is updated with 15 recs for October:
3 SG-1
2 HP
2 Appaloosa
1 Torchwood
1 Firefly/Torchwood

I really enjoyed the Firefly/Torchwood crossover. It's Mal/Jack and it works.

I have nothing else planned for the day. *bliss* I think I will read and snuggle with Sally. My weekend run will have to wait for tomorrow.
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