About 400 people turned out (in the rain and cold) for the rally. Most were college students full of energy and enthusiasm and cheers like, "We're here. We're queer. Our parents think we're studying." Hahahaha. There were a fair number of adults from the community, too, though. The college kids were passing around jars to college money for Lambda Legal and they brought enough rainbow flags and "Equality" signs for everyone. The energy made you believe that these students, all of us, will see the change we're rallying for. It was neat.

Here are some pictures:

Gathering before the walk.

[Click for larger images on all photos]

Pulling up to the rally.

Gathering, after the walk, at the Diag on the U of M campus.

Now I need to thaw out and shower in time for sushi. Mmmmmm. Sushi.
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